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Green Book


Tony (played by Viggo Mortensen) is a bludger working as a waiter in a nightclub. The club is closed for a few months, but Tony's rent and living expenses will not be eliminated, so his first priority is to find another job to fill the months of vacancy. At this juncture, a black pianist named Shirley Tang (played by Mahershala Ali) offers to hire Tony. Don Shirley is about to embark on an eight-week tour of the South, but, at that time, discrimination against blacks is so severe that Tony becomes Don Shirley's driver and bodyguard. Along the way, the two men's very different personalities make a lot of conflicts between them, and at the same time, the unfair treatment that Don Shirley suffered in the South also makes Tony feel abhorrent to racial discrimination!

Green Book 


The driver made a crazy suggestion to his black employer—— had a bite of KFC! But the black man thought it was junk food, and he bluntly said he would never take a bite of it even if he was starving to death today! However, when the driver shoved the fried chicken into his hand, he reluctantly took a bite and was immediately overcome by the taste of fried chicken. Sure enough, no one could resist the charm of fried chicken. It is 1962 in the United States, the period when discrimination against blacks was at its worst. Yet, as a white man, Browne is going to chauffeur Dr. Jones——a black man. No doubt this would have caused jokes if it had been told! But no one expected that these two people with different skin colors would end up becoming best friends! The story starts with Browne losing his job. At that time, he was working in a nightclub, but there was a major renovation of the nightclub, so he lost his job. He had no money to support his family, so he had to compete with others to eat hot dogs. But this job is even worse, Browne ate 26 hot dogs in a row, only to win 50 dollars.

Until one day, Browne entered the villa of Dr. Jones to apply for a driver under the introduction of a friend. The two had just met, and Browne's mind exploded straight away. The boss was actually a black man! Not only that, his requirements were also extraordinarily large.The black man told Browne that he was a musician and was about to hit the road for a tour. The black man told Browne that he was a musician and was about to hit the road for a tour. Most of his tour destinations were in the South. Not only that, the black man also told Browne that he needed a driver who could help him with his schedule, and that the driver needed to act as a personal assistant as well as a manservant. Without waiting for him to finish his sentence, Browne turned around and left. Brown thought to himself, even if he was living on the streets, he could not accept that his boss was a black man.

The next day, however, Bron accepted the job because he couldn't  eat 26 hot dogs every day. Although the doctor had a lot to ask, he offered a high price. Before he left, the doctor's agent gave Brow a green book detailing the places blacks could enter, and the green book was considered a guide to black survival at the time. If the slightest mistake was made, the Doctor would be beaten and driven away because of his black identity. Especially in the south, where they were going, which was the area of the country that discriminated most heavily against blacks.

I have never seen such an employee. The boss didn't like him smoking in the car, so he ate the sandwich his wife left for each other. The boss took to him about music, but he took to the boss about beautiful women. The boss liked to be quiet, but he took incessantly, and even urinated and defecated in the open. This series of actions completely refreshed each other's views! Such very different two people needed to live together for eight weeks, which was a kind of torture for each other.

Until this day, they finally arrived at the first stop of the show. Before the show the doctor said to Browne that he hoped he could improve his personal cultivation, because the concert came with high class people. But Browne didn't agree, he didn't want to change himself to fit in with the so-called high society, and he preferred to squat outside with other workers. But through the window, he discovered the unique charm of his black boss. Dr. Jones knew multiple languages, was hailed as a musical genius, and he also had three doctorates, and was even invited to perform at the White House. His piano sounded like flowing water, and such talent made Browne admire it so much that he even showed a look of pride and complacency to the bystanders. Surely there is no prejudice in music! However, Dr. Jones encountered difficulties and humiliation from others at the second stop. Before the performance, Browne found that the piano provided by the theater was dirty and poor, and it was not the brand specified in the contract, so he asked the staff to replace it. As a result, the other party said that black people are only worthy of playing this kind of garbage stuff, helpless Browne can only swing his fist ......



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