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Horror "Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight 2" movie commentary copy

Horror "Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight 2" movie commentary copy

Horror "Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight 2" movie commentary copy

Hello everyone

I am XX

Today I'm here with the Polish horror movie

No One Sleeps in the Woods Tonight 2

This movie starts with a very cool shootout.

A group of well-dressed human vampires

Dancing happily in a castle

Attacked by the police.

Look at him being sharp and a good shot.

Comfortably weaving through the crowd.

Raising his hand to eliminate an enemy.

The whole process was easy.

Did not take off his sunglasses until the end of the shootout.

He came to save his lover.

Those vampires bring young girls here to eat.

This practice undoubtedly touches the scales of the police.

Therefore, it was destroyed.

The young girl was held in her arms looking fondly at her hero.

Just got together to kiss.

Our hero wakes up from his dream.

That's right. The cool gunfight was just a dream.

His name is Adam a small town police officer.

This place is isolated and sparsely populated.

Very few cases will happen.

Nothing to do all day but to show great power in dreams.

But this morning was clearly different.

There was a prisoner in the police station's holding cell.

This is the first time Adam met since he joined the job

But the prisoners were a bit strange

Two fat, similar-looking men were locked up together

There was a low growl coming out of their mouths.

Their faces were covered with pustules.

At first glance, they looked particularly tough and disgusting

The person in the other holding cell was much better

She was a beautiful girl

Her body was stained with blood.

Her eyes showed endless sadness and panic

Adam found the sheriff and asked him about the prisoners.

It was the day after the tragedy

Here is a brief introduction

No one sleeps in the woods tonight, the first part of the episode

The two fat, disgusting-looking men were twins

They live deep in the woods nearby

When they were young, they accidentally found a meteorite from the sky

But I didn't realize that it contained a terrible evil power

Once infected, they would mutate into their current horrible appearance

They have a violent personality and love to eat flesh and drink blood.

The two brothers ate their mother 30 years ago.

The girl who was imprisoned was named Xiao Ya

Two days ago, under the organization of the school

She came here for a summer camp.

The result was an attack by the two brothers

I don't need to say much about the process

Even more bloody than the eye of the mountain and the fatal curve

Everyone was killed.

Only Xiao Ya managed to escape

She had already killed the two fat guys in the fight

But she didn't expect her mutated body to be very strong

They were taken back to the police station by the patrol sergeant.

He has already informed the higher authorities

They will send a special force to assist

In the meantime, the sergeant needs to investigate the case in advance

He took Xiao Ya back to

He took Xiao Ya back to the residence of the two fat men deep in the woods.

This is where most of the victims were killed.

But they had just walked into the room.

Before Xiao Ya could start telling the story

The sheriff felt a pain in his stomach.

So he temporarily handcuffed Xiao Ya to the bed.

He ran outside to go to the toilet

It was this inadvertent mistake

almost caused the town's demise

Two mutant fat guys 30 years ago

The meteorite that they found in the woods

It happened to be under the bed.

Xiao Ya knew nothing about it.

The meteorite suddenly split down the middle and a lot of black liquid came out.

The same liquid that infected the twin brothers years ago.

The liquid was alive.

The liquid gushed into the body quickly along with Xiao Ya's feet.

In a short time, the sheriff returned to the room after the convenience.

He found that Xiao Ya was gone.

The handcuffs were broken free and thrown on the floor.

The room was in a mess as if it had been a fight.

The seal at the entrance of the cellar was also intact

That does not go inside to hide

But the sheriff just went into the other rooms to search

When the mutated Xiaoya jumped on him

His screams soon came.

The lower half of the sheriff's body had disappeared

Finally died in the painful struggle

Meanwhile, Adam, who remained at the police station

was still happily doing dog licking

The beautiful woman he dreamed of this morning was his colleague, the clerk.

He had liked her for a long time

He can only dream of a kiss.

It was getting dark outside but the sheriff hadn't returned yet.

Adam felt a little worried.

Whether he called or called on the walkie-talkie

Never got any response

So he and the clerk drove together to the crime scene.

When they arrived at the cabin in the woods, all they saw was the dead sheriff.

