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Drama film "Green Book" commentary text Commentary

Drama movie "Green Book" commentary text commentary

Drama film "Green Book" commentary text Commentary

How serious is racism in America?

Listen to me tell you a few absurd real-life cases and you'll see

A bizarre death occurred in Dallas, Texas in September 2018

A white female police officer came home from work, probably because she was too tired

She inadvertently climbed an extra floor and went to the apartment above hers

She saw a black man inside the apartment with the door ajar.

The policewoman did not even think about it and thought it was a burglar

So she fired two shots and killed him on the spot

After the investigation, the victim was a 26-year-old black accountant

He worked for one of the world's top accounting firms, PricewaterhouseCoopers

It can be said to be the top black elite with a bright future

He was also the pillar of his family and the apple of his parents' eye.

He was eating ice cream at his home at the time of the murder.

He didn't do anything bad, but he died in an unknown way.

A year later, the policewoman was sentenced to ten years in prison.

And after serving five years, she may be paroled, where to justify this

The same incredible thing also happened this year

On February 23, 2020, a black man in Georgia

was jogging on a neighborhood street for exercise

He was shot by a white father and son as a "runaway thief"

He was shot three times and killed on the spot.

It is reported that the father was a former police officer and had some local connections.

Therefore, the father and son were not arrested for more than two months after the crime

Only in May of this year was the official charge

But due to special circumstances, the court has not yet heard the trial

These two things together is very confusing, black people in the end where to go

If they go out for a run, they will be shot as thieves.

If you don't run, it's not safe to stay at home.

Who knows when the neighbors will walk in the wrong door again?

Racism in America began with the slave trade in 1619.

From the first batch of black slaves in the North American continent

Racism against blacks began with the first slaves in the North American continent.

And it was a legitimate racial discrimination based on slavery.

Slavery continued for over 200 years after that

Until 1863, when Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation.

That's when slavery was abolished on a national scale.

But the abolition of slavery did not overturn

The black stereotype in the minds of white people

They created a new system of segregation.

To put it bluntly, although the black people were not treated as slaves and commodities

but still see them as a lower race of people

For this reason they forced two systems of public resources

Schools were divided into white schools and black schools

Toilets were divided into white and black toilets

White people sat in the front of the bus and black people sat in the back

Even in the cemetery after death, blacks are not allowed to be too close to whites

If a black person goes to a place where he should not go

The light will be deported and scolded, the heavy will be in danger of life

So a black postal worker named Victor Hugo wrote a handbook

It listed in detail the places where blacks could go and go, and it was called a survival guide for blacks at that time.

It was called "The Green Book," and it was the movie that won three Oscars last year, including Best Picture.

This is the origin of the name of the movie "Green Book", which won three Oscars last year, including Best Picture.

This movie is also about a black man and a white man's story

But the interesting thing is that the white man is vulgar and poor

But the black man is noble and elegant

You can say that the traditional American black and white status is reversed

This story takes place in the United States in 1962

It was at a time when the black affirmative action movement and segregation were in fierce collision

At that time, Martin Luther King had not yet delivered his "I have a dream" speech

Tony Lip, a white man, was the man in charge of the nightclub's tricky business.

If someone was causing a scene, Tony would politely ask them to leave.

In fact, Tony is not only able to fight, but also able to talk, talk about the sky and the earth without bragging

Therefore, others have given him a nickname, called "big mouth"

Tony was a soft touch, but just the right size to handle PR issues.

As a result, his friends consider him to be a reliable person

If you have any problems, you can call him.

But in fact, the smooth Tony also has some inherent discrimination inside.

For example, this day two black maintenance workers came to his house to work

His wife was kind enough to offer them a drink of water.

But afterwards Tony looked at the cups of water that the two blacks had drunk

directly disgusted with the cup into the trash can

Although Tony knows how to deal with the world, but the sky is raining, the mother has to marry

The nightclub has to close for renovation, so Tony may have to be unemployed for two months.

This is a problem for their family, which is already not rich.

It's a real problem.

Tony wins back $50 from a hot dog eating contest

To support the family, but this is not a long-term solution

So he started looking for a job, and one day a friend introduced him to a job as a driver

And when he arrived at the interview site was stunned

The whole house is full of all kinds of precious and rare furnishings, this is not a place where people live

It's like a king's castle, right?

