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Plot "in the robbery" movie commentary copy

Drama"in the robbery" movie comment ary copy

Plot "in the robbery" movie commentary copy

Luhan as a psycho killer

Do you dare to watch it?

Recently, a new drama has caused a lot of buzz among netizens

Lu Han played a villainous role of a white-faced scholar in it

Coincidentally, in this drama, Lu Han

There is also the episode of pushing someone down the mountain

Isn't this the young version of Zhang Dongsheng?

Look, wearing glasses

He speaks softly

They both like to push people down the mountain

But after watching a few episodes, I realized

This character is much more ruthless than Zhang Dongsheng

The modus operandi is also more like that of a highly intelligent psychotic killer

This drama is called "Inevitable Escape

At the beginning of the story, in a shabby rice noodle store

The owner skillfully cuts vegetables, fries flour and takes out food

A black customer in the store acts strangely

After eating the powder, he put glue on his fingers

Anyone familiar with crime movies knows this

This was an operation to cover up fingerprints

The owner smoked a cigarette outside

The black man sneaked into the kitchen and took a kitchen knife

This knife was taken to the parking lot of an upscale neighborhood

A woman was attacked from behind by the man in black

The action was clean and crisp, and the knife sealed her throat

Then the killer dropped a burning paper crane

On the other side, in front of a watch store called Five Fingers

The owner of the river noodle store took off his watch

He touched it with affection.

It was a child's watch.

A child's watch with a broken dial

The owner is Wang Limin, a former criminal police officer

Two years ago today

His daughter Doduo accidentally fell off a cliff and died

His wife could never get out

She filed for divorce, and his wife was torn apart

From then on, Wang Limin spent his days in a muddle

Took the initiative to apply to the bureau for suspension

He decided to take a break

But trouble still came to him.

The murder in the parking lot last night.

Someone came forward to the police station to give himself up.

He said his name was Fu Jiliang.

He confessed to the crime voluntarily.

He gave details of the crime.

Including the knife that was used as the murder weapon.

But halfway through the story

He did not want to go on

He asked Wang Limin by name to reappear.

("Tell him to come and ask me questions)

("If he doesn't come)

("I have nothing to say)

Wang Limin had no choice but to be dragged to the police station

But he didn't even know the suspect in front of him.

The two sat in the interrogation room and looked at each other.

The suspect began to foretell the next murder without moving.

He said that at 10:30 tonight

Someone else would die.

Wang Limin didn't like that.

Turned around and wanted to leave

The suspect across the street did not panic at all

Instead, he asked a strange question


(What time is it?)

Knowing that it was after twelve o'clock

The suspect changed his face as if he had multiple personalities.

("I didn't kill anyone)

He suddenly retracted his confession.

The murderer coerced him into saying what he had just said.

Then he said something that made Wang Limin explode on the spot.

("Dodo's death)

("It wasn't just an accident)

(How is it not an accident?)

The police first followed the address revealed by the suspect.

They found the next murder scene.

Sure enough, there was a second victim.

And the name on his ID card was actually Fu Jiliang.

If he is Fu Gilang

Then who is the one in the police station?

On the other hand

Fake Fu Jiliang was suddenly sent to the hospital foaming at the mouth.

In fact, this is his design

This is to escape the rhythm

When Wang Limin rushed to the hospital people have long run away

But he received a call from the killer

His ex-wife was tied up on the roof of the Peace Building.

Wang Limin arrived alone

The killer said his real name was Pan Abin

And gave him a problem

The elevator of the building was filled with explosives

It was filled with arriving police officers

In one minute, wife or colleague

Wang Limin had to choose one

This Pan Ah Bin is the Gotham City Joker in disguise?

However, before Wang Limin could make a choice

What happened next was beyond everyone's expectation

Never seen such a daring domestic suspense drama

The lead actors Lu Han and Wang Qianyuan

In the first episode, all received a box of rice

How can this play next

XXX counted by fingers

I know the plot is certainly not simple

Sure enough

Wang Limin, who had just been shot by Pan Ah Bin, suddenly woke up

She was still in the humble noodle store before

Could it be that what just happened was all a dream?

Then if it was a dream

Why is everything so real?

Wang Limin looked around

Something is wrong

Why does the scene in front of him look familiar?

He walked into the kitchen in a trance

He turned his head suddenly

The knife that had been used as the murder weapon was gone again

Wang Limin's intuition told him

He seemed to have traveled back in time before the crime

He hurriedly called his ex-wife to remind her not to go out

At the same time he also realized

The murder was happening in the parking lot right now

Wang Limin rushed to the scene of the crime

But he was still a step too late

From the body temperature of the victim, it was easy to deduce

The murderer, Pan Abin, had just left

Wang Limin turned around and ran out of the parking lot

He saw a familiar back

This Pan Abin's behavior was very odd

After killing someone, he could still leave so calmly

Wang Limin was nervous afterwards

Pan Abin suddenly accelerated

Sprinted for a while, then stopped for a while

Seems to be waiting for the other side to follow

But Wang Limin still lost him

Had to return to the scene of the crime

At this time, the police had already completed the initial search

As a result, they took Wang Limin as the number one suspect

Zhao Min, an old subordinate, immediately pulled Wang Limin aside

She believed that Zhang would not kill anyone.

But she felt that there was something abnormal

Wang Limin blurted out the names of the victim and the murderer

This made the subordinate also have a slight wavering

She needed further confirmation.

("Are you crazy, Wang Limin?)

(I'm not crazy)

(You are not crazy)

("I'm not crazy)

(Is the knife yours?)

