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Plot "What is a home" movie commentary copy

Plot "What is a family" movie commentary copy

Plot "What is a home" movie commentary copy

Hello everyone

I am XX

The guards handcuffed 12-year-old Keung

all the way to the courtroom.

Reporters gathered outside the courthouse.

for this unusual trial.

Ah Qiang is the plaintiff in this lawsuit.

The couple at the defendant's table are his parents.

But they don't know.

Why is his son suing himself?

The judge asked Keung about his age

And Ah Qiang doesn't know.

The lawyer came forward to explain.

Ah Qiang was never registered at birth.

So there is no legal status.

His parents also don't know its exact date of birth.

The reason Qiang was handcuffed

was because he was arrested in

a recent arrest for stabbing someone with a knife.

The judge asked him if he knew why he was in court.

Of course Qiang knew.

He came to prosecute his parents.

Qiang grew up in the old town

He didn't go to school

and helped his family make ends meet.

In addition

Ah Qiang had a special mission.

She used her mother's illness and her father's paralysis to go to various pharmacies to get medicine.

Then with her mother, she mashed these medicines

Mixed with water

Then soak the clothes in the water

After drying, you can get clothes full of medicine

Mother will bring the specially treated clothes

Brought to the prison where Keung's brother was

The brother was excited to say

Those clothes sell very well in the prison

For the son who could sell laundry water for more than meat

Ah Qiang listened to their conversation from the sidelines

Feeling a little uncomfortable

Every day, a school bus would pass by the grocery store where Ah Qiang worked

His eyes were full of envy

And he could only live hard for the money, oil and salt in his life

When he was leaving

The store owner, Fu Gui, gave Qiang a bag of ramen and licorice

and told him that it was for his sister, Zhen

But Ah Qiang turned around and threw the whole bag away

In addition to Zhen, Ah Qiang has several sisters

The mother was taking care of the children

while she was busy cleaning up the water

He kept complaining

It was like a rat pit

Ah Qiang was used to this

Ah Qiang found his sister's bed sheets stained with blood

Instead, he found Zhen alone

Ah Qiang was very worried about his sister's situation

His sister's friend was like this once

Then she was taken away by a man

If mom knew about this

I'm sure she would have given her to Fu Gui

In fact, my sister thought Fugui was not bad

He would also give himself ramen and licorice regularly

Ah Qiang insisted that

My sister would not be happy if she married Fu Gui

As he said so

He washed his sister's underwear

and took off his own blouse

He told his sister to tuck in her clothes

At night, Qiang told his parents that he wanted to go to school

But his father didn't agree

His mother, on the other hand, thought there was nothing wrong with it

The school gave food and clothes to the children

Keung could also bring home food

Ah Qiang said he could go to school in the morning

He could go to school in the morning and work in the afternoon in Fugui

But the father said

If Fu Gui gets angry

he would kick them out

There was no end to the schooling

Ah Qiang couldn't go to school

He was still working for Fu Gui

He could only look at the school bus when he met it on the way to deliver the goods

Qiang went home and saw some chickens delivered by Fugui's family

And his sister had put on makeup

She was sitting in a beautiful new dress

Keung angrily asked his mother

"Are they going to trade these chickens for Zhen?

But his mother told him to stay out of it

But the family knew what the meeting meant

Early the next morning

Keung crept up to Zhen

He whispered in Zhen's ear

"I'm leaving on his behalf

Then he took out the money he had saved

Packed his luggage

Then he went to the supermarket and stole some snacks

And the sanitary napkins that my sister needs most

Even contact the driver.

Everything was ready.

But when he got home

He was in despair because of the cruelty of reality.

His parents were rudely selling his sister.

Keung couldn't stand it anymore.

This was the first time he had ever rebelled against his parents

But what was the use of that?