And more surprising to Tony is that the object of his service is actually a black man

Although this black man dressed elegantly and elegantly, sitting high up like a nobleman

But this can not hide his skin color in any way

In 1962, Tony, who was white, had to serve as a driver for a black man.

Not only was he unacceptable to himself

Most of society probably couldn't accept it.

The black man's name was Don Shelly, a pianist who was known as Dr. Shelly.

The reason why Tony was asked to come over was because he wanted to go deeper into the South for a concert tour

But the deeper he went into the South, the more serious the discrimination against blacks became

So Shelly needed someone who could help him with all kinds of trouble.

But Tony didn't want to be a nanny for a black man.

He got up to leave, and Shelly tried to hold him back, so Tony offered a high price.

He wanted to turn him down.

But to his surprise, the next day, Dr. Shelly called anyway

politely asked Tony's wife to borrow her husband's request

And said that the salary would be paid according to Tony's request

Now Tony had no reason to refuse

Besides, the family really needed the money now

Before hitting the road, Shelly's agency gave Tony a book.

The book was the title of the film, "The Green Book".

It was a detailed list of places where black people could go.

It was a survival guide for black people at the time.

His wife repeatedly told Tony to write to her on the road to let her know she was safe.

and try to get back before Christmas.

Because it was an annual family reunion, just like our Chinese New Year.

Once everything was ready, one black and one white embarked on a journey south

Dr. Shelly's skin is black.

But his manner of speech and temperament all show elegance and dignity

On the contrary, Tony, a white man, who has long been involved in society, does not know what to say

He likes to eat with his hands and take a big bite

Even if the boss is sitting in the back, he does not hide it

He swallowed the fog in the front seat and let the boss inhale his second-hand smoke

Dr. Shelly reminded Tony of two things to keep in mind afterwards

One, make sure the piano in every touring venue is a Steinway

The second is to make sure that a bottle of smooth whiskey is delivered to his room every night

The whole way Tony was talking and talking and talking and talking and talking.

Dr. Shelly was a little annoyed.

By nightfall, they arrived at their first stop, Pittsburgh.

After checking in.

Dr. Shelly's two friends, who were accompanying him, were downstairs chatting with the girls.

But the doctor sat alone on the balcony, looking at them alone, drinking alone

The next day, before the performance, Dr. Shelly asked Tony to watch his words

Because the concert was full of high-class people, but Tony was not concerned.

He refused to go along with the so-called upper class.

At night, the hall was lit up and Dr. Shelly straightened his back

As soon as the ten fingers of his hands touched the keys, he turned into a genie and began to dance.

Sure enough, there is no prejudice in music. Watch Tony's expression change.

At first a little disdain, exhaled a puff of smoke, then hand up, mouth slightly open

Showed surprise, and finally directly smug look at the next person

As if to say, "Hey, did you see that? That's my boss, isn't that great?

On the night of the trip to Ohio, Tony started writing to his wife

He wrote a very simple letter, similar to our elementary school essays.

It went like this.

("Dear Delores, how are you? I'm fine.)

("And I'm eating well, mostly burgers.)

("So don't worry if I don't eat well.)

(I saw Dr. Shelly play the piano tonight)

(He didn't play the piano like a black man, like Liberace but better.)

(I thought he looked like a genius)

(When I look at him in the rearview mirror)

(He's always thinking about something)

(That's what geniuses are like, I guess)

("But the life of a genius doesn't seem like much fun)

("I miss you very, very much.)

Although not very literate, this letter is a true expression of his feelings.

On their second stop, they arrived in Hanover, Indiana.

Here they encountered their first problem

The piano that the host had prepared for Dr. Shelly was full of garbage.

And it wasn't a Steinway, so Tony asked the staff

So Tony asked the staff why the Steinway piano was not prepared according to the contract.

And here's what the man in charge said

A nigger, what Steinway piano, almost enough

Hearing this, Tony knew it was useless to talk properly

So he slapped Dr. Shelly's Steinway piano.

On the way to the next stop, Kentucky

Tony bought fried chicken and wanted to share it with Dr. Shelly.

But the doctor never eats fried chicken

Because in America, fried chicken has become synonymous with black people from the lower class.

In spite of this, Tony was still a big fan.

He didn't care and kept handing the doctor fried chicken and asking him to try it.

