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Plot "Marry a rich man" movie commentary copy

Plot"Marry a Rich Man" movie comment ary copy

Plot "Marry a rich man" movie commentary copy

"Three parts are destiny"

"Seven percent depends on hard work"

XXX said this "struggle"

is the spelling of the order


Explosion of friends circle

Shanghai celebrity couples

Can you really catch rich kids?

They have no money

Even a pair of used brand stockings

It takes several people to put together an order

Just to wear it out

They are not educated

They go from one exhibition to another

To meet rich kids

But what are the paintings

Can't even understand

And they also despise

Poor people who drive BMWs and Mercedes

while putting together a rental car to take pictures

Like standing next to a luxury car

Take a picture and send a circle of friends

Became the real white rich beauty

And whether it's a 6-person grouping

Magic City top afternoon tea for two

or a 40-person package

luxury hotel presidential suite

They are just in


Elegant and petty

The persona of a famous woman who is not poor in money

in order to attract men's attention

The illusion of marrying a rich man

Smoothly living in the upper class

Are all rich people really fools?

The movie XXX is going to talk about today

is the story of a pseudo-celebrity

The story of a pseudo-celebrity who wants to "fight" for her dream of becoming a rich man

The title of the movie is very straightforward

Marry a Rich Man

This girl with a gas can

The girl with the gas can is Mimi.

She lost her mother when she was young

She lives with her father

Her parents run a small store

Selling gas and barely getting by

When you're poor

It's easy to fall into the eyes of money

When Mimi was old enough to get married

When it comes to her daughter's life

Uncle Te is very excited

He had only one requirement for his future son-in-law

Only one requirement

(The daughter of my Uncle Te)

(Marriage must be to a rich man!)

(And the richest one!)

("A rich man is not necessarily good)

("But a man without money)

(must be bad!)

The hard-working and kind-hearted Mimi

She was not a gold-digger

But under the influence of her money-obsessed father

She also began to fantasize that one day

she could marry a rich man

One day, Mimi carried a gas can

She came to a mansion on a hilltop

Before entering the door, she was stimulated

Rich people

Even the servant was so tough

The first time they met

He was so proud of Mimi

He was so high and mighty

A lot of scolding

Mimi was very defiant

It's just a few dollars

What's the big deal?

But when Mimi walked into the mansion

She was instantly struck by the

Luxury decoration shocked

(It smells good!)

(Being rich is really something!)

Mimi looked envious and jealous

came to the backyard

A few celebrities were barbecuing on the grass

After a closer look

Mimi actually knew these celebrities

They were all her former childhood friends and classmates

They were all married to rich men

They were all so arrogant

Showing all their diamond jewelry

To blinding Ami's eyes

Mimi's mind was broken

Her mind was broken

Jealousy made her face twisted

On the way home

The more she thought about it, the angrier she got

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became

She was furious and furious

Walked to the edge of a cliff

Facing the sea

She sank her breath into her chest

Shouting to the sky

(I want to marry a rich man!!!)

(I want to marry a rich man!!!)

This girl

wanted to marry a rich man

But even though she shouted her heart out

The rich man didn't appear

Just at that moment

A silver light pierced the sky

Mimi looked up and saw

Could this be

The legendary shooting star of the day

She quickly closed her eyes

Clasped her hands together and made a wish

When she opened her eyes again

Holy shit!

What the hell?

Meteors like tracking missiles

Flying towards Ami

The meteor fell

There was smoke.

Mimi crept closer

Through the smoke

Picking up the dirt

There was a book hidden inside

And a book named

"The Glass Slipper", a Chinese book

The beginning of the book is about

Cinderella put on the glass slipper

The story of the prince married

But the more Ami turned the pages

The more she felt that something was wrong

This is not a fairy tale book at all

It's clearly an encyclopedia that teaches people

How to marry a rich man encyclopedia

Mimi thought to herself, "Now the gods have revealed themselves!

We're going to be rich!

With this book

The key to unlocking a rich man's door

Crack the code of wealth!

The book says that in order to marry a rich man

First you have to act like a rich man

How to pretend


As long as you strictly follow

The book's content for all-round packaging

Within a few days

You will be transformed

To reach the top of life

Then the question arises

To turn a dumb girl into a celebrity

Successfully catch a rich man

There are several steps in total

Three steps

The first step

Learn to fake smile

Celebrities who love to smile

The fortune is not too bad

The second thing is to smile well

The key is to smile with personality

Smile with style




Mistake, etc...


Are you really not here to be funny?

How about this smile?

Like a toad

Step 2

Rebuild your confidence

How can a woman

have confidence in a short time

It's also very simple

Strutting around

Walk into a high-end clothing store

One big brand after another

Just put them on your body

Hiding in the fitting room is weak

To stand in front of

In front of the biggest mirror

Try on openly and honestly

Try on with your head held high

Wearing international brands

I feel like

All upscale up

Remember that you wear the clothes

Not clothes wear you

And then hold all the big brands that you have tried on

And tell the salesgirl with great passion

Sorry if they don't fit

The third final step

Create a chance encounter

The right place

To meet the right person

So what is the place

The highest probability of meeting rich people?

The answer is first class

And it has to be first class to foreign countries

The destination is also very important

At the very least, it must be

Tokyo, Paris, Turkey

However, Ami has already had an idea

(The world's top ranking is)

(Milan, Italy)

After all, buy a

international flight in first class

Is also a lot of money ah

But Ami has no money

A lot of love

But her wallet was empty

That's when her best friend Di

came up with an idea

She said to Mimi

Why don't I work with you?