Keung was too young

Since he couldn't fight

He could only beg and plead

But still can not change the fate of his sister

He looked at his sister's back as she left

He couldn't stop crying

It's never the last straw that kills the camel

It's every single one of them

Born but not raised

They don't deserve to be parents

Keung kicked the door frame twice in anger

He left the house without looking back

The father felt that there was no hope for his daughter and his life

There was not enough food or water

Nor could she take a bath

After marriage

At least have a real bed to sleep in

I never thought about it

Nor did he even know it would come to this

Someone once told him

A man's children will be the backbone of that man

But now they broke the father's backbone

Broke his heart.

After leaving home

Keung got on a bus to Kera alone

He met an old man in a Spider-Man costume on the bus

But she claimed to be Spider-Man's cousin

Cockroach Man

The old man asked Keung where he was going

Keung casually said his grandmother's house

Cockroach Man thought his grandmother must be very happy

Unlike himself who had no one to take care of him

While we were talking, Cockroach Man was getting off the bus

He was working at the amusement park next door

Keung looked out the window for a while

He also asked to get off the bus

He also went to the amusement park

But after searching for a long time, he couldn't find Cockroach Man

Keung got on the Ferris wheel alone

Looking at the beautiful sunset over the sea in front of him

His eyes were full of helplessness

He didn't know where he was going

And he didn't know where his future was

Qiang had been walking around for a while

The food he had brought out had been eaten

But he didn't want to go home

He wanted to survive outside

He had to find a job to make ends meet

Ah Qiang was tired and hungry

At the amusement park restaurant

He met a cleaning lady named Cuihua

She is Ethiopian

She was raising a small baby alone

In order to work

Cuihua had to hide the baby in the bathroom

She could only feed the baby when no one was around

She sympathized with Qiang

But her own life was also very difficult

Cuihua looked at him

Thinking of her own child

She made a difficult decision

Let Ah Qiang help her take care of the child at home

In this way

Ah Qiang and his family had a place to stay

Cuihua could also go out to work without any worries

That night

Cuihua held the birthday cake she picked up from the back kitchen

She gave the baby a birthday cake

He asked Qiang if you missed your family

Ah Qiang ate the chocolate in small bites

He said he missed his sister the most

But she was already married

The judge asked Cuihua

Did she feel comfortable entrusting her child to Keung?

Cuihua said

At first, she was a little worried

But when she saw that they were like brothers, she was relieved of her worries

Even if he had done something like that

I would not blame him

Cuihua's papers were about to expire

He was afraid that if he did not renew it in time, he would be arrested

So he wanted to ask Wang Hu at the open-air market to get a fake permit

But the other party asked for $1,500.

Cuihua could not afford to pay

If she gave the child to herself

could help

Cuihua was angry and said she would not do that

She could also hide the child

She can also feed him

Wang Hu said

His child has no legal status at all

It can also be said that

It was already dead before it was born

It's not even as good as a can of tomato sauce with a production date

Cuihua heard him say this

She shed tears

After some bargaining

Wang Hu agreed to a bargain of $200

But Cuihua only had seven days

In order to raise money

Cuihua started to look for part-time jobs

But no one would hire her

The restaurant owner also refused to advance her salary

Early that morning

Cuihua dressed up and went out

But she didn't come home very late.

Ah Qiang came to the restaurant where Cuihua worked

He found out that she had disappeared since yesterday.

Maybe Wang Hu from the open-air market had a clue

So Keung took the child to the open-air market

Wang Hu was interested in the child

But he didn't know where Cuihua had gone

After arriving home

The little baby kept making a lot of noise

Ah Qiang knew he was hungry

He could only go to the nearby store

And bought him the cheapest milk powder

But the baby was used to breast milk

After taking a sip from the bottle, he wouldn't drink any more

Most of the food in the house was already rotten

There were only two boxes of ice cubes left stuck to the fridge

Ah Qiang sprinkled some sugar on the ice cubes

The two of them had a full meal like this

In order to find Cuihua

Ah Qiang took the children to the open-air market every day

He met a girl here

The girl knew a place where relief food was distributed

But Qiang couldn't

Because he is not a Syrian

Talking about the future

The girl said with great hope

One day she will leave this place and go to



No one will ask you where you come from

He will have his own room

I heard that no child dies unnaturally there

And the King Tiger in the marketplace promised her

He would help him to achieve all this

Qiang wanted to go and collect his relief.

