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I Belonged to You


   Chen Mo (played by Deng Chao) is known as the cheekiest man in town, and every day he and ace DJ Xiao Rong (played by Du Juan) go head-to-head, and no one knows where their hatred comes from. Chen Mo's two brothers, respectively the city's most stupid dude (played by Yue Yunpeng), the city's most pure Mao Shiba (played by Yang Yang), the three rampage every day, thinking they can live freely, but the results are facing the biggest turning point in life. Chen meets the most mysterious young chicken (played by Zhang Tianai), dude to create the most tragic wedding, Mao Shiba experienced the saddest parting, the group's life little by little collapsed, the past little by little uncovered. Dreams, love, friendship are far away from the end of Chen. A person who has lost everything has lost his way until he hears a voice from all over the world ......

I Belonged to You 


Today we recommend a domestic romance film " I Belonged to You". The main character Xiao Shan is a highly influential radio anchor DJ, and his girlfriend Xiaolan is the ace DJ of the radio station and also his partner. The two fell in love when they were in college, and at that time they had common pursuits and goals. But until now, Xiaolan gradually found that their views on life were very different, so after hosting the show that day, Xiaolan proposed a breakup. After the breakup, Xiao Shan did not seem to care on the surface, but he still could not let go of Xiaolan. So he indulged himself to the extent that the listening rate of the program he hosted went from the first to the last.

At this time, Xiaolan had become the director. No one in the company wanted to be Xiaoshan's partner. At this time, an intern called Yaoji girl appeared, and she came for Xiao Shan. Just because on her birthday, Yaoji made a phone call to Xiao Shan's radio station and received some inspiring words from Xiao Shan. So, she came to the company with a good feeling for Xiao Shan and fulfilled her wish to become Xiao Shan's partner. Yaoji was a bit naive, but her integrity and outspokenness helped her to get the love of the audience in a short time. But Xiao Shan still muddled along every day as before. Xiao Lan couldn't stand it, so she openly declared war on Xiao Shan. If Xiao Shan hosted a program that got the highest listening rate in the station, then Xiao Lan would marry him. On the contrary, if Xiao Shan loses, then he will march and shout that I am an idiot. Xiao Shan listened and immediately agreed! But to my surprise, Yaoji caught a cold on this day.The listening rate of the program hosted by Xiao Shan had always been the first in the whole station, but Xiao Shan took Yaoji to the hospital halfway through the show. There was no doubt that Xiao Shan lost. Xiao Shan was going to make good on his promise. Xiao Shan is going to make good on his promise. He shouted I'm an idiot as he paraded around. But even so, Xiao Shan's heart still couldn't let Xiaolan go. When Xiaolan failed in business and urgently needed money, he deliberately crashed into Xiaolan's car ......


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