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Fantasy "Shang Qi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" movie commentary copy

Fantasy"Shang Qi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" movie comment ary copy

Fantasy "Shang Qi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" movie commentary copy

Marvel movie is the most controversial this year

Shang Qi" can finally watch

As the first

mainly Chinese superheroes

Comic book blockbuster

word of mouth is both cold and hot

After its release in North America, it has received a lot of positive reviews

IMDb score is 7.9

Rotten Tomatoes' freshness is 92%

It also broke

box office record during its theatrical release

However, it is such

Super British blockbuster full of Chinese elements

However, in China, it did not have a big reflection

Just the announcement of the lineup

It drew a lot of criticism

How about this movie?

Let's take a look at the movie itself

Let's see if we can

Find the answer you want

At the beginning of the movie

Tony Leung as General Wu Wen

Leading his soldiers to the West

In the face of the dense arrows in the air

He has no fear

Single-handedly rushed into the enemy group

To kill a bloody way

The ten rings in his hand

Is an ancient divine weapon

Giving Wen Wu the power of a god

And the power of immortality

He could have

With this divine power, he could have punished evil and promoted good

But Wen Wu chose to conquer the world with the Ten Rings

He created an army of ten rings

For thousands of years

A mad rush to gain wealth and power

Changing the course of history

Secretly manipulating the world

But even so

Wen Wu was still not satisfied

He learned from the ancient books

He learned that there is a place in the world called

Da Luo Heaven, a place

where many mythical creatures are nurtured

And ancient magic

Wen Wu took his men to find out

They walked through a bamboo forest that ate people

Only Wen Wu survived

He went deeper into the bamboo forest

He encountered a mysterious woman in green

Wen Wu uses the power of the Ten Rings

However, in the outside world

He was invincible in battle

But in front of this woman

but was easily defeated

What's more interesting is that

During the exchange of hands

The two of them have a secret love affair

One after another

They chose to make a private life

In order to stay with Wen Wu

The woman in green defied her clan's opposition

She decided to leave this place

The hometown where she was born and raised

And Wen Wu also put away the ten rings

away from the strife

They had a son and a daughter

The daughter was named Xiao Ling

The boy was named Shang Qi

From then on, Wenwu lived a

A warm and ordinary family life

Even if he gave up eternal life, he was willing to do so

("After all these years)

("I've finally found something)

("Worth growing old for)

But the world's troubles

Still won't let him go

The good times didn't last long

One night

An enemy came to his door

When Wen Wu returned home

Wife to protect the child

had lost her breath

The pain of losing his wife

Wen Wu picked up the ten rings again

With his son, he slaughtered his enemies in blood

and passed his belief in revenge

to the young Shang Qi

(Blood debt)

("Must be paid in blood)

("Will you help me?)

From then on.

Shang Qi began to work with

The master of wearing Beijing opera face painting

To train like hell

Until the day he turned 14

Wen Wu gave him a task

To stab and kill a

Enemy who killed her mother

But once he left

and never returned

Shang Qi was tired of killing

So he buried himself in anonymity

Settled in America

He grew up to be a simple and strong man

He put away his martial arts skills

Outside a star hotel

Worked as a parking attendant

Racing with his female colleague Katie


Although not much of a success

But it's a free life.

At this point he didn't realize

Every move he made

Is always in the hands of Wen Wu

It's just that the time has not yet come...

But what comes around always comes around

This day Sang-ki and Katie were on the bus

They encountered a man who was very aggressive.

He wanted to take away

The pendant around Sang-ki's neck.

But it was a legacy from his mother.

Naturally, he refused to give it up.

Shang Qi was reluctant to

to reveal his ability

But in this situation

he couldn't hold back any longer...

Shang Qi took a deep breath

A heavy punch

knocking the assassin out of the room

He no longer hid his strength

Every single move

All are very clean and powerful

The crowd in the car

They were dumbfounded

("Hello, I'm Cliff.)

