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Comedy movie "treasure hunt holiday" commentary text Commentary

Comedy movie "Treasure Hunt Vacation" commentary text commentary

Comedy movie "treasure hunt holiday" commentary text Commentary

Three widowed men have gone on a wilderness vacation.

Blond old soup to show the two brothers to touch the fish.

His legs are seen in a figure-eight shape.

Just go into the water.

Shine the searchlight again.

The fish blinded by the light

Sure enough, it was caught by a hand and thrown.

Unfortunately, the two did not catch it

Letting the fish go.

In order to have a natural baked fish

Old soup can only fish here again.

I did not expect the two brothers

Suddenly, the expressions startled.

The fish flew again.

Still didn't catch it.

Old Tang asked them what happened

The two men pointed to the back.

A grizzly bear that had just lost its baby.

It was standing right behind them.

Surprise or not?

Grizzly bear opens feeding mode.

The three fled frantically.

The slowest runner, Dan, falls to the ground.

They wanted to scare the grizzly away.

Unexpectedly the fat bear stood up and said

Stop it and go!

Lao Tang reminded Dan

Curl up, you'll be fine.

Probably because the show was too realistic

The big grizzly bear chattered up Dan as a young patient

Wiggling his fat fart

And disappeared into the jungle

Placed in the soft nest

The team rushed over to see what was going on

Dan tells them not to make a sound

The big grizzly bear comes with its prey

Come on, Bao'er, eat this.

Tonic body

Xiaodan refused at that time

The big grizzly bear waved his hand

Hurry up and eat it for me

Little Dan had to eat it with great relish

This is more like it

When the big grizzly bear was not paying attention

Threw away the prey at light speed

The bear thought to himself

Since the boy likes to eat so much

Then he went to catch another one

Little Dan seized the opportunity to escape

The three of them climbed up a thousand-year-old tree

The big bear found something wrong

Followed by the chase

Can't find his treasure

So they rummaged around for luggage

My treasure, where are you?

The three of them slept in the tree for the night

The grizzly bear also turned under the tree overnight

The next morning

Still because there are two fat balls

Playing fish fry in the river

That's what attracted the big grizzly bear away

The three of them came back from the dead

A crazy escape in a small boat

It started out great.

Unfortunately, they did not find the river forked

Driving in the wrong direction

Ahead of them was a swiftly flowing river

The three of them were forced to start drifting mode

A big wave knocked the boat over

The three of them were drowned

Jie climbed into the boat

Threw the rope to save Dan

And the old soup half a day looking for no trace

The original is under the boat

One wave has just subsided and another wave has started

The boat fell from the waterfall again

The three of them ran around the jungle for a day

Finally saw a light in the valley

If there is a light, there is hope.

Unfortunately, when they got closer, they realized

These are the same two fat balls that fried the fish this morning

They were not to be messed with.

The three of them had to hide in the warehouse

They were actually doing illegal farming here.

The fat balls found someone breaking into the warehouse.

Without saying a word, they opened fire.

The three of them ran into the jungle

Just in time to trigger the mechanism

Detonated all the flash bombs to ignite everything

The smoke rolled in.

Even the dog was smoked to the ground

directly lying on the board

And the three of them were also confused by the smoke

In the face of the incoming bullets are not afraid of

Dan also dedicated to the group

Low-quality version of the Matrix show

The three fell headfirst into the water

Breathing is basically maintained by wooden sticks

But a little cute crawl into the tube

And dare not make a sound, only to smother

This is the two fierce fat ball tricked away

After the three of them made such a mess

Hundreds of acres of planting were burned up

They did a good deed.

And the two fat balls vowed

They will definitely catch the three people back

Well rubbed on the floor for three days and three nights

Weapons and ammunition were packed in big bags.

The three unlucky guys got lost in the jungle

Old Tom climbed to the top of a pine tree

See where the hell their way out is.

It was dawn and there were two beautiful women in front of them.

