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Adventure "Bullish Aline" movie commentary copy

Adventure "Bullish Aline" movie commentary copy

Adventure "Bullish Aline" movie commentary copy

How deep can sisterhood go?

Sister's wedding night

The sister actually took out a fierce aphrodisiac

Women will eat the kind of crazy.

As expected, after the sister took it

began to change her temperament

If the village chief's son finds out that his sister is such a woman

They would definitely break up, right?

Why did Ah Lian do this sister

It started a month ago.

On this day Aline was sparring with the village's Jedi masters in martial arts.

They are Brother God Shield who uses shield

Brother Sledgehammer with a hammer

Brother Medicine God who uses poison

And A-lian

The village called East Hammer, West Poison, South Shield, North Lian.

Different personality from Ah Lian.

Her sister is a gentle and virtuous beauty.

Even the son of the village chief of the richest village also fell in love with her.

In look at Ah Lian

Everyone says he has no femininity.

Can't find a man in this life

A-lian certainly did not believe

This day, the village headman took his son on a blind date.

Looking at the beautiful woman in front of him

The village chief's silly son was very satisfied.

At that moment, there was a loud bang outside the window.

It was A-lian

She wanted to show her femininity in front of everyone.

Who could stand this?

Even the village headman looked confused

In order to win over her sister

Ah Lian also prepared a small talent

Want to spit Meng?

Already swallowed


But it is very obvious that this is a deduction

A lotus is not convinced ah decided to compete with sister

I did not know that my sister is not only gentle and virtuous

Even know a little bit about music

The result is very clear

Sister won the right to marry into a rich family

Ah Lian was so disappointed

It was as if he saw three jars of wine in front of him

He drank three glasses of wine to quench his sorrow

At that moment, a little fat guy selling candy approached him

He started dancing at the drop of a hat

Then the drunken A-lian also joined the dance team

What dance to do my wife it

So this is all a dream

It's so sad

To be reduced to looking for a man in a dream

The more A-lian thought, the more angry

Why is my sister so popular?

At this moment, the strongest fighter of the show, Brother Niu, appeared

Without saying a word, he ran after her in a 100 meter sprint.

:... Fill in the blank: Why are you chasing me?

Aline suddenly appeared a jump

Ride on the back of a bull

On the surface is to subdue the bull

Behind the scenes, she was quietly speeding up

She told her sister to jump off the curb

Sister almost disfigured by a direct jump

It turned out that this was all a ploy by Ah Lian

He had already taken control of Niu

He also gave him the name Zeng Aniu

Soon the village chief's son married his sister

On the night of the wedding when the moon was dark and the wind was high

This was Ah Lian's last chance

I heard that the village chief's son liked his sister's gentle and virtuous nature.

So if she took the aphrodisiac he prepared

They will definitely break up, right?

Sure enough, the drug was very strong

The mayor's son was stunned

I like it!

In the end, the plan failed

While Ah Lian was trying to prank her sister by all means

Something big happened in the village too

It was a group of bandits who knew witchcraft

The villagers shot at them in a friendly manner

As a result, the bullets that had entered their bodies were forced out

Their goal was to collect 7

virgins born on the fifth Saturday of the year Yan

Once they succeeded

Their leader will live forever

The bandits took the account book and pinpointed the last person

It was Ah Lian

Even Mom and Lian would not give up Lian even if she died

In order to get A-lien out, the bandits kidnapped his family.

Lian found the master

He wanted to save his family

But the master said that their witchcraft is very powerful ah

Only with his magic enchanted tiger knife to overcome

He also gave him a tiger amulet

Can be immune to the encroachment of evil spirits

Ah Lian was fully armed and ready to go

After bidding farewell to the club Aniu

They decided to take a shortcut to catch up with the bandits

After he left, the master suddenly remembered

There was one more treasure that he had not given to A-lien

Without it, the bandits could never be defeated

It was a pair of enlightened tiger eggs

The master spent his life pouring his spiritual power into them.

He gave this precious treasure to A-lien's friends

East Hammer, West Poison and South Shield

The way to use them is very simple

You just need to light them up

How exactly do you light them?

Just light it like this

Okay, now there is only one egg left

On the other hand, the sister who was taken can't just sit there and wait for death

She happened to hear that if Ah Lian is not a virgin

If the chief has sex with her

she would die on the spot

Hearing this, the sister had an idea.

He took out A-lian's aphrodisiac

and put it into the chief's wine.

As the drug was about to take effect

Sister started to do something funny.

Is this the end of the movie?