(It's mine)

("Is the knife yours?)

(The knife is mine)

The professor that Pan Abin impersonated before

Fu Jiliang returned home

He drank a glass of water after entering the door according to his custom

Turned around

There was someone in the room

He could not see the face of the man across the room

Suddenly felt a dizzy spell

After waking up, Fu Jiliang found himself in the sewer

A bomb was strapped to his body.

He couldn't answer the call of the day or the ground.

A camera was pointed at him from a distance.

The footage of Fu Jiliang being trapped

was transmitted to the police computer in real time.

A recording of the killer was also sent.

(Now you have one hour)

("Let Wang Limin come to the Peace Building alone.)

("As long as he arrives within an hour.)

("I can stop the bomb timer.)

It's Wang Limin again.

The Peace Building again.

Why does the killer have to be at

At a specific time, at a specific place, with a specific target.

To complete a pre-publicized killing ritual

Zhao Min had no choice but to bring Wang Limin here

The surveillance video of the parking lot

It has been proved that he (Wang Limin) is not the murderer

Wang Limin checked the information on the computer with great vigor

Pan Abin was coming for him

Although the exact reason is not clear

But he believed he could stop it

And further identify the motive of the other party's series of confusing behavior

According to the light and ambient sound of the real-time screen

Wang Limin locked the general area where Fu Jiliang was trapped

Police evacuated the crowd

Identify the exact location

Explosion prevention experts quickly removed the bomb

But there was not much time left

Site search is no longer possible

Can only be taken to the open detonation

Just in the nick of time

Wang Limin appeared

(Get in the car!)

(Get down)

Wang Limin successfully detonated the bomb in the river

But the danger didn't go far.

His ex-wife Qiao Xin did not accept his

Inexplicable offer of protection

Insisted on driving home alone

But soon after the car started

A dark figure in the back seat slowly got up

The next morning

Wang Limin who slept overnight in the police station

Go out for breakfast

Not long after someone carrying a bowl of wontons

Sitting next to him

It was no other person

It was the man Wang Limin was chasing, Pan Ah Bin

(How dare you?)

(Believe it or not, I'll arrest you)

The calm and relaxed Pan Abin was obviously prepared

He took out his cell phone and put it on the table

Wang Limin picked it up and looked at it

It was a picture of his ex-wife Qiao Xin being kidnapped

Pan Abin used this as leverage

He made a deal with Wang Limin

He told him to bring out Fu Jiliang, who was under police protection.

Faced with the threat

Wang Limin planned to take advantage of the situation

He took Fu Jiliang to the place designated by Pan Ah Bin.

Officer Zhao Min followed him in his car

They arrived at the Peace Building again.

Before carrying out the final killings

Pan Abin lit a thousand paper cranes with a lighter again

Wang Limin forced Fu Giliang onto the rooftop

Pan Abin pointed a gun at Qiao Xin's head and waited for a long time

He threw out a kitchen knife

He threatened Wang Limin to kill Fu Jiliang in front of him.

How can a police officer kill someone so easily?

But Wang Limin did not hesitate

He slowly walked towards the terrified Fu Jiliang

It turns out that Wang Limin had Zhao Min downstairs in advance

Make a good precautionary measures

Just in case

This round

Wang Limin was one step ahead again

Pan Ah Bin thought Wang Limin had blood on his hands

smiled with satisfaction

He bragged about

Wang Limin's daughter Duoduo's death

It turned out that the death of Duoduo two years ago

Wasn't just an accident

It was because she witnessed Pan Ah Bin push someone down the mountain

Duoduo panicked and ran before falling off the cliff

Wang Limin was furious

She hysterically questioned Pan Ah Bin

Why does he keep haunting him?

Pan Ah Bin smiled and replied

You can make it the last mystery in your life

Wang Limin successfully saved his ex-wife

The police on standby broke down the door and arrested Pan Abin

All the thrills and chills

It seems that with Wang Limin's brains and determination, he managed to turn the danger into peace

The hanging heart finally fell to the ground

Wang Limin gently took his ex-wife to the ambulance

But before he left, he was called by Zhao Min

She said that Pan Abin wanted to see him by name

The two arrived in the ambulance

Pan Abin was handcuffed to the hospital bed and said calmly

Captain Zhang

Do you think I can still kill you this time?

Wang Limin asked back with a disdainful face

Can you kill me again?

Then Pan Abin said one word without expression


This is the end of the story

If you thought this was an ordinary crime thriller before

A few minutes later, you'll be smacked in the face

The setting of "In Case of Escape" is quite emotional

Including time travel and time reset

We follow the protagonist's point of view

We travel through different time periods

The story is told layer by layer, which makes people confused

But at the same time, it also leaves a lot of doubts

What is the relationship between Pan Abin and Wang Limin?

What are the reasons and trigger conditions for time travel?

Why did Pan Abin kill and leave the paper crane

This paper crane not only appears in the drama

It is also hidden in the title and poster.

Including what will happen the next time you die

It is difficult to guess the ending without watching the last second

The main character with his precognitive ability

Thought to stop the crime from happening

But falls deeper into the swamp of time

Does he have a chance?

If he starts over

The title of "Inevitable

illustrates very well this cyclical fatalism

and the powerlessness of people to seek truth and salvation in the face of time.

The English version of the title is even more interesting


That will never stop

The tragic mythological figure pushes the same boulder up the mountain

It is used as a metaphor for the protagonist

Trapped under this five-finger mountain of time and struggling to move forward

There is no way back and no way out

Predicting what will happen

This is the end of today's story

I am XXX

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