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Plot "sniper" movie commentary text

Plot"Sniper" movie comment ary text

Plot "sniper" movie commentary text

In August 1937, during the Battle of Songhu

The battle for Luodian broke out, and Luodian was known as the mill of flesh and blood

The 524th regiment of the 88th Kuomintang Division

Remained at the fourth line warehouse in Shanghai

Separated from the Concession by a river

Battled alone for four days and four nights

Creating a rare siege battle

For the sake of prestige

Four hundred men became known as the 800 men

History is known as the "Eight Hundred Heroes"

But under the planes and cannons

Many men and few men could only become targets

In the battle of Luodian

The Japanese army had heavy artillery and tanks

The Huangpu River was supported by many warships

Hundreds of planes

So from the beginning it was destined

It was a very difficult battle

Yang Haotian was the only one from the whole division who survived

Soon after, Shanghai fell

Yang Haotian was taken in by old Du, a yellow cab driver

To hide the eyes and ears of the people

Yang Haotian had to work temporarily as a rickshaw driver

One night, Ho-Tien was going home from work.

On his way home, he happens to meet a young woman, Lin Yizhen, who is being arrested by the military police.

Yang Haotian, who was hiding

With the speed of lightning

He took out the other side in a matter of seconds

He saved Lin Yizhen

However, she did not even say thank you

Just a look at Hao Tian and ran away

After that, Hao Tian took one of the ghosts' guns

Just before he left

A Japanese soldier came to his senses

saw the back of Yang Haotian pulling the cart away

In one night, the news that one driver killed a squad

Then the news reached the Japanese commander Shimada.

Meanwhile, a team called the Night Hawk Group

Sneaked into the Japanese supply arsenal.

Another senior Japanese officer was killed.

Just as Yang Haotian was reading the newspaper report

Yang Haotian was still congratulating himself

He saw in the newspaper that the man who killed his master

Japanese Major Suzuki Masahiro will arrive in Shanghai tonight.

He wanted to kill him to avenge his master's death.

Returned home and took out the gun he had found before

He came to the station

Bought a ticket to Nanjing

When he was about to enter the station

A girl passed by

Hao Tian immediately recognized

It was the young woman Lin Yizhen saved before

And Lin Yizhen also recognized Yang Haotian

Seeing that he was carrying a lance-shaped package

Lin Yizhen, who reacted quickly, went after him

She grabbed Yang Haotian's package

Yang Haotian hurriedly chased after him

Lin Yizhen told him that there was an ambush here

He had no choice but to follow Lin Yizhen out of the station first

Then Lin Yizhen led him to a tailor store

After Lin Yizhen's introduction

They were the Night Hawks

This is their top secret base

The team leader, Li Fuguo, learned that Yang Haotian

was the 800 soldiers of the 88th Division

So he invited him to join the Nighthawks

There was nowhere else to go

And he didn't want to keep pulling the cart

Yang Haotian also readily agreed

After that, Li Fuguo told him

He explained the next plan of the Nighthawks

The target of their next operation was the traitor Zhou Shuyan

Zhou met Yan acted very cautiously

So far, the Night Hawks couldn't determine

His exact address.

But Zhou Yuyan is also a trustee of Huan Yu University

The recent lab expansion.

It is mainly funded by him

Therefore, the president will invite him to attend the banquet and give a speech.

That time is the best time to act

Speaking of this lab

It's not a proper lab.

It was built to impress a professor

Hagel was not only a professor at Oneworld University.

He is also a foreigner and an expert in physics

Tonight, Zhou planned

to persuade Hagel to work for the Japanese army.

However, Hagel himself

despised his actions.

Lin Yizhen and the others disguise themselves as guests to enter the party

Yang Haotian and Li Fuguo are the team.

They are responsible for sniping and support duties.

However, at the banquet

Because Zhou met Yan during his speech

He was trying to please the Japanese and caused public anger

The people below listened directly to throw things up

The scene was once very chaotic

Bodyguards rushed up to cover

So the assassination mission of the Night Hawk team has not started

It was over

But Zhou met Yan just out of the venue

He was ambushed by Yang Haotian who was already in the opposite tower

One shot to kill

After his return

All the members of the Night Hawk Group were impressed by him

In the following days

Nighthawk team kept looking for targets

Killed many Japanese officers

Slowly, they caught the attention of

The next few days, the Nighthawks kept looking for targets.

So he changed into civilian clothes and went to check out the sniper's location.

In the attic of the church.

He picked up a leaf.

He thought of Yang Ho-Tien when he was sniping.

He thought of the leaf that Yang Ho-Tien used to put in his mouth every time he sniped.

I'm pretty sure he's not dead.

And also joined the Night Hawk group

On the other hand, Shimada found a gun at Lao Du's place.

Then he forced them to tell him where the gun came from

If they don't, they will be shot one by one on the spot

Old Du couldn't bear to see his companions being persecuted by the gendarmerie

He had to stand up for himself

He said it was his own gun.

But he was still brutally killed

Later, Yang Haotian, who came to visit Du, heard the news from others

Heard the news

In a fit of anger, he grabbed a gun from the base

To go to kill Shimada

Fatty saw that he was in a hurry.

He also followed him

Knowing that he wanted to kill Shimada.

So he rushed to stop him

Because the time was not yet ripe.

And the same sniper point can not be used repeatedly

But Yang Haotian, who was on top of his game, didn't care about that.

While they were arguing.

But he didn't want to be ambushed by Suzuki, who was already in the distance.

The fat man was killed on the spot.

Yang Haotian, who had lost his comrade again

He felt a great sense of remorse and guilt

After the death of Zhou met Yan

It was up to Shimada to persuade Professor Hagel

But Shimada came straight to the point

He threatened him to cooperate with the Japanese army

to give up the technology of making the atomic bomb

and was going to take him to Japan to make a secret weapon

All this was overheard by Lin Yizhen at the door.

At night, when the Japanese were unprepared.

Hagel was brought to their stronghold.

His superiors ordered Hagel's immediate transfer.

The task was very difficult.

When they arrived at the pier

But to their surprise the Japanese army was already in ambush

A fierce gun battle ensued.

The Nighthawks pledged to defend Hagel to the death.

Members were killed and wounded.

Hagel looked at them for himself.

He felt sorry for the heavy casualties.

So with grenades in hand, he pretended to compromise

Slowly approaching the Japanese

Finally, they died with the Japanese.

Yang Haotian watched his comrades being killed one by one by Suzuki

He rushed forward to cover

He was still knocked to the ground by Suzuki.

The wounded Lin Yizhen looked at Yang Haotian

decided to expose himself and lead Suzuki out

So Yang Haotian, while Lin Yizhen was killed

He instantly found Suzuki's position

Shot him dead

The enemy was completely wiped out

But his comrade also died in this operation

This is the end of the story.

The seriously wounded Yang Haotian was rescued by the car drivers who came to rescue him.

Then he joined the Eighth Route Army

He continued to kill the enemy bravely...

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