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Science fiction movie "Invisible Man" commentary text Commentary

Science fiction movie"Invisible Man" commentary text commentary

Science fiction movie "Invisible Man" commentary text Commentary

Recently, the biggest scandal in Korea since the beginning of the year occurred

The "Room N" incident is getting worse and worse.

What is "Room N"? It is a crime of exploitation involving 260,000 people.

It is a devil's paradise and a hell for children.

The perpetrators coerced the women into making videos.

Threaten their victims with these videos

The crime of abuse was committed against the victims.

These men also filmed the process

Posted to a chat group with 260,000 members

Room n exists on the micropayment network

The anonymous social software Telegram

This software has invisible technology

Users' personal information is completely invisible

Overseas servers avoid security censorship

All emails sent will be deleted automatically

Room N was born on this software platform two years ago

By sharing these videos with each chat room, the house owner

thus making a huge profit

In the derivative group of n-room

More than 15,000 indecent messages appear every day

If group members don't upload that kind of video or abuse women

would be forced to leave the group and withdraw

To gain access to room n

Then you have to upload the video you took as an admission ticket

So, those members targeted

on children who were relatively easy to control

Most of the victims were children. The youngest of them was 11 years old.

Although we are taught from an early age that "men and women are equal"

but in today's society, male-centeredness

still exists as an invisible subterfuge

and every female victim of male oppression

even more humiliated

The Room N incident is reminiscent of

The world's biggest sci-fi thriller of the year, "The Invisible Man

This film tells a fascinating story while at the same time

It also carries the banner of female awakening

In the wee hours of the morning, in a technological mansion by the sea

Cecilia, who is pretending to sleep, starts her escape plan

Despite having given her boyfriend a Valium, she is still very scared

Her boyfriend is a pioneer in the field of optics

A technological genius, super rich

But he is also an uncompromising control freak

This control is not only physical. It is also mental

The heroine's thoughts and life, every move is monitored and controlled by him

There is no personal freedom at all

After confirming that her boyfriend was asleep, the heroine carefully pointed the camera at the bedroom

This allows her to monitor the bedroom in real time on her phone

Afterwards, she gingerly went to the dressing room

She took out her bag which was hidden in a secret compartment in the dressing room

You can see that she has been preparing for her escape for a long time

Before she came out, she saw in front of her eyes

An unidentified shelf with a sci-fi feel

When she slipped to the door of the room, the dog followed her

The control freak boyfriend even put an electric collar on the gentle dog

The intolerant heroine wanted to set the dog free

Little did she know that it had hit the car and the alarm was blaring so loudly that her boyfriend would surely be woken up

She had to go through the dark forest without a second thought

She had to run all the way through the dark forest

Running to the road, her sister came to pick her up as promised

But she couldn't understand what had happened to her sister

Just as she hesitated. The boyfriend quickly rushed to the car

A punch burst the window glass, the sister hurriedly started the car

Leaving her boyfriend in place, he roared angrily for her to come back

With the car far away, he picked up the Valium left behind by the heroine on the ground

He realized that the heroine had drugged herself

Finally, the heroine got out of the clutches

She stayed at the house of a policeman friend, Old Black

He also has a daughter in middle school

But even though she was living with a cop, she was still in fear every day

She has been tortured by her control freak boyfriend and is going crazy.

She always thought he would find her and take her back

Until two weeks later. The sister arrived unexpectedly

She brought the big news: her boyfriend had killed himself

At first the heroine still couldn't believe it

She thought it was all a conspiracy set up by her boyfriend

So her sister showed her the news report

The heroine who finally chose to let go slowly

She confided in both of them about her victimization

("He controls my happiness, my anger, my sorrow and my joy.)

("He controls what I wear and what I eat.)


("He controlled me even after I left home)

("He even controls what I say)


(including what I'm thinking)

(And if)

("If he doesn't like what he thinks I'm thinking)

(He'll... -what he would do)

(Would he... would he hit you?)

(More than hit me)

(He wants to have children)

(I know if we had a baby, I would)

("I couldn't leave him anymore, so)

("I used birth control without him knowing)


(But it couldn't go on forever so)

(I'm calling you)

The woman suddenly received a letter from her boyfriend's brother

She received a letter from her boyfriend's brother and his lawyer.

The lawyer said that the brother had left 5 million to the heroine

As long as she is mentally sound and not billion, she can get the inheritance

Free money, put who can not miss

The heroine happily signed and received the money

and used part of it to finance the old black's daughter's college education

to thank them for taking care of themselves during this time

However, it didn't end there. The story was just beginning

The next day, strange things started to happen

The woman left the house for a while while she was cooking breakfast

The fire of the gas stove slowly became bigger by itself

Fortunately, there was no fire.

Late at night, she felt a strange noise in the house.

She shivered and went to the door, and in the cold air

Behind her there was a cloud of exhaled gas

What's worse, she was inexplicably pulled off the blanket in her sleep

One after another, strange things happen to the heroine

It makes her sleep and food uncomfortable

The heroine told her friend about these strange things

But her friend did not believe her at all. They think she is hallucinating.

