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Fantasy "The Extraordinary Adventures of Adela" movie commentary copy

Fantasy"The Extraordinary Adventures of Adela" movie comment ary copy

Fantasy "The Extraordinary Adventures of Adela" movie commentary copy

This mummy speaks Chinese

He was seen sneezing and breaking the glass

Then he poked his head in

And Adela was dumbfounded

Mom comes out of the closet

Close the door behind you.

(Sorry, it's broken.)

(It's okay)

The mummy walks up to his vegetative sister.

Adela asks him to use his medical skills to wake up his sister.

(Maybe I have a little talent)

(But it's not my specialty)


("You're not a doctor)

(Of course not.)

("I'm a nuclear physicist)

The hopes that had been raised were dashed again.

Then the mummy said

The professor is great.

The spiritual power he had just emitted

Enough to bring back the dead within a two-kilometer radius.

After that the mummy was about to leave

But Adela stepped on the shroud.

Adéla suddenly remembered

The pharaoh was kept in the Louvre nearby.

And his doctor never left his side.

At that moment, Adéla's face

A smile appeared again

Take the mummy and go

When we reached the place

The naughty mummy came up and asked

("Where is the Ramses exhibition?)

(Uh, yes.)

The mummy who stunned the fat man

He was smiling happily.

Applauding repeatedly

And Adela, who came out.

But then Adela comes out and gives him a hard time.

("I've been lying in the tomb for 5,000 years)

("I've been out for a long time)

(Couldn't I have laughed for five minutes?)

("When we're done with our business)

(Then you can go to hell)

("Die with a smile)

The mummy was also confused

Well, that's how you beg.

Adele didn't care about that.

They arrived outside the Louvre.

How to get in was a problem for Adela.

But the mummy said not to panic

He opened the door with a spell

Only to be scolded by Adéla

Why didn't you tell her you knew the spell?

The mummy was aggrieved

They infiltrated the Louvre

And strutted around

Looking around for the Pharaoh's resting place

But that's when they were

Were discovered by the guards on patrol

This time the mummy was afraid of being scolded by Adele

Quickly used magic to stun the guards

Walked up to Adela and showed off

("You don't know how to wake people up)

("You're really good at knocking them out)

("Thank you, madam.)

They made it through.

Finally they found the Pharaoh's resting place

The mummy awakens his companions

Together they went to the coffin of the pharaoh.

They chanted a mysterious incantation.

The next moment the coffin lid slowly flew up

The pharaoh who had been sleeping for 5,000 years inside

woke up

He first stretched his back

Then he said to the mummy

("I'm scared to death)

("This is a ridiculous outfit you're wearing.)

("Well, the costume of the natives)

("Make do with it, Your Majesty.)

At this point Adela asked Pharaoh to save her sister

But Pharaoh was not pleased.

It's just a little thing.

To disturb my sleep.

He refused immediately.

Adelea cried out.

And used her true feelings to move him

("Shredded fish and pork)

("I am the doctor after all)

("Can you revive the girl?)

At that moment, Pharaoh's doctor came to his sister's side

He took off his hat.

and looked closely at the sister's injuries.

("The doctor said if we pull out the cap pin)

("she'll die.)

("Oh my God, are you crazy?)

("I'm asking you to heal her)

("Not to kill her)

(You skin and bones)

(Oh calm down Adela)

(Don't influence the doctor)

The doctor puts his sister on the stone table

Get the Pharaoh's special healing medicine.

And a special potion.

Apply it to her wound.

Then take the shroud and wrap the wound

And so the whole operation was completed

Pharaoh went to his sister's side

He leaned down and kissed her.

(Did he have to kiss?)

(No, it's just a tradition)

(Because he had to wait for her to wake up before he kissed her)

(And then he has to ask her permission)

("He takes advantage)

This old man is very bad.

When he saw the situation was not right, he ran away

And that's when my sister

miraculously woke up.

Adela hugged her sister with excitement

And Pharaoh took the mummies away

Quietly left

And after Adela woke up her sister

And began a new journey

This is a group of tomb robbers

Trying to steal the tombs of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs

They have been in the desert

For more than a month

Just when the group was about to give up

The entrance to the tomb of the pharaohs was found.

Adela went down the ladder to the tomb.

But that's when someone in the group turned against them.

They took the treasure.

Putting a pistol to Adela's head

She was told to hand over the structure of the tomb.

There was no choice but to do as she was told

Then they try to find a way

They pieced together a good map.

Soon they found the location of the mechanism

The tomb door slowly opened

A black liquid came out of it

Adela also realized

This tomb is not simple

But she was forced to enter the tomb.

