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Horror "Magic Lace Pad" movie commentary copy

Horror "Magic Lace Pad" Movie Commentary Copy

Horror "Magic Lace Pad" movie commentary copy

A young girl wakes up ten years older.

Will spit lace out of her mouth

Growing wool in her body.

The old woman lies on the floor

Ties all the lace in the room into a rope.

He threw the rope out the window.

Then she looked at the couch in the room.

Climbed down the rope.

Because he was too old.

Not physically flexible.

Didn't have a firm grip and fell from a height

Just as he was about to land.

The lace woven into the rope caught her firmly.

Fortunately, she escaped.


Mysterious forces

dragged her back to her room.

In a twist of the story

Hong had just fallen out of love

in search of a place to live.

He found an apartment.

Red looked around the room

The room was full of old lace and outdated furniture.

The landlady seemed to be in a hurry to rent this room out

She gave Hong a big discount

Hong was very impressed and decided to rent the apartment.

They quickly signed the contract.

The next second

the landlady said she had to catch a bus

With her luggage on her back, she quickly left the place.

Red decided to do a major makeover of the room

He packed all the lace in the room and threw it away.

The walls were also painted in his favorite color

The table was set with fresh fruits.

But then something strange happened

Just at the moment when Hong turned around

The fruit on the table was rotten

The lace that had just been thrown away also reappeared

The walls also returned to the way they were before they were painted.

The room that had just been cleaned

was covered with a thick layer of dust again.

Red reluctantly continued to clean up.

Bags and bags of garbage were thrown out

But the house seemed to be the same as before

No change at all

The thick dust of lace that can't be thrown away.

After tidying up a few times

Red was so tired that she fell asleep on the couch.

When Red woke up and found it was late

He went to the mirror and wiped it

but found that his face

had a lot of wrinkles and gray hair.

He felt as if he had aged by more than ten years

Then he thought of the strange phenomenon that happened in the house during the day

Little Red felt that this house and their own aging

must have something to do with it.


the next day he approached the agent

and asked him to return the rent.

But the agent refused

and said that it was written in the contract

She had to find the next tenant before she could leave the place

Xiaohong argued that it was not written in the contract at all

Then the agent took out a magnifying glass

and found this line of text on the paper

Xiaohong had to leave

He then went to the hospital

He hoped that the doctor could give him a certificate

To prove that there was really something wrong with the house

He himself had grown old overnight

But the doctor said that at his age

wrinkles and gray hair is a very normal phenomenon

Xiao Hong was very surprised

Obviously he was only 25 years old

How could he have wrinkles?

When he took out his ID card

when he wanted to prove his age

but found that the information on his ID card was blurred and missing.

Xiao Hong did not want to go back to that apartment

He had to find a random hotel to stay in.

When he woke up the next day

I found that I had aged more than ten years since yesterday

Faced with a face full of wrinkles and pale hair

I didn't know what to do.

Had to find the agency agent again to tell him

He couldn't leave that apartment

The farther he left

the faster he would age.

And the way to stop himself from getting old now

was to find the next tenant quickly

Leaving the apartment Red was very angry

He went back to the apartment

He took matches and gasoline and was ready to die with the apartment

But a strange thing happened again

The matches in Red's hand could not be lit.

Red's breathing started to sharpen

Her body trembled

She passed out.

Luckily, the agent arrived in time

The agent and the conscious Little Red told the

the story of the apartment.

The agent said

There used to be a school next to this apartment

and the children of all the families in the apartment

were all studying in this school

One day the mayor suddenly wanted to demolish the elementary school.

And to develop the apartment into real estate

He drove all the people out of the apartment.

Since then the apartment has become dead.

It was like it was under some kind of ancestral curse

He likes things that are alive

And doesn't want him to leave.

So hopefully there is a constant flow of life coming here.

Red found her ex-boyfriend

Hoping he could help her

But standing in front of him

He didn't recognize Hong at all

He even asked him if he was Hong's grandmother.

He also said

He had already found a new girlfriend

His girlfriend was waiting for him in the car

This disheartened Hong

When he returned to his apartment, Xiao Hong

fell asleep on the couch

When he woke up he found the apartment

had made food for him.

But how could Red refuse to eat?

A few days passed

Finally a couple came to see the house

Little Red

took a closer look

Since it was her ex-boyfriend and her new girlfriend

But at this time the ex-boyfriend

couldn't recognize this was Xiao Hong at all.

After the ex-boyfriend looked around

they were satisfied with the house

decided to sign the contract

Just as the ex-boyfriend picked up the pen and was about to sign

Xiao Hong's heart softened

Picked up a cup of hot water

Threw it at her ex-boyfriend's hand

And drove them away

The agent was surprised.

Why did Xiao Hong do that?

Maybe in Hong's

he still loved his ex-boyfriend in his heart.

Xiao Hong sent the agent away.

Told him not to come to the apartment for a while.

He wanted to be alone.

He moved his tired body to the sofa

Sit down slowly.

He rested his head on the couch.

As the couch fused with his body

Red grows wool inside his body and fuses with the sofa.

At the end of the story, there is only one piece of clothing left on the couch.

Maybe Hong is still in love with her ex-boyfriend

The thought of leaving the apartment

and would end up alone.

Better to give the rest of her time to the apartment.

To exchange for the happiness of the person she loves

This issue of the movie "Magic Lace Pad

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