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Sci-fi "The Sun Can't Move" movie commentary copy

Science Fiction "The Sun Can't Move" Movie Commentary Copy

Sci-fi "The Sun Can't Move" movie commentary copy

In a private house in Bulgaria

A spy from Japanese an communications

is engaged in a fierce battle with several thugs.

The spy is decisive and ruthless.

A cigarette can take down several people.

One of them was burned alive on a gas stove by the spy.

Later, he took his imprisoned colleague with him.

Jump to the next meet truck and leave.

But did not want to be chased by the other side.

Then both sides chased each other on the highway.

The colleague called headquarters when he escaped.

Report their situation.

But because of panic he can't even enter the right password.

The spy is bouncing around all the way to get away from the chase with his colleague.

However, as time goes by

The colleague's chest flashed red.

Finally, he did not succeed in entering the correct password.

causing the bomb inside to explode and die!

The spy's name was Hawkino

He and his colleague were members of the Japanese AN communications organization.

This organization is very special.

They mainly steal confidential information from companies.

Then sell it to competitors at high prices for huge profits.

The spies in the organization are all orphans.

Adopted by the organization since childhood.

Sent to all over the country to raise.

Because of the special nature of the organization

So each spy has a special chip implanted in his chest

They must communicate with the headquarters through their own code every 24 hours

Otherwise, they will be regarded as betraying the organization

And to prevent the disclosure of information in the body of the explosive device will be activated

The colleague above is because of the gangster's ban

leading to the death of missed reporting time

What information does the colleague have now?

Hawkano and truck driver Tada, who is also a conspirator.

The first question to investigate

After all, from the situation of the gangsters' pursuit.

I could tell that my colleague must have some information.

Then they went to their colleague's house.

They found that the place had been ransacked.

They only found a fragmented photo.

They then sent it back to headquarters.

Through analysis, they could only conclude that the general location was in India.

Seeing no clues here Eagle Wild can only find another way

Previously, my colleague was in charge of a large energy company called CNOX in Hong Kong.

But now why will come to Bulgaria is not surprising

This big hand energy enterprise is a large multinational enterprise

His chairman's name is Andy Wong, who relies on his mob background

Using some unseemly means

Helped Big Hand Energy to become a giant now

AN headquarters anticipates that in the future, information about the energy industry can be traded at a high price.

So they sent an agent to investigate Andy Wong's movements.

Now this happened.

The head of the headquarters, Takeshi Kazama, asked the two Hawkano

To find out what information their colleague has.

And why he was imprisoned in Bulgaria.

When they received the task, the two men immediately took action.

They soon found out that tomorrow

Will go to Austria to participate in a charity party

So the first time to go to find out his surroundings

But Eagle Wild met an old acquaintance at the party

Professional business consultant David King was there.

Immediately realized that Andy Wong must have some valuable information on him

At this moment, a beautiful woman at the party suddenly approached Eagle Wild

told him that anyone who approached Andy Wong would be dealt with

Eagle Wild was a bit surprised that he was only a reporter of AN newsletter

The pretty girl smiled and said don't pretend

After she left

Eagle Wild then asked Tian Gang to secretly take a picture of the beauty

Send it back to headquarters to investigate her identity

In the meantime, Hawkfield found out through his eavesdropping on Andy Wong

He found out that the purpose of Andy Huang's charity meeting

Is to cooperate with the Japanese electrical company MET

He also overheard that

MET had acquired a floating island on Kasumigaura

to build a solar power plant

Not long after the identity of the beauty was also found out by the headquarters

This person's name is Sakurako

On the surface, she was a business consultant hired by CNOX.

In fact, she was a business consultant hired by Andy Huang

Combined with Sakurako's knowledge of AN communications

Hawkfield deduced that S's colleague Yamashita should have contacted her before

After that, Hawkfield sent Tada to investigate the situation at the floating island.