She only reassures her that she has to let go in order to move on with her life

After some enlightenment and persuasion from her friend. The heroine also chose to move on

She went to a job interview, and to her surprise, something strange happened again

The work she had packed in advance disappeared and the bag was empty

Immediately afterwards, the heroine suddenly fainted and fell to the ground

After examining her body, the doctor found a high level of Valium in her blood.

There was a high content of Valium

And the bottle of Valium that was left behind during the escape

also inexplicably appeared in the house

The heroine finally realized that her boyfriend might still be alive. She went to her lawyer to confront him

The lawyer falsely reassured her that it was all a hallucination

When she saw the photo of her boyfriend's death, she began to doubt herself.

She goes to call her sister to talk about all this

But she found that her sister's attitude towards her was full of malice

She also said that the heroine had sent her a mocking email in the morning

But the heroine did not send any email at all ah

She has no memory of it all

She went home and checked her computer

However, she unexpectedly found that there was such an email

She had made a lot of snide remarks to her sister

She also began to wonder if she was suffering from schizophrenia

She broke down and cried

Old Black's daughter came into the room to comfort her

But she was knocked to the ground by a punch from across the room

When Old Black arrived in a hurry, there were only the heroine and her daughter in the room

He could only assume that the heroine had done it

The heroine was unable to defend herself, so Black sent his daughter to the hospital

She was left alone in the house

The heroine was now completely isolated

Sister and old black are inexplicably provoked to divide

But she also learned a fact: her boyfriend is not only not dead

but he was in the house, he had the technology of invisibility and framed her

Not being schizophrenic, she starts talking to herself in the air

Suddenly, a great idea came to her and she called her boyfriend's cell phone

The ringtone really rang in the room

So she followed the ringtone and found her boyfriend's cell phone

The phone reads "SURPRISE" and contains a picture of herself sleeping.

The woman was shocked and felt a gust of wind behind her

So she slowly approached the entrance of the attic and gazed at the empty ladder.

And when she picked up a bucket of paint and threw it down

A human figure suddenly appeared in front of her eyes

The heroine followed the traces of paint to the kitchen, but found that the faucet was turned on

The white paint she had just splashed had been washed away

And just as she shuddered, a spaced out domestic violence began

Escaping from the house, the heroine called a car

Decided to return to the previous beach house to see

What kind of technology can make her boyfriend invisible

In fact, the unidentified shelf found when escaping is the key to everything

It turns out that the boyfriend invented the invisibility cloak using optical technology

Wear it and become invisible

This finally has a reasonable explanation for the strange things that happened to the heroine

It was the boyfriend who used this technology

The boyfriend used this technology to sow discord between the heroine and the people around her

In order to force her to return to his side

At that moment, the dog at home suddenly barked, and it seemed that the boyfriend had arrived at the door

She didn't dare to take the invisible clothes away and hid it in the secret compartment of the closet

Luckily, the dog held her boyfriend back and she was able to escape

On the way to escape, the heroine called her sister. She asked her to meet her at the restaurant

It is convenient to explain the whole story to clear up the misunderstanding between them

And seek the sister's help

However, as soon as the heroine opened her mouth, a knife in the air flew up

A knife lock throat killed the sister, in front of the public

Everyone took the heroine as the murderer

And the heroine could only collapse and was taken away by the police

No one believed the heroine anymore, she was sent to a psychiatric center

And the heroine also learned that she was pregnant after the medical examination

At this point, the lawyer came out and told her

Her boyfriend's inheritance will be stopped because she is mentally unstable

Unless she agrees to have the baby and return to her boyfriend

Everything can go back to the way it was before

Obviously, the boyfriend has played a great game, he has already switched the birth control pills

The lawyer brother is willing to do anything for him

Before, he was just acting in front of the heroine

After that, the heroine's intelligence started to come online, she first pretended to be angry

In fact, she secretly hid a pen on her body

When she returned to her room and prepared to pretend to commit suicide, her boyfriend did stop her

The heroine stabbed the invisibility cloak with the pen, and the cloak was no longer stable

Afterwards, the security guards who were alerted came to the scene

But they were all defeated by her boyfriend

The heroine chased him all the way to the parking lot

The invisible man suddenly appeared and grabbed the heroine's neck

and said if you resist me, I won't hurt you

And I will find the people you love and hurt them

Then he threatened to go hurt the old black daughter, so that the heroine will always blame herself

After the boyfriend left, the heroine rushed to find a way to go home, but also informed the old black

However, the invisible man had already arrived home first

But his body is no longer so agile

He was also hit by the little girl's mace spray

At this time, Old Black also came back, but he could not see the invisible man

He could only be beaten passively and was about to be killed

At this point, the heroine rushed over with a fire extinguisher and sprayed

The invisible man was then revealed, the heroine shot him several times

Wait to confirm that the invisible man can not move after

Now carefully go over to remove the mask

However, I did not expect that under the mask is the boyfriend's brother

After the invisible man was caught in the home of the heroine

The police found him in the basement of the beach house

The police found the boyfriend tied up in the basement of the beach house

He looked like he was imprisoned by his own brother

The heroine was convinced that her boyfriend had blamed his brother for everything