Washing the fragrance at the top of the tree

The three suddenly became energetic

The speed of light to find that big tree

Two blondes

Also graciously threw down the ladder

Invited them up to be their guests

The tree had an exquisite two-room apartment

It's like a vacation resort

The beautiful women said that the old soup clothes are smelly

Better take them off

Old Tang is waiting for these words

Unfortunately, a wave of operation is as fierce as a tiger

Finally found that the clown was himself

The two beauties waiting for the same is someone else

Dan is a small warm man most women's hearts

He is good at massage

The beauty immediately peeled off the hairy legs

Shall we start now?

It turns out they hate city life.

They came to the jungle trees

They've been building their nest for over a year

Whenever there's a rainstorm.

They dance together in the rainstorm

They may take the nest from their arms and not talk about it in a room

Or they may be outside the room because they are entrusted with something

How do they take care of their bowels?

They have a disposable toilet

This is the little paper box

Only pussies use toilet paper

Men use pine cones from local sources

Unfortunately, the two fat balls chasing the old soup

Soon found this place

Take out the chainsaw to the big tree to do it

Old Tom followed the rope pike down

Tied the rope to the tree

And the two beautiful women brought out months of stock

Throw it all down

It was a breathtaking scene

Xiaojie and Xiaodan floated along the rope

Get on the fat ball of motorcycle

Continue to start the road of escape

Two fat balls keep chasing behind

The battle of the jungle is crazy

The trio did not pay attention to the road

Drive the car directly into the cliff

Falling into the river

Three bored men fleeing through the forest

Their bodies were tired and cold

Their stomachs were hungry and sore

What's even sadder is that

A cold and icy rain suddenly fell from the sky

They decided to huddle together for warmth

This can reduce the loss of energy

In the middle of the night, a big man suddenly rushed out

And took the three of them away

Took them to their own ventilated villa to settle down

It turns out that this grandfather is an explorer

Since their best friend who was exploring together

He has lived here alone for 30 years

He had lived here alone for 30 years

Early the next morning

The two raging fat balls hit here

In order to cover the three escape

The grandfather came up single-handedly

A few shots were fired to send them away

The motorcycle is also ruined for you

You really are the same

The three of them were walking through the jungle

Suddenly, they fell into a hole.

They fell into a pit

The treasure they were looking for was the one

The man who crashed the plane with millions of dollars

That is, the good brother of the grandfather

Unfortunately, after the plane crash decades ago

He was seriously injured and has been limping here

He has become a skeleton

And a lot of money was set on fire by him

As a waste paper for warmth

Their treasure hunt is in vain.

It's a big mine.

What if they couldn't climb up there?

There was a big gap in the wall.

A light could be seen

Small Dan, who was small in stature

decided to climb in and give it a try

His teammates sang a childhood song to encourage him

He climbed forward boldly

He finally climbed out from the other side

Just in time, the fat ball duo also found this place

Dan quietly approached from behind

Knocked them down with a stick

But they didn't just die

But in the mine pit

They fought with Old Tang and Jie in a free fight

For a while it was difficult to distinguish the winner

Xiao Dan, who was standing on top

Can only raise a stone to hit down

Let the two forced to separate

At that moment a police officer came

The four people were caught in a pot

Just when they thought they were saved

But they didn't know that the fat ball duo were the police's men

The three of them are a team

Smart Dan quietly picked up a grenade

Adventure team

Burned down hundreds of acres of good land of the police

The police wanted to send them out of this world

The brave Jie took the grenade

Boldly came forward

If you do not put down the gun

He was going to detonate the grenade

Fat Ball stepped forward and hit the ground

The grenade fell to the ground

Jie picked it up and threw it over

It fell right under a big tree

No one was hurt in the explosion

Jie thought the three of them would be finished

But the exploded tree collapsed

The three criminals were crushed

The three of them by mistake

They became the heroes who destroyed the criminals.

The old man in the jungle

Leave the jungle and start a new life.

Send them a package before leaving.

It's a package from the brother who crashed the plane.

There was a million inside.

They were supposed to share it equally.

But in the end it all went to

Old Tom who was too poor to open the pot

Old Tang used the money to buy a diamond ring to propose.

And girlfriend together into a happy marriage hall

And doctor Dan also found his true love.

It is the girl who met in the big tree villa.

Unemployed Jie also found a job as a tour guide.

The movie is called "Treasure Hunt Vacation

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