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The 7-year-old girl Zhang Wang and her father Zhang Guohua depended on each other, their life was poor, but very happy. One day, Zhang Wang suddenly had more than a nosebleed, and they went to the hospital for a checkup to find out that she had acute leukemia. This disease required more than 300,000 yuan for treatment alone, unsuccessful borrowing money Zhang Guohua whole day in tears. Zhang Wang was clear about his family's situation and decided to give up treatment. Reporter Wang Xiaoyue learned of this, rushed to Zhang Guohua's home, after the interview only to learn the true parentage of Zhang Wang ..... After the incident was exposed by the media, Zhang Wang attracted the attention of all walks of life and donations were made from all over the country to finance her. Soon, Zhang Wang's medical expenses came together enough. The power of love and the concern of countless strangers made Zhang Wang incredibly strong. She suffered from unimaginable pain, but persisted in her treatment. However, just when everyone thought Zhang Wang's illness was about to get better, Zhang Wang made a decision that took everyone by surprise ..........



Today I bring a film adapted from a true story, after watching the mixed feelings extremely heartbreaking.

Zhang Wang is a child picked up by her father Zhang Guohua. Her father relies on going to the market to sell bamboo baskets to support the family. Only when her father sold the bamboo baskets did he have money to buy Zhang Wang a pack of instant noodles that she always wanted to eat. Zhang Wang was a very well-behaved child, and at the age of seven, she had already taken up household chores——cooking, chopping firewood, and catching water from a basin when the house leaked on rainy days. Zhang Wang often went to school alone with a flashlight, she had to walk across the mountain, across the river. By the time she got to school, it was light out. She saw the beautiful headdress she wanted and just looked at it a few more times. The boys in her class bullied her, and she didn't care. Zhang Wang's academic performance was very good, often getting the first place in the exam. In the class to the teacher's praise, she was very happy. In physical education class, she could not run, the teacher told her to strengthen nutrition, but the family can not even afford to eat, where there is money for her to supplement nutrition.

Before the end of school, the teacher said that each student should buy a tutorial book for 10 yuan. Zhang Wang wanted to buy the books, but the 10 yuan was a big amount for them. Even if Dad sold all the baskets, he would not have 10 yuan. Although the family was very poor, but for Zhang Wang to be able to be with his father, but also to go to school, was already very happy. For this ten dollars, dad tried to sell apples at the intersection ......


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