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Sci-Fi "Hunger Station" movie commentary copy

Science Fiction"Hunger Station" Movie Comment ary Copy

Sci-Fi "Hunger Station" movie commentary copy

Recently, a sci-fi thriller from Spain "came out of the circle"

The Hunger Station

Don't look at the low cost of this film

But it relies on a strange high concept, thick atmosphere, upside down script

that makes it more shocking than many of the big Hollywood sci-fi movies

More shocking

It's been a long time since I've seen

A movie like this can be described as "fierce"

The story takes place in the near future

A mysterious "vertical body" prison houses a variety of prisoners

And a few ordinary people who volunteer to join

There is no sky above and no ground under your feet.

You can only see the endless layers of the prison

This is nothing, what is more frightening is the rules here

At the beginning of the movie, we see the top kitchen of the prison

Every cook inside is working hard

A sumptuous feast is in full swing

The voice-over follows: There are three kinds of people in the world

The upper class, the lower class, and the degenerate

The main character, Abi, woke up from bed in a daze

Suddenly I saw a 48 written on the wall

This represents the floor of their prison, the 48th floor

His roommate, Old Bill, is a long-time resident of this place and has a deep understanding of how to survive in prison

The newcomer wanted to shake hands as a gesture of friendship.

But Old Bill turned him down and told him to go back to his side of the hall.

He told Abi that he was lucky to be on the 48th floor on his first visit

Because the rules of this prison are

Their daily food starts from the 1st floor

It was placed on a floating slab of stone

It's like a train that stops at each platform regularly for a few minutes

Their food is the leftovers from the 47th floor

And the 47th floor eats the leftovers from the previous floor, and so on

And every month the floor they were on would change randomly

After telling Abbey this

Today's food also arrived at their floor

The old man took out a pillow and put it in front of him, knelt down and began to gobble it up

While Abi, who had just entered the prison, looked disgusted

He refused to eat the leftovers that had been spoiled by 94 people in front of him

After further consideration, he only took an apple that was still clean and intact

However, at that moment, the temperature in the room began to rise rapidly

It turns out that the second rule is

Only when the platform stays on their floor

The food belongs to them and cannot be left on their own floor

Otherwise, the temperature will rise or fall rapidly until the person dies of heat or freezing

The shocked Abi could only quickly throw away the apples in their hands

Everyone who enters this prison is allowed to bring a personal item

But they didn't know the real situation inside the prison until they entered it.

So they brought all sorts of things with them.

Abi told his roommate that the personal item he brought was a book, Don Quixote.

And that he came to this prison voluntarily to quit smoking.

The roommate also told Abbey his reason for coming in.

He bought a kitchen knife because he trusted the TV shopping.

When he found out he was cheated, he got angry and threw the TV out of the window

As a result, he was sent to prison and the item he brought in was the knife he bought.

The next day even though Abi was hungry

But he still kept his dignity as a civilized man

He refused to eat what could be called "garbage".

After hearing the old man say that there were at least hundreds of floors here

Abi naively wanted everyone on the upper and lower levels to listen to him

Reduce the diet and rationing, so that it is fair to all

However, the old man laughed at his idea

and warned him to stop being so fanciful, it was all a waste of effort

The people at the top don't care about the people at the bottom.

Thank goodness they don't shit on your food.

On the third day, Abi compromised and began to adapt to the life he was living.

Abi asked his roommate how many floors he had been to before.

He said he had been to the 132nd floor

There was nothing to eat when he reached the platform

Then Abi is very confused, no food can not last a month ah

How did the roommate survive until now?

In this regard, the old must answer is, food can not get there

But it does not mean that I do not eat

Apparently, before Abi went to prison

The old man had survived by eating his roommate many times

At this time the platform arrived and there was a woman on the table, according to Old Bill

She would come down on the platform every month to look for her child

And before that, she would kill her roommate

In anticipation of the next roommate rotation, she would be able to change to her own child

The kind-hearted Abi wanted to help the woman

But after witnessing the two people on the next floor being killed by her in a few blows

then dismissed the idea, it seems that this woman does not need help

She's not to be trifled with either.

