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Suspense "SOHO District Frightening Night" movie commentary copy

Suspense "SOHO District Fright Night" movie commentary copy

Suspense "SOHO District Frightening Night" movie commentary copy


The girl in the mirror is trying to warn Sandy, the dancer, who is already in deep trouble.


Sandy look at me Sandy

Look at me Sandy Look at me Sandy)

But soon, as a bystander, she began to be unable to defend herself

The evil spirits in the room begin to devour the girl's body and soul.

In order to learn the ins and outs of this terrible and strange story

We need to go back to the place where it all began.

The carefree heroine, Ellie, lives with her grandmother in

a small village in England.

Here comes the good news.

Ellie has been accepted to the prestigious London College of Fashion Design.

Finally, she can showcase her talent as a fashion designer.

By the way Ellie you can see your dead mother in the mirror.

Maybe it's some kind of psychic ability.

After saying goodbye to her grandmother, she got on the train to London.

The journey was very smooth.

The girl finally arrived in the bustling capital of England.

Soon Ellie arrived at the dormitory arranged by the school.

She met her roommate, Bitch, who was a bitch.

This woman at first glance is not easy.

She broke the smoke alarm for smoking.

It's annoying to check family background at the first meeting.

Avery also told the female classmate she just met.

His mother committed suicide due to insanity.

After that these English girls took Avery to start the alcoholic night life

In the face of the bar all sorts of bragging bitch sister

Avery, who came from a quiet village, was obviously very uncomfortable

Originally wanted to hide on the toilet in the bathroom

But the bimbo and some female students pushed the door into the bathroom

They started mocking the girl from the countryside.

They even insinuated that Avery's mother, who had committed suicide, was also a psychopath.

It was clear that her first night in London had left her very frustrated.

Ellie was a bit confused by the strange classmates.

At that moment she noticed an old man across the street.

They looked at each other.

The old English gentleman smiled evilly at Ellie.

She looked back at her classmates who were about to leave to continue their nightlife.

Ellie chose to go back to her dormitory and her vintage music

The first night in London

But the open-minded sister doesn't want to make things easy for Ellie.

Our country girl doesn't want to watch "action".

All she could do was wrap up in a blanket and head out into the alcohol and smoke filled hall.

Ellie found a corner to take a nap.

By the time she opened her eyes again, she was late for her first class.

No, no, no, no!

School was not without its rewards.

During recess

Allie noticed a rental notice on the floor.

She followed the address to 8 Goucher Plaza.

An elderly landlady greeted Ellie

The vintage penthouse had no smoking and no male companionship at night.

But these conditions were just right for Ellie.

Because she's had enough of that greasy bimbo.

Ellie can't wait to move in.

With the neon lights flashing outside the window

The girl lifts the sheets

A sealed memory will be unveiled

Welcome to 1965 London through the straight corridor

Dreaming of the 60s, Ellie will meet a new friend in a nightclub

The glamorous blonde, Sandy.

She's looking for her own dream in this upscale nightclub.

Sandy wants to ask Jack, the lobby manager, for a job.

Confronted with the questioning of the man in front of her

A confident Sandy in a long pink dress

She started a stunning dance

The transformation of the mirror and the dance in the transition

Are telling us that Avery as Sandy feel the same way

The glorious moment of the 60s

After a dance, facing the harassment of greasy old people

Handsome Jack fights hard to save Sandy

The heroic rescue of this simple woman's heart

Passion and stinging kiss marks

Adding a touch of color to this midnight

Jack sent Sandy back to 8 Goucher Square.

It was a night of surprise and fantasy for the women of both times.

Sandy's presence also inspired the female designer

Male students will find Avery's vintage design very interesting

And then a little bit sour people's talent of the bitch again to find trouble

Seeing the hickey on Avery's neck and began to make a big deal

Good guy originally I thought it was just a soul crossing

I did not expect to have physical feedback a little bit powerful ah

The young general is obviously interested in our Ellie

But Ellie is obviously thinking about the penthouse room

The romantic life of a handsome man and a beautiful woman in the 60s

The voice of the gods rings out

Perhaps a young girl's dream of becoming a singer is about to come true

But before that, Sandy was in love.

The live-action romance movie was too much for Allie.

So she dyed her hair to look like Sandy's.

The teacher also approved of Avery's design style

But her vintage look made her wallet a bit uncomfortable

So Ellie decided to go to a bar to find a part-time job

She met the old man she met on her first night in London again here

After she left the bar, the old man called out to Ellie.