The silence inside was terrifying

At that moment someone squatted down

And with a wipe

Hands covered with black liquid

And at that moment there was a piggy backer

With a torch to light his hand

At that moment he was in pain and ran around

Hurry to use sand to put out the flame

After such a tussle

The crowd also knew that the black liquid on the ground

black liquid was oil

Adela broke the mechanism again

They went into the tomb

Inside was a mountain of jewels

The people lost their senses instantly

And Adela didn't let her guard down

Because the way to enter the tomb was too easy

That's when the unexpected happened

The golden jewelry seemed to come back to life

It broke the neck of one person directly

The crowd panicked

Before they could get over it

One person fell into the deep pit with the gold and silver treasure

But the crowd did not want to give up

Work together to lift out the coffin

There was a dry body lying inside

Just at that moment

A group of men with guns rushed in

The boss directly forced them out of the tomb

Obviously wanted to take it all for himself

He went up to check it out

This dry corpse must be worth a lot of money

He didn't expect a response from the corpse

The boss was so scared that he turned around and ran away

The boys raised their guns

They were going to kill them all

At this moment, Adela saw this.

directly grabbed the boss's lighter

Immediately rushed into the tunnel

Drop the lighter

Desperately run into the crypt

Behind them was a huge fire

At the very moment of crisis

Adela jumped into the coffin

Triggered the mechanism

The idea was that underneath the chamber

There was a hidden passage

She followed the underground dark river

She rushed into the whirlpool

After an unknown period of time

The coffin emerged from the water

Looking at the dried body beneath her

Adela smiled

After all, it was not a waste of time to come here

Now it was just a matter of how to bring it back.

Legend has it that in ancient Egypt

There is a kind of resurrection technique

And this old man had a little bit of it.

Just see him recite the words

The chair rose into the air.

The surrounding objects began to hover in mid-air

At that moment, the old man overdoes the spell

Instantly fainted

At the same time

A huge dinosaur egg in the museum

A crack appeared on it

An eye suddenly opened

Then broke the eggshell and rushed out

And the doctor who woke up

Actually made the same action as the pterosaur

It turns out that the doctor just made a mistake

Caused himself and the pterodactyl soul connection

Flying in the air for a while

Break through the glass

Fly into the neighborhood

He flew directly into the car coming from the front

Poke the roof of the car with his mouth

The car instantly lost control and fell into the river

And the pterodactyl flew back to the old man's house

The old man was very happy

This was the first time he used the resurrection technique

Successfully brought the dead creature back to life

But trouble soon came.

The police came to his door with a clue.

The old man was very nervous

Because he had hidden the pterodactyl

Hidden in a curtain behind him

The detective was questioning

while peeling eggs

The old man warned the detective not to eat them

But he wouldn't.

As a result, the pterodactyl behind the curtain was completely angered

Came out and roared

Scared the detective directly

The room was immediately destroyed in disarray

Then the pterodactyl took the opportunity to fly away

But the old man was left alone

The detective decided that he and the pterodactyl had a connection

He was taken directly to prison

He was declared dead.


Adela had just brought the mummy home

She had to know that the old man

To be executed.

In order to bring the mummy back to life.

She had to save the old man.

She found the pterodactyl in the night.

She went up and took off the scarf.

Put it around the neck of the pterodactyl

Then she got on the pterodactyl and flew to the prison.

And the old man was being put to death.

With his black hood on

ready for the execution

And that's when

Adela arrives just in time.

On her pterodactyl, she flew to the old man and took him away.

While everyone was happy

A policeman shot at them

Unexpectedly, the bullet passed through the crowd

directly on the chest of the pterodactyl

And the old man, because of the soul connection with the pterodactyl

He was seriously wounded

Adela rushed to take him home.

Let him wake up the sleeping mummy

The old man used the last of his soul power

Successfully woke up the mummy

But he died of his wounds

Adela asked the mummy

Save your sister

It turns out that during a ball game

Adela hit too hard

The tennis ball hit her sister directly

When she fell to the ground, she was stabbed in the head by a hairpin

Since then, he became a vegetable

Looking for Pharaoh wanted to revive his sister

Hearing this, the mummy

Took Adela to see the pharaoh

Finally, with Pharaoh's personal physician

Revived his sister

Adelea was relieved of her burden

Successfully embarked on a new journey

This is the most light-hearted adventure movie I've ever seen.

Other adventure movies are full of humor

But they always have to create a tense and exciting atmosphere

Only this movie insists on being completely light-hearted

This is a movie worth seeing

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