The mutated Ya was gone.

Adam was no longer the hero of his dreams.

He was completely terrified.

Fearing that the killer would return, he dragged the clerk and tried to hurry back.

Wait for the special forces to come.

The clerk pushed him away and yelled at him for being a loser.

Those guys won't be here until tomorrow morning.

If we don't do something, more people will die.

As a cop, you can't hide and wait for backup.

We must find a way to catch the killer.

With that, he took out his cell phone.

He started contacting the Territorial Defense Force stationed here.

At that time, a camping site not far from the crime scene

Another bloodbath was taking place.

The mutated Xiao Ya didn't stop killing.

The place became a new slaughterhouse.

First, she cut the power to the base.

Successfully lured the person in charge out to check the switchboard

Let her wife, curly-haired sister, stay in the room temporarily

Then, she attacked him when he was not ready

Forced the person in charge into the switchboard

Directly electrocuted into a bloody gourd as death

Although Adam's side waited for the support of the territorial defense forces

But the so-called defense forces are only two people

Based on the footprints on the ground.

Successfully deduced Xiao Ya's escape route

The four of them entered the woods and headed for the camping site.

If we hadn't chased them so fast

Maybe we could have saved the couple

But I didn't expect that the two defenders were just fools

They had to set up bear traps in the woods.

Thinking that the fugitives might get lost here.

Then they would return the way they came.

Then the traps will be of great use.

The ideal is rich, but the reality is harsh.

This town hasn't had a murder in 800 years.

They don't have any practical experience.

The guy who set up the trap

The guy who set the trap accidentally got his hands caught in the trap he had just made.

He was really killed before he got there.

Now they can't be bothered to chase the killer.

We need to find a way to save this companion first

They came to the camping site nearby

Wanted to seek help here

But when they opened the ambulance, they saw the severed limbs of the person in charge.

It was obvious that the killer was wandering around.

They immediately hid in the main room.

First, they gave a simple bandage to the injured defenders

Then they started checking the room.

They found the chief's wife, Curly-haired.

She wasn't dead yet.

She had just heard the screams outside and hid herself.

The wounded defender was in a coma due to excessive bleeding.

If we don't take her to the hospital in time, she will probably die.

After the mutation, Xiao Ya did not lose her mind.

She knew how to protect herself

Sneaking outside the window to look for an opportunity to attack

Several people inside had already argued

The uninjured defenders naturally wanted to rush out

The uninjured defenders naturally wanted to rush out and get their companions to the hospital.

But no one knew what was going on outside.

Adam wanted to hide here until dawn.

By then, special forces would come to rescue him.

But the clerk thought they were outnumbered and armed.

There was no need to be afraid.

The killer is only one man.

Finally they agreed to fight back.

They turned over the map of the camping base and distributed the personnel.

The hunters took advantage of the attack points around them

Form a small encirclement

The decoy just needs to stand in the middle

When the killer appears, take cover.

Then the hunter who is hiding will shoot with crossfire.

The plan seems to be perfect.

Curly-haired sister was also persuaded to volunteer as bait

The uninjured defense force hid in the camp tent.

The clerk hides next to the boiler where the food is being cooked.

Adam is on top of the ambulance.

A few people quietly waiting for the killer to enter the pit

But Xiao Ya was a monster, not a fool.

No one said she had to enter the camp.

This method of setting up separate ambushes

Instead, it gave Sia the opportunity to attack one by one.

First, she entered the tent.

She struck a fatal blow from behind the big hold

A silent punch penetrated the body and pulled out the heart

Poor Dazen just got his lunchbox

The next victim was the curly-haired girl

Everyone didn't know the horror of this monster

They thought Xiao Ya would be like a normal person

Step by step into the shooting range

But they didn't expect her to fly in directly

She jumped a few meters and grabbed the curly-haired girl directly

The clerk and Adam did not dare to shoot at will

They could only watch the curly-haired girl being dragged away.

They no longer dare to stay outside

They went back to the main room to discuss countermeasures

Adam thought the clerk was to blame for all this.

He had told him to barricade himself and wait for help.