Looking at her outfit reminded the old man of an old friend

But Ellie felt that this old man was strange

It made her feel a little nervous

Can not delay our designer home to watch the show ah

But the rest of the story may not be what Ellie could have imagined

Sandy did get on stage.

But not as a singer.

But as a scantily clad dancer.

For the English gentlemen on stage

Singing and dancing may not have mattered

So the sexy chick's naked outfit

That's what makes them cheer.

Sandy was just as disappointed as Ellie.

She angrily smashed the glass representing the dream

But Sandy's tragic life was just beginning.

The man she thought was her lover, Jack.

was just a pimp in this nightclub.

When the gentleman with glasses wanted Sandy to stay with him for one night

This girl with a dream of music

had already fallen into the wolf's den and could not escape

So the top floor of 8 Gooch Plaza begins to become Sandy's nightmare

And the desperation of Ellie, who felt the same way, was overwhelming

I know you're not asleep

A 1960s romance that took a sharp turn for the worse.

suddenly turned into a tragic story of bloodshed.

Allie just wants to destroy the clothes she designed herself.

The only one happy at this point should be the bitch

The attentive general noticed that Ellie was a bit depressed.

She thought she might not be comfortable with the life in London.

He sincerely wants to help and approach the girl he has a crush on

But Ellie's problems need to be faced by herself

She doesn't want to go back to the room that smells rotten.

But the barmaid won't allow her to spend the night here.

Allie had no choice but to return home.

The record player started playing music automatically.

Sandy's nightmare was still playing.

The confident dancer was no longer alive.

Sandy had become a walking corpse.

With a glass of champagne she could come up with a new name for herself.

Anyway, all these well-dressed matchmakers would say was

That's a nice name.

That's a good name.

Until a young cop shows up.

He knew Sandy was using a false name.

And he advised her to get out of this lustful quagmire while she still had the chance.

Even though the time-traveling Ellie fought to warn

Sandy has been consumed by darkness and has lost her dreams and hopes.

The penthouse room becomes her "fighting ring"

And puts Ellie in danger.

She thinks she'll be okay if she doesn't go back to the damn apartment.

At the invitation of the young general

Allie goes to a Halloween costume party.

But it's clear that the ghosts rooted in her mind

weren't confined to the room.

For the first time, they appeared outside the penthouse.

The dancing Sandy and the smelly men

Avery gradually broke down.

She could no longer distinguish between reality and illusion.

Luckily, she had the loving young general to keep her company.

This man is also willing to accompany her back to the horrible penthouse

But Ellie also violated the no men overnight rule

A moment in time is worth a thousand dollars.

But then Allie saw Sandy in another time and place

She's in danger.

Pimp Jack has a knife in his hand.

Ready to kill Sandy

The young general was frightened by Avery's frightened expression

The shouting also alarmed the landlady on the first floor

The young general was as frantic as the king next door to put on his pants as if he was having an affair

One accidentally broke the glass of the dresser

A chaotic and bizarre flower of death bloomed in the room

The injured young man is evicted from the apartment by the landlord.

Allie witnessed a murder that took place in the 60s.

After that, the girl who saw Sandy fall in a pool of blood

She became even more crazy

Hallucinations, ghosts, and so on.

The girl was haunted all the time

We all know that Avery's mother died of a psychotic suicide.

And she was running faster towards her mother.

After a panicked run, Ellie arrives at the police station.

She told the police about the murder she had seen in her hallucination

But no one would believe her with such a bizarre story.

Ellie thinks the old man who lives near the bar is a prime suspect.

She thinks that the old man with white hair

She thinks the old man with white hair is the pimp who killed Sandy, Jack.

While waiting in the hallway.

While waiting in the hallway, she overheard the male officer from earlier making jokes about Allie in the bathroom.

But the good thing is that the policewoman is responsible.

She still wanted to investigate the strange story of Avery's crossing.

Since the police couldn't help her.

She was going to go to the archives and look through the newspapers of that year.

Even though the young general saw Avery's strange behavior.

He still tried his best to help her.

He was even willing to listen to what happened to Ellie.

That's a rare thing for a normal person.

For Ellie, someone's trust is too important.

After hearing her bizarre story of crossing over, the young general

He chose to help Ellie.

To investigate a murder in London in the 60s.

But as she leafed through the papers.

Ellie sees more stories about missing adult males.

The key is that the number of appearances is very frequent

This inevitably makes people think about

At that moment, the gentleman ghosts suddenly approached.

