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Plot "Distinguished Citizen" movie commentary copy

Plot"Outstanding Citizens" movie comment ary copy

Plot "Distinguished Citizen" movie commentary copy

Recently, the news that "Brother Dashi" Zhu Zhiwen was bullied by the villagers has been on the hot search again

With his simple appearance and amazing singing voice

He became famous in the "Avenue of Stars" in 2011

After that, he participated in many popular programs, but also on the stage of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala

He is an example of a grassroots star who has made a comeback

The remarkable thing is that after he became famous, Daji's family situation was improved

But he did not live an extravagant life from then on

He just renovated his house in the village

Farming is still his main job, while celebrity is his side business

In theory, a good old man like him

should be loved by everyone in the village

However, the absurdity is that Zhu Zhiwen's life after fame is not good

Some people in the village did not want him to get better in life and had a lot of ill will towards him

They even used the strength of alcohol to kick his house in a big way

There are also many villagers who make money by live-streaming Daji's life

While broadcasting live and at the same time to the big brother of evil behavior

These absurdities are similar to those in the highly rated Spanish movie

The story in "Outstanding Citizen" is the same

This time, the movie is a reality

The main character is an Argentine writer

He "escaped" from his homeland at the age of 20 and lived in Europe for 40 years.

He spent half of his life writing novels about the hardships of his homeland

He eventually won the Nobel Prize for Literature for his work.

Before the award ceremony, he waited nervously for the stage

Once on stage, he changed his face and shocked the audience.

He bluntly said that winning the Nobel Prize would hinder his creative career

The prize is not worth winning

Then he posed as a proud man waiting for applause

And he got the applause from the audience as he wished.

Born in a poor village, he had won numerous awards by the time he reached middle age.

He knew that if he put on a happy face, he would look cheap.

Pretending he didn't care would win him a standing ovation.

In the five years since he won the award, he has not written a new book.

While he was uninspired, he was still being asked by dignitaries

He refused most of these invitations

He was not even allowed to be photographed or interviewed at any event

It can be said that he is a big name

Until the day the mayor of his hometown Saras sent a letter

He was invited to return to his hometown to receive the "Distinguished Citizen" medal and to start a four-day event.

Originally, he did not want to go back, but he thought he was doing so well now

It would be nice to see his childhood friends and first love again.

As the saying goes, "If you don't go back to your hometown when you're rich, it's like walking at night.

As a great writer from a small township, he would not have imagined

He could not have imagined that he was about to embark on an absurd journey from being embraced by everyone to being beaten by everyone

Eventually it got so out of hand that people were "hunting" him with guns.

So what happened in the past few days?

The guy just got off the plane and the car that was sent to pick him up broke down in the middle of the road.

He's stuck in the middle of nowhere with this fat driver.

They had to burn their books to keep warm and avoid freezing to death

It wasn't until the next morning that someone came and brought them back to town

In order to welcome the hero, everyone did their "best" at the beginning

Passers-by followed him and took pictures, and the mayor greeted him personally

He was allowed to stand on a fire truck and parade around the town

At the welcome party, the townspeople also made him a

shocking PowerPoint film to reveal the first half of his life

In the award ceremony

The hero tried his best to look teary-eyed

All this is full of embarrassment

But he knows how to stand out in the high society

He also knows how to put himself down in the lower class, and still manage to cope with it.

In the forty years of his life away from his hometown

The main character has been living abroad, writing about the backward and ignorant world of his hometown

Therefore, he was recognized by the international literary world

Now, when he returns to his hometown, he finds that it has not changed much and is still so backward.

Perhaps to make up for the hometown in front of him

He made an exception and let everyone take pictures and gave interviews.

But this tolerance was not reciprocated by the villagers

Because they only wanted to take advantage of him and make money from him

When he was interviewed by the TV station

The host was not interested in any literature

They only wanted to use his fame to advertise drinks and bring in goods

(Nobel Prize winner Daniel Mantovani when he was thirsty)

(What would he drink?)

