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Love "Lust, Caution" movie commentary copy

Love "Lust, Caution" Movie Commentary Copy

Love "Lust, Caution" movie commentary copy

Shanghai in 1942

There are traitorous lackeys everywhere.

At Wang Jingwei's mansion.

Four rich women are happily playing mahjong.

Mrs. Yi, whom Wang Chia-Chieh met two years ago.

The fall of Hong Kong

Wang Chia-Chieh came to Shanghai to run a single gang

Stayed at home by Mrs. Yee.

At this moment

Mrs. Yee's husband

The traitor Yi Mo Cheng enters the house

Standing behind Mrs. Yi

Glancing at Wang Jiazhi, intentionally or unintentionally

Eye contact

Wang Jiazhi excuses herself to leave

Mrs. Yi loves Wang Jiazhi

Arranges for the nanny to give her the use of the car

In Mrs. Yee's car.

Watching the Japanese soldiers bullying the Chinese.

Wang Jiazhi was upset.

After the driver left

Wang Chia Chi looked around

She found that there were spies everywhere.

Enter a western restaurant.

She makes a phone call.

Make some small talk.

It was a man on the other side of the phone

His name is Hiro Yumin.

The phone hangs up.

Hiro Yumin turned around

and said


It turns out that Wang Jiazhi was passing information to anti-Japanese comrades

Time went back four years

The invading Japanese army invaded China

Wang Chia Chi's school was trying to escape from the war

She was preparing to move to Hong Kong with her students

Wang Chia Chi overheard Kwong Yu Man in another car

Wang Jiazhi fell in love at first sight

But she was shy

She buried her feelings in her heart in silence

Kwong Yu-man is a patriotic young man

His brother died on the battlefield because he joined the army

He died on the battlefield

Therefore, his family did not allow him to join the army

At this time

He was preparing a drama on the theme of the war

In the current climate

Who would be in the mood for this kind of Bourgeois stuff?

We're going to do some patriotic plays

To raise money for the war effort

You should come to the audition tomorrow

This was also the first time Wang Jiazhi spoke with Guang Yumin

Kuang Yu Min saw Wang Jia Zhi's nervousness

He reassured her

The performance was a great success.

The audience was inspired by their play

And the relationship between Kwong Yu Man and Wang Chia Chi is getting warmer and warmer

Thank you


But a play is not as good as killing a traitor

Kuang Yumin gathered the students of the drama club

Tell him

Wang Jingwei's general Yi Mercheng is in Hong Kong

The successful assassination of Yi Mercheng

It means they will have done their part to save the country

The students were very much in favor of it

The timid Wang Chia Chi hesitated.

She also joined the assassination.

Summer Vacation

This group of restless students

rented a house

They decided to let Fatty Ouyang play Mr. Mak

Wang Jiazhi as Mrs. Mak

But this is not a drama

The slightest mistake could get them killed by the traitor

Ouyang was very nervous in the car

But Wang Chia-Chi, with her excellent acting skills

She was able to hold Mrs. Yee steady.

Mrs. Mak.

Are you a true Hong Konger?

I married here.

My mother's family is from Guangdong.

My mother is from Shanghai.

So you speak Shanghainese too?

I speak Shanghainese.

I've forgotten everything

My hometown is Anhui

My Shanghainese is sloppy too

After a while

Wang Jiazhi and Mrs. Yi also got to know each other well

But Yi Murcheng lived a cautious life.

The classmates couldn't get close.

The small group also began to have a disagreement

You've got something, too.

It's been a month.

Everyone is so happy to shoot one or two bottles of alcohol

Why don't you shoot me first?

Save my old man from finding out and having to do it himself

House and car

Counting mahjong and shopping for high-end goods

And give you a prostitute

Are we killing traitors or on vacation?

How many fathers do I have?

Wang Chia Chi wants to wear gold and silver

You want to be an anti-Japanese hero

I drive during the day

And keep watch at night

My father asked around.

He thinks I'm renting a house in Hong Kong and raising dancers to fool around.

He said he'd cut me off

It's up to you all

In a poker game

Wang Chia Chi and Yi Mo Cheng were having a fling

Wang Chia-Chi secretly left her phone number

Yi Mo Cheng is very good at it

He asked Wang Chia-Chi to order clothes and eat western food in private

After all, Yi Mocheng is old-fashioned and mature

He soon saw that there was something wrong with Wang Jiazhi

But not only did he not expose her

Instead, he became interested in Wang Jiazhi

The relationship between them is getting warmer and warmer

Wang Jiazhi is also gradually developing into a mistress

But she had no experience with men and women.

Do you know how to do it?

Men and women.

Have you discussed it?

Which one?

Only Liang Runsheng has experience

Wang Jia Zhi looked at Kuang Yu Min

Kwong Yu Min's silence became the last straw that crushed her

Wang Jiazhi was angry and lost

She became a sacrificial lamb

In those days

Chastity was so important to a woman

After a few training sessions

Wang Jiazhi was up to the task

Well, I must congratulate you

I'll go there now

I'll go find you.

