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Fantasy "Make a Move! See No Sword" movie commentary copy

Fantasy "Make a Move! See No Sword" movie commentary copy

Fantasy "Make a Move! See No Sword" movie commentary copy

A fierce shadowless sword of God

Cut off all demons and create everything with one sword.

Little girl Pansi Daisy?

Just want to have this sword and rule the whole world.

Little fat dun, head of the Shadowless Sect

Leading the adventure alone

Oh, my God.

Little goblin take a shot from me

Little brother, can you use such a short gun?

Auntie, I've been using this gun for over twenty years.

It can be long, short or small.

Look at his own retractable function.

People Pansi Daisy After all, they have existed in the demon world for thousands of years.

After hundreds of rounds of war.

Little Humpty Dumpty is sweating profusely and is not useful.

Yo, fatty are you okay?

Ridiculed by the goblins

That little fat pier don't want to lose face?

Shadowless divine sword, all swords return to the clan

Ah, Bibi Bibi

A moment to dislike Pansi Daisy disappeared.

After that.

Little fat pier also added.

unexpectedly surprised or not

Years later.

On the busy street.

A windy and adjustable promising young man is peddling swords

This person is none other than Ma Xiaoyuan, the heir of the Shadowless Gate

I am holding this real bitch

It's the shadowless divine sword that the ancestor subdued Pansi Daxian back then

And these swords behind me

Are one to one mana replica

Do not draw cards not atmosphere gold absolutely full level

Mountain outside the building, the shadowless sword is cattle

Eight or ten years with not bad, but also can be passed on to the next generation

After Ma Xiaoyuan foaming at the mouth like eating and drinking

Plus find someone to play a good show with

Hey the real bitch was robbed by the crowd

Do not look at Ma Xiaoyuan all day in the street bitch

But the boy still has a dream drop

No word martial arts secrets research

When there is nothing to do, hold a

No words of martial arts secrets to study

He hopes to practice the shadowless sword skill

To be as powerful as the ancestor

Technology to start a family

What comes to mind

Pansi town little girl Biyun to find the heir of the shadowless door

The reason is the suppression of the Pansi Daisy Pansi Town

Recently there is always a demon infestation

They hope that warrior Ma can help to subdue the demons

After the success not only gold tens of thousands of taels

And Nell will also give her body in return

Such a beautiful thing, that Ma Xiaoyuan certainly willing to ah

So he went to his master to learn a few tricks first

What is it? Go down to the mountain and become a demon

Don't be a fool, hold on

He does not smell good if you are cheap

Ask what is love in this world, the disciple has a home

Why is the master left alone in his bedroom with tears in his eyes

To support the apprentice's second half of life

Oh no the second half of life

The master passed on his tricks to his pupil

You can run away from the villagers on the line

Master high ah

After painstaking training

Ma Xiaoyuan is also mastered the essence of escape

So it went down to the mountain to become a demon

Here in Pansi Town, Pansi Daisy also did not stay idle

She used the shadow of the remnant to his men opened a video conference

After seven days and forty-nine days

I will be the return of my spirit

The heir of the Shadowless Sect came down from the mountain at this time

It's obvious that he wants to steal the tower

Just as we were talking, there was no signal

The four little demons are all in disgust

In the end, who is said to be sent to steal the sword it

Hey they used a very democratic way

elected the W spiders as the representative

volunteered to come forward

I wish you success!


Ma Xiaoyuan pulled the suitcase

He arrived at Pansi Town with a dusty road

The villagers were very enthusiastic

They welcomed Ma Xiaoyuan with gongs and drums and firecrackers

As the mayor of a town

The Mayor of the town was very hospitable

Not only did he want to carve a portrait of the warrior for posterity

And also for the warrior prepared a room of gold bars

This is all prepared for the warrior

This ordinary people

If they saw this scene

Would be devastated and scream

But the warrior

But he is crouching here


Such generous hospitality

That who should also have to take off their socks to show their hands ah

So Ma Xiaoyuan found a runner

Ready to pretend in front of the crowd than

As a result, the mantis spirit came and the actor was scared to death

Ma Xiaoyuan thought this guy was an extra

Muttering in his heart, why does not this play according to the script

This play is too much

What are you going to do

Until the mantis spirit showed his true form

Ma Xiaoyuan realized that this nerve is the real demon ah

There is no choice but to carry it with a firm hand

Hey do not know how to drop ah

Mantis essence was cut into two pieces of a life crying woe

After this battle Ma Xiaoyuan a hit

The village girls and daughters-in-law have become his little fan girl

Even Biyun said she wanted to marry him

To give him a bunch of little monkeys

People's luck is too good, it is easy to be careless

Now Ma Xiaoyuan was having a good time

The centipede spirit came to the door

If Biyun had not arrived in time with the shadowless sword

This kid would have become the centipede spirit's food

Just see Ma Xiaoyuan's small hand gently pull

Hey centipede spirit on the broken drop burst and died

The moths and flies here

Also opened a very personalized memorial service for the two brothers

Even the elegy is also full of personality

The disaster is not alone, double happiness

You died so impulsively

Then the two little demons discussed a plan

Since we can't beat Ma Xiaoyuan in a head-on fight.

