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Animation movie "Skyfall Food 2" commentary text Commentary

Animationmovie "Skyfall Food 2" comment ary text commentary

Animation movie "Skyfall Food 2" commentary text Commentary

Today we continue to give you

The second part of "Skyfall Food

First, a brief introduction to what happened in the first movie

The island where the scientist Flint lives

is occupied by tons of sardines

In order to improve the daily meals of the people on the island

He invented a food-making machine

It can create food like rain and snow

Falling from the sky

But in the end, when the food machine went out of control

Caused serious damage to the island

But in the end, Flint still gained love and affection

And decided to build a science workshop with his girlfriend Sam

to set up a science studio

Skyfall 2 picks up where the above left off

Just when everyone was cheering

An unexpected guest came to the island

Dr. Chester's - hologram

This guy is amazing.

He is Flint's idol since childhood

The unshakable number one inventor in his heart

And the reason he's here

To clean up the island's "leftovers."

But only if everyone on the island

would be temporarily moved to a super luxurious city - California

Flint was super excited.

Because that's where Dr. Chester's company is based.

And what's more unexpected is that

Chester also invited Flint to join his company

To create a better world together.

But he was a little hesitant.

Sam told him.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Everyone would support him.

And so the natives were evacuated from the island.

And Flint, in order to get Chester's approval.

He wore the inventor's undershirt.

He worked non-stop for six months.

Constantly making inventions.

He kept submitting new ideas.

However, in the end, he was not selected.

But Dr. Chester had to see Flint.

Because the cleanup of the island wasn't going well.

It seems that the "leftovers" have come to life.

Flint was sure.

When the food machine in the explosion

It wasn't destroyed in the explosion.

The program is still running today.

causing the food to mutate completely.

For this reason, Chester gathered all the major scientists

Chester invented the universal stop button.

If only Flint could help find the food-making machine.

Nothing is a problem anymore.

But only if he did it alone.

Flint agreed without hesitation.

But as soon as he arrived home

He gathered a bunch of his buddies.

Among them was his lab monkey.

His girlfriend Sam.

Sam's former photographer

The righteous and loyal island security guard.

The spokesman for canned sardines

And Flint's dad.

The group returns to their hometown in their boat.

But the place has changed dramatically.

The former foodie paradise is overgrown with plants.

On their way to the lab.

They came across a magical grass poison

Not only can it run and jump

With eyes and a mouth

And it ate Flint's most important

Universal stop button ate

In the process of catching strawberries

The group found that all the food came to life

Just like normal animals

And there is a complete ecosystem

Although these foods seem to be very friendly

But there must be a few completely deteriorated

Like cheeseburger spiders or something.

Just as Flint and the others were about to be eaten

A spaceship landed.

Dr. Chester with a few of his men on the scene

At this time, the grass plum also very timely

Spit out the universal stop button

As for why Chester is here?

After all, he has the face of a villain

And believes that all mutated food

Are evil

They should all be destroyed

He's on the island now.

To brainwash Flint.

To make him more determined to destroy the food manufacturing machine

And not to let his plan be hindered

Chester also secretly distracted

His relationship with his friends

In the process of finding the food machine.

They have a disagreement.

Sam's side thought

The food animals should be studied first

Instead of Chester's idea of

Destroy them all.

And so the two groups went their separate ways.

Sam and the others were about to return to the ship when they

They discovered a surprising fact.

In fact, the food animals were not malicious.

They simply hated

Chester's staff.

In other words.

The scientist must have had an ulterior motive

But just as they came to this conclusion

They were all arrested by Chester's men

Flint, on the other hand, had successfully found the food-making machine.

However, he was about to start the shutdown process when

A little marshmallow was "born"

They all gathered together

Just like a family

Very warm and harmonious

Flint began to wonder if he had made a mistake

He couldn't turn off the food-making machine

But in the end

Chester, who was right behind him, shut down the food machine.

But the machine wasn't destroyed.

Instead, Chester took it away.

Because Chester always wanted Flint's machine.

And then destroy all the food animals on the island.

To build a gourmet factory on the island.

So that his company can always keep the name of global Top

Of course, the writers won't let him succeed

After Flint is rescued by the marshmallows

After Flint is rescued by the marshmallows, he learns that his friends have all been captured by Chester in the factory

So, he asks his father and the food animals to help him

They worked together to create a large fishing rod

to send Flint into the factory

Before his friends were turned into food

Successfully rescued them

And, they took back the food-making machine from Chester's hands

And restored the island to a place

A place for food animals to live

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