At first, the doctor refused the fried chicken very firmly

But after three or four times, Tony still insisted, and smelling the aroma right in his mouth

The doctor finally could not resist

He cupped his fingers, trying to maintain an elegant posture, gin and hold ate up

And in the following time, I guess even Shelly himself did not expect

He actually took the initiative to accept the second piece of fried chicken

The law of true fragrance is applicable to both ancient and modern times.

Shelly also followed Tony learned to "elegant" bone throwing posture

But when the doctor saw Tony throw the plastic cups out of the

He forced Tony to reverse back to pick it up

Dr. Shelly is really strict (plastic cups are not easy to degrade)

(I knew it... You must have a gun)

(Pick it up - really)

By late afternoon, they arrived in Louisville, further south.

Here the blacks could only stay in small, special hotels.

Even if you have money, you can't stay in a hotel.

The dirty environment, Tony felt that it did not match the identity of the doctor

But it couldn't be helped, it was the rule of the day.

After Tony left for the white man's quarters, Dr. Shelly sat alone in the corner

Completely unable to fit in with his fellow countrymen

This old black man invited him to play ball with him, and when Dr. Shelly refused

They were taunting him, saying that the doctor was dressed in a suit and looked like a man.

Does he think he's so honorable?

The doctor didn't want to confront them, and he didn't want to stay here any longer

So he turned around and went to the bar. Tony had just finished packing his things

When he heard that the doctor had an accident in the bar

He rushed to the bar

I saw a few white guys pulling the drunken doctor

They were all talking about discrimination.

Tony came in, he was polite, and after all, there were a lot of people across the street.

It's better not to make a big deal out of it, since it's on someone else's turf.

But the opposite side saw Tony came to ask for people, but more excited

One of them also took out a knife

And then, Tony put his hand on his waist and made a gun

These punks didn't dare to bet on whether Tony really had a gun or not

And the owner of the store also took out a gun to say that there are problems out to solve

So the gangsters had to let people go

After coming out, Tony seriously serious "warning" Dr.

From now on, without me, you can not go anywhere

The doctor asked a confused question, you really have a gun?

Tony replied, of course not

(I knew it... You must have a gun)

As the journey progressed, their location got further and further south.

There were many black slave workers along the way, who lived with their faces to the ground

They had been exploited by the farmers for generations.

When the black slaves saw the gorgeous Dr. Shelly

They must have wondered when black people could be so decent

And there was a white man serving him.

They looked at each other across the river, a short road that separated two worlds.

The car was soon repaired and before leaving

Dr. Shelly looked at his fellow countrymen with a deep feeling, perhaps he also had a lot of feelings

I don't know how to express it

They continued south and arrived in North Carolina.

Dr. Shelley played his normal game and was expected to receive a standing ovation.

However, the unexpected thing was that when Dr. Shelly wanted to take a break midway

The owner did not allow him to use the toilet in his own house

Instead, he was told to use the ramshackle black-only toilet outside the house.

The doctor did not want to settle, and felt insulted

He preferred to spend an extra half hour to go back to the hotel for convenience

And when he came back to the dinner to finish the second half of the show

Still full of smiles and just shake hands with the people who insulted him

In response, Tony said he couldn't understand it and said if they did that to me

I will definitely be in their bedroom to facilitate

At this point, a sidekick stepped forward and said

Continuing south this will happen more often

And Dr. Shelly could have stayed in the north

Easily making three times more money than here, and being respected and sought after

But he still volunteered to come here. Tony then asked, why?

The companion sold a story, did not say for the time being

The next day, Tony wrote to his wife as usual, Dr. Shelly took a look at it

He said he thought he was writing a blackmail letter.

So the doctor helped Tony improvise a love letter

He read Tony the responsibility of writing

(Dear Delores...)

("I'm reminded of the beautiful plains of Iowa.)

("Flat what?)

(Those prairies we see in the plains)

(Yes, it's a beautiful plain.)

(That's what they call the prairies around here)

(Tony, don't play with yourself.)

(What? Just write what I said.)

(The distance that separates us)

(# And it's making me feel like I'm losing my mind #)

(Between us)

(The time and journey without you means nothing to me)

("Being in love with you is the easiest thing I've ever done)

("To be in love with you)

("It's so damn romantic)

("The easiest thing I've ever done)

(There's nothing more important than you)

("I feel it every day that I live)

("I fell in love with you the day I met you and I love you today)

("I will continue to love you for the rest of my life)

The wife was touched by Tony's letter for the first time

On the way to the show, Tony and the doctor passed by a suit store

A gray suit caught the doctor's attention.

