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Fantasy film "King Arthur: The Battle of the Beasts" commentary text Commentary

Fantasy film "King Arthur: The Battle of the Beasts" comment ary text commentary

Fantasy film "King Arthur: The Battle of the Beasts" commentary text Commentary

Mention King Arthur you will not

think of this movie.

This shot that excites us so much

But the movie we're talking about today

Than that version of King Arthur

score is also 0.2 points higher.

I don't know if you've seen it.

Today we'll revisit

This epic movie

The evil wizard Mordred

leads his legion of elephants

To attack King Uther's fortress

His black magic is very powerful.

Wherever it goes, it is devastating.

Ordinary people are no match for them.

A time of panic

The great King Uther stepped forward.

He ignored everyone's advice.

Took his sword.

Rushed to the front alone.

Then the battle song rang out.

Though there was pity in the song

But it was more like an expression of his bravery.

He jumped into the opposing battle matrix alone.

Looking for the magician Mordred.

By this time, the legions of evil had opened.

General Murphy also led the crowd

Ready to meet the battle

The two armies fought in a spectacular way

King Uther climbed hard to the top

And found the evil wizard

He held the holy sword in his hand

At once a cold light appeared in his eyes

The confrontation between them

It was like a battle between water and fire

It ended with the victory of King Uther

The elephant army that had lost its magic control

The elephant army that had lost its magic control became defeated

They lost their armor and were in a state of defeat.

But just as they were still reveling in their

the joy of victory

A great conspiracy

was in the making

King Uther's brother Vortigern

He was once Mordred's apprentice.

He was also involved in the planning of this battle.

He had long been interested in his brother's throne.

He's been waiting for his brother's throne for a long time.

His master is dead.

Now he had to rely on himself.

He secretly made a deal with the water demon

To sacrifice the life of his beloved wife

In order to gain the magic of darkness

He transformed into a ghostly warrior

He attacked King Uther.

He pierced the queen's body with a single shot

The Queen's death caused King Uther to grieve.

He pounced on his brother in a desperate attempt

But after a few rounds

He realized that he was no match for him.

He told his son Arthur to run away.

While he used his last strength

Throwing the holy sword in the air

Let it pierce his body

Then he turned into a stone statue

He sank to the bottom of the river.

Poor Arthur.

He drifted with the waves

I don't know how long he drifted.

His boat finally came to a stop

He was adopted by a group of women of the world

He was reduced to a pariah

From then on he lived the life of a villain

He was able to cheat and deceive in every way

And that terrible dream demon

was always with him growing up

On the other hand

Vortigern also ascended to the throne

Surrounded by millions of Black Iron Army

He was a powerful man

He was a powerful man

And the way he made his power

was to make everyone fear him

By chance

Arthur met a martial arts master from

Chinese martial arts master

And he grew up with a passion for martial arts fighting

Since then he has been here

started his martial arts training path

And so he went through the trials and tribulations

and training

Gradually grew into a man

And in his subconscious mind

slowly erased the painful memories of that period

And gradually forgot his own identity

Suddenly, one day

The river receded quickly and strangely

Revealing the stone statue sunken at the bottom of the river

When the soldiers saw the holy sword

They scrambled to try to pull it

Unbeknownst to them, the sword was the scepter

Archmage Merlin took the scepter of the wizard king

to make it

Only King Uther and his descendants

can pull out the sword

Vortigern saw the stone statue

Reminded him

He still had a major problem to deal with.

He approached the water demon again.

The water demon told him that

He must find Arthur and then kill him

Otherwise, the consequences would be endless.

So he ordered every male of age in the country

All captured to draw the sword

And that's when

A force against Vortigern

was quietly rising up

A warrior was wounded and

Sneaked into a brothel

When the officer came to search the place

And Arthur, who didn't understand the world

And gave up the warrior

That he and the officer

Secretly colluded

To collect the tax from the merchants

and then share the spoils together

And when the officer found out that he had a small treasury

He brought someone to arrest him that night

He escaped the officer's arrest.

But he could not avoid being caught to draw a sword

But at that point he couldn't even

He couldn't remember his origins.

It's just a sword drawing

Just try it.