So he practiced speaking Syrian in front of the mirror.

Qiang succeeded.

He got some of the things he needed to live

While washing his clothes

Qiang stumbled upon a bed sheet

In order to survive

He tried to do it again

Lied that his mother was sick and got the medicine

Then he crushed the medicine

Mixed it with seawater and started dealing drugs

Life seemed to be moving forward for the better

She listened to the girl before

She also thought of saving money to get Wang Hu's help to leave here

Just when she thought her dream was about to come true

The landlord repossessed the house

And the money Qiang earned is still hidden in the house

To make a living

Ah Qiang really tried to do everything possible

But it's really hard for a big kid to feed a little kid

Ah Qiang really had no choice

So he thought of taking the baby to a crowded place and abandoning it

He stood at a distance and hid for a long time

He hoped that some kind people would take him in

No one came near

In desperation

Ah Qiang could only entrust the baby to Wang Hu

He promised to find a good home for the child

and gave Qiang 400 dollars

He also promised to send him to Sweden

But this requires some documents

Qiang had to go home to get them

The parents saw their son, who had been missing for days

Not too happy

Instead, they scolded him and asked him where he had been all this time

Keung refused to answer

He argued for a document that could prove his identity

The father opened the box

There was an eviction notice

And a hospital bill

Then Keung realized that someone had been admitted to the hospital

And the situation was serious

The parents fell silent at once

They told the other kids to shut up too

Ah Qiang guessed that it was his sister Zhen who was in trouble

And it must be related to Fu Gui


He turned around and grabbed a knife from the kitchen and ran out of the house

The judge summoned the injured Fu Gui to court

He said he did take 11-year-old Zhen

The judge asked her if an 11 year old girl knew about marriage

Fugui said

In a way

He had matured

Fugui felt

Many girls around him are getting married at that age

His own stepmother was also very young

And no one ever died because of it

After Ah Qiang went to jail

Mom went to see him once

But Keung's attitude was extraordinarily cold

She didn't understand why her son hated him so much

Zhen was her daughter after all

After what happened

He was also very sad

The mother told Keung that she was pregnant again

If it's a girl

Then he would name her Precious

This deeply irritated Keung again

She told her mother not to come back

Then she left.

The prison regularly broadcasts current affairs programs

Keung found that the radio station was concerned about child injustice

So he dialed the number of the program

I want to sue my parents

I want adults to listen to me

I want people who can't afford to raise children

Don't give birth anymore

Violent insults and beatings

Chains pipes and belts

The gentlest thing I ever heard was

You're a piece of shit

Life is a push of shit

Worth no more than my shoes

This is the end of the movie

Ah Qiang wants to use his own personal experience

To warn all parents

Not ready

Don't give birth to a child

If the child does not feel the warmth of home

They will feel hopeless about the whole world

This will destroy a child's life

Keung is an optimistic and kind child

To keep his sister from being a child wife rebellion

Will also feel bad baby unlock foot mirror.

Will also be heartbroken baby unlocked foot mirror

Unfortunately, he showed his childish innocence to the world

but was pierced by the world with a dagger.

When he gave the baby to others

only to learn that he can protect no one.

If he had not been born into such a family

he would have had a good life.

When he sees a baby more miserable than himself

But you know better than those adults what responsibility is.

Parents are the most noble lifelong profession in the world.

The sad thing is that they can work without any vocational training.

As a result, many children do not receive the care they deserve.

Many parents do this for personal gain.

Standing on the high ground of family and morality

Doing cruel things

be born but not raised

how can a family be a family

If it feels good

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