(He will drink the San Miguel fruit liter produced by Ricardo and Felipe Vicente.)

(It contains orange juice, grapefruit juice and peach juice)

(Don't waste a drop of San Miguel juice)

(San Miguel juice is an essential juice for your table)

Later a male fan firmly believes that his father

is the prototype of a character in a book of the hero

He insisted that the busy hero must go to his house for dinner

The main man is also very speechless

Then another disabled person came to his door

He wanted to donate $9,000 to buy him an electric wheelchair

As if the man earned the money should be given to him

(Let's get to the point)

(Well, we need $9,800 for the wheelchair.)

(It's very important to us)

(It's totally astronomical for us)

(I'm unemployed and my wife is an elementary school teacher)

(We go to see that chair a lot...)

(We've been to every organization we could get help from.)

("But nothing came up, sir, which is why I...)

("That's why we took the trouble to come here)

("It's harder for us than it is for you, but maybe it's just a piece of cake for you.)

(And that small dish means everything to Julian)

There were even fanatical female fans who went straight to the main man's room and offered themselves to him

Everyone treats him as a moneymaker, and it's profitable to be near him

Then the mayor of the town asked the hero to be the judge of the painting competition

The level of these paintings is so amateurish that it is difficult to see

The main man can only eliminate a painting of the relationship

Finally, he chose a painting with an advertisement on the back as the winning entry

Just because this painting at least has some strange sense of irony

But one of the contestants, the head of the local art association

Seeing that his work was actually eliminated, he expressed his displeasure at that time

quarreled with the main man, and even in his public class afterwards

scolded him for smearing the town in his book to please foreign readers

This put the male lead into the controversy

The other branch line is the hero's first love and childhood best friend

After he left at the age of 20, his first love married his best friend

But their marriage is not happy, the first love never forget the hero

She bought a copy of the main man's book

The best friend took all this into account, and now the hero is back home

If you don't handle yourself well, you're likely to have a hat on your head.

So he took the initiative to invite him to his home

The first is to meet in private to talk clearly. Let him not interfere with his own family

After that it was even show love on the spot at the dinner party, as if to declare their sovereignty

What I didn't expect was even more bloodthirsty

The fanatic dedication to the female fan is actually their daughter

The best friend dragged the hero to the bar to play

Bragging in front of him that he often has sex with the girls here

He says that couples should have their own fun, and that the daughter's boyfriend should learn to squeal like a wild boar.

All this is, of course, pretend

The man looks at his childhood friend who is dancing on the stage, who is so dowdy and vulgar

When he thinks that he had a relationship with his daughter, he has mixed feelings.

When he returns to the hotel, the girl comes to the door again and offers herself, but she also has an agenda

She wants him to take her away from this poor countryside

The man told her to stay out of trouble and the girl left with the phrase "shitty people".

In order to revenge back home and even let her parents

Boyfriend are aware that she had sex with the main man

After that, the mentality of the best friend has also changed

From the original welcome, show off and now resentment

The main man not only disrupted his life and his wife, but also defiled his own daughter

This is unforgivable

He asked the hero to hunt with him at night, just to scare him with a shotgun and bullets

People in the town approach the hero

Except for the boy at the front desk of the hotel is really want to gain some knowledge

The others are just looking for fame and fortune

And when the purpose is not achieved, everyone instantly changed their faces to the main man as a street rat

Outside the hotel, guns were fired, and leaflets were scattered all over the place, describing him as a "traitor".

The statue he had just erected was also covered with red paint

Even so, the hero did not want to compromise

He couldn't stand the fact that the final winners of the painting competition were all connected people

directly on stage said something disdainful, uncovered everyone's shame

He also offended everyone in town, and people threw rotten eggs at him.

He had to leave the venue through the back door

With these absurd things happen

The main man from the return of the "outstanding citizen" into the "traitor to the hometown"

And all this in just three days

His first love came to persuade him to leave the place and try to escape with him

Unexpectedly, the car turned off again at that moment

She could only warn him not to go out hunting with his husband

(I'll take the pickup truck, you go back and pack your things)

(Then I'll pick you up there)

In the middle of the night, her best friend came to his hotel and picked him up by force.

