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Fantasy "My shape-shifting boyfriend" movie commentary copy

Fantasy "My Changing Boyfriend" movie commentary copy

Fantasy "My shape-shifting boyfriend" movie commentary copy

Men change their girlfriends every day.

Never take responsibility.

Don't even have to pay.

If the sister wants to get back at him

Also useless.

Because men only need to sleep.

Will become another person.

Every day so

The person who changes is not the same.

Men, women, old men and children

Never look the same.

That's what Dazhong has.


Before the age of eighteen Dazhong was a handsome man.

Waking up after the age of eighteen

He had superpowers

Even though every day is different.

But the core of Dazhong's mind is still himself.

When first having superpowers Dazhong was

Very frustrated.

Think about it.

You look like Pang Yu Yen.

A hint of Kanghui

People are impressed with you.

Suddenly one day.

You sound and look one day at a time

Only you know you are you.

Inside you never change

But the people around you don't know.

Explaining it every time.

Finally figured it out.

The next day you change again.

So Dazhong reached the age of 30

He only has one friend, his hairdresser.

Whenever Dazhong changed into a girl

Fatty will take Dazhong to drink

And then take the opportunity to make some strange requests

Are we good brothers?

As good brothers?

Shouldn't we get to know each other better?

How deep is it?

About 15 centimeters, right?

So with such a deep friendship

You just do it with me once

Are you crazy? Absolutely not!


Even if we can't get to know each other better

Then you let me take a look at it

Wait a minute my eyes

Do not roll away still do not roll away

For my friend's unreasonable request

Dazhong actually understands

After all, sometimes the girls are not bad.

I can't help but be impressed

But Dazhong is a man psychologically

Although he has become a woman

But what he likes is still a woman ah

That's why Dazhong didn't say yes to this kind of bullshit request from his hairdresser

is not once agreed to

Although Dazhong has only one friend

But he has had numerous partners

That's right.

The kind that can communicate deeply

When Dazhong became ugly or became a woman

He worked hard at home.

Once he became good-looking.

He will go to the bar to pick up girls

Dazhong has super power in his body

So when he was picking up girls

He could make any promise he wanted

Anyway, the next day, he changed his appearance

The person is completely lost

It can be said that Dazhong has really achieved

He never touches a single leaf in a thousand flowers

If God gives you a superpower

What kind of function would you choose?

Time travel

Turning stones into gold

Or like the Hulk

Make a part of yourself bigger

Big strong super power is really a little weak

Every day he wakes up as a different person

Although he can get a lot of girls with this

But he can only have one night of relationship with a girl

Every day with such a big strong feel weak ah no

Void of emptiness

Dazhong went to a furniture store for inspiration

Inadvertently found a girl

I saw this girl with long blonde hair

Red lips and white teeth

good features

Her face was slightly rounded

but not too fat

Just this figure

Dazhong could tell at once that she was the one he was looking for

is the woman who is in tune with his soul

So Dazhong went up and hooked up with her

Through chatting, he learned that

The girl's name is Xiaohua

She is the sales director of the furniture city

Xiaohua has great insight into furniture design

And Dazhong is a furniture designer

So the two of them chatted very well

In the process of chatting

Dazhong decided that Xiaohua was the one with whom his soul was compatible

In the following days

Dazhong would chat with Xiaohua every day

To grasp the likes and dislikes of Xiaohua is very clear

That day

Dazhong became a handsome guy

He thought it was time to put Xiaohua down

So he pretended to buy a set of furniture from Xiaohua

When he was waiting for the payment, Dazhong said to Xiaohua

I don't have cash with me

How about adding a friend and I'll transfer it to you?

Xiaohua saw right through Dazhong's mind

Hastily refused and said

You'd better pay in cash

We can't pay online here

Da Zhuang heard the right thing to do

He also hurriedly said

You can go to my house to get it

Xiaohua is not a casual person

But you can't just take the money, right?

So they got into Dazhong's car

Dazhong didn't take Xiaohua home.