He came to the home of MET CEO Mantaro Kawakami

reveal his identity

Mantaro Kawakami said that it was thanks to Yamashita's information

The cooperation between MET and CNOX is on the right track.

The land for the power plant had already been acquired.

Kawakami Mantaro asked about Yamashita Takauno and lied that he had been transferred from headquarters.

Now he is taking over this case.

Kawakami Mantaro doesn't suspect anything.

Hawano returned to the headquarters and saw that Tsuyoshi Tada was there.

According to his investigation, construction work was already underway on the floating island.

Then the group began to analyze the purpose of Andy Wong

Solar power has not yet become popular.

It is because there is no affordable storage battery technology.

But MET has the relevant technology.

But without the financial support of CNOX

They can't continue to develop the technology

This is the reason why MET is working with CNOX

So Andy Huang's ultimate goal

should be for MET's battery storage technology

Is it because Yamashita found out this

That's why he was banned by Andy Wong.

Takeshi Kazama felt that it was not that simple.

He asked Hawkino and Tada to go to CNOX's Hong Kong headquarters.

Investigate the details

The scene shifts and Hawkfield arrives in Hong Kong.

With the help of Tian Gang, he managed to infiltrate CNOX's computer room.

He took some top secret files about the MET project.

Unexpectedly, just as he was leaving

David Kim suddenly appeared to stop Eagle Wild and forced him to hand over the flash drive

The two of them then struggled with each other

In the end, Eagle Wild was the best.

He beat David Jin and escaped from the scene

In fact, the two of them have a very deep relationship

Since childhood, they were rivals.

He found a highly coded file on a flash drive.

After analyzing the file, he found the coordinates of a location in the Taklamakan Desert.

Hawk Wild rushed there as soon as possible

Found that there is a radio frequency base

The so-called radio frequency base

The so-called RF base is a satellite to receive solar energy

And then sent to the Earth's next-generation solar technology

From this point on, it is clear that

The cooperation between CNOX and MET is a scam

Andy Huang's fundamental purpose

should be to seize MET's battery storage technology

Put it on the RF base to achieve cosmic power generation

To do this requires three basic elements

The first is the battery for storage, the second is the RF base for reception

The third is the transmission technology

To convert the energy collected in the universe into microwave transmission back to Earth

At present, the only person working on this technology in the world

Only Odabe, who teaches at the University of Bulgaria

And Yamashita went to Bulgaria

It is very likely that Yamashita went to Bulgaria to obtain this technology.

As soon as he understood the situation, he was ready to leave.

But Andy Wong's men found him.

He was arrested and tortured.

Soon after the 24-hour time limit was up

The red light on Ying Ye's chest began to flash

At the critical moment, Tian Gang grabbed an armored car from somewhere.

Into the RF base to rescue Eagle Wild and successfully disarmed the explosive device

Hawkino then rushed back to Japan as soon as possible

To inform Mantaro Kawakami of the situation.

He told him to cancel the cooperation with CNOX.

But Mantaro Kawakami was in a difficult position

Because such a large power plant project

is related to administration and national policy

Up to now, a huge amount of money has been invested in some organizations.

Unless there is a better plan, it will not be cancelled.

At the same time, David Kim also found out about Odabu.

He got in touch with Odabu through his daughter who was close to him.

Soon Sakurako contacted David Kim

Wanted to cooperate with him

The latter took Sakurako to India

From his own informant

Got a new raw material for solar panels

With this and the core technology in the hands of Odabu

Can completely replace the old system equipment of Andy Wong

And now this information has already been bought by the Russians at a high price

Sakurako herself is a businessman

So she immediately turned against David Kim and side with him

When Andy Huang learned this news

He kidnapped Odabe's daughter at once

This was used to threaten David Kim to stop trading with the Russians

But David Kim didn't care.

He didn't tell Odabu about it

Instead, he forcibly took him on a train to Moscow

Andy Wong is also a veteran who has already thought of this.