After adjusting to prison life, Abi's days flew by.

After a month, he was getting along quite well with the old man.

Of course this is under the premise of sufficient food

Today, the day of the floor change, the whole prison was filled with anesthetic gas

Before he passed out, he said he had two months to serve.

If he survived these two months, he would be able to get out.

He then asks Abi to pray with him that they can get a good floor.

After saying that, he fell into a coma.

However, when Abhi opened his eyes in a daze

He found himself tied up

That's when Old Bill appeared at his side with a knife

(This is not a good floor, do you understand?)

(You're younger and stronger than I am)

("You may not attack me today or tomorrow)

(But with the passage of time)

("Hunger makes people crazy)

(In this case, it's eat or be eaten)

("Obviously, I don't want to kill you now)

(Your flesh will rot quickly)

(Then we won't have any food)

This time, they were transferred to the 171st floor.

No food can be brought down here.

If they want to survive, they have to do whatever they can.

The wise roommate tied up Abi in advance.

And said that after eight days, when his body is clean

Then he would start eating his flesh little by little

Eight days went by, and in the past few days the platform was licked clean.

Even the dishes were licked clean

They rely on drinking water to survive until today

And today is also the day that old Bie decided to do it

At this point in time, Abi's heart has turned from despair to numbness

And just as his roommate was cutting off a piece of flesh from his thigh

The woman who was looking for the child happened to come down on the platform

She killed the roommate in seconds, even though he was dead for sure.

After the rescue, Abi still dragged his frail body in anger

Crawled over and stabbed his roommate several times until he was exhausted before stopping

At that moment, the movie camera suddenly went to the kitchen on the top floor

The head chef is holding a custard in his hand

Angrily questioning whose hair fell in it

causing the food to be sent back, which seems inexplicable here

In fact, we will not know the meaning until the end of the movie

Back on Abi's side, he spent the month eating his roommate's flesh

He is living on the flesh of his roommate and the maggots he grows, unconsciously going into schizophrenia

In his mind, he can see his roommate's spirit talking to him.

Let's go.

("Let's go)

("No, I'll never leave)

("I belong to you now, I'm inside you)

("But you belong to me too)

After another exchange, Abi returns to the upper level

On the 33rd floor, his roommate becomes a woman who seems to be of good birth

She brought a pet dog into the prison.

After questioning her, he learns that she was a staff member of the prison.

She was responsible for recruiting and interviewing people like Abi.

She told Abbey that she was working at this institution

She told Abi that she had worked for 25 years in this institution, which is called the Vertical Self-Management Center.

There are about 200 floors here.

If everyone is disciplined, there's enough food for everyone at the bottom.

In her eyes, this institution will eventually lead to spontaneous solidarity

That is, each person can control the amount of food he or she eats

to ensure that everyone can survive no matter what position they are assigned to

Therefore, she divided the food into two portions every day

and urged those on the next level to follow her lead and divide the food equally

And she also set an example by taking turns eating food with her pet dog

She ate one meal every two days

When Abbey questioned the presence of children here, the roommate made it clear that

There is no one under the age of 16 here

The roommate advised the lower level day after day, but to little avail.

Unable to stand up to this, Abbey came out with a verbal tirade

(Listen up, you piece of shit)

(Do as the lady says)

("Or I'll shit on your food every day)

("And I'll smear it on every grain of rice.)

(Do you understand me?)

(You'll have to eat shit every day)

(Pass the command to the lower level, do you understand?)

At this point, the woman looking for the child appeared once again

But this time she was bruised and battered and passed out on the food platform.

The two men rescued her from the platform.

She ended up eating her roommate's pet dog alive at night

The roommate went crazy, cursing and beating the woman

But that didn't bring her dog back to life

After sending the woman away, she told Abi

The woman had interviewed herself 10 months ago.

She was the only one who came in. She was an actress.

The goal was to become a star, and she didn't have any children.