He had to play the hero to catch the killer

He ended up in this situation

The clerk has also become a lot more honest

No more bravado like before

The most important thing is to find a way to protect themselves

But Xiao Ya no longer need to hide with them

She opened the door and walked in with the head of the curly-haired girl.

Seeing her approaching

Adam hurriedly pulled out a gun to defend himself

At this moment, Xiao Ya and the twins are the same

Covered with pus sores is very horrible

She was a monster

The usually honest clerk wanted to stay alive

He pushed Adam to Xiao Ya's side as a shield

While he was holding the other side back

And then quickly escaped to the outside

He drove the ambulance away from the base

Adam stayed behind and became the new victim

But he didn't turn into food like the others

Instead, he was pinned down to be baptized by the mutation

Sia's thick tongue plunged into his mouth

The black liquid poured into his body in a steady stream.

From then on, Adam was no longer a coward.

His body was rapidly changing

His formerly handsome face was soon covered with pus sores.

He became the fourth mutant in town.

It was a wonderful feeling.

Adam found that his body was full of power.

And he could not help but speak a new language.

Kia explained everything to him.

The stone that fell from the sky 30 years ago was a fragment of the moon.

It contained an evil power.

When it enters their bodies, they mutate into their current form.

The evil in their bodies will drive them to kill.

This has no purpose, just natural instincts.

Xiao Ya has completely adapted to this identity

She now has a very great goal

And that is to destroy the human race and rule the Earth.

To exercise Adam's courage.

They decided to try to kill a random person

The owner of the small town grocery store was chosen as the first prey

He had often bullied Adam before.

Now that he had the money for revenge, he didn't want to let him go.

Adam took the dagger and quietly went to the room

Before he could react.

He stabbed his boss through the head and killed him instantly.

His first murder was a success.

At the same time, he also won the heart of Xiao Ya

The two monsters had a wild and disgusting exchange in the grocery store owner's bed

They have a crazy and disgusting exchange

After making out with him, Adam asked her why she chose him.

So many people had died before.

She told him that the first time she saw him in the police holding cell

I knew they were the same kind of people.

Lonely, sad, and out of step with everyone else.

Trying desperately to change things.

Now they finally have a place to go.

The next destination was the police station.

Xiao Ya decided to release the two fat guys

There is still a lot of work to be done

In order to start the end of the world must increase the number of people

Adam knew the place well.

They didn't see the escaped clerk.

They went straight to the holding cell.

They opened the cage and let the fat brothers out.

Just as the two monsters were still standing.

The clerk appeared in full armor.

Without saying a word, he raised his gun and shot

Adam and Xiao Ya rushed into the cell and did not dare to move

The clerk saw the situation directly from his body took out a grenade and threw it

But in the heat of the moment, he forgot to remove the safety

The grenade became a complete waste

While she was reloading her machine gun

Adam came out of the cell.

Grabbed the clerk by the neck and pinned her against the wall

He was ready to kill her.

Xiao Ya saw that the crisis was over and slowly came over

Although Adam had been mutated

But facing the goddess he had a crush on before

The dog licker in his bones rose up again

He couldn't bear to kill her

Xiaoya next to him was so angry

Pushed Adam away and came to the clerk

directly to tear off the face to make her as ugly as himself

Never offend a jealous woman

Even if she is a monster

Adam's choice undoubtedly destroyed the relationship between the two

Xiao Ya cursed and left the police station

She intended to part ways with the man who was so jealous of the old and the new

But just as she reached the highway

She was smashed into pieces by a speeding car.

Special forces were dispatched from above to arrive

When his lover died, Adam had no desire to resist.

He was caught on the spot by the other side

The fat man in custody picked up a grenade and pulled out the safety.

They didn't want to live anymore.

In the violent explosion, the police station was reduced to a ruin

Adam is the only remaining monster in the world.

As an experiment, he is secretly imprisoned by the authorities.

Meanwhile, the meteorite is recovered.

It is expected to be the trigger for the third part.

People with intensive phobia should not watch the original film.

The picture is seriously disgusting

For those who like XX narration

Likes attention forward it!

Thank you all

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