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Comedy film "Bingo" commentary text Commentary

Comedy movie"Bingo the Spirit Dog" commentary text commentary

Comedy film "Bingo" commentary text Commentary

The dog

Tutoring the little master to do his homework

This boy is holding a math book and asking questions

What is the square root of 9

The dog answers


He is a wonderful dog named Gogo

Not only does he have a high IQ

He is also good at all kinds of human skills

He can drive all kinds of cars

It's not even worth mentioning

Morse code is right in front of him

It is also a piece of cake

But what do you do best?

That must be teasing girls

Gogo grew up in a circus

Because he refused to jump into the fire ring

He was chased out by his unscrupulous owner with a gun

Became a stray dog

On the way to stray

He met a boy who was drowning

Gogo pulled away the boy's clothes

Keeping his breathing open

Then he used his front paws to perform a


But his strength was too small

The boy did not respond

Gogo put his head on the boy's chest again

to confirm the heartbeat

Then ran to the broken bridge

Look at the boy's position

Build up strength and run

Jump with the force

The boy is saved

Through the dog tag

He learns Gogo's name

To repay the kindness of saving his life

The boy decided to adopt Gogo

Because his parents forbade him to keep a dog

He could only bring Gogo home secretly

Who knows that in the yard

Gogo was charmed by the Teddy next door

He wouldn't leave

The boy had to pick it up

Now is not the time to flirt with girls

In the following days

Gogo would be on time every day

In front of the window

Waving goodbye to the boy

And then estimate the time when the boy would leave school

at the door

Waiting anxiously to see

But he was not greeting his little master

Rather, he was really suffocating


The boy discovered

Gogo's intelligence is so high that

Not like a dog at all

Skateboarding can be learned in two glances

Go to the game room to play racing games

Just like an old driver

Beat everyone present

Even on weekends

He would even help him with his homework

This made the boy confused for a while

Who is the master and who is the pet

And the naughty Gogo

Would also play hide-and-seek with the little boy

The boy who couldn't find Gogo

began to get anxious

He kept calling out to see Gogo

Until Gogo came out of the oil barrel

Only then did he breathe a sigh of relief

The boy scolded Gogo in anger

No more playing this game

Because he had no friends

Only Gogo would play with him

So he was very afraid of losing

this best friend of his

And Gogo's ears drooped when he heard that

As if to say

Never again

But it didn't last long

The boy's father had to move his job

The family had to move to a faraway place

Before leaving

The boy called out everywhere

But Gogo was nowhere to be seen

It turns out that last night

He was carrying flowers

Carrying champagne

He went on a date with his favorite teddy

And went to the other party's doghouse for the night

When he woke up the next day

He found that the boy had already left in the car

Gogo chased after him with all his might

But soon ran out of energy

But he couldn't catch up

With no goal in sight, he

Could only wander around

As if he had become

A stray dog

The hot sun was in the sky

Gogo was tired and thirsty

He began to hallucinate

As if he saw his little master

Waving to him with his water bottle

And back in reality

Gogo collapsed on the ground

He was dying

Luckily, there was a kind-hearted person

brought it home

After entering the door, I realized

This is not a kind person

Brought it home

And only after entering the door to find out

This is not a kind-hearted person

He is obviously a

Dog meat sellers

They pick on

Stray dogs that no one wants

This dog is escaping from prison.

The other dogs stick their mirrors out of their cages

To watch out for him.

As soon as they see the dog dealer.

immediately sound the alarm

Gogo quickly retracts his body

Cover the cave with a mat

The dog dealer carries out a dog

He intended to make it into a hot dog

At that moment, there was a sudden sound from the kitchen

The wife's screams

The dog trader hurriedly went back to check

Gogo seized the opportunity

Crawl out from the dug cave

and freed all the dogs

All freed themselves

Under his leadership

This group of dogs

Surrounded the dog dealer and his wife

And did unto them as they had done unto them

Putting them in

cages in the pickup truck

Gogo is in the front

steering the direction of the car

And the minions are behind the back to help

With the car started

Gogo jumped out of the car in time

Letting the dog dealer

along with their car

Together they crashed into the luzai field

The dogs who had regained their freedom

Under the leadership of Gogo

led by Gogo, marched in packs along the railroad

But when they reached the junction

But Gogo stopped

The little brothers looked at him in confusion

Gogo knew

There is no such thing as a banquet that never ends

Although stray dogs are free

But there is no place to return to


Gogo prefers the warmth of home

He wants to return to his little master's side

So he waved goodbye to his buddies

Waved goodbye

And then without looking back

He set off again on a new adventure

After a long day of travel

Gogo met two men

Curly is a dog lover

He saw that Gogo was poor

So he took him to the caravan to rest

But Gogo soon found out

Their real faces

It turned out that they were a pair of kidnappers

They kidnapped a family of four

They were held in a small room

Gogo did not act rashly

But wait until the kidnappers were asleep

Then sneaked out of the caravan

Called the police

The operator did not understand dog language

So he called the sheriff

Gogo knocked on the phone regularly

The sheriff listened and realized

(Give me a pen)

(This is Morse code)

According to the location

The police determined the location of the crime

Gogo also began rescue operations

Quietly untie the family

Let them escape from the RV

But at that moment

The little girl accidentally

woke up Brother Beard

Gogo was very brave

Jumped to the sky and jumped on

And at the same time

The police have also arrived

Surrounded by them

In an emergency

Curly even carried Gogo

as a dog hostage

(If you do something rashly)

(Find or kill the dog!)