When he held the hilt of the sword in his hand

A powerful force seemed to come down from the sky

It gave him a feeling of electricity.

The officer ordered him to hold the sword with both hands and try to draw it again

And it was as if he was infused with divine power by the gods

So he slowly pulled out the sword

With the fluctuation of the holy sword

caused the ground to shake violently

Nearby birds were also scared to flee in all directions

When he pulled out the holy sword.

As he couldn't harness this divine power

He fainted and fell to the ground

And at that moment

He regained all his previous memories

When he woke up

Vortigern was sitting in front of him

During the time he had been asleep

He had checked all of Arthur's

All of it.

And he said he would have him guillotined for tax evasion.

He said that he would be guillotined for tax evasion.

Upon learning of this news

The Mage of Merlin sent her cronies

To find General Murphy.

To discuss a rescue plan.

On the very day of the execution

Dortigern did not forget to show him

He showed his power and authority

He also killed his adopted mother

in front of his eyes

With great anger and heartache he

He went to the guillotine

As the swordsman prepared for the execution

The mage controlled an eagle

And flew to the scene

The eagle let out an ear-splitting hiss

So that they did not dare to approach

The mage then controlled all the animals

Creating a chaotic scene on purpose

The warriors who hid in the crowd

took advantage of the chaos to rush up to the guillotine

They quickly took Arthur with them

Rushing up the route they had planned

To meet up with the mage

Arrived at a high platform

On top of the high platform

Even though it was a hundred meters

They were determined to leap

For this was their only escape route

The mage took Arthur to a hidden cave

He saw his father's men from the past.

He also met the warrior

The warrior he had reported.

They wanted to test Arthur's strength.

But as soon as he raised his holy sword

But then he fell to the ground.

He still couldn't harness the power of the gods

And while he slept.

The mage read the memories of the sword.

And understood his inner fear

So that he could overcome his fear.

They threw him into the dark place.

A place where vipers and beasts

Hiding everywhere.

It's hell if you're not careful.

It takes force but more courage to defeat it

It takes wisdom but more than that, it takes perseverance

And he finally lived up to the expectations

He came out of here bruised and battered

When he returned, his companions told him

Everything in his home had been destroyed

The brutal Black Iron Army

And even slaughtered their entire village

After hearing this, he was distraught

He vowed to cut Vortigern into pieces.

They were secretly planning an assassination.

On the other hand, as the tower rises.

Vortigern's power was also increasing.

He seemed to foresee the coming assassination.

He sent a double.

While he himself hid far from the ship.

Arthur noticed that something was wrong.

But there was no turning back.

The assassination was not successful.

Instead, he attracted numerous pursuers

In their desperation

They fled to the Chinese martial artist's martial arts school

Arthur told them to escape through the tunnel

But they preferred to die

rather than be a fleeing army

They bravely fought against the Black Iron Army

They fought to the death

At this time Arthur saw them all

were in a place of despair

At that moment, the scene seemed to be frozen in time by him

He saw that his body was as fast as lightning

Combined with his tremendous strength

caused the martial arts hall to raise a storm-like dust

When the dust settled

The Black Iron Army here

All fell under his sword

Everyone was dumbfounded as they watched him

After they fled back to the cave

Arthur met the fairy of the lake in the wilderness

The fairy gave him a glimpse of the future of the kingdom

The future of the kingdom was a wasteland.

The fairy told him that he was the only one who could stop it.

So he became more determined to his mission

When he returned to the cave

The place was attacked by the Black Iron Army

They took all the children with them

They took all the children and wanted Arthur to go and surrender.

The mage gave Arthur the magic of the Viper's Kiss

When he entered the palace

The serpent followed him and attacked Vortigern

But he killed him with his sword.

However, a larger snake rushed in to help him.

Vortigern was afraid to step down

The snake took everything in the place in a moment.

All the soldiers swallowed it.

Vortigern knew he could not defeat him now.

He found the water demon again and asked for mana.

However, the price still

Had to sacrifice the dearest ones

Like a beast he tried to keep the kingdom

Killed his daughter again.

After sacrificing his daughter, he became a ghostly warrior

And Arthur fought to the death

After a hard battle

Arthur finally killed him

And he eventually became the legendary King Arthur

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