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Science Fiction "Evolution of Stupid" Movie Commentary Copy

Science Fiction"Evolution of Dumb and Dumber" Movie Comment ary Copy

Science Fiction "Evolution of Stupid" Movie Commentary Copy

You only need to answer one question correctly

You can be the smartest person in the world

Riding a monkey in a tree

A monkey on the ground

How many monkeys are there?


People around are surprised

Because the man did the right thing

The problem that has plagued mankind for 500 years

People with high IQs are stressed at work

Do not want to have children

People with low IQs have nothing to do all day

More and more children are born

As time goes on

Human IQs are declining

To combat this phenomenon

Officials decided to implement a hibernation program

They asked two volunteers to do experiments

to freeze high IQs

Thus preserving the excellent human genes

Shuai and Beauty were the first experimenters

The initial plan was to unfreeze them after a year

But this was an official secret

Only one leader knew the location of the hibernation bin

The result was unexpected

This leader had Alzheimer's disease

The plan was forgotten to a thousand and two

The hibernaculum was also abandoned in the garbage

Time has passed 500 years

The world has completely changed

The garbage mountain is piled up like a mountain

It was only a matter of time before it became Mount Everest.

But because of a can

triggered the total collapse of the garbage mountain

Garbage poured into the city like a tsunami

Shuai's hibernation bin also

Crashed into Dale's room

The door was opened under the impact

Then Shuai got up

The noise interrupted Dale's TV watching.

Before Shuai could catch his breath

He was thrown out directly by the other side

Dumbfounded, Shuai stood up

Looked at the world in front of him completely changed

Have I slept through the night?

He looked for someone on the roadside to ask for information

But because he didn't understand the dialect

The other person clenched his fist and wanted to beat him up

Shuai suspected that he had slept on his head

He decided to find a hospital to check it out

But when he went inside, it was dirty and messy

The corridor is also full of slot machines

And the way the hospital registered

He was also dumbfounded

He didn't ask anything

He pressed a cartoon picture directly

A handsome want to drink a sip of water to calm down

Good family fire this is how to drink ah

Just at that moment

He inadvertently flipped through the magazine on the table

He realized that it was already 500 years later

And the doctor who examined him

Found that Shuai's wrist

No QR code representing his identity

So he called the police to arrest him

So Ah Shuai was brought to court

And the judge, in order to be fair

Free to find him a lawyer

But he took a good look

Isn't this Dale?

But he didn't realize that because of what had just happened

directly accused Shuai guilty

Thus, under the defense of his own lawyer

He was successfully sentenced to 200 years in prison

The man was frozen for 500 years.

When he woke up, he found the world in a mess.

Collapsed buildings tied with ropes.

A half-broken highway.

Cars keep piling up and dying

This IQ Newton was afraid to see

And Ah Shuai was arrested and put in jail because he had no ID card

But he thought of the people now are two hundred and five

So he found the prison guard

Hello sir

My sentence has expired today

The guard raised his hand and slapped

Idiot, you're in the wrong line

Get out of jail and go that way

That's how Shuai managed to escape from prison

He immediately went to Dale's house

He learned that there was a time machine on Earth

Shuai wanted to use the time machine to travel back

So he fooled Dale to go looking for it together

He happened to meet the sleeping beauty halfway

Without saying a word, he dragged her to the car

Just explained the story

The police came after them

They had to abandon the car and run away

Not long after the police arrived

They opened fire on the empty car

They even set up artillery.

But the missiles missed the plane down

Finished but also forgot to raise their hands to get high

But before Ah Shuai could get far away

He was caught by a group of police

Sent to the White House

But because Ah Shuai answered correctly

The question that has been bothering people for 500 years

The President himself received him

He thinks Shuai is the smartest person in the world.

This brain does not look too big

After saying that, he took Shuai to an international conference

If you don't know, you'll think you're at a concert.

And the president announced Marshal as a minister.

In one week.

To solve the problem of crop failure

If you can't do it, you have to spend the rest of your life in prison.

Shuai had no choice but to accept the task.

He used his position to find beautiful people.

You must be wondering why they are so smart

Why didn't they run away?

Because there are two rifles aimed at them

Just ask you dare to run away

Can only helplessly in the farm to check the situation

But at that moment, it seems that Ah Shuai has discovered

The reason why the crops can not grow

In the future world

Human intelligence is rapidly deteriorating

They actually used drinks to irrigate the crops

So that before the crops could sprout

In the cradle.

The only people with any sense of sanity

Are the beverage companies

They have a monopoly on water.

They're making a lot of noise about how beverages can take the place of water.

They wash cars with beverages.

Drinks are for babies.

And water can only be used to flush toilets

You have to say that he is a business genius

Ah Shuai also found the key to the problem

That is to replace the drink with water to water

Only then can the crop grow and sprout

But after a while

The crop still no young sprouts

And the beverage company's sales plummeted

They were forced to lay off a large number of employees.

The unemployed people went on a rampage

Thinking that Ah Shuai is a fraud

Took the case to court

Again jailed

And as a felon, Shuai

The way to get freedom is also very simple

Is to use his high IQ mind to overcome three tanks

But his car is a small car

A look is not a level

The good thing is that the other side scrapped one right after the scene

Although Ah Shuai drove a small car

To face two tanks

But not the least bit panic

He used his high intelligence

Combined with the flexibility of the small car

Successfully let the two cars collide

The whole crowd was in shock

Just as Shuai was declared the winner

The big tank station came out

She had a flamethrower in her hand

She chased after Shuai and bombarded him

He could only hide everywhere

Just then

Beauty noticed that the crops in the field had sprouted

They immediately grabbed their cameras and took pictures

The picture was soon sent to the big screen in the arena

Everyone in the arena was shocked to see this

It turned out that

Ah Shuai used the right method

The president immediately went to the arena to save Marshal

And publicly declared his innocence

The mission was successfully completed

Now we just need to find the time machine

Then we can travel back

But where is the time machine?

It's obviously a toy car.

If no accident happens

Shuai can't go back

With his high IQ

Successfully elected president

And formed a family with Beauty

If you travel back to 500 years

What would you do?

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