But apparently to no avail

After a burst of shooting

Two stupid bandits had to raise the white flag to surrender

Then they were arrested by the police quickly

Soon after

Gogo's heroic rescue story

Was treated as news on TV

This scene was seen by the boy

So he hurriedly wrote an email

hoping that Gogo would return to his side

But at that time, Gogo

Had already been adopted by a little girl's family

She became a little girl who was at the mercy of others

Not too harmful

But the humiliation is very strong

And the weak and helpless Gogo

Did not wait for the boy's mail

but received a summons from the court...

(You send the police to tell the truth)

(All the truth)

(No secrecy?)

In the courtroom

A border collie.

As an eyewitness dog

For a recent robbery.

robbery case.

The court also brought in

dog language scholar of the 10th grade

to record the trial.

(Your Honor)

(We ask that the dog's testimony be read.)


(Woof, woof, woof)

Under questioning by the lawyer

Gogo went to the defendant's chair

And righteously identified the criminal

But to my surprise

But the opposing lawyer bit back

Claimed that at the crime scene

Dog prints and excrement were found

All kinds of evidence

all point to the dog as the real killer

The opposing attorney concluded with a serious face

The dog robbed the well and kidnapped

The family of four

and then framed it on

his client

The judge asked Gogo

Give an alibi

Gogo felt aggrieved

Can't say what's wrong

His inner thoughts probably went something like this

I may not be human

But you are real dogs

In this aspect of being a dog

I still need to learn from you guys

Gogo has no choice

Provide an alibi

Convicted as an accomplice

He was sent to jail

In the cell

Gogo finally received a letter

A letter sent to it by the boy

He asked his cellmate to read it to him

Every word was true

Even Uncle Glasses was moved

Only then did Gogo realize

So his little master

had been thinking about himself

This reinforced

His conviction to escape

I dare not say anything else

On the matter of escaping from prison

Gogo was definitely an expert

Skilled in digging tunnels in the military room


And with a mirror to help it watch out

At night

The cellmates put fake dog heads on the bed

and then with Gogo

climbed out of the hole in the ground together

Gogo used his cellmate's body

as a springboard

And jumped over the high wall

Then from the outside

rescued the prisoner too

After they said goodbye to each other

Gogo set out again

A long journey to find his master

After a long journey

Gogo finally found

The boy's new home

Seeing his

The master he had longed for

He ran over excitedly

But then he suddenly found

The boy was holding another dog


You already have another dog

Gogo was jealous

He left in disgust

But he does not know

This is just a boy

To help the neighbor's grandmother

Just walking the dog

("Here's your pay)

("He's a good dog)

(He's a good dog)

(But he's different from Gogo)

("Gogo is unique)

At the end of the day

Gogo, who was hungry

Prayed for a little food from the humans

But it was rejected mercilessly

He had to look for food in the garbage

Looking for food

A chef found him

Took him to the back kitchen

He was made to lick clean

The grease-stained plate

The efficiency was so fast

made the previous dishwasher boy

all felt a professional crisis

And so

Gogo got a job

own job

From a stray dog

Upgrade to a working dog

However, the good times did not last long

One day

On his way to work

Suddenly he was caught by someone's neck

Upon closer inspection

It was the stupid bandit duo from before

After they successfully escaped from prison

They searched for Gogo's whereabouts

They wanted to avenge their shame

Gogo fought hard to struggle

The boy who passed by saw them

(Let go of my dog!)

In order to save Gogo

He rushed up on his bike

Under his cover

Gogo managed to escape from the clutches

But the boy was arrested

In order to save the little master

Gogo unwittingly

Ambushed on top of the car

Followed the robbers to a

A dilapidated factory

Look at the little master tied up

Gogo knew that one dog could not defeat four hands

So he decided to take advantage of the situation

When the kidnappers weren't looking

He slipped into the warehouse

And took the boy's hat away

And found his family

Unfortunately, they didn't understand dog language

And thought it was playing a prank

And that's when

The boy's mother received a blackmail call from the kidnappers

A blackmail call from the kidnapper

He then realized

His son was already in danger

Meanwhile, Gogo's side

had decided to take a risk

He first used the ringing sound

to attract the attention of the kidnappers

and then use the

advantage of the terrain

with fangs bared

and swooped down

A bite on the

Uncle Beard's vitals

But in the end

Gogo still fell into the hands of kidnappers

In order to punish this vicious dog

The two kidnappers decided

Use a time bomb to blow them up to the sky

But they didn't expect the house to be set on fire in advance

They threw cigarettes and set it on fire

The police also came to the door at that time

The two dumb kidnappers had to drive away

In the warehouse

The dog who broke free from his restraints

is anxiously

New owner untied

But the fire was getting hotter and hotter

The young boy told the dog to

To find the fire alarm

And facing the sea of fire in front of him

Gogo, who had always been brave and fearless

But at this time stopped

It turns out that when he was a child

Because of a big fire

caused it to lose its family

Since then

It has become very afraid of fire

But when he saw

Little master who was already unconscious

Gogo got up the courage

Crossed the fire circle

Successfully overcame his demons

Pressed the alarm bell

The firefighters who came to hear the news

Successfully extinguished the fire

But the danger did not

The danger was not lifted

Because the bomb left by the kidnappers

had not yet been found

And Gogo with a keen sense of smell

quickly locked

The box containing the bomb

and quickly chased it away

The robbers on the other side

In a desperate situation

decided to press the detonator

The bomb exploded in a safe place

And Gogo did not return

The boy was too sad

Fainted and passed out

When he woke up again

He found himself lying in the hospital

His parents told him

Gogo was still alive

Then they took the boy to see the dog

Outside the hospital room

are Gogo's former dog friends

Inside the hospital room

All surrounded by people

Some of them came here with admiration

Some of them were

have been helped by Gogo

or had helped Gogo

In the hospital bed

The boy finally saw

The injured Gogo

He pleaded with his father

Let himself adopt Gogo

With all eyes on him

The father could not shirk



(Gotta get him neutered first)

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