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Horror "Exam Dead 2" movie commentary copy

Horror "Exam Dead 2" Movie Commentary Copy

Horror "Exam Dead 2" movie commentary copy

A woman is swimming alone in a dimly lit pool.

Suddenly a force drags her underwater.

The woman struggles desperately, but gets no help.

After a burst of bubbles

the woman appears in front of her

A bloody corpse

Today we bring you a Korean horror film

Khao Yai 2: Teaching Practice

In a women's freestyle race

Ah Yeon won the first place after a hard competition

She stood on the podium excitedly

Then she asked her friend Hee to come to the stage to take pictures with her

She was so happy!

The final exams of the school were coming

After one exam

The intern teacher, Park, walked out of the classroom

The teacher caught up with him

She was very concerned about Park

Making her uncomfortable.

Park hid in the bathroom to practice her speech for the public class.

Because the next three teachers

She was a little nervous.

She was still a little nervous.

Her classmates started passing around something.

It was a secret photo of her.

Park was angry and took the photo away

But there was nothing she could do about the students.

There was a rumor going around the class that she had been fucked.

A male student.

He threw a packet of milk at Xiao Xi's head.

The students around the class couldn't help but laugh.

But Xiao Xi didn't say anything.

She put up with it silently.

Mr. Kim was talking about holiday precautions from the podium.

In this exam.

The top 30 students had their holidays cut in half.

They had to come to school for special cramming

The students complained about their grades

They were checking their rankings.

And Xiao Xi was among them

I couldn't help but remember the days when we studied together

It was Ah Yeon who was no longer alive.

A few days later, this group of "good students" who should have enjoyed their vacation

reluctantly came to school for this special cram session

Their new class teacher, Curly

will surely become the Chen Liang of the motherland

Then he asked his assistant, Park, to collect all the students' cell phones.

Park inexplicably got a humiliating toy

But she chose to put up with it

That night

She asked Park and another teacher, Mr. Kim, to have a drink together

Curly said she had a family matter

So he couldn't stay at school.

So the students had to ask them both

And in the girls' dormitory

Fat girl gossip about the rumors of the school haunted

It turns out that not long ago

Yan from the school swimming team was found dead in the pool

Other people said they saw Ah Yeon's spirit while swimming.

Listening to the fat girl's story

The eye girl suddenly stood up

She told her to stop talking

Then she walked out of the room

The rest of the dormitory looked strange

I don't know why she reacted so much

Glasses girl sat on the toilet

She kept rubbing her hair

She always felt that there was hair hanging down from above

She suddenly found

There was hair sticking out from under her skirt

Suddenly a puddle of blood fell from the top of her head

Glasses girl panic crouched down and screamed

But then she found that everything was back to normal

The female coach was taking a shower.

She looked in the mirror and admired her beauty

Suddenly the lights went off

It was dark all around

She was about to go out to see

A light shone on her face

Then she was grabbed by the head and smashed into the mirror

And in a corner of the school

Ah Hua and Da Zhuang were planning to have an affair

In the dimly lit corridor

The two of them kissed fiercely together

At that moment, Curly had just left the school

He pulled up the iron fence of the school

He locked the gate with a chain

The darkness enveloped the entire campus

The lights in the hallway dimmed and flickered

A shrill female voice

came out from the end of the hallway

But no one came out to check

It turned out that everyone was asleep in the study room

It was exactly 12:00 midnight

The bell rang

Many students were woken up

Something was dripping from her forehead

She looked up.

Blood was seeping from the ceiling.

One drop even fell on her glasses

Suddenly a man

fell from the ceiling

The crowd looked over in panic

She was hanging from the ceiling covered in blood

Her face was stitched up.

At that moment, there was an ear-splitting noise on the radio

Then a man's voice came on

telling them that if they wanted special tuition

They had to take a test.

From now on, everyone will die one by one.

Who will be killed and who is the murderer?

The question is for everyone to answer

To get out alive

After saying that, Fa fell from the roof and hit the corner of the table

She was completely dead

Everyone ran down the stairs screaming in fear

But the school gate was locked tightly

Everyone gathered in the big jin

They discussed how to get out.

Park decided to go to Mr. Kim

to discuss a solution.

At that moment, someone noticed

A boy was lying in the corridor.

It was Daejang who was dating Hana.

He got up from the ground.