And no little brother appeared in time to save the life of the leader

And the other side of the path of the first difficulty encountered by Aline

Swarms of cobras

But Aline was prepared

Pick up the sulfur so a sprinkle of poisonous snakes instantly fixed

What the hell are you doing?

At night, A-lian met the fat boy in his dream again

Fatty insisted on making a cup of milk tea for him

On the head, little sister on the head

Wow done little sister is ready

Is this the emperor's new milk tea?

Too late to spit out

Aline slipped and fell again

Right into the arms of the little fat brother

Open your mouth and here comes the tea

Ah Lian suddenly awake

So it was a dream again

At that moment, Aline realized that someone was coming

He bent his bow and arrow and hit the target

Luckily I caught it quickly

It was my friend who came to support me

At that moment, the sky suddenly thundered

The bandit said

If they didn't see Ah Lien before it rained

They would kill their families.

Aline had to stop the rain.

Legend has it that if a virgin holds lemon grass, she can stop the rain.

Aline started to do it.

Instead of stopping the rain, it got heavier and heavier.

Just when everyone was wondering if Aline was a virgin

Aline found out that it wasn't lemon grass at all

It's a big onion

Get ready to do it again

The legend is true that the rain stopped instantly

But Aline was also possessed by the monkey goddess under the rock

Aline's body twitched

It was as if the gods had possessed her.

Sure enough, he claimed to be the monkey goddess.

Because Aline stepped on his goddess.

So he wants to punish Ah Lian

Luckily, he had the amulet from the master

The monkey goddess was instantly suppressed

Alaine was back to normal

Everyone had to hurry

When we passed a river

Aline suddenly remembered that there was an ancient crocodile here

But there was only one crocodile

It's a big river, they can't really run into it, right?

It was hard to get to the shore

But the crocodile will also come to shore

Ah Lian bent her bow and shot an arrow

It didn't even scratch the crocodile's armor

No matter, one more shot

Lian continued to shoot an arrow without giving up.

Alain wanted to try again.

But Hammer said he would not let him try

At this moment, the strongest fighter will appear.

But even Zeng Aniu was no match for the crocodile

Seeing that Ah Niu was in danger

Ah Lian bent his bow and arrow again

This time he aimed at the mouth of the crocodile

No, he was aiming at the ass of Ox

As the strongest fighting force

One arrow in the ass is no big deal

But Hammer, who got three arrows, was a different story

Companion is also a tough guy

Helped Hammer pull out the arrows directly

But then something embarrassing happened.

The quality of the arrows was not good

One of the arrows was stuck in the buttocks

But no matter

Hammer has deep inner strength

Intended to force out the arrow

Stop ah stop ah or die

The first attempt failed

Hammer decided to increase the power

I'm good.

After forcing the big showdown began

In order to prevent identity exposure

Aline carried out a simple disguise

This disguise is not even recognized by his own sister

On the other hand, everyone had already chosen their opponents

Facing the bandits who can witchcraft

It takes magic to defeat magic.

Shields ate the tiger's teeth given by the master and became invisible instantly

But Brother Hammer is different

A real man should be tough.

You can't lift my hammer

Unless you are born in the year of the tiger

Born on the 20th of April

Ah... You are

No way

Brother Hammer also took out his tiger's tooth

After eating his tiger tooth, he was able to have bronze skin and iron bones

But they overlooked one important thing

The effect of the tiger's tooth is only three minutes

It doesn't hurt at all

Haven't you eaten?

On the other hand, Poison was responsible for lighting the tiger's balls on fire.

But the matches were all wet

It wouldn't light at all

On the other hand, Ah Lian has already raised her sword

Without the support of the balls

The knife can not cut through the skin of the bandits

During the fight

The bandit ripped off A-lian's amulet

The monkey goddess regained control of her body

On the other hand, the battle between Brother Hammer and Brother Shield was coming to an end.

The monkey-possessed A-lian was beating the bandit unilaterally

As expected, she is a distant relative of Qi Tian Da Sheng

At this time, the bandit found the amulet on the ground.

Successfully suppressed the monkey goddess

The only thing that can defeat the bandit is the treasure knife.

But you have to light up the balls to do so

At this point, Hammer had a plan and decided to drill wood for fire.

The tiger's balls were finally set on fire.

Stabbed through the chest of the leader.

Finally, the master cast a spell to drive away the monkey goddess.

Lotus also found a handsome man who likes strong women.

I like...

There are no breaks in this movie, so to speak.

It's funny all the way through.

So this is it for this issue

Do not forget to pay attention to mua-da

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