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Suspense "Save Me From Evil" movie commentary copy

Suspense"Save Me From Evil" movie comment ary copy

Suspense "Save Me From Evil" movie commentary copy

This strong man with a tattoo on his back

Torturing this dying woman in front of him

He is a Japanese Kanto gangster

The villain of all villains

Countless women have died at his hands.

Just now.

A beautiful soul was added to his sins

The boss poured himself a glass of wine

After the violence, take a good rest

At that moment the phone rang

The boss impatiently asked who is this

And the other party was calm

Did not tell his name

Just repeatedly check the name of the gangster

Then he hung up for no reason

Boss, I have a feeling something will happen

Quickly notify the boys downstairs to be more vigilant

But after shouting for a long time, no one paid attention to him

The boss was surprised that something bad had happened.

Quickly grab the rifle

Pull up the curtain to block the view of the outside sniper

Then pick up the rifle and load it.

Focus on the direction of the stairs

But the boss misjudged the mind and ability of the uninvited guest

He was already in the curtain.

He was already behind the curtains.

This man was from Korea.

He's a top professional hit man wandering in Japan.

Taking down the gangster was his last order of business.

He was about to retire and flee to Panama with a lot of cash.

Away from the fighting and the killing, a life of peace and quiet

But he doesn't look happy

Because in this world

There's nothing left for him to live for.

Thinking back eight years.

The man was a secret agent in Korea.

After completing an unseen mission.

He learned from his old superiors

The organization was going to kill him.

His superiors told him to leave the country.

It's important to save his life.

But the man hesitates

Because his beloved girlfriend is still waiting for him at home

The man risks his life to find her in the parking lot.

He has to give an explanation to her.

To say goodbye for the last time

And at the same time

A group of heavily armed assassins were sneaking up on him

The man escaped to back home

He cut off all contact with his girlfriend.

He was in a daze

Woke up early one morning by the ringing of his cell phone

The call was from a former superior.

When the man heard the voice, he knew there was no good news.

The superior asked him to claim a corpse.

The man lifts the body cloth.

There was his girlfriend's scarred face.

His girlfriend's body had manual stitches.

The organs inside had been hollowed out

Until this moment

The man realized that his girlfriend had started a new life in Thailand over the years

But for some reason she died at the hands of the local evil forces


He just found out that before he left

his girlfriend had actually gotten pregnant

Now their lovely daughter is nine years old

After his girlfriend's death, she disappeared in Thailand

Life and death are still unknown

The light of hope and the depths of despair exploded in the man's heart at the same time

He decided to go to Thailand alone to find his daughter's whereabouts

But what he didn't know was that before he left.

Another terrible force is approaching him

This man in a white suit

is the brother of the dead gangster at the beginning.

He has been living in Korea for many years.

In order to avenge his brother's death, he has returned to Japan.

He is frantically searching for his brother's killer

He is known for his ruthlessness and ruthlessness

He is known for his ruthlessness.

He likes to hang people by the neck and torture them to death.

He is known by the nickname

The Butcher

In Thailand, there is a human trafficking industry

The illegal chain of human trafficking for money and life.

Criminals disguised as real estate agents

They prey on immigrants and foreigners with children.

Using property investment as bait

After the client has prepared a deposit

They abduct the children with the help of live-in nannies

Lure the client out in the name of kidnapping

They take the money and then kill them.

The victim's organs will be removed and sold.

The victim's body organs are removed and sold.

This is how the hero's girlfriend and daughter were killed

He first found the real estate agent who started it all

He tortured him to extract a confession

Tell a lie.

And he lost a finger.

The agent immediately confessed to everything

He said the girl was dead.

The nanny had killed her.

After hearing this, the man's eyes reflected the light of grief and anger

What little hope he had left was instantly dashed

But he still decided to find the nanny

He decided to find the nanny who abducted his daughter and ask for clarification

He wanted to see her alive and dead.

Then he ignored the agent's pleas for mercy

He started with him first

The man's hurricane rescue did not stop for a moment

That night, he found the nanny's place.

The babysitter was from Yanbian, China.

She lived with her husband.

The man tied the two families face to face in a chair.

He warned the nanny that

Start now

Things are going to get ugly

Will be far worse than you can imagine

He pulls out a photo and asks the nanny if she has seen this girl

The nanny looks ahead

Not saying anything

Still making unnecessary resistance

The man saw the situation directly put down the nanny's husband

He wanted to prove with practical action

that he was not just talking

(She is still alive)

The daughter was still alive!

The man's dying hope is instantly ignited

The nanny confesses that she sold the girl to a local gang.

They are in the illegal business of organ trafficking.

Many Korean children are sick and need organ transplants.

Their parents would come to Thailand to buy them at a high price.

The heart of a man's daughter

It's already been reserved by a buyer.


The butcher has been searching for clues by torture

He also came to Thailand

His target is not only his brother's enemy.

But also the only remaining relatives of his enemy

Butcher paid two local gangsters to lead the way

He wanted to take a detour and contact the local gangsters directly

But to his surprise, the gangsters took him to a warehouse

Inside were more and more bad guys

The butcher realized he had been trapped

These guys saw that he had money and was a foreigner

So they had the idea to rob and kill him

But what did these Thais know?

This man with sunglasses in front of them

is a scary character

On the other hand, the man wanted to see his daughter.

He had to contact the local organ trade underground.

He was introduced to a Korean female impresario

He has been in Thailand for five years to change his gender.

He has been in Thailand for five years

But he still hasn't saved enough money for the operation

In fact, he has a child in Korea.

He only does this in Thailand to make money

He didn't dare to go back to his country to see his child

He was afraid that if the child found out, he would feel inferior

The man paid him to call the organ trafficker.