Suddenly he heard the sound of a motorcycle

A light was shining at him

Dazhuang used his arm to shield himself

He found a man on the motorcycle across the street

He thought it was the man who had knocked him out

He didn't even think about it and rushed forward

But the motorcycle slammed into Dazhuang

Only then did he see

The motorcycle had a steel knife tied to it

Dazhong turned around and ran

But the motorcycle soon caught up with him

The sharp steel knife cut through his body instantly

Dazhuang molded the blood on his leg

He struggled to run in the opposite direction

Lifted the front wheel of the motorcycle

Crashed into Dazhong

The steel knife cut through his neck sharply

The man on the motorcycle was like finding a new toy

He ran over Dazhong's body back and forth

Finally he was covered in blood.

The motorcycle stopped right at his feet

When he raised his head to look

The motorcycle drove straight through

Dazhong's face was a bloody mess

And all this was like a live broadcast

By the students in the big jin see clearly

Everyone vomited up

Witnessed the classmates being killed by the motorcycle

The broken glasses girl said to Xiao Na next to her

It must be Ah Yeon's ghost coming to us.

Just then Mr. Kim came

Asked everyone what happened

Then she took out her cell phone to call the police

But found that there was no signal at all

He told Mr. Park to take the students to the classroom first

While he and Shuai went to the office to check the network line

but found that they were all out of order.

This means that they are out of contact with the outside world

The students in the classroom

were talking about it.

They thought that Ah Yan had come back for revenge

One of the transfer students, Cao, asked who Ah Yeon was.

Everyone was silent for a moment.

The big guy came out on a scooter

How could there be a ghost on a motorcycle?

It must be a psycho behind all this

And this person was right in the middle of them

The girl with glasses suddenly shouted

She was crawling with ants.

The girl stood up and grabbed her body

Trying to get the ants off her body

But the more she scratched, the more itchy she became

She picked up a pen and poked herself

She had cuts all over her body

Xiao Na tried to come up to stop her but fell to the ground with a cut

In no time

The glasses girl was foaming at the mouth and fell to the ground

There were pills scattered on the ground

Xiao Na saw that glasses girl's medicine had been swapped

She was poisoned to death

At that moment, Mr. Jin came back with Xiao Shuai

Big cup suspected the murderer is Mr. Jin

After all, he was the only one who was not at the scene these few times

In the face of people's attention Mr. Jin did not explain

Directly knocked down the big one with a punch

Suddenly the lights in the classroom went out

Everyone panicked and shouted out

Shouted to everyone

Quietly squat down

After everyone calmed down

He said to go out and check the situation

Everyone went back into the dormitory

The campus was dark at that moment

In the dormitory, Xiao Xi and two other roommates

Talked about the story of Guan Gan A Yan

It turns out that Ah Yeon and Hee are half-sisters.

Hee's father married Ah Yeon's mother.

But Xiao Xi never mentioned their relationship at school

She also ordered Ah Yeon not to mention it either

Mr. Kim and his team went to the power room.

They found that all the wires in the electrical box had been cut.

After the power was turned on.

They heard a loud noise from the machine in the switchboard room.

Then there was a hissing sound

Mr. Jin looked at the barometer and noticed something strange

quickly told the big one to hide

At this time, the air nail gun hidden in the shadows by the air pressure top open

The big man was instantly beaten into a stabbing hunt

After leaving the distribution room

Xiao Na found Mr. Jin

Asked him if all this was caused by the original incident

Mr. Jin hurriedly told her to shut up

Sitting helplessly on the floor

Tell her not to talk about it again

Xiao Na said there was another person who knew

It turns out that during the class before

She received a message from Big Head

It was a picture of a bloodied corpse.

Xiao Na asked Big Head out and gave him a hush money

She told him not to tell anyone.

Rei picked up an axe and went to find Big Head

He followed the blood trail to the basement of the school.

He saw Big Head lying on a table.

Walked up to him and raised the axe

Saw his face

Panicked, he took a few steps back

Fell down in the blood

It turned out that Big Head was already a corpse

Mr. Jin got up in a hurry

When he looked up, he saw a wall full of photos

They were all Xiaona and the others

When cleaning up the corpse was secretly photographed

Mr. Jin opened the cabinet next to him

See the photo negatives are hanging on it

He was about to destroy them.

Suddenly someone pushed him in and locked the locker door

At that moment, the students who were scattered all over the school

found that the TV came on again

This time, it was Mr. Kim who was locked in the locker.

Some students recognized the basement and rushed over to it.