Lend you a sum of money

To help you marry a rich man soon

If you are rich

Don't forget each other


Mimi got what she wanted

flew to Milan in first class

Turned her head to see

The man in the lead seat was dressed in a suit

Stylish and stylish

The most important thing is

He looked like he had money too

Mimi was happy that she had made a fortune

I've won the lottery

The man introduced himself as Ah Tan

He is the president of a financially free company

Hearing this

Mimi, of course, is also not shy

She lied that she was a

Fuel business, the second generation of rich

The two of them have an affair

They had a good relationship

agreed to go on a super luxurious trip to Milan

to have a super luxurious trip


Not long after getting off the plane


Why is the wallet missing?

Ah Tan comforted Ah Mee

You see, we are both rich people

We've played everything we need to play

We've eaten everything we need to eat

Now the wallet is stolen

Why don't we just play something exciting

A survival challenge in a foreign country

Experience what it's like to have no money

(If I hadn't met you on the plane)

("I don't know where to go alone)

(I'll play with you)

These two rich people

They're really good at it.

They don't want to stay in a five-star hotel

Michelin restaurant

They want to freeze while

and starving at the same time

What poor travel experience ...

Ah Tan borrowed a guitar

Selling on the street

Mimi helped others to carry things

Earn some tips

Then the two of them

Ride on the carousel

Share a meal together

Arden also gave Mimi

A kaleidoscope as a gift

Mimi was very happy

It turns out you can be happy without money

At night, the two of them sat on

Resting on the chairs in the square

The weather was cold

But Mimi and Ah Tan's relationship

were heating up rapidly

The next day

They passed by a store

Mimi was attracted by the glass shoes in the window

glass shoes in the window

Arden said if you like it

I'll give them to you

But Mimi said

It doesn't matter whether there are glass shoes or not

What matters is who you are with

Their eyes met

They look at each other

They're going to kiss.

A policeman suddenly jumped out

Interrupting them

The policeman said

Your wallets have been found

Now return it to its rightful owner

Ah Tan and Ah Mi are planning

Go to a nice dinner to celebrate

After a full meal

It's time to settle the bill

The two of them look at me

I look at you

No one has the intention to pay

The situation was once awkward

Mimi had to confess to Ah Tan

She said she had no money

Just because she read a book

A strange book that fell from the sky

That's why she pretended to rob a celebrity

to get close to rich people

After hearing this, Ah Tan

He wasn't angry at all

He also took a book out of his bag

What's wrong?

Men's glass shoes

So Ah Tan is like Ah Mee

He's not a rich man either

But an ordinary car mechanic

He was sponsored by his friends

Pretending to be rich and handsome

In the hope that one day

To be adopted by a rich woman

Improve everyone's life

This is really a big game

Two pseudo-rich people with ulterior motives

Dig a hole and bury themselves

But this £20,000 meal

expensive meal

Who will pay for it?

Arden vowed

Said to Mimi

You wait for me here

Even if I steal

Even if I steal, I will settle the bill

Then he walked out of the door with a sad face

And then

And never came back...

Mimi was heartbroken

He knew he had met a scum

So he had to borrow money again

To pay for the meal

She returned home sad

She was devastated

Drunk and binge eating

Not because

But Mimi found herself

really fell in love with Ah Tan...

On the other hand

Arden is also distracted every day

Insomnia, suspicious and upset

It's not that he has kidney problems

But he is suffering from lovesickness

Love for Ami's disease

But because of that escape

He did not have the courage to face Ami again

But life went on

A friend gave Ah Tan another

A friend introduced a

A rich woman who looks like a flower

Ah Tan went to see

It's really Ruhua

Ruhua pulled Ah Tan


But she didn't know

Mimi saw her in the corner

Mimi left the table in anger

Arden fell into Ruka's clutches

He could only watch Mimi leave

He returned to the repair shop sadly

Grilling chicken wings

Thinking that there is no trouble

that can't be solved by a barbecue

Suddenly there was a knock on the door

Arden opened the door

It was Mimi

She questioned Ah Tan

Why did you leave me that day?

Arden replied with a scum face

I left you

Isn't it normal?

Did I really go robbing?

Mimi was so heartbroken

Smashed the kaleidoscope that Ah Tan gave her

Slammed the door and left

At this time, Ah Tan

Also gradually put away

his own scum face

He is not actually scum

He was just worried about

He has no money

Can't give Mimi

the happiness she wants

But the problem is

Money and happiness

Can they really be equated?

At the end of the movie

Mimi receives

A mysterious gift

Open it and see

It's a pair of glass shoes

I don't have to think about it

It is a gift from Ah Tan

Arden said to Ami

That night

He really wanted to rob

He even took off his clothes

Begging in the street

But because it affected the city's appearance

He was taken away by the police

Ah Tan hopes that Ami can forgive him

But still worried

Because he has no money

Can't let Mimi live

Princess-like life

A woman with money

But Mimi said

A woman with love

Is not necessarily a princess

A woman with love

Is the real princess

The two of them were hugging each other happily

Suddenly a white light hit their faces

A helicopter landed

An old man with a white beard

Stepped out

So he is the

The real rich man

The strange encounter of Ah Tan and Ah Mi

It was all planned by him

A reality show

He was touched by their true love

He offered a huge sum of money

So that they can live a

A happy life

No need to worry about money anymore

This is the end of the story

This is the movie in which Sammi Cheng and Simon Yam

starring in the movie in 2002

I believe it belongs to many people

Childhood memories

Although now look

The plot is very old-fashioned

The ending is very cheesy

But what this movie reflects

But it is not outdated today

poignant topic

In those scrappy groups

The gold-digging pseudo-celebrity who plays the game

straight talk

Still not free from its

A crude understanding of money

Love is not wrong

What is really wrong

Is willingly

To be a slave to money

Well, that's it for today.

I'm XXX, the narrator who brought the movie to life.

See you next time

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