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Comedy "Crazy Suitcase" movie commentary copy

Comedy"Crazy Suitcase" movie comment ary copy

Comedy "Crazy Suitcase" movie commentary copy

Going to the toilet in India

Found a billion, but can not spend it

Also attracted both black and white chase

Dan is a skilled worker in a printing factory

He leaves early and comes home late every day

With a meager salary to support his small family

Because his sister's life is very difficult

He often had to spend part of his salary on his sister's livelihood

The family couldn't even afford to buy candy

Faced with his wife's complaints and his son's needs

Dan's only way

Only use his mouth to coax his wife

When the salary is paid

Take his son and wife to eat some good food

Early one morning

Dan had to pee on his way home from work

Quickly went to the public toilet

When leaving

Accidentally found a suitcase

The dull sound of falling

Dan, who was already exhausted

Suddenly became curious

Open the crack to observe

Dan instantly awake

It's money

A box full of money

After confirming that no one found it around

He pretended to shout a few times to find the owner

"Whose suitcase is it?"

Hearing no response

Dan rushed to pull the suitcase in the direction of home

He wanted to hog the unclaimed money

The heavy suitcase made Dan, who was so calm and collected

He stumbled on his way

A tuk-tuk passed by

He wanted to take a job

Dan, with his heart in the right place, just wants to sneak around

No one should notice him

He simply refused

But then he realized

If he dragged himself all the way back like a cripple

he would attract more attention

So he got in the car anyway

The driver of the tuk-tuk who helped carry the luggage

also felt the weight of the suitcase

Jokingly asked

This is not a corpse, right?

In order not to make the driver suspicious

He pretended to call

Said he was just coming for a trip

Brought a suitcase of clothes

In order to dispel the driver's curiosity

Dan was even so cautious that he

deliberately take the wrong direction to mislead the driver

Because his wife believes in God

Dan knew that his wife would not let Dan

keep the money

His neighbor was out of town on business

He gave the key to Dan to help look after the house

Dan decided

Put the "big money box" in the neighbor's house for the time being

He was overjoyed

He was so excited that he stayed up all night

All he could think about was the red, flat rectangle

The next morning his wife went out

Dan rushed into the neighbor's house

He opened it and saw

Full of money, full of Gandhi

In this suitcase

There is actually a hundred million

Looking at this full of money

Dan only feel that life is finally fulfilled

Lying on top of it, crying like a tearful person more like a grieving woman

Blaming a suitcase of money

Where have you been? I've been looking for you for half my life

While Dan locked the door to his room and played with the money

The other side of the city has become a mess

The original

The suitcase that drove Dan crazy

was used by the Minister of Justice to pay bribes

On his way to deliver the money, he was targeted by a group of robbers

The two groups engaged in a fierce gun battle

The police were brought in

In order to get away

The minister's men had to hide the damaged suitcase

In order to get away, the minister's men could only hide the damaged suitcase in a pile of debris next to the public toilet

They wanted to get it back an hour later

But who knows

When he returned, it was gone

The minister was furious on the spot

He didn't care about the 100 million tickets

What he cared about

He cared about a document that contained evidence of his crimes

The minister sent all his men out.

He also brought in the most professional police detectives

Because he had the detective on his side.

The minister pressured him to retrieve the suitcase as soon as possible.

Especially the security of a confidential document in the suitcase

And the bandits, because they did not succeed

After learning that the minister's side actually lost the suitcase

The three parties began to search frantically in the city

And Dan's side, although he became rich overnight

But the money he did not dare to spend ah


If the money is clean

then he is theft

Spent will be severely sentenced

If it was gangster's money

Then he is looking for death

Spending it is afraid that the whole village will come to his house to eat

Through the news report

Dan also know

It is the gangster's money

Still want to fight again

Dan returned to the scene to see if he could keep the money

Found several police officers are investigating the surveillance

He was also called over for questioning

Scared, he stammered

However, after talking, he learned that

The camera has long been damaged

Dan breathed a sigh of relief

Even if it is black money

They can not find their own head

Then there is nothing to fear

Just spend it without fear

In the following days

Dan took his family to "crazy" low spending

Promised his wife and children to do one thing after another

Buy whatever you want

Rent for a month is not enough to pay a year

And the reason for telling his wife is

He got a bonus

She also believed it

My own life was changed forever because of this suitcase

has changed radically

Because I couldn't let my wife know that something was wrong

This low luxury life for a month

Only a few tens of thousands of dollars were spent

In order to prevent the neighbors from coming back suddenly

Dan separated the money

Hidden in various hidden corners of the house

Even the water tank in the toilet was full of money

Thinking that he could no longer be in such a state of fear, Dan

decided to buy a house

In the past

Only dare to look at the mansions of the big aliyah

Dan has already begun to imagine the future life

However, the other party told him that they do not accept cash

He had to deposit in the bank in batches

By now, the police had already acted

The driver of the van that transported Dan was found

It's been a month since then

The driver who couldn't remember his face

He couldn't describe Dan's face

However, the driver did remember

Dan dropped a bank card when he was paying

The detective set up an area

One by one, they looked for the nearest special person in the bank

Sure enough, they found Dan with a large amount of money

The wife also found a large amount of cash stored at home at this time

Just when the couple was arguing

While the couple was arguing about whether to keep the money or hand it over to the police

The police detective who sneaked into the house at some point

Helped them make a choice

Dan could only hand over the red suitcase

And all the money stored separately were put back

The detective also saw that the Attorney General said that the

So-called confidential documents

He was in control of the other side.

He thought about it.

In order to seek leniency

Dan also told the detective

He also had some of them in his factory

So the detective took Dan to the factory

The detective with the suitcase in tow

The minister's men and the robbers caught him on camera at the same time

It turns out that the minister has been sending people to spy on him

And the robbers had been following him

When the minister called to ask the detective about the process

The detective said he didn't have it.

But there's been progress.

Looking at the photos of the evidence

Listening to the words of a man with an ulterior motive

The minister had a plan

Just as the detective was about to kill Dan to silence him

The minister's men had arrived

Gunfire was heard from both sides

Accuracy is the entire description of the edge of each blood lock

Dan, who had never seen such a scene before

Can only tremble in the side

The detective knew he was outnumbered

Said he hid the box

Threatened to negotiate

Both sides decided to sit down and talk

As soon as they sat down

The robbers rushed in

A fierce battle broke out between the three parties

This shooting is really accurate

Because those who were present

There was no one left

Except for Dan who played dead

All three parties died together

The frightened Dan was shaking his legs

Ready to go home and live a quiet life

But once again, fate favored him

And it was double

Look at the true silence around him

Dan paused for a moment

Asking softly as if seeing the box for the first time

Whose box is this?

Actually no matter how many times

Dan would choose to take this crazy suitcase with him

Because in the peace of sleep and worry about money

In the anxious life of running around

Many people have already made the decision

But please remember

A gentleman makes money in the right way

Unjust money is not a blessing, but a curse

What you are not a gentleman

Well in today's sound society under the rule of law

China has a perfect system

You can choose at will

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