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Movie commentary copy for the drama "Thirty Only

Drama "Thirty Only " movie comment ary copy

Movie commentary copy for the drama "Thirty Only

The latest Chinese drama "Thirty Only

Often on the hot search

Three female leads

Experiencing divorce, cheating and deception

Each has her own spirit and embarrassment

But Jiang Shu Ying plays the role of Shanghai's Lu drifting Wang Aini

Is the epitome of most social animal youth

She has been in Shanghai for eight years

She works in a luxury luxury store as a salesperson

Everyday work is like a war

For the sake of performance

She uses scallion pancakes

Bribed security guards to open green lanes

After the customers were happy to buy

Ani insisted on bowing 90 degrees to send "God" away

Worried about missing customers

She couldn't even drink water

Dare not go to the toilet

So she held her urine for too long

She fainted at home alone with acute nephritis.

(Don't carry everything on your own You hear me?)

Fortunately, everything pays off

One day, a woman comes to the store

The next day, a middle-aged woman in plain clothes

She didn't look like a rich person.

All the sales in the store avoided her.

Ani was the only one who came up to her.

She looked at the shoes and didn't buy them.

She looked at the clothes and didn't buy them either.

But Ani always kept a smile on her face.

I never thought

This unassuming middle-aged woman is actually an invisible rich person

She wanted to buy more than 3 million dollars of custom-made jewelry.

(No more questions)

(I'll take it)

And Ani had a big client.

She had to be careful not to let her jealous colleagues take the credit.

Ani has worked hard to get the big order

But it's still hard for her to take root in Shanghai

It's still very difficult to establish roots in this big city

She had promised her parents

Before she turned 30

Either buy a house in Shanghai

or find someone to marry

If neither of those things were available

She would go back to her hometown in earnest

Ani is about to turn 30.

Not only could she not afford to buy a house

She couldn't even afford to rent.

The landlord kept raising the rent

He even used her daughter's wedding as an excuse

She was told to move out at any time

She doesn't dare to buy a water fountain at home

It's not that I can't afford to buy one

But the burden of moving

is too heavy for a single woman

But it's not that she doesn't have suitors

If she wants to

She could get married in a minute

But she doesn't want to settle for less

If she wants to marry, she should marry a quality man

Ani's hard work is appreciated by her boss.

She is rewarded with a luxury cruise to Europe

She puts on the high-end clothes she borrowed from her best friend

She decides to make a brief escape from her anxiety.

On the cruise, Ani meets a

Rich and funny.

Does this mean that spring is coming for her?

("Me and the other women in this bar)

("What's the difference?)

("The women in this cabin)

("Won't put a sole glue on their high heels)

(Especially a woman as beautiful as you)

The rich and handsome launched a romantic attack on Ani

All kinds of attentiveness

Although Ani also has a crush on the rich man

But she kept her distance at all times

Before getting off the ship, he knocked on Ani's door.

He was about to walk into the room.

And Ani came out with a single step

She closed the door in front of him.

The rich man invited Ani to go with him to the North Pole to see the Aurora Borealis

The airfare and hotel were all inclusive.

Of course she knew what he meant.

But here's what Ani said

("Everything that happened on the ship)

("We can't take it all with us anyway.)

("Why don't we leave it all behind?)

After that, Ani returned to her real life.

But she still can't forget the rich and handsome

And he didn't die.

She found Ani's workplace

She confessed her love to him.

("I got off the boat and went to see the Aurora Borealis.)

("And went several places)

("I felt something was missing)

("I think I'm missing the bowl.)

(Scrambled eggs with tomatoes)|

The rich man slipped a room card into Ani's pocket

Ani finally fell in love

She took a leave of absence and rushed to the rich and handsome

Running, knocking, kissing

Everything that should have happened happened.

The rich man is so devoted to Ani.

It was too hard to wear high heels to work every day.

He gave Ani a car directly

He also took her to various high-end places.

He gave her all kinds of expensive clothes and jewelry

But the relationship was not confirmed

Every time Aini confronted him about it

All by the rich handsome dodge

This day, the rich man gave her a card

He said he would pay into it every month.

But Ani refused

("What am I to do with this card?)

("To support me)

("She didn't want to accept charity)

("She doesn't want to be nice)

(And she didn't want to lose herself)

What she wants is a name

Ani finally couldn't take it anymore.

She showed her cards to the rich guy.

If the relationship is not confirmed, break up

After that, she turned around and left.

The next day, the rich man appeared in the store.

He picked out a piece of jewelry at the counter and walked up to Ani

("These are all for my girlfriend)

(She should take it.)

("Thank you all for taking care of my girlfriend.)

It seemed that love was coming true.

But then the rich man suddenly told her.

("I'm a non-marriageable person)

This should be the most crummy quote I've heard this year

("We're both from the north and the south)

("Don't interfere with each other)

("I'm not asking you to be a mistress)

("I'm a non-marriage advocate)

("That's the attitude of an open partner)

("You can try to accept it.)

This clip is from the hit drama "Thirty Only

The story goes like this

In the face of the so-called non-maritalist rich man

Ani still has illusions.

As long as there is love

Maybe he will change his mind one day

One day, a Hong Kong woman comes into the store.

She tried to make things difficult for Ani.

After four hours of torment.

She only bought the cheapest tie.

And the moment she pulled out her credit card.

Ani saw the name printed on it

It was the name of her handsome boyfriend.

The woman told her

She was the hidden couple that the rich man had been dating for seven years

This time, she was here to assert her sovereignty.

She told Ani to quit.

The woman shows up again in a few days

She asked Ani to do her bidding.

Ani refused to do so.

She resigned.

And the woman slapped her across the face

But Ani still can't give up

She went to Hong Kong alone

Only to see a heartbreaking scene

The rich man finally revealed the true face of the King of the Sea

It turns out that he has a "girlfriend" like Ani in almost every place

There is a "girlfriend" like Ani

The last time they met

The rich man said the bottom line

He wanted Ani and the Hong Kong woman to be one south and one here

No interference from each other

But how could Ani agree to that?

(I feel dirty)

The rich man was in a hurry.

He said that he bought all the clothes and things that Aini wears and uses

Ani stood up immediately after hearing this

Without hesitation, she began to take off her jewelry and clothes

Until you take off the last piece of underwear


Fortunately, the waitress who witnessed everything helped

And lent her her clothes

Ani was walking around in plain clothes

That's what she really looked like

To live her ideal life

Ani was lost in materialism and love.

She had an ex-boyfriend.

The reason for the breakup was

Ani saw too many rich people in luxury stores

She thought her boyfriend was not career-minded and could not make money

She said

(I waited for)

(is a man who can stand in front of me)

(A man who will lead me)

(Not to follow behind me)

("who will feed me and clothe me at all times)

But Ani is not a "gold-digger."

She seeks a better life.

She seeks material things, but refuses to be objectified

She falls in love

She falls in love, but sticks to the bottom line

She is in love with a rich man

But if there is no respect and equality in love

She will leave decisively

After the disillusionment of love and the shock of reality

She understands one thing

The happiness you want

Can only be achieved by yourself

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