They were greeted by the doctor in a pool of blood.

And Mr. Kim in the locker.

Everyone ran to the locker and tried to open it

But they couldn't pull it open.

They found the photo on the wall.

Xiao Na saw that things had gone bad

She sneaked away while no one was looking

Some of these photos had letters written on them

They were supposed to be the code to open the locker.

Xiao Xi was anxiously looking for the pattern

Xiao Shuai picked up a stool and tried to break the glass

Just as they were about to unlock it

The temperature of the cabinet suddenly rose

A big fire started

Mr. Jin was burned and howled in despair

He died right in front of everyone

Searching for an exit in the corridor

She saw Ms. Park

Na was now very panicked

The next to die in order was herself

She told Park about the incident in horror

It was a rainy night.

After the evening study session

Xiao Na was studying in the classroom

The big guy felt bored and suggested drinking

They were the ones who did it

They drank in the locker room of the swimming pool and had a good time

In the end, we were all a bit confused

Then we started to play truth or dare

Talking about it, we found out that the big man had not yet broken his virginity

Everyone was laughing at him

Just then

They suddenly heard the sound of water coming from inside

It turned out that Ah Yeon, who was practicing swimming alone, was taking a shower in the bathroom

Everyone sneaked over to peek

The shameless Na said this is a good opportunity

It's a good opportunity to let Big Guy experience the pleasure of being a man

The big man couldn't help but gag after hearing that

He said it's not a good idea.

Dazhong mocked him for having the heart of a thief but not the guts

The big man was angry and rushed in directly

And the others were watching and commenting on them

When Ah Yeon resisted

Raised her knee and hit the big guy's bottom so she wouldn't be stained

She looked at these animals in front of her

warned them to go to the police

But these people either have a background

or their families are very rich

Not at all in Ping A-yeon's threat

Seeing their attitude like this

Ah Yan hit Xiao Na a slap

Enraged, Xiao Na pushed hard

But A-yeon hit the shower handle

She died instantly

Na was terrified

She begged Ms. Park to let him go

It was too late

Mr. Park told the students

You only have ten minutes

You can contact the outside world

If you don't contact the outside world in 10 minutes, the rest of you will die.

At that moment, three students decided to catch Park and hand him over to the police.

The other students went to look for their cell phones.

Behind her.

Behind her stood a man covered in blood.

He was Park's brother, Tai.

It turned out that night

Tae, who was working part-time, couldn't reach his girlfriend Ah Yeon

He came to the school to look for her

But he saw his girlfriend covered in blood by the pool

While he was trying to save Ah Yeon

And these bad students

Reported as the murderer of Ah Yeon

Ah-tae is sent to jail

His sister Park and mother were devastated

As a result, his mother also passed away

After he was imprisoned, his brother

Surprisingly, he also became mentally ill

Park said goodbye to Tai

He became a trainee teacher.

So all this was done by Park and his brother Tai

Park ran down the stairs

But she met the students who wanted to arrest her.

They knocked Park to the ground.

On the other hand, the students were still anxiously looking for their cell phones.

but saw Xiao Na tied to the floor

There was a sling attached to her body.

At the end of the sling was the key to the room.

As long as the students tried to get the key

Xiao Na would be hanging in mid-air

The time was almost up.

A decision had to be made

The students went to grab the key

Xiao Na was strangled and spitting blood

Xiao Shuai and Xiao Xi were desperately pulling her legs

Trying to get her down

But Xiao Na was hanging from the highest point of the roof

She had lost her breath

The students finally opened the box with the key

But there was no cell phone signal

At that moment, Xiao Na was also dead

They couldn't escape either

Tai set the whole school on fire.

The students could not escape

At that moment, someone brought a bottle of alcohol

Xiao Shuai threw out a lighter

He blew open the iron door

Everyone fled quickly.

Later everyone found out

Xiao Xi disappeared unexpectedly

It turns out she misses Ah Yeon

came to the pool and was caught by Tai.

In fact, that night

Hee was present.

She got down on her knees and pleaded with these bad students.

Don't bully Ah Yeon.

But it was no use.

She ended up running away in tears.

Tai squeezed Hee's neck

and jumped into the pool with her.

Xiao Shuai also came over

jumped in and tried to save Xiao Xi.

But Xiao Xi had a chain on her leg.

Just when she was about to hold on.

Ah Yeon's spirit appeared and saved her.

In the end, they were all saved.

Well, that's it for this video!

See you next time!

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