After the pet dog was killed, the roommate seemed to have lost her soul

The last day of food for the month arrived

Yet the woman refused to eat the food

Because this day it was her pet dog's turn to eat

Once again the floors are swapped and Abi wakes up to the 202nd floor in big letters

It turns out there are more than 200 floors in the prison.

Unable to accept this, his roommate hangs himself.

Abi's mind is splitting again.

In his mind, the two dead people were talking to him

(Won't you put her down?)

(She was your friend)

(Will you eat her?)

(Of course, that's why I hung myself up)

(Otherwise I might have jumped)

(Like a lot of people)

("But I wanted to leave you a gift)

("My corpse)

("Please, eat my corpse)

(Digest it and excrete it in a bullshit atonement)

At first, by drinking water and eating books, Abi lasted a long time

But finally he couldn't take it anymore and did it to the woman

That's how he survived the months

When the exchange again, Abi to the 6th floor

This time, his roommate was a black guy with a rope on his back and a mouth full of faith.

He wanted to climb up and escape from this hell on earth.

The guys on the 5th floor pretend to help him

But just as he was about to climb up

The man on the 5th floor did not pull him

Instead, he pulled a piece of crap on his face

Luckily, Abi grabbed him in time, otherwise he would have been dropped to death.

After the two unpleasant experiences he had experienced before

He decided to do something to change all that.

That night, Abbey talked to the black guy, and after his rough calculations

There should be 250 floors here.

He wanted to distribute the food on each floor in equal amounts.

The next day, they dismantled the beds and took the sticks off the bed boards

They set out on a journey to distribute the food

When they encountered disobedient ones, they resorted to repression

Midway through the descent, they encountered a wise man

The wise man inspired them that before resorting to violence

It is best to communicate through benign communication first, the Authority has no conscience

But the only hope is that

The staff in the kitchen might have a conscience.

So they need to be given a "message" to ask for help

And that requires a dish to be presented unscathed, perfectly

So that they could receive the message

So, the jelly became the object of the two men's desperate protection

From the 51st floor, the two distributed food

The faces of all the people on each floor were also laid out before them

The further they went down, the more vicious people there were.

They were forced to fight for their lives for a mouthful of food

On the way, they met the woman who was looking for her child.

But this time, unfortunately, she had been killed by two strong men

The two of them were also seriously injured and on the verge of death during the difficult fight

After a lot of trouble, Abi and the black guy

finally stopped at the 333rd floor, which should be the bottom floor

They found a little girl here

And the platform still didn't stop but continued to go down

The black guy took the milk jelly and didn't put it back on the platform

But the strange thing is that the air temperature did not change

Perhaps the "message" could be not the custard, but the little girl

The kind duo gave the little girl the milk jelly and ate it

That night, the black boy died of blood loss

The next day, Abbey and the little girl rode the platform into the bottom of the pit.

Abi was in a hallucination in the pit and saw her first roommate

He told Abi to get off the platform, leaving only the little girl to go up

And as the little girl flies to the top as a "message"

And that's where the film comes to an abrupt end

The Hunger Station is a typical "high concept" thriller

It has a small but big setup

This vertical prison in the film

The vertical prison in the film is reminiscent of the short films "The Next Level" and

Parasite" director Bong Joon-ho's previous film "Snow Country Train

I have explained these films. If you are interested, you can go back and look at them

They both use class as a metaphor

In a building, they discuss the social differences brought about by class

Class privilege, class conflict, and other topics

What do we mean by class society?