(Live on the bus)

("When I was young)

("I practiced a little martial arts)

("So I'll try it now)

(Live from the fight)

Not long after

Shang Qi took a few killers in the car

But it didn't end there

A bearded man stood up from the back row

Showing his unicorn arm

A short knife instantly popped out of his broken hand

This bearded man obviously came prepared

A knife pierced the bottom of the car

Slashed the brake system

The bus pressed the sports car all the way to a stop

Everyone escaped a disaster

But Shang Qi's pendant is missing

In the fight just now

Was taken away by the bearded brother

Shang Qi realized

This group of killers was sent by his father

And their next target

is naturally

Wearing another pendant sister

Xiao Ling

According to the previous

sister left him the address

Shang Qi took Katie with him

immediately got up and went to Macau

They arrived at an

illegal fight club

The contestants

There was the villainous Abomination of the invincible Hockley

There is also the magic-using Fat Wong

In order to find out the whereabouts of his sister

Shang Qi was forced to fight bare-chested

But to his surprise

His opponent is not someone else

It was his own sister, Xiao Ling


Brother and sister meet

But they were very close

Xiao Ling fought against Shang Qi

Years ago, her brother left without saying goodbye

She has been holding a grudge

Shang Qi apologizes for everything

He offered to admit defeat

Can not eliminate his sister's resentment

After the match.

Shang Qi told his sister what had happened

But Wen Wu's army

had already come to kill

While running away

Sister's pendant was snatched by the face assassin

Sang-ki rushed after them

Before the opponent jumped on the helicopter

and pounced on him

The two former master and disciple

Used all their strength to fight together

There was a dog behind them posing for pictures

It looks like they are very rich

However, the blue is better than the blue

Shang Qi finally subdued the face assassin

Just as he was about to kill him

The Ten Rings reappeared

Shang Qi's father, Wen Wu, arrived at the battlefield

Wen Wu misses his son very much

But in Shang Qi's eyes

But there was only fear

Wen Wu took everyone with him

to his base.

This time he brought his children

For another reason

Man Mo said that when he was in the dead of night

He often heard the call of his late wife

Over time

He was convinced that his wife was not dead

Instead, she was captured by the clansmen of the Great Sky

He was locked behind the Dark Gate

The terrain of the Great Sky is unpredictable

It was difficult for outsiders to find the entrance

But his wife left her children

A pair of pendants

is the key to the Great Sky


A pool of water hovered in the air

When it fell to the ground

It turns into a transparent bamboo forest

Revealed a winding path

Wen Wu decided

On the Qingming Festival in three days

To capture Da Luo Heaven

Save his wife

Kill them all

When he heard that his father was going to kill all the people again

Shang Qi protested on the spot

But he was beaten down with a single move

Together with his sister and Katie.

They were imprisoned in the underground tunnel


They encountered

Man Mo's puppet.

He was the one who

Tossed Iron Man around a lot

But he's not a bad guy.

He's an actor.

The pet in his arms

Is the mythical Chinese beast Di Jiang

He escaped from the Great Sky

So it knows the way to the entrance

Shang Qi took the crowd and stole a car

He decided to go to the Great Heaven before his father

To go to Da Luo Heaven first

To inform the clansmen there

Danger is coming

With Di Jiang's navigation

They passed through a bamboo forest maze

After driving into a waterfall cave

They finally arrived at the legendary Dailuo Heaven

What they saw next

Will completely refresh

Their perception of the world...

Two fire phoenixes swept through the sky

A nine-tailed white fox perched on the ground

The four-winged Emperor River

With an unknown

Is the side of the head or the buttocks greeting

There was a qilin in the foreground

staring at Shang Qi and the others in a dumb way

These amazing ancient Chinese beasts

are all present in this magical land called

Da Luo Tian, a magical land

Here they met Shang Qi's aunt

She told Shang Qi

that their people

had been living in Dalaotian for over 4,000 years

They have been guarding the Dark Gate

The divine dragon gave the clan magical power

And gave them the Dragon Unicorn

Forging all kinds of powerful weapons

Shang Qi's father

Was compelled by the magical beast behind the Dark Gate

That's why he thought his wife was locked up inside

Waiting for the Qingming Festival

Everyone was ready to go

To meet the coming war

And Wen Wu also led the Ten Ring Army

As promised, he broke into Da Luo Tian

After being advised by the villagers

He insisted on forcing open the Dark Gate

The battle between father and son was about to start

Destroying the place

The battle between the two armies fought quite violently

And Shang Qi came alone before Wen Wu

To stop his father from making any more mistakes

Relying on the power of the ten rings

As soon as Wen Wu started the fight

He easily repelled Shang Qi

But Shang Qi was not defeated either

He started to fight back

(She's dead)