So they were ready to go in and try it on.

The clerk handed the suit to Tony with great enthusiasm

However, when Tony handed the suit to Dr. Shelly again

The clerk suddenly changed his face, he directly grabbed the suit from the doctor's hand

He said he wouldn't let the doctor try it on.

At the end of the night, Shelly took his aggression and anger out on the piano.

With a perfect performance, he regained his self-esteem

However, shortly after the performance

The Doctor was arrested for being alone with a white gay man

Tony arrives and settles the matter with money, but Shelly doesn't appreciate it

He couldn't accept the actions of Tony's police officers

It's obvious that the cops did something wrong, and Tony doesn't care about right or wrong

As long as the result is good, he is angry with Shelly for not listening to him and going out alone

But Shelly thinks

He did whatever he could to get the rest of his paycheck.

The two of them break up, but here the doctor is bluffing

He was afraid that Tony would discriminate against him on the basis of his orientation.

But Tony was careful not to mention anything about it.

The next day, they arrived in Memphis

In front of the hotel, Tony met his mafia friends.

In Italian, his friends asked him, "How did you end up working for a black man?

Why don't you come back and work with us, you'll make several times as much money as you do now

Tony didn't refuse outright and didn't say yes, they arranged to meet at 8pm

As soon as he turned around, he saw Shelly, who seemed to be waiting for him.

It turns out that Shelly could understand Italian

On the way he had felt the importance of Tony to himself

So he put aside the unpleasantness of last night.

He took the initiative to find Tony to offer him a salary increase, hoping that he would not leave him

Facing the slightly nervous and helpless doctor

Tony smiled lightly and said he was not going anywhere and did not need a salary increase

He was going downstairs to meet his friends and refuse their offers.

Shelly was touched, and he apologized from the bottom of his heart for what happened last night

And Tony just lightly replied.

Don't take it personally, I've worked in New York clubs all my life

I know, the world is very complicated

It's not easy to say that in those days (1962)

Tony's tolerance warmed Shelly's heart

On a rainy night heading to Mississippi

A couple of racist cops pulled them over

They saw a black man in the back seat of the car.

And a white man was driving in front of them.

He made it difficult by making Dr. Shelly get out of the car

He said that Tony was driving for a black man.

Tony this temper tantrum how to put up with, a punch swung up

So they were put in jail, and after they went in Tony's magic no longer works

And Dr. Shelly kept asking to call his lawyer.

The cops scoffed at this, saying you're a black man with a lawyer.

Well, let you call, I see who you can call

The next scene is very interesting.

The local governor then called the police department

Tell them to release him immediately! And he was very firm!

Did the doctor just call the governor?

Then you underestimate the doctor. The lawyer he was talking about was the Attorney General at the time.

Bobby Kennedy, the brother of President Kennedy.

On the way back, Tony was smug and laughing

But the doctor was very upset, because he felt that this is a very humiliating thing

Because of this incident, the two argued again

It even got to the race issue

Tony felt that Shelly had been pampered, living high up in the castle

He didn't look like a black man. He also said that in comparison, I am more like a black than you

Hearing this, Shelly's long-suppressed emotions finally burst out

He forced himself out of the car and spoke his mind in the pouring rain

(Yes, I live in a castle where Tony's all alone)

(Rich white people pay me to play the piano)

(Cause it makes them feel cultured)

(But when I got off the stage)

(I'm instantly just a nigger to them)

(Because that's their real culture)

("I endure contempt alone because I'm not accepted by my own people)

(Because I'm not like them either)

I'm not even man enough, tell me Tony who I am)

Not black enough, not white enough, not even man enough, the Doctor was caught in the middle

Neither side accepted him, and for a long time

Even the Doctor himself had forgotten who he really was

Tony looked at the back of the doctor in the rain, some heartache, want to comfort

But he didn't know where to begin.

The show had to go on and they arrived at their last stop in Birmingham, Alabama.

The hosts welcomed the Doctor with great enthusiasm

But in the end, they put him in a rundown utility room to change clothes and rest

At this point, at the dining table outside

The companion also spoke up and answered the reason why the doctor insisted on coming south

It turned out that the doctor was not looking for money or fame.

He wanted to change the public perception of black people.