Simply put, as the gap between the rich and the poor increases

There is a clear division of social classes

The people have formed a strict class division

Just like the people in the first 50 layers of the film

They can eat almost all of the food

And the rest of the class can only eat some of the margins or find another way

This corresponds to the reality of the two-eight principle

It means that 80% of the wealth in society

is actually in the hands of 20% of the people

In fact, just by reading the plot introduction, we can generally understand

The director wants to say that there are several kinds of people, those who control the whole situation

The upper class people who eat and drink, the middle class people who eat the scraps of food

And the lower class who have nothing but to kill each other

In the real world, the distinction between classes is relatively solid

The rich and the poor are not only different from each other in economic and material terms

There is also the gap between children's education and social status

All these make the class tend to be fixed and immobile

We ordinary people want to change our social status completely

is a very difficult thing to do

Many people at the bottom may not be able to cross the gap between the rich and the poor even if they try harder

Day after day, generation after generation, forming an eternal cycle

The rich enjoy the abundant material resources

The poor can only watch them enjoy their pleasures

In the film, this solidarity between classes

is somehow shattered

One month, people at the top of the hierarchy

The next month, they may be at the end of their rope.

Ideally, a win-win partnership

In an ideal world, cooperation would ensure that every level of the prison population would be fed.

But "human nature is evil," and most people are criminals.

Only a very few like Abbey join voluntarily

So a win-win situation is impossible to achieve

Not to mention, the ideal doesn't exist.

A table of food cooked by the top chef cannot be eaten by 666 people

So there is not enough food to share anyway

It takes everyone starving to keep everyone alive

This makes the possibility of "spontaneous solidarity" of the inmates almost zero

The director takes this obvious social rule

into an extreme social experiment

and then filmed it in a way that is the "iceberg principle"

Let the audience follow the male protagonist who knows nothing at first

It's like a kind of "breaking and entering" process.

So it continues to capture our curiosity

We can't help but be attracted by these cruel and bloody scenes

And feel scared for it

As the director's debut film

This film has a lot of thoughtful and unbelievable places

It's amazing that a first-time film of this caliber can be made.

It is because of the iceberg principle of narrative strategy

The film leaves a lot of mysteries unexplained

The screenwriter did not try to explain himself, but left the questions to the audience

The biggest mystery of all is the child who appears at the end of the film

In the middle of the movie, the second roommate tells Abi

There is no child in prison

The woman who is looking for the child is a crazy person who imagines she has a child

According to the information in the film, the evidence that this little girl

There are five pieces of evidence that prove that this little girl is purely a fantasy of the male lead.

First, the temperature of the floor did not change after they left the milk jelly

Second, before the head chef held a

hair and was sent back to the custard was furious

Third, a little girl could not have survived here

If it really existed, it would have been eaten

Fourth, Abi's second roommate, the staff in charge of recruitment said

The woman who was looking for the baby came in alone 10 months ago

And even if she was pregnant in advance, the child could not have suddenly grown so large

Fifth, the man had previously experienced two painful ordeals

I often have hallucinations, so the possibility that the little girl was hallucinating is high

The book that the man brought into the prison was Don Quixote

It's the sixth piece of evidence hidden.

Abbey was going to read this book for six months.

It's a classic work by the Spanish writer Cervantes.

It depicts the fallen nobleman Don Quixote as obsessed with ancient knightly fiction.

Like an ancient knight with armor and horses.

Travels the country three times with an entourage of attendants

Creating a tale of helping the weak and the strong in a beautiful society

But it's all really a fantasy.

Don Quixote would even imagine the windmill as a giant to defeat

In the end, he was badly wounded and sent home as a madman

In fact, Abbey symbolizes Don Quixote

Seemingly good and rational

In fact, it is on the verge of collapse after a long period of torture and struggle

Much of what we see before us is an illusion

So much so that in the end, he imagines this little girl who doesn't exist

Hoping that the next generation will change the system

But this good wish is just an illusion

The deepest pit at the bottom is probably where the bodies are disposed of in this prison

In the end, Abi stays in this mess forever

He changed nothing

Of course, it's possible that this little girl really exists

After all, prison administrators have been lied to.

For example, the prison has 333 floors instead of 200

The second cellmate was lied to by the organization

But it has to be said, assuming the little girl is real.

The ending also falls into the cliché of a successful rescue

It also contradicts the moral of "Don Quixote" to a large extent

The former ending is the better answer, no matter how you look at it

That's the end of the story for today

I'm XXX, a narrator dedicated to bringing movies to life. See you next time.

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