But the people around her still don't believe her

The heroine finally realized that her friends can't be trusted

She can only make the first move

After all, her only advantage is her boyfriend's gullibility

She took the initiative to call her boyfriend and said she decided to come back

This control freak boyfriend with a twisted personality

He is indeed madly in love with the heroine in his heart

He welcomes her back with a nice dinner

His words and actions were full of excitement, and his hands were even shaking

The heroine had previously observed a camera pointed at the table

and asked Old Black to meet her outside

She left a little leeway for her boyfriend

If he frankly since everything. She also stops here

She asked her boyfriend to admit all the things he did to her, but he still argued

Then the woman excused herself to go to the bathroom, and her boyfriend sat bored at the dining table

However, he suddenly picked up a knife and cut his own neck

When she came back, she saw the scene in front of her and couldn't help but scream

She dialed the police with fear and trepidation

All this was recorded on the camera as evidence

And after exiting the surveillance range, the heroine changed her face in a second

Panic and panic instantly disappeared

Replaced by the confidence that everything is under control

At that moment, the police officer's friend, Black, came to the scene.

He found the heroine calmly walking out of the room, with the invisibility cloak in her bag

It turns out that this is an elaborate maze

The heroine finally broke through and completed a successful anti-kill

This is the end of the film, in fact, who is the invisible man

The film has already had enough hints before

The boyfriend is a very controlling person

The brother is also under his control

Surprise, which appears several times in the film

The Surprise that appears several times in the film also coincides with her boyfriend's Surprise at the end of the dinner

This is the boyfriend's usual catchphrase

In addition, the brother who wants to kill the girl

He is not as skilled and intelligent as the invisible man who appeared earlier

All this shows that the boyfriend is the real invisible man

There are several versions of the Invisible Man in the history of cinema

It was originally inspired by the science fiction novelist

H.G. Wells' novel of the same name

As early as 1933, it was brought to the big screen

Every era has its own version of "The Invisible Man".

Before this year's new version was made

The most famous version is undoubtedly the one directed by Paul van Hoven in 2000

Explaining the evil of human nature from the perspective of the invisible man

And this year's "Invisible Man

This year's "Invisible Man" comes from the hand of contemporary horror film master Wen Ziren's good friend, Revonar

He used to write scripts for Wendy's horror films.

He has also developed series such as "Saw" and "Insidious".

In recent years, he started directing

The last movie "Upgrade" was the breakout sci-fi thriller of the year

In order to make a very different innovation from the old version of the film

The first time to adopt the perspective of the victim

And the cloak of invisibility in the film

In most of the film is equivalent to deprive the victim of part of the vision

We follow the heroine and see the "nothingness" in the air

We can't help but be frightened with her and even wonder

Is she really schizophrenic? This kind of design from the audio-visual aspect

In the film many times played a strong effect

Every empty place is full of danger

Another area where innovation is needed is the core concept

The previous versions of "Invisible Man" have stretched the sci-fi genre to a high proportion

The protagonist is a scientist, embodying the otherwise peaceful person

The technology has backfired on them

This idea was valid decades ago

But when viewed through the eyes of 2020, it seems old-fashioned

The new version of "Invisible Man" is a radical shift in concept and intent

Its underpinning is feminism

It is a call for gender equality in a new era.

The director visited many women's protection organizations in the preparation stage of the film

Studied their stories of domestic abuse by their husbands

Revised the script together with the female lead

Make the script not only interlocking and reversing one after another

but also reveal women's thoughts in key places

The film starts with the escape from the control freak PUA boyfriend

followed by his male gaze and deep voyeurism

After that, he even "name-drops" the victim's slave heroine. She is accused of

The whole society's attitude towards the victim

saying that they don't trust the heroine at all

The only one who can save herself is herself.

You can see that the theme of the film is changing with the development of the plot

Generally speaking, if a horror movie can tell a concept well, it can stand up

The Invisible Man" throws up a series of topics.

It eventually moves from "female oppression" and "victim stigmatization."

The way of the victim is the way of the victim, forming a closed-loop chain

The reason for the mistress' repeated injuries

Not only from the arrogance and paranoia of the invisible man boyfriend

It also has the "accomplice" of technology and the contempt of the whole society

The logic behind the Room N incident is the same

The perpetrators are invisible through technological means

The victim is stigmatized and further victimized

Every aspect of the film accurately captures the female victim

Treated with terror

Finally, I have to commend the actress

Elisabeth Moss' amazing performance.

Every micro-expression is extremely well controlled

Numbness, sadness, panic and despair

and the undercurrents of heart in the final counter-kill

The character's state of mind is captured by her, and she is very sensitive

She makes the audience feel completely involved and empathetic

It's worth noting that for most of the film

She is performing "no physical performance" in the air

This requires a strong inner conviction and imagination on the part of the actor

No doubt about it.

The new version of "Invisible Man" is so wonderful

Most of the credit goes to her performance

That's the end of the story for today.

See you next time

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