("We all need you so much)

("But you chose the Tenth Ring over us.)

The death of his wife was always a taboo point for him

Even for his son

The enraged Man Mo

No more mercy

After finishing Shang Qi

Wen Wu finally came to the Dark Gate

Gathering the power of the ten rings

He punched the gate

Then the gate was loosened

Small monsters kept coming out of the door

They began to fly towards the village

These monsters ignored all normal attacks.

Only weapons equipped with dragon scales

To do damage to them.

The monsters send the stolen souls

To the beast behind the door to replenish its energy

When it is powerful enough

It will break through the door

At this time, Wen Wu has completely lost his mind

More and more monsters

were released continuously

But just then

Shang Qi, who had been knocked into the bottom of the water

Felt the power of his mother

And saw the legendary guardian dragon.

Then Shang Qi walked on the dragon

Instantly returned to the battlefield

He had only one purpose

Is to stop the father as soon as possible

(She's not there Dad)

(Get out of my way kid)


The two of them started fighting again

This time Shang Qi, who had realized the power of the divine dragon

The five rings of the opponent's attack were recovered

Turned them into their own weapons

Even the color has changed

Wen Wu was gradually suppressed

In no time, even the remaining five rings

were all on Shang Qi's side

But then Shang Qi gave up the ten rings

I hope my father can turn back to the shore

But at that moment

The beast of darkness had awakened

He managed to break out of the door

Looking at this hideous monster

Wen Wu just woke up from his dream

In order to save his son

Wen Wu was captured

His faith in saving his wife collapsed

His face was hopeless

Without a struggle, his soul was sucked by the beast

Before he died, he didn't say a word

Silently handed over the ten rings to Shang Qi

The father and son finally reconciled after a life and death separation

As the beast rushed towards the village

Shang Qi temporarily sealed the gate

Then jumped on the god

Ready to fight with the big boss to the death

But the other side has absorbed too many souls

Strength has been greatly strengthened

Even the dragon was held tightly by it

In order to save his sister.

Shang Qi simply can not spare hands to fight

At that moment, a divine arrow came

It's at the throat of the enemy.

It was from Katie's divine attack

Shang Qi found the right time to jump into the air

He shot all ten rings into the beast's body

Terrible power brewed quickly inside

Immediately after

Da Luo Tian finally won the peace

And Shang Qi also recognized his true self

He had tried on the edge of hatred

Trying desperately to escape his origins

Only now did he realize

The bloodline that runs through his body cannot be changed

It is not the rope that binds him

It is the source of his own great strength

At the end of the story

Shang Qi and Katie return to America.

The old man next door appears again.

He asks Sang-ki to follow him on a trip

Through a video link

Dr. Banner and Captain Marvel found out

The ten rings are neither vibranium

Nor is it alien tech.

We don't know what it is.

But the old king said

When Shang Qi first used the ten rings.

They sensed it in Kamataji.

The Tenth Circle is like a signal tower.

It sends out a signal.

But I don't know who to send it to.

Because the ten rings have existed for more than a thousand years

Many viewers have speculated that

This egg is connected

Maybe there will be another one this year

Marvel blockbuster "Eternals

It seems that the story of Shang Qi

Far from the end

After watching this movie

In fact, there is nothing to say

It's just an American movie with a lot of

Chinese elements of the American film

A group of oriental faces

Add a screen full of oriental elements

But the core is still Western-style heroism

Well, that's it.

That's the end of today's story

I'm XXX. See you next time.

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