These days you have not called

So I thought I should go over to see you

I'm going to the airport tomorrow.

I... I have to give you...

I have to give you a ride, right?

I'm just going.

The call from the Yee family caught them off guard.

Yi and his family decided to leave Hong Kong.

Wang Jiazhi's sacrifice was in vain

The landlord, Cao, discovered the secret that they were students.

For their own safety

Several people decided to kill to silence

This absurd farce also came to an end

Three years later

Wang Jiazhi returned to Shanghai to study

One day

In a hutong

She met Kuang Yumin

By this time, Kwong had joined the Chongqing government

(Why did you come to see me?

Just to say sorry?)

(I was on a mission

It's not over yet.

Yi is now in charge of Wang Jingwei's secret service.

Ostensibly to maintain law and order.

In fact, he's a hawk of the Japanese.

Killing judges.

Killing professors and journalists who advocate anti-Japanese activities.

And our intelligence officers.

Three years ago we missed a good opportunity

Now things have become more difficult

He has a tighter system of protection.

(We don't have a chance to do it)

He invited Wang Jiazhi to reprise her role as Mrs. Mak

So that he could get close to Yi Mo Cheng

To complete the ridiculous assassination.

Wang Jiazhi agreed

Kuang Yu Min took her to see the leader of the organization, Lao Wu

and trained Wang Chia-Chi as an agent for a period of time

Wang Jiazhi was transformed

Became Mrs. Mak again

Re-entered the Yi family

Reunited after a long time

Yi Mo Cheng missed his love with Wang Jia Zhi

He asked Wang Jiazhi to meet him privately

and roughly had sex with Wang Jiazhi

If there is a first time, there is a second time

Yi Mo Cheng finds himself more and more obsessed with this woman

And Wang Jiazhi is getting more and more into the role of mistress

In a theater

Wang Jiazhi met with Kwong Yu Min

Kwong Yu Min told her

Several underground organizations have been eliminated

They are in danger

The next day

Wang Jiazhi waits for Yi Mo Cheng at the secret service headquarters

In the car

Yi Mo Cheng told her the details of today's interrogation

He said that he had fallen in love with Wang Jiazhi

The two had a third relationship

Yi Mo Cheng did not have the roughness of the first time

Instead, there was a touch of tenderness

After the incident

Wang Jiazhi's heart changed drastically

She contacted Kuang Yumin for a meeting

She said she couldn't hold on anymore

At the same time, she found that she had fallen deeper and deeper

But her boss, Wu, told her to continue the operation

Because he will not allow the mission to fail

Yi Mo Cheng asks Wang Jia Zhi to have dinner

(I'll sing you a song)


("The sky is the limit, the sea is the limit

I'm looking for my soulmate

My little sister sings and my son plays the piano

Lang, we are one heart

Oh my, oh my

We're both in the same mind)

If at first he only thought of Wang Jiazhi as his mistress

Then at this moment he has completely fallen in love with this woman in front of him

Yi Mo Cheng gave Wang Chia Chi an envelope.

He told her to give it to a jewelry store manager.

Wang Jiazhi rushed to report to Lao Wu

When he saw Wang Chia-Chi, Kuang Yu-Min

kissed her

It turns out

Kuang Yu Min also loves this woman in his heart

But before Wang Chia Chi lost her virginity for the first time

Kwong Yu Min did not stop her

Now it was too late for him to say anything


Wang Chia Chi came to the jewelry store

handed the envelope to the jewelry store manager

The envelope was opened

Inside was only a business card of Yi Mo Cheng

The store manager saw the card

Turned around and took out some diamonds

It turns out that Yi Mo Cheng wants to customize a diamond ring for Wang Jia Zhi

Let's go back to the beginning of the story

Wang Chia-Chi informed Guang Yu-Min to do it

Then she left the restaurant

He got into the car of Yi Mo Cheng

Together we went to the jewelry store to get the ring

And the jewelry store was surrounded by ambushes

Yi Mo Cheng took Wang Jia Zhi by the hand

As if to announce to the world

Wang Jiazhi is his lover, Yi Mo Cheng

Walk into the store

The store manager took out the ring

Wang Jiazhi put on the pink pigeon egg

Feeling endless pressure inside

In front of emotions and country

Wang Jiazhi was lost

She couldn't help but fall in love with the man beside her

But when she thought that Yi Mo Cheng would be assassinated

Wang Jiazhi looked at the man in front of her with love and affection

She said two words.


Open the door!

Yi Mocheng has escaped.

Lao Wu has escaped

The plan failed.

Kwang Yu-min and the others were arrested.

Yi Mo Cheng signed the execution order

The secretary put down the diamond ring in his hand

Yi Mo Cheng looked at the diamond ring

There was an unexplainable pain in his heart

That night

Wang Jiazhi, Kuang Yumin and others were executed by firing squad

At the same time

Yi Mo Cheng entered Wang Jia Zhi's room

Sitting on the bed where Wang Jiazhi had slept

Nostalgia and sadness came together


This is the end of this video

I am XX

We'll see you next time

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