But this was a difficult task, very difficult. Especially in the context of the times

It took a lot of courage to make such a decision

The words just fell. Dr. Shelly's side was given a hard time again

As the protagonist of the show, the host honored guest

But he was not allowed to dine in the restaurant

The manager explained that this was the rule for black people here.

Considering that this was the last show, Tony tried to persuade the doctor to let it go and put up with it.

But the Doctor's stubborn pride seemed to explode at this moment

Either I eat here or I don't go on stage

Such a threat made the manager anxious, and he called Tony aside

took out a hundred dollars and told Tony to persuade the black man

Tony felt insulted and pushed the manager directly against the wall

Just when he was about to strike, the doctor called him back

Shelly said that if Tony wanted him to play, he would do it

Tony is stumped for a moment

(Let's get the hell out of here)

(What do you mean by that?)

(Where else do you think you're going?)

(Don, come on. You signed a contract.)

(I know you're a man of your word)

(You got a show to do, mister, get back here)

(Now damn it right now)

(That's why people like you can't be here)

(Because you can't be trusted)

Tony takes the Doctor away in style, giving up a few bucks to save the Doctor's dignity

After that they went to a nearby black bar

The people inside are looking at them with a strange look

But luckily there was no confrontation, and after a good meal

The lady invited the Doctor to play a song, and with Tony's help the Doctor got on stage

He played his best classical piece

People's attention was instantly drawn to him and they started to applaud him

After that, the accompanist came on stage spontaneously

This time the doctor played a black pop music that he did not appreciate before

The people on stage started to dance to the music and when the music got exciting

The Doctor even stood up and played a beautiful tune without Steinway.

After walking out of the bar, Tony told Shelly not to approach the car and fired a shot into the sky

It turned out that Shelly had shown his wealth in the bar

Two punks hid behind the car and tried to rob Shelly

And the doctor saw the situation is trembling and said

I knew it, you must have a gun ...

Finally on the way home, they were stopped by the police again

But this time the police only kindly helped them to change the flat tire

They didn't give them a hard time

At the end, they finally went home and Tony invited the Doctor to his house for Christmas

But the doctor declined, he returned to the empty "castle" alone

Looking at these precious and rare furnishings in front of him

But he felt a touch of loneliness in his home

On the other side of Tony's house, the family reunion, a cozy

The relatives asked about the trip and mentioned in passing how the "nigger" was doing

And Tony's answer surprised the family by saying, "Don't call him that!

At that moment, there was a knock at the door

A familiar figure stood in front of Tony, and Tony saw the Doctor

Overwhelmed with excitement, he went forward and embraced the other side

Tony introduced the doctor to the family, and after a moment of shock

The family recovered from their surprise and welcomed Shelly with enthusiasm

(Hello, you must be Delores)

(Welcome Merry Christmas)

("Thank you for sharing your husband with me.)

("Thank you for writing to me for him.)

And that's the end of the film

This is a film that was released in 2018. Based on true events

Later Shelly continued touring and Tony returned to work at the club and was promoted to manager

Until 2013, when the two died around a few months apart

The Dr. Shelly in the film is a gentleman. It was his own talent, knowledge and taste that brought him to this gentleman status

He speaks elegantly, does not litter, refuses to urinate anywhere

He refuses to play games with black people that he is not interested in

Even though these are the things that white people think "black people should do."

Just because he's black doesn't mean he has to be like any black man.

He was a pianist, a gentleman, and he had the dignity and character of a gentleman

He wanted to show the white class that black people were not just inferior.

They can also be musicians, gentlemen

You can disrespect me, you can humiliate me, the times can't allow me to resist

But I will show you with self-respect and self-respect that "I am not inferior."

I will face your discrimination with integrity, and your inequality with unassumingness

A true warrior is brave enough to face life's misery.

I think Don Cherry is probably like that

Discrimination comes from prejudice, and prejudice comes from ignorance

Discrimination is everywhere around us. If you don't get married, you'll be discriminated against.

If you don't have children, you'll be discriminated against. You'll be discriminated against for your looks, color, culture, education, wealth, gender, age.

Even if you play a game, there will be discrimination

Discrimination has been around for a long time, and it's hard to eliminate.

We may not be able to change the status quo, but how we view discrimination

is a change we can all make, together with you

Well, that's it for today's story

I am XXX

A narrator dedicated to bringing movies to life

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