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Plot "The Best Day Ever" movie commentary copy

Plot"The Best Day Ever" movie comment ary copy

Plot "The Best Day Ever" movie commentary copy

Two terminally ill friends absconded with a loan

Traveled abroad in plain sight

Accidentally became the richest of the Internet celebrities

Today's movie is

The Best Day Ever

The top floor of the hospital

A young man named Fendi

is uploading his last video diary

His lung disease was severe.

Without a proper lung replacement

He didn't have long to live

He kept going for over a year

Every day with a video diary

to record himself online

Step by step of his dying life

But even as a declaration before he died

His videos were like his life

No one cares.

No one is paying attention

At this very moment

The roof is locked.

Fendi panicked.

It turns out he didn't have the courage to kill himself.

At that moment, a man's mocking voice came from overhead

His name was Wino

He had just arrived

He was a patient with a malignant tumor in his brain.

And the possibility of surgery is zero, a terminal patient

Two people waiting to die just like that

They met on the rooftop.

Miano and Fendi became friends in the terminal area of the hospital.

In this place full of despair

Miano was the only one who had a chance to live.

He was always messing up like a child.

He seemed to have no disease in him.

Because he was terminally ill

Except for the tumor, which is a time bomb

The only visible disease is

The tumor was pressing on his brain

causing him to suddenly fall asleep no matter what he was doing

he might suddenly fall into a deep sleep

On this day

Uno was passing through an area and found a large amount of goods

When asked, he learned that

They were all bought by the former patients

They didn't have to pay their credit cards and loans in the future anyway

They were all spending like crazy

These words inspired Wino

Why didn't he borrow a lot of money to spend?

He was going to die anyway.

No need to pay back

Why not have the best day and then die?

However, Miano, who always hangs out in the streets and alleys

He couldn't get a bank loan for his credit.

He rushed to wake up the sleeping Fendi

He asked him about his credit information.

He found out about Miano's planned store.

Fendi, however, said

He had zero immune system due to a terminal lung disease

There is no bank in the hospital

Go out if infected with something

It will really die

But Wino couldn't care less.

No one in this world would remember them both

It makes no difference to them if they die early or late

Even if only one day left

Just live the most enjoyable life

He'd found the dead end of Fendi.

Don't you want to leave something in the world?

Look at Fendi's heart.

Uno added fuel to the fire.

He said the two of them could start a special blog.

To document their lives as millionaires.

It would get a lot of views.

Hearing this

Fendi agreed.

But no bank would lend money to a

To a terminally ill patient.

Their plan to become wealthy failed.

Before they had time to be disappointed

The same day they found a way out

They bought a lot of goods with zero down payment to liquidate

From small color TVs to video cards

Big ones like Mercedes-Benz and BMW

The reckless pair really did become millionaires by making no money down

They became millionaires

The flying Lamborghini has never been so aggravated

One owner stumbled and was overtaken by a bike

One owner can go up to 200 and fall asleep instantly

At night

Uno put some of his money

In two envelopes

One to send to his parents, who no longer contacted him.

One envelope for Lenny.

The daughter he hadn't met yet.

Fendi's videos were finally getting views.

He felt a sense of attention he hadn't felt in a long time.

He wanted to share it with Wino but couldn't find anyone.

It turned out that Wino had gone to find his daughter.

He had the money to back it up.

He wanted to see his ex-girlfriend and his daughter

But he couldn't even get in the door

And he was told that his ex-girlfriend was engaged to be married

She was going to get married in the southern part of Africa at the Cape of Good Hope.

His daughter

And she will officially have a father.

Before he died, Vernor wanted

Before he died, he wanted to see his daughter at least once.

Go straight back to the hospital.

To tell Fendi about going their separate ways.

He said he didn't want to die here

He wants to go on a trip abroad

And Fendi thinks Wino is breaking his word.

He promised to start a blog to document their "rich life."

But Wino couldn't care less and forced to leave

Seeing that Wino is so insistent

Fendi, who had no hope of getting the lung source, threatened to call the police

He wanted to go with him.

Wino had to agree.

The two millionaires also officially started their journey to the rich and famous

A case of the best wine

Wrapped a coastline lying around

Sexy and super hot

Come two

One for you

One for me

They also bought an RV.

Uno hid from Fendi that he was going to the Cape of Good Hope.

Actually, it was to meet his girlfriend and daughter

They were uncomfortable with the water and pulled along.

They climbed to the highest tower.

They shouted "Long live freedom!

They talked about life.

Until dawn.

And Fendi got to know the wildlife of the African savannah

On the road

On the road.

They saved a black child who was being chased.

Unable to resist Fendi's request

Uno had to take him with him

They recorded it all

Thankful for the last journey of their lives

Their amazing journey was just posted online

And it got hundreds of thousands of views.

This made it even more impossible for them to go back

He also told Wino the news excitedly

Along the way

The friendship between the two grew stronger and stronger

Start the journey

But instead of driving to the destination

Instead, he went to his ex-girlfriend's wedding.

Fendi then realized

He had been lied to by Wino

Uno wasn't there to help him have the best day ever.

Or to leave a mark.

He was just a ticket for Uno.

But he followed Uno into the manor anyway.

Because he hadn't met his daughter.

Uno also mistook him for someone else

He understood his previous mistakes

He understood how much damage he had done to mother and son

He just wanted to do his duty as a father.

With what little money he had

But this made the couple feel insulted

The two were blown away.

Back on the road, Fenty doesn't blame Wino for his deception.

Instead, he came to comfort and guide him.

The next day the two woke up confused

The kid had stolen the caravan.

Miano cursed loudly

Fendi, however, was calm.

After all, his oxygen tank was still in the car.

However, it didn't matter to either of them anymore.

Their journey was coming to an end.

Uno had met his daughter.

Fendi had become an internet sensation and left his mark.

Both of them had a great ride.

They stopped at a high mountain.

They were ready to kill themselves.

But when it came time to do it, they were torn and neither could do it.

They argued and argued and waited for the bell to ring.

Fenty's BB rings.

This thing is the contact information for Fendi and the attending doctor.

Once it rings, it means

Fenty had a suitable organ donor.

He could have a new lung and be reborn.

Fendi was so happy that he was going back home.

But Wino thinks it's a police trap.

The two of them break up.

Back at the hospital, Fendi did not encounter the police trap

But in fact, the hospital is not looking for him either

But Wino

He doesn't have a brain tumor.

He's just a narcoleptic.

Uno was far away in South Africa.

Thought his daughter was having the same "attack" as him

Thought his daughter might have the same terminal illness

He went to see his ex-girlfriend and her husband

They should have been checked out earlier

The couple, both doctors, told Wino

It's just narcolepsy.

It's not a terminal disease at all

But this concern still warmed the ex-girlfriend's

prejudice against Wino

Fendi was by now infected

Weakly, he recorded a video of Miano giving his daughter

He sent it to Miano's ex-girlfriend

He was forgiven again

A reborn Wino sneaks back to China

A terminally ill and dying Fendi

Waiting for the sunrise on the roof

Just like the first time we met.

Fendi doesn't care anymore


It was the best day of his life

After Fendi's death.

Uno was charged in court.

His lawyers have been arguing with the hospital about malpractice.

Cleared him of the charges.

And his daughter learned a lot of tricks from the video of Uno.

His life changed course because of the best day of his life.

changed the course of his life.

Seize every day of your life.

It's important to live to your last day.

But we must understand

Every moment

Is our youngest moment

Stay optimistic and hopeful for a better life

This is respect for life

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