Pretend he's a buyer from Korea

The two men followed the instructions to a building down the street.

There were many children imprisoned in the room.

But the daughter was nowhere to be seen.

He told the seller he only wanted the Korean child.

But she was told

There was a Korean girl before.

But she had already been taken away.

The man became desperate

He took out the photo and asked if the others had seen the girl

One of the young boys stood up and said he had seen her

But has been taken to surgery

The man lifted the boy's clothes

And saw a heartbreaking scene

The guards in the building heard the commotion and rushed over

Extending his gun and pointing at the lady in drag

However, at that moment...

Several guards were taken care of instantly

The man hurriedly told the big man to take the children and leave quickly

But at that moment

A scream suddenly came from behind

That's right

The Butcher appeared

This is the most exciting action scene XXX has seen this year

Perfectly illustrates what is called

The fist to the flesh, to the heart

The butcher wants to kill the man like crazy

But the man's heart is for his daughter

He doesn't want to fight

He locked the butcher out of the door

Clang clang clang

He kicked open the window and quickly fled the scene

The butcher was a step too late

Can only watch the man run farther and farther away

Make such a big noise

Both the local black and white were alerted

The police wiped out the organ trafficking ring.

And orders were given.

A manhunt for the fleeing Koreans

The next day the man drove a pickup truck looking for his daughter.

He looked through the window across the street.

He saw a girl imprisoned in the building across the street.

He finally found the daughter he'd been waiting for.

He finally found his daughter, who was still alive.

The man couldn't wait to get there to save her

But there were so many people on the other side

He was afraid to make a move for the moment

The butcher walked into a weapons store.

He picked up a pistol.

He was skilled but not powerful enough.

Then he asked the clerk to bring a heavy machine gun

He said

Get your old man over here.

The clerk didn't give the butcher a second thought

But the butcher didn't have time to talk to him.

The man finally waited for the gang to move his daughter.

He got into his pickup truck and closed in on the back of the other truck.

As he was speeding up to catch up.

Butcher actually came out again in a bouncer

The man hurriedly lowered his body defensively to reverse

Just get rid of

When he looked up, I'll be damned...

He was blocked by a heavily armed police in front of him again

The wolf in front and the tiger at the back

Two sides of the attack

The man can only survive

He stepped on the gas

Defiantly hissed and rushed forward

The man ran away

Then, a wave of SWAT officers rush out

The fierce butcher could not resist the intense firepower

As he fought back, the man ran for his life.

The man ran for his life to the operating room where the organ transplant was being done.

The daughter was saved

In all these years

The first and most important time for a man

He did his duty as a father

He was determined to take his daughter with him.

He was determined to take his daughter away from this dirty and sinful place.

On the other hand, the surrounded butcher was no slouch either.

He could not stand up to a whole SWAT team.

Although the butcher escaped

It's hard to kill his enemies on his own

Found the Thai gangster

The boss heard that he was a fellow gangster

And they have the same enemy

The enemy of the enemy is a friend

The boss immediately decided to send some of his men

To help the butcher to catch the man back

The next morning the man left the hotel

To arrange for the smuggling

The daughter was temporarily left at the hotel

The man left for 10 minutes

And in those 10 minutes

When he came back to the hotel

A group of gangsters

Were already there in ambush

The man was stabbed several times

Barely able to get out of the way

When he pushed open the door of his room

He understood that this time he would not be able to escape even if he had wings.

The daughter was put into the suitcase by the butcher and did not move

The man looked at the butcher

He wanted to kill him with his eyes

(Fuck you)

The gangsters surrounded him.

Intended to dismember the man on the spot

But the butcher raises his gun

He shot him at point blank range.

The shot was dead.

The butcher regretted his decision.

He wanted to be alone to enjoy the pleasure of killing his enemy.

Butcher ordered his two men to take the man to the designated spot.

He took the man's daughter and left first.

But he didn't know that the woman in costume was already in the parking lot.

The big man saw the man being grabbed into the van with his head covered.

He has always been a coward and afraid of trouble

This time he decided not to stand idly by

The man was saved by the big man

He chased after the butcher's car as soon as possible despite his injuries

The man used the terrain to take a shortcut

He blocked Butcher's route in advance.

But how can a man fight with a car?

Just see the man raised his gun without fear

This next scene

Watch XXX straight out of the blue

In the chaos of the car crashed down on the roadside

The man is thinking about his daughter's safety

The butcher was behind him

A knife stabbed into the man's chest

He was dying.

But even with his last breath

He has to save his daughter.

The lady in drag arrives just in time

He took the little girl from the man's hand

After the daughter was sent away

The man's expression relaxed.

But the butcher's killing didn't stop

Exhausted after

The two men watch the girl leave

It's a strangely tender moment in the movie

You two must fight a mortal enemy

Finally, I can put aside my hatred and anger

Sitting face to face

The butcher says to the man:

You knew from the beginning that this is how it would end.

The man doesn't even look at him

Let go of his hand

Drops a grenade that's about to go off

That's the end of the story.

The killer and the butcher

The killer and the butcher die together in a cat and mouse game of death.

The movie is called "Save Me From Evil".

It's the latest Korean action crime film

It's the latest Korean action crime film with two great actors, Hwang Jung-min and Lee Jung-jae

When it was released in Korea, it had the highest number of viewers in a single day

The story of this movie is not complicated

But from the theme, performance and action of the film

It's easy to see that

Korean films are in the crime category

An almost single-minded paranoia

The unstoppable quest for revenge

Will eventually double at the end of the world

That's the end of the story for today

I'm XXX. See you next time.

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