Fearful Ellie can only grab the scissors and run away

Forced to take the initiative, the psychic girl chose to take the initiative

Good thing the general stopped in time

Otherwise, the whore who happened to come to the library would have to lie on the board

All these abnormal performance

Can not help but let people to this girl labeled as psychotic

But who can know

Poor Ellie is going through what kind of nightmare

The director wanted to convey the chaos of the scene

to express the intricate mental state of Ellie's heart

After Calm

The rain at night in London makes the girl come to her senses

She follows the old man to the bar.

However, Ellie has forgotten about her part-time job.

The owner urges her to get to work.

By now the old man was sitting at the bar waiting for Ellie's drink.

She was sure that the old man in front of her was Jack

So Ellie turned on the record button on her phone.

She wanted to get the truth out of this man.

She also wanted to prove that she was not crazy.

When Allie mentioned the name Sandy.

The old man felt like he was back in the 60s.

He sang a song for a long time

Ellie shatters her glass and accuses him of killing Sandy.

But the old man wanted to tell the girl

Sandy is not the angel you think she is.

Don't be fooled by her beautiful appearance

But the angry Ellie still pursued

In the middle of a heated argument, the old man stopped in the middle of the road

The blind driver ran right into her.

After getting out of the car, he blamed the old man for standing in the middle of the road and not moving.

At this point the bar owner called out the name of the old man

The man who fell down was not named Jack

He was a police officer in this area when he was young

Allie also saw him as a young man in Sandy's view

After all this

The girl with the dream of being a designer was ready to leave London.

She calls her grandmother.

A quiet life in the countryside might be the place for her.

After all the trouble she's caused.

The young general is still committed to Ellie.

She wants to go back home, so he's ready to drive her straight back.

When you meet such a man, don't say anything and get married where you are.

Before going back, Ellie had to go back to 8 Goucher Square

Pack her bags

Ellie did not want to make things difficult for the landlord so she decided to enter the apartment alone

She told the general that if I didn't come out in 15 minutes

You knock on the door and come find me.

Ellie knocked on her landlord's grandmother's door

Thinking that she hadn't lived there for a few days

Can I get a refund for the deposit?

The grandmother was kind enough to bring the girl a cup of strong tea

After Ellie drank the tea

The landlady began to tell the story

You asked me if a girl had died on the top floor.

Yes, there was.

That's me as a young girl.

Then Sandy, the girl who came to London from a foreign country with a dream.

At that moment, Ellie also noticed the name on the coffee table envelope.

So the seductive woman hadn't died.

The night that Jack killed her

The blood on Sandy's body is actually the pimp Jack's

After that, the killing began

The pimps didn't ring the doorbell

It was their death knell.

One after another, Sandy would not be denied.

No one could leave the penthouse room at 8 Goucher Plaza.

All the matchmakers became dead under the wooden floor.

The story was almost told.

The ecstasy in the tea was starting to work on Ellie.

But there was still the anxiously waiting general outside the door.

But for Sandy there was little difference between killing one and two.

The cigarette fell into the record case during the push.

Soon flames will envelop the apartment.

The general reacted in time to Avery's loud warning.

Sandy's knife didn't fatally wound him.

The knife was waving in the air

The wooden staircase was now Sandy's stage once again.

She's the best singer of the serial killers.

This psychedelic, eerie scene from Avery's first view

Sandy's brutal killings are filled with beauty

The male-dominated London of the 1960s owed a great deal to this woman.

The souls of the tenants she killed and trapped on the top floor.

It wasn't to hurt Ellie.

I hope she can save all the souls trapped here.

So that they could be laid to rest and be freed.

But who turned this girl who was following her dreams into this?

Sirens are blaring outside the apartment.

This sinful building will soon be engulfed in flames.

Sandy's tragic life will soon be over.

I don't want to go to jail.

I've lived in my own prison long enough.


Allie though he took the knife.

But that doesn't change the old man's unbearable memories.

Sandy had nothing but memories of blood and despair.

But Ellie has relatives and boyfriends who love her.

Sandy needs to be here with the bodies.

Baptized by fire

And Ellie and Little will have a good life waiting for them.

Sandy's windy dresses are a hit.

Allie finally gets everyone's approval on her costume design.

Her long-lost mother returns to be with her in front of the mirror again.

Sandy left this world forever.

But for Ellie

This charming woman

will still be in another way

Accompanied by Wren's rising star in the fashion world.

I am XX

SOHO Nightmare

That's all for now

We'll see you in the next movie

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