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Horror "my death" movie commentary copy

Horror "The Death of Me" Movie Commentary Copy

Horror "my death" movie commentary copy

His wife is watching the video of her murder.

Just yesterday.

She was killed by her husband, but now she is still alive.

Everything that happened yesterday has been completely forgotten.

Is she still alive at this time?

Two days ago came the wife and her husband on vacation.

They came to a very strange vacation island.


Typhoon is coming soon.

So they packed their luggage to go home

But the wife accidentally lost her passport.

So they went back to the hotel again to look for their passports.

Strangely enough

Everyone had forgotten what happened yesterday.

The wife accidentally finds a videotape.

The main characters of the video are the husband and the wife

They were at the bar together last night.

The husband only looks at beautiful women

No matter if the wife next to him is angry or not.

The wife she was so angry after a few drinks that she passed out.

The beautiful woman brought a strange necklace to the wife

Then goes back to the hotel.

The man behind the wife grabs her by the neck.

Killed her and buried her in the doorway.

The wife is shocked to see the video of her husband killing her.

If she died last night.

Why is she still here?

Husband why did you kill her? She turns to her husband.

The husband also expressed confusion. He too has lost his memory.

The wife breaks down

She locks herself in the bathroom

Wishing she could calm down.

She found a strangulation mark on her neck.

What happened in the video seemed real

She touched the necklace from last night's bar to take it off

She suddenly felt bad vomiting into the sink for a long time

The strange thing is that the only thing that came out was dirt and grass juice

It was as if she had been dug out of the ground.

Did the wife really dig up from the ground?

A cool breeze behind her husband opened the door and came in.

Seeing his wife in a mess, he was very distressed

At that moment, the hotel owner heard the sound and came to check the situation

Looking at his wife's haggard face

Then he took them to a famous local doctor

The doctor made a preliminary observation of the woman

He said that the wife's drink last night should have been infiltrated with corpse oil

Not only was it toxic, it also had a hallucinogenic effect

And that hallucinations were within the normal range

But the husband didn't think it was that simple.

The husband showed the tape to the doctor.

But the doctor said it looked like a Hollywood movie.

He thought they were playing a prank.

No matter how much the husband explained

The doctor didn't believe him

The wife had nothing better to do than look outside

And saw a group of children outside

dressed in strange clothes with their backs to her

When she looked over again

The child looked strange

His eyes looked like they were glued together

She shook her head and the child disappeared

She thought it must have been her own hallucination

On the way back to the hotel

The husband kept going through the video.

Wife gets a little bored

The husband said he just wanted to know

Who really took the video

Why he wanted to kill her

And now the wife just wants to go home

The wife and husband had a big fight

Instantly the husband disappeared without a trace

She thought she was hallucinating again and when she reacted

He reappeared in front of her.

Tonight at seven o'clock.

They were getting ready to leave on a boat.

They went to dinner together.

There was some kind of strange ceremony on the island.

The husband was a photographer and he was very interested in these things

His eyes kept looking over there

The wife then asked the husband to go and see it

The husband was happy to go over there with the camera

The group of people conducting the ceremony walked away from the necklace she was wearing around her neck

She was a little uncomfortable with the crowd around her being attracted to the necklace

Then she took the chain off and she suddenly felt sick.

She ran to the toilet and threw up a worm.

On the other hand, the husband followed the local people to attend the ritual

He was very happy to take pictures

Suddenly he caught a picture of an avatar

It looked exactly like his wife's picture was offered up

It was like some kind of sacrificial ritual.

The husband was a bit surprised

So he went back to look for his wife but found that she was gone

When he found his wife

She fell to the ground unconscious

The husband soon woke her up.

The wife said that before she passed out she saw a group of strangers

Putting liquid into her eyes

The wife asked her husband

Did you put that necklace around my neck?

The husband said no

The wife did not understand

How did the necklace that had been taken off

How did it get back on her neck?

What is going on?

At that moment the bar beauty appeared they rushed to catch up

But around the corner, she lost the tattoo store owner

told them the address of the beauty two people to find the past

found this place people look at them strangely

There is a strange smile on the corners of the mouth

The girl kept smiling

But didn't say anything

Returned the husband's passport to him

But the wife's passport

But did not give the wife wanted to take the necklace off and return it to the beautiful woman

But the beautiful woman said

This is a custom-made necklace for you

The wife did not understand

By this time the villagers had gathered

The husband saw it and dragged his wife away

But a child stopped him

A group of children surrounded the wife

They went back to the hotel and prepared to leave the place at seven o'clock

The wife took her cell phone and went to the beach to find a signal.

She wanted to contact her family

Suddenly she saw a video recorded by her husband who said

They can never leave here.

Said they would die here

The wife panicked

Rushing to find her husband

The wife saw her husband from a distance

was holding a knife and cutting open his abdomen

The wife was terrified.

She ran wildly and her husband stuck his head into the sea

The wife passed out

The next day she woke up on the shore

There was only a puddle of blood on the shore

She called the police to help

At this point, everyone around her said she was mistaken.

She had never seen her husband before

Her husband had just disappeared.

She was devastated.

What was going on? She took off the necklace.

Then her stomach started to hurt again.

The hotel owner helped her put the chain on

Then he took her to the doctor.

This time the doctor said she was pregnant.

But it's not a baby.

It's a monster!

A strange sound came from the room

The lights in the room suddenly dimmed

When the sun shone again the nurse was picking up the needle

To sedate her wife sat up and ran out

She had to find her husband.

Leave this strange place together

Looking for someone to come back to the tattoo parlor

Tattoo store owner I told him the truth

This island is called the Island of the Cure.

People who are sick can come to this island

Why is there a miraculous function here?

Every year before the disaster, the people of the island held a ritual

They sacrifice a living person for a year of good weather

And the wife is their chosen sacrifice

They have to perform the ritual before the typhoon comes

They must perform the ritual before the typhoon comes

Otherwise the whole island would be hit by the typhoon and the video necklace would be pregnant

They all created the illusion in collaboration with people from the island

This is to make the wife obedient to participate in the ritual

She was terrified that these people were crazy

She wanted to escape

He met the owner of the hotel

He said he would take her to the ferry to leave by boat.

The car ended up in the forest and the wife asked her husband where he had gone

The hotel owner admitted that what the wife saw was true

The husband was dead on the beach.

The wife broke down and she shot the hotel owner directly

Then she ran away alone

But she was caught and tied up.

Forced to change into ritual clothes

Her right eye was gradually sewn shut

The pain put her into a coma

In a trance and saw her husband.

Her husband shouted, "Wake up, wake up!

She was awakened and fled from here.

A girl shouted at her

If you leave here

Everyone will die the wife did not believe.

She decided to get out of here.

So the typhoon came.

Everyone on the island died.

The wife couldn't escape.

She died on a speedboat.

The rescue team brought the wife's body to the island.

Put the necklace on her.

And a miracle happened.

The wife woke up.

Is it the necklace that brings people back to life

not the island?

End of story

The story is a story with layers of events and a brain-burning plot.

How can you miss a movie that is exciting and thrilling at the same time?

If you are interested, you should go see it!

Thank you for your support of XX!

We will see you next time!

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