Then we will use the beauty scheme to seduce

Flower petals rise up in all directions

The moth's delicate body descended from the sky

With the elegant and vigorous writhing of the moths

Instantly brought the mood of the room to a climax

But Xiao Yuan was not moved by it

Because his heart only loves little Biyun

When the moths saw that this guy didn't want to get into the game

directly began to pounce on the body

Little brother, you will accept the slave it

Hey Ma Xiaoyuan directly stunned ball

Fluttering moth picked up the shadowless sword and wanted to poke the bastard to death

In this life-and-death situation small Biyun arrived in time

The next thing is the showdown between the two women

You think the original spouse to fight the mistress that is to the death to comfort ah

Although the moth is a little demon

But also can not withstand the tyrannical destruction of the tigress na

Oh, the moth was killed with a single blow.

You're not hurt, are you?

The goblin didn't do anything to you, right?

Hey, the mayor came over.

Surreptitiously blew a puff of smoke

And the little Biyun was dazed.

It turns out that the old man is determined to live forever

The great immortal promised him

As long as he can find the shadowless sword

Will give him immortality body

What I never expected was that after all the hard work

Only to get the shadowless sword is a fake sword

The Great Immortal was very angry!

With a wave of her delicate hand

The fake sword was aimed at the mayor's net

This bastard is quite a thief

See things are not right and ran away

Then the big health care and turn a corner

Directly towards Ma Xiaoyuan's heart poked in the past

Hey Ma Xiaoyuan's master dazzling floating drop appeared

The action is clean and handsome to catch the big sword

But handsome but two seconds

This old man is also a mallet ah

Not only did not touch the hair of others

But also by the great daisy a slap to the back of the eight

Since we can't beat them, let's run

Hey old man bite his finger

With the sword Qi to the great Daxian forced back 10 meters away

Then pulled the disciple ran away

Turtle a breath of the master told Ma Xiaoyuan

My son, the jungle is dangerous

If it were not for the secret help of my master

You would have become a demon's dung ball

Then the master's small hand gently drop to the small far body a pat

Hey master's life skills passed to him

Son, look at what this is

This is the real drop shadowless sword

Nima shadowless sword is actually a small fat pier of the tablet

This thing is amazing can be large or small and can be freely retractable

The master explained the aftermath of the two legs stretched out and went to the crane

This nerve with the power of the gods

coupled with the help of the magic weapon

Must be going to the daisy ah

This side of the immortal spirit also returned to the place

The mayor looked from the heavens down the great Daxian hallucinations are flowing on the ground

This nerve I'm about to live forever

Great immortal eyes with peach blossom

Very charming drop towards the mayor threw a wink

The mayor is very attentive drop to the great immortal flattery said

Even if my world is on the verge of collapse

The replacement star crossed the atmosphere and fell

The last thing I want to say to you is

When will you allow me to live forever

You think ah thousand-year-old demon king was sealed for hundreds of years

This just came out must be a sacrifice ah

As expected, the mayor and the little fly were sucked into dried tofu

Just when he was about to strike at little Biyun

Ma warrior came into the air

He hugged little Biyun in one hand

And then a roundhouse kick kicked off the beautiful chandelier in Tai Sin

The next is the two women and a man on the power of the sparring

Far away and Yunyun affectionate dog food

The swordplay is a perfect match

You say fighting is fighting

You two also gossip drop

This is completely do not take the great Daxian in the eyes of ah

Got Biyun for far received a slap of great daisy

dying Biyun said

I rest for a while let's hurry to kill to go eat hot pot

Ma Xiaoyuan cried out in pain ah

Yun Yun I eat Chongqing old hot pot base

To spicy a little bit in

Ma Xiaoyuan lost the love of his life in a snap of the fingers to enlightenment

The sword moves with the heart, the bitch is united

Floating pace coupled with his mesmerizing swordplay

The great immortal instantly fell behind

Before the sword is sheathed, kill the demons

Hey Daxian was disliked into a crumb of ash

Finally, it small far and Yun Yun live a happy life of pork and meat

After watching this "move it! Look not sword

I just want to say that the master of the fight, really are killing invisible na

Then the question arises

Which one do you like better, the moths or Pansi Daisy?

Welcome to comment your thoughts

If you like it, remember to pay attention to forward

If you have any fun and interesting movies

Remember to tell XX

See you next time!

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