He had prepared twice and sent his men on the train in advance

Takeshi Kazama received information that

After receiving information that Odabu's daughter had been taken by Andy Huang

Immediately realized that their enemies

David Kim and Andy Wong were not the only ones.

So he sent Hawkino and Tada to get Odabu back.

The two of them went to the bridge where the train must pass.

They jumped up to the top

At that moment, when David Kim left the box to get food.

He accidentally met Sakurako and dragged her into the compartment.

Andy Wong's men also started to move at this moment

Two men came to Odabe's box

They took out the photo of his daughter being supported

They forced Odabu to cooperate with them

Then one of them went out to look for backup

The other one stayed behind to watch Odabu

The assassins were seen leaving the room by Hawkino and Tanaka.

They immediately split up and took out the two killers.

Hawkano came to Odabu's box and blew his cover.

Then he inserted a GPS into his body

And promised to help Odabu save his daughter.

But Odabu had to stay in the private room

Waiting for Andy Wong's men to come and take him away

This is the only way to find the location of Odabu's daughter

Meanwhile, the train driver was on his way.

When he saw an obstacle on the track in front of him, he braked at first

As soon as the train stopped, Andy Wong's men put on gas masks.

In the carriage released the smoke and began to act

All the people in the carriage were stunned at once

Sakurako also revealed her true face at this time and stunned David Jin

It turns out that Sakurako did not betray Andy Wong

Instead, she was using David Kim to bring out Odabe

So that she could have a chance to kill him

Then Andy Huang's men quickly carried Odabu out.

Tian Gang put on the gas mask and also blended in.

Sakurako left in the car she had prepared.

But Hawkino suddenly appeared and knocked Sakurako down.

He stole her car and chased after her.

He followed them to a boat.

He was caught and arrested just as he was about to save them

On the other hand, Andy Wong is in trouble.

He was told by his assistant that his bank account

was seized by the government

At that moment, David Kim suddenly called

He said that Andy Wong was secretly

He was the informer of the RF base construction.

Now the government was ready to take action against Andy Wong

After all, once the RF base was put into operation

The impact he brings is huge

When Andy Wong heard this, he immediately asked David Kim

Who told him to do this?

Unfortunately, the other party did not answer and hung up the phone

Andy Huang realized the seriousness of the problem

He immediately told his men to sink the ship

He told his men to sink the ship and kill Odabu and the others.

Luckily, Hawkino arrived at the ship in time

He killed his men and rescued Odabu and his men

floating on the surface of the sea

Just then, David Kim arrived in a helicopter.

Hawkino was puzzled by the rescue of Hawkino and his men.

David Kim said it was his client's request.

And gave a message to Eagle Wild

"I've seen that girl's ass."

Instantly brought Eagle Wild back to his teenage years

At that time, he and a teenager named Kuanda

They lived together on an island.

They were both standby agents of AN Communications.

But when it came time to inject the crystal bomb

Kuanda chose to escape from the island

And the words were the same as the one Hawkano asked Kuanda when they were watching the girl's bath together.

Hawkino asked Kuanda a question

At the end of the film, AN Communications sold the technology taught by Odabe

The film ends with AN Communications selling the technology taught by Odabe to MET at a high price to help them build a power station.

At the same time, new Indian technology was added to it

What Hawkano didn't expect was

The chief representative of the Indian side is actually Sakurako

Now she is making a lot of money from this.

What a scheming person!

Andy Wong was arrested by the government under the manipulation of David Kim.

The CNOX company was also disbanded and he laughed at the result.

It is clear that the task given to him by Kuanda is to bring down Andy Wong

As for the feud between Kuanda and Andy Wong, the film does not tell

Maybe the director is laying the groundwork for the second film

This is the end of the story

Title: The Sun Can't Move

is a recently released action suspense movie

Unfortunately, the film is full of holes in the plot

The action scenes are also very sparse

The good thing is that there are many handsome men and women in the film

Can raise the rating a bit


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