Along the way, the faces and voices of the townspeople appeared in front of the man's ears

The gangster didn't want to hurt the hero's life, he deliberately didn't aim to shoot him

He just wanted to scare him and drive him out of the village.

However, the daughter's boyfriend was with hatred

He hit the main character in the chest

The next second, the movie suddenly reversed

The hero changed his look and appeared at his new book launch

The new book is called "Outstanding Citizen

In other words, the movie may only have the beginning of the

Nobel Prize for Literature and the book launch at the end are real.

The rest of the movie is just a fabrication of the main character

Just like the movies "The Unexpected" and "The Expendables".

Maybe nothing that happened after the hero returned to his hometown really happened.

He's just writing and consuming his hometown once again

He may not have gone back at all, everything is fictional

As for the gunshot wound on his chest that he showed, it was hard to tell if it was real or not

At the end of the press conference, the main character let the reporters take pictures of him with flashing lights

Showing a cunning face, people can not guess what the truth is

And that's the end of the movie

Outstanding Citizen" involves two levels of satire and criticism

On the first level, "The Blackhearted Villagers"

The townspeople flock to the hero, the great man of letters

But they have no desire to study literature.

They just try to get around him to make money.

Just like what happened to Brother Da Yi, he was looked down upon before he became famous

The villagers generally ignored him

However, after Zhu Zhiwen became popular

They came to Daji's house, making it impossible for him to live a normal life.

In order to ask for a photo, blocking the door all day long

Some villagers even found a "way to get rich"

Is to live broadcast the life of the brother

Or make his daily life into short videos to harvest fans

These two have become an industry chain

In addition, there are also door-to-door borrowing of money, often tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands

And also delayed not to pay, saying that the money is nothing to him

However, the money owed has piled up to millions

In order to stop all this, Brother Coat also replaced the door of his house with a large iron door

But this makes the villagers more aggressive, such as a while ago on the hot search kicked the door and smashed the door

In fact, this is not the first time it has happened

The reason why Brother Da Yi did not move is because he is afraid that the ancestral graves are dug by the villagers

It is said that his mother's grave has been destroyed

I have also seen this argument on the Internet

The reason why he didn't move is to keep the heat...

At first glance, this argument seems to make sense

But when you think about it, isn't the reason for keeping the heat on is to make money?

What does the money earned by DAIYI brother do not take it?

Is it for their own already spent, or for the son and daughter to spend it?

Anyway, so many people shoot the brother

I have not seen any high spending video of him

Only when the donation, to the village road repair time

He will only have the so-called "high spending"

However, all this is rewarded with revenge

The villagers took DAIYI's kindness and honesty as the capital of their own recklessness

On the second level is the "white lotus flower literary heroes in action"

The big reversal given at the end of the film is certainly a shock to people

Just when we thought the movie was trying to mock the ignorant and evil villagers at the bottom

It suddenly satirizes the main man, the upper class

In fact, all of his books are about consuming his hometown.

The people in his previous books are all "unruly people who can't leave this poor countryside".

This time, he even wrote a book with himself as the main character

At the end of the book, he dies in his hometown

In reality, he may have never returned to his hometown

Just once again used his hometown and the people there to build up fame for himself

In this way, many of the film's exaggerated coincidences can be explained

As the main character says, "There is no truth in this world, the so-called truth

It's just a kind of manipulation to control other people's interpretation

He started with his speech when he won the Nobel Prize

The hypocritical side of himself is revealed

And the ending of the chilling smile is a cunning

It can be said that the whole movie is a mockery of the hypocrisy of the upper class and the poverty of the lower class.

The whole movie mocks the hypocrisy of the upper class and the poverty of the lower class, and leaves the audience with an endlessly imaginative ending.

Well, that's it for today's story.

I'm XXX, a narrator who is dedicated to bringing movies into reality.

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