Instead, he took Xiaohua to his own furniture factory

Through the previous understanding of Xiaohua

He knew that Xiaohua admired him as a furniture designer

Listening to Dazhong's self-introduction

Xiaohua's eyes glowed gold on the spot

The good feeling instantly went up

Dazhong ordered take-out

And Xiaohua chatted with him while eating

Xiaohua felt that this stranger she just met

As if he was a friend for many years

Chatting with him is really comfortable

The key is that he is good-looking

So Xiaohua immediately said she wanted to make friends with Dazhuang

And was ready to go out with Dazhong

Because Dazhong would change his appearance every time he woke up

So for the next day's date

He set four or five alarm clocks for himself

He drank seven or eight cups of coffee

He didn't even close his eyes once until he met with Xiaohua the next day

The two of them went shopping together

In the grocery store, they bought a ring

The two became sweet lovers

The two of them even made a date

On the third day, they went to have breakfast together

But then Dazhong had a problem

He didn't sleep for two days in a row

He fell asleep on the subway on the way home

When he woke up again

had changed into a Mediterranean uncle

The end of this fate is lost

Dazhong rushed to the appointment place

Seeing the waiting Xiaohua

But he didn't dare to go forward to recognize her

Once again, he became a stranger to Xiaohua

If you change your boyfriend every day

Would you feel very exciting

Not only do you have a new one every day

And do not have to worry about each other cheating

I feel beautiful when I think about it

Xiaohua is like this

Now she has a boyfriend like Dazhuang

She feels very exciting

It's like trying all ages and all sizes

She has tried them all

The novelty is overwhelming

How did they get together?

It turned out that after Dazhong broke the appointment that day

Xiaohua never saw him again

But suddenly one day a woman found Xiaohua

Said she was Dazhong

And told her about her super power

After hearing this, Xiaohua was filled with disbelief

In order to verify whether what she said was true

So she decided to sleep with each other for one night

Sure enough, the person next to the bed changed

Xiaohua believed that Dazhong had superpowers

For the sake of love, they crossed over and so on and so forth

Since Xiaohua and Dazhong got together

They had a very good life

Because every time Dazhong woke up, he would change his appearance

So Xiaohua keeps changing her boyfriend every day

Whether he is young and handsome

or an old, old, old man

Whether he was European

or African

Little flower simply try all the varieties of a

The feeling

It was a great feeling.

A good life not long after the problem

Because outsiders do not understand the reason

Thinking that Xiaohua is a misbehaving person

Changing boyfriends every day

Often pointing at Xiaohua

Even the leader couldn't stand it anymore

He personally talked to Xiaohua

In fact, for Xiaohua

The gossip of outsiders is fine

The key is that she has her own problems

She always felt like a prostitute

Every day, she was having sex with different people

Slowly, she became afraid of strangers.

Now it needs to be suppressed with drugs

However, Da Zhuang was unaware of all this

Until Xiaohua was admitted to the hospital due to an overdose.

Only then did he realize the seriousness of the situation.

Dazhong found his mother

Asking her what she should do

The mother told Dazhuang

Leave Xiaohua

Because that's what Dazhong's father did back then

Oh, this super power is inherited

Mother said that only when two people are separated

Only then can the other one really get out of the gloom

Dazhong struggled for a long time after hearing that

But for the sake of Xiaohua, he decided to break up.

It was a snowy evening

Two people were walking hand in hand on the road

At that moment, Dazhong stopped

He said softly to Xiaohua

Let's break up

Dazhong touched Xiaohua's shoulder again

Then without giving Xiaohua any time to react

Turned around firmly and left

Xiaohua looked at Dazhong's distant back finally did not go after him

Because she also felt in her heart

Maybe separating

is the best choice, right?

During this time of breakup

She still used to treat strangers as Dazhong

She would call out Dazhong's name softly

To confirm if this person in front of her is Dazhong

As more time passed

Xiaohua missed Dazhuang more and more

At this time, she couldn't help but think

Like a person

What is it that you like about him?

But certainly not only the face

If love is maintained by looks alone

then such a love

will not be able to achieve the right outcome

At this moment, Xiaohua suddenly awoke

What she loves

Or rather, what she enjoys with Da Zhuang

It's actually the mode of living together

It's the soul match

No matter what Dazhong's appearance becomes

But Dazhong's soul

Daejang's inner self

But it never changes.

He has always been the same Daejang.

He has always been the same Dazhong, who is as talkative as a confidant.

Xiaohua thought of this and figured it out

So she found Dazhong's hairdresser

She found out that

In order to make up his mind to break up with Xiaohua

He went overseas alone

Soon after, on a sunny afternoon

Xiaohua found Dazhuang

Dazhong was reluctant to recognize Xiaohua at first

But when Xiaohua held his hand

and confessed to him deeply.

He couldn't hold back any longer.

Because he also felt it from Xiaohua's words.

Little Flower is just like you.

Both overcame the psychological barrier.

Can accept the change in yourself.

And Little Flower

also accepted the ever-changing Dazhong

So the two of them made up again.

Hand in hand

abroad, living a life of no shame and no restlessness.

The name of this movie is

My shape-shifting boyfriend".

I wonder if you want to have such a super power.

Change girls at will.

Or do you want to have such a boyfriend?

Try new tastes every day.

Welcome to discuss in the comment section

I am XX

We will not see you next time!

Bye bye

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