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Plot "Mom's Remote Control" movie commentary copy

Plot"Mom's Remote Control" movie comment ary copy

Plot "Mom's Remote Control" movie commentary copy

This man found

How he can't die

He slashes his wrists, gets electrocuted and jumps off a building

Each time

He is saved by the remote control

No matter what he did

The next day

Not a trace would remain

Then why does he want to die so badly?

Why can't you die?

It started a few months ago.

The boy's name was David.

He lives in a single-parent family.

He lives with his mother.

His mother takes good care of David.

But she is also a control freak

Whether it's school or life

David is expected to follow strictly

One step at a time in his own planning

This day

Mom found David

Actually hid it from himself

Falsifying report cards

It turned out that on the surface

Da Wei, who was a good boy and obedient

Behind the scenes, he was actually good at lying and faking

And David did all these things for no other reason

He just wanted his mother to agree

Let him go on a graduation trip with his classmates

At night, his mother confronted him with the evidence

David was weak

But he showed no remorse at all

He even said something rude

(If it were Daddy)

(He would have let me go)

This comment really hit

Mom's soft spot

Just as she was thinking about

How to get David's life

back on the track she had set for herself.

She saw a bizarre advertisement

With a strange man

("If I had a way)

("that can make a child obey)

("Do you want to try it?)

The next day

David was up late as usual

He went out in a hurry with his breakfast

He accidentally bumped into someone on the way

He missed the bus to school

He stopped a cab

When he saw the driver


It was the same car as the one he took yesterday

David was in a panic

He walked into the classroom

He felt that everything in front of him was familiar

He asked his classmate what day of the week it was

His classmates laughed and said

Are you stupid?

David was in a trance

He clearly remembered

Yesterday was only Wednesday

Could it be that he was dreaming?

He pretended that nothing had happened

And handed the forged report card

He carefully handed it to his mother for her signature

Mom didn't seem to suspect anything

Da Wei was glad that

He had finally gotten away with it

On the third day

David slept through the night again

He went out again in a hurry

He bumped into the same person

Got into the same cab

Back to school

Still a familiar scene

He took out his cell phone to see

It was Wednesday again

Coming home in the evening

David handed over his report card again

This time his mother finally couldn't take it anymore

("I know you changed your grades)

("If you don't fix this mistake)

("Your life)

("will always be stuck on the same day)

Before David could react

Only to see his mother pull out

A magic remote control

The original

The remote control in Mom's hand

was the one she bought that night

Just press the playback button

You can keep looping indefinitely

The day the child made a mistake

Until he becomes a good boy who listens to his mother

David turned in his true report card

(I knew you would make the right decision)

But mom still didn't let David go

She enrolled David in remedial classes

Now with this remote control

If one tutorial doesn't work

Then the cycle of practice ten times

Until David understood it clearly

Under the threat of the remote control in her mother's hand

Dawei has become

A little sheep who does what he is told

He usually hates eating bitter melon

But his mother said

("But eat the bitterness of bitterness)

("to become a human being)

("It's time to eat)

David obediently picked up his chopsticks

Because of the cram school.

Dawei gave up his graduation trip

He let his best friend go.

He was very sad.

But with just one word from his mother

Dawei had to swallow his anger

into his stomach

(Do you want to go to ten more classes?)

What's even worse is that

David started to become like a

Repeater without emotion

Mom reads one sentence

David read a sentence after her

What is said

I believe many Chinese homeschooled

children of Chinese families will be familiar with

(I will study hard)

("I'll get into a good university)

(I won't let my mother down)

This Chinese drama

is called the Chinese version of "Black Mirror

There are no scary scenes

It's all about everyday life

But it is filmed to make people

chilling fear

That's what countless children growing up in

Chinese style families

When they were young, they were dominated by the fear

(With grades like yours)

(Do you think you can get into college?)

When a person presses a ballpoint pen frequently

It means that the person is under great pressure

The boy in front of me, David

He is overwhelmed by his "mother's love" and can hardly breathe.

He didn't want to go to cram school anymore

So he skipped class without his mother's knowledge

He came to the library to relieve his anxiety


Dawei met a girl who also

Xiao Lan, a girl who likes to draw and paint

Xiaolan was sunny and lively

Immediately captivated David

After a day of pleasant exchanges

They made an appointment to see each other tomorrow

But as long as mom has the remote control in her hand

There is no tomorrow for David

In order to jump out of the time loop

David lied to his mother

That he wanted to take the exam tomorrow

Mom heard that it was related to study

She agreed on the spot

Dawei finally gets a chance to reunite with Xiaolan

He went to Xiaolan's home

He met her parents

Xiaolan's mother is a painter

Dad is a musician

Dawei was dumbfounded

There are still

Such cheerful and funny parents

He admired Arashi's freedom and bravery

Arashi can do what she likes

While David himself

was living a life as boring as hell

The colorful little Arashi

became the only light in his life

When he got home, David pretended to

memorized English words

In order to get in touch with Xiaolan

He used the excuse of looking up the dictionary

He persuaded his mother to buy him a cell phone

When he got the new phone, David

Turned around and asked Xiaolan out

Every day, the two of them

However, they got together


What David didn't know was

all his whereabouts

is in the hands of his mother

Dawei and Xiaolan's budding

Their first love was broken

The three of them went to the restaurant for dinner

Mom was very friendly in front of people

But when they got home, she immediately changed her face

("I forbid you to see her again)

(I don't want to)

For the sake of love, David decided to be tough for once

Instead of the usual stifled look


Mom pulled out the remote control

David got down on his knees and begged his mother

Saying the words she usually loves to hear

But mom was still not satisfied

No matter what she wanted

Dawei to break off the relationship with Xiaolan

Dawei was so desperate that he

said all the things that a child would say

would say to their parents

(If you press it)

(I will hate you for the rest of my life)

And David's mother

And David's mother said the same thing

that millions of children have heard before

("It's okay if you hate me now)

(You'll thank me in the future)

And then

Mom pushed the button

All the good memories of these days

were rewound and erased

When he rushed to Arashi's door again

But Arashi and her family didn't recognize him at all

The beautiful memory of his first love

Now he was the only one who remembered

David was devastated.

I am Ji Peiwei

Unable to accept all this, David

When he returned home, he began to fall ill for a long time.

In his dreams, he dreamed of his long-awaited graduation trip.

His best friend and Xiao Lan were with him.

But when he returned to reality

There was only his concerned mother in front of him

And his mother's love that he couldn't break away from

David asked his mother to get him a glass of water

Then he went to the balcony alone

After a muffled sound

This was not the first time

The first time he tried to die

But invariably

Mom used the remote control to bring him back to life

After repeatedly repeating herself many times

Dawei finally understood

As long as his mother had the remote control in her hand

he didn't even have the right to die

He said to his mother in despair and helplessness

(How many more times do you want me to die?)

That day

David's heart was already dead

All that was left was a walking corpse

After that, he obeyed his mother

Step by step, he grew into the person she wanted him to be

Many years later

He became an executive in a big company

Playing the role of a successful man in his mother's eyes

But his mother's control

But she still didn't loosen her grip

She knew that David had a girlfriend

She still arranged for him to go on a blind date

David had no room to refuse

The girl is a rich girl from a rich family

Her mannerisms and professional