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Horror "Slugger Army of Ghost Stories" movie commentary copy

Horror "Slugger Army Ghost Story" movie commentary copy

Horror "Slugger Army of Ghost Stories" movie commentary copy

Hello everyone

I am XX

Today I bring you a Singaporean horror movie

A Ghost Story in the Army

I guess many friends have an impression.

It is also a series of childhood shadows.

Next, follow along with XX.

What happened in this haunted barracks?

The story takes place in 1983 in Singapore's new recruit training island.

Similar to our domestic recruits company.

After the end of military training, will be lowered to various companies.

This night, a few recruits were bored with nothing.

Tell a ghost story about this training island.

It is said that midnight is the most evil time of the day.

If someone dies at 23:59.

The spirit will come back.

Three years ago there was a new recruit named Lai.

Some sissy, because she was weak in character.

They were often beaten and bullied by other colleagues.

Then he hanged himself in this dormitory.

It is exactly 23:59 midnight.

In addition, the recruit boldly says

This island also has the saying of Kunti Lana.

It is a pregnant woman who commits suicide, becomes a ghost and returns to her soul.

It is a very fierce and evil ghost.

In the past, there were veterans in the dormitory playing Ouija board.

Accidentally recruited Kundilana

The other side just stood outside the door and kept crying

The veteran was afraid to ask her to leave quickly

But the female ghost clearly refused

And slowly opened the door and blew out the candles

Step by step into the dormitory

Although they did not see the real body

But the ground left a series of water footprints

Speaking of this, boldly grabbed the next A-Tian

The other side is known as a coward

In a panic, he pushed Daring away

This is a complete trouble

He was about to be beaten up

The young captain stepped forward to dissuade him

He helped Tien out in time

He and another recruit named Coolie

They were both from Tian's hometown

Naturally, he didn't want his friend to be bullied

Coolie took Ah Tian to the toilet

He advised him to hold on a little longer

In a week's time, the training would be over and he could leave

Tian mentioned again what happened the other night

He always thought that this barracks was really haunted

And it was bothering him constantly

Naturally, Cool didn't believe in such nonsense

Tell him not to talk about it again

It would make other people think he was an idiot

Late at night, when all the recruits had gone to sleep

Dare to team up with some of his friends and start pranking Tin

Tied his hands with rope and taped his mouth

Then they forced him into the luggage locker

The purpose is to fix this coward

The more cowardly he is, the more we have to scare him

After locking the locker door again

They quietly returned to their beds to rest

The two old folks who were protecting Tian were sleeping

They couldn't rescue him in time

As a result, Tian ran into a ghost in the locker again

First, he was blown on the back of his head

Then there was a ghost's hand around his neck

The cool guy heard the shaking of the luggage locker

He opened the locker door and let Tin out

The rescued Tien said nervously that a ghost was trying to kill him

The Dude also noticed the blood marks on his friend's neck

When he checked the locker, he saw the deformed clothes rack

He thought he had just been stabbed accidentally while struggling inside

The next day something strange happened at the training ground

Coolie, who was always in good shape

He couldn't do any of the pull-ups.

He was scolded severely by the squad leader

After the drill, he stayed behind for extra training.

But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't finish the pull-ups.

It was as if a thousand pounds were falling on him.

The cool guy accidentally looked at his feet

He found a male ghost in military uniform grabbing his legs

He was so scared that he let go of his grip and jumped down from the shelf

The ghost just disappeared

The last long march before leaving the island was about to start

Cool found Tian sitting on the bed in a trance

After asking, he learned that he wanted to quit this march test

It was not that he was not feeling well

Rather, he had a premonition that something would happen to him

During this period of time, he had seen the female ghost several times in a row

She looks very strange

Can not say what she looks like

In order to encourage his friend Cool to take the initiative to talk about his childhood

At that time, his father was a fake master of divination to see the fairy

He insisted that his son had an evil eye

He could communicate with the ghosts of the spirit world

For this reason, he brought his clients home and asked his son to attract ghosts to him

To communicate with each other as the dead

But Coolie always thought that his father was lying and cheating

The relationship between father and son was also very cold

It is because of this past that he believes that there are no ghosts

No matter how strange things you see

He would force himself to think that it was an illusion

Tian was persuaded

He agreed to go on the last march.

Before the whole group gathered and prepared to leave

The squad leader's lecture was a bit strange

He didn't encourage the recruits on how to complete the mission

Instead, he instructed everyone

Don't call your comrades by their names in the woods

He also took out some amulets from the temple

He told everyone to put them in their pockets and not to take them out.

July is the time when ghosts like to haunt

Don't take it lightly

What Coolie hates most is this kind of ghost talk

Not only did he not take the amulet himself

He also forbade Tin to carry it

The class leader did not insist on it

After all, this is a matter of personal belief

Soon after the long march officially began

Everyone followed the established route to move forward

It was not until dark that we reached the woods that the squad leader had instructed

Because of Tian's poor physical ability

The Cooler also accompanied him and lagged behind the group

By chance, he saw a middle-aged woman squatting on the ground to pick up something

The Dude stayed alone and went to help

So he was separated from Tien by mistake

Dare and Fatty also walked slowly behind chatting

It was close to midnight

Daring once again told a scary horror story

In the past, there was a very powerful psychic on this island

Not only can they communicate with the dead

Can also control the spirits of the dead

Due to the fact that too much information was revealed.

The psychic gave birth to a deformed daughter

This child was born with psychic powers

But her ugly appearance made her very lonely

No child wanted to play with her

She was often bullied and humiliated by others

Later, no one saw the deformed girl.

Some people said that her soul wandered around the island after she died.

As they were talking, they heard a woman crying nearby.

Scared, they rushed to recite the Buddhist scriptures

That's when Coolie followed them.

Fearing trouble, they canceled the march.

began to look for each other along the road traces

The weather on the island was unpredictable and heavy rain came and went

Worried about getting lost, the squad leader told Cool to wait.

Put his left hand on the shoulder of another comrade

Form a long line

But when the count was done, we found one more person

Dare to look behind him cautiously

He was so scared that he fell to the ground and screamed

He had just seen Tian

But then he suddenly disappeared

The others thought Daring was wrong

It wasn't until the captain found Tian's body by the river

Only then did he realize that something was wrong

At the same time, the middle-aged woman who had appeared during the day

also stood strangely watching him

After dawn, he questioned his superior

The squad leader insisted that Tian's death was a paranormal event

But this explanation could not be accepted

We cannot attribute ordinary accidents to ghosts and spirits

Several people involved in the search mission became even more frightened

Especially the bold one who saw Ah Tian

He thought that Tian had turned into a ghost after his death and came out to report

And the cause of death is suspicious definitely not an accident

That night, Cool noticed that the captain was not quite right

So he quietly followed him to the toilet

When he opened the toilet door, he saw that he had hanged himself

Then his best friend, Tin, also appeared

Stood in the doorway and looked at him quietly without saying anything

Then turned around and walked towards the dormitory

Coolie hurriedly followed him

He was surprised to find that the little captain who had hanged himself in the toilet

Now he was lying motionless on the bed

The blood flowing from his head stained the pillow red

He cautiously went closer to check

The captain suddenly looked up and revealed his horrible appearance

The cool guy was so scared that he woke up from the bed

What he had just experienced was just a nightmare

Shortly after he got up, the squad leader came to the dormitory

Told him that he had just received a call from his mother

His father had died of a sudden illness

A few days ago, Kool did receive a phone call from his father

He said he didn't feel well and wanted to see him.

He was already in front of the barracks.

But Coolie refused cruelly

In the morning, when he was running on drill

He saw the mysterious middle-aged woman once again

She was hiding in the woods and waved to him

Fatty and Daring saw that Cool was talking to himself and came to check

But the middle-aged woman had disappeared.

That night, the young captain became very strange again

He sat dumbly on the bed

He kept hitting his head against the metal cabinet

The squad leader who got the news immediately came to the dormitory

When he tried to stop him

The captain was shouting like crazy

His strength was also much stronger than usual

His comrades managed to hold him still.

The squad leader took out a talisman from his body to drive away evil spirits

Put it on the forehead of the captain to try to drive away the evil spirits that possessed him

But the opponent bit the talisman and ate it into his stomach

In front of everyone laughing madly

We had no choice but to work together again to put him to bed temporarily

The squad leader approached his superior officer

Suggested to go outside to call a child to come back to see

It was obvious that this was not a simple case of madness

The next morning, Jimbo came to the barracks.

He managed to get rid of the evil spirits that had attached themselves to the captain's body.

The captain, who was back to normal, didn't dare to hide anything anymore.

He took Coolie to the woods and confessed everything

That night when he and Tin were on patrol

Something grabbed Tien's foot in the bushes

The captain thought it was a wild animal

So he smashed it with the butt of his rifle

When Tien regained his freedom, he peeled back the bush to check

But found that it was a woman

But the appearance of some strange

In order to find out the identity of the other party

The two of them went to the canteen and asked the woman working here for information

After all, she is a native of this place

After hearing this, she thought they were talking about the deformed girl.

She is the daughter of a psychic with mysterious powers

The children who had bullied her had all died.

The villagers believe that the medium avenged her daughter's death.

The children were smitten.

But the worker feels that the culprit is the deformed girl.

She radiated evil and resentment.

Seems to be able to control the minds of others

Some villagers have seen this girl in the previous paragraph

But they say she has gone crazy

That night, the young captain was possessed by a ghost again

He quickly walked deep into the woods

Sensing the problem, Coolie also followed him out

The result was that at the place where the deformed girl was killed last time

The captain's body became twisted

He died in pain in front of Coolie

At the same time, the mysterious middle-aged woman also reappeared

Coolie was so scared that he turned around and ran away

In a panic, he arrives at the psychic's house by mistake

Just inside, he found a dried corpse lying on a rocking chair

The dress should be the middle-aged woman

Soon after, her ghost appeared in front of Coolie

In fact, Coolie's father was not lying

He really has a yin and yang eye to communicate with ghosts

This middle-aged woman is a psychic

She appeared several times to seek Cool's help

She was not the one who killed Tin and the captain

It was the deformed girl.

The horrible girl who had become a ghost came out

She was killed by those soldiers

That's why she's trying to get revenge

The psychic kept reminding them but it didn't work

The Dude could be the perfect medium for possession.

Let the psychic attach to her body and then hug her daughter

Say sorry to her face to ease her anger.

It turned out that the psychic found that his body was getting worse and worse.

Worried about his daughter's suffering after death

He secretly poisoned in advance to kill her.

But the girl's mysterious power can be detected and avoided.

Changed the meal without the psychic's knowledge

As a result, the psychic was poisoned on the spot, but the girl was unharmed

She apologized again and again

The monstrous female ghost finally put aside her grudge

After dawn, when the class leader brought people to look for it.

See coolie kneeling on the ground.

He was the first to go home for vacation

Dinner with the ghost of his father

This is the end of the movie

Overall it's not bad

fell into the film drought partners can find to see

If you like XX commentary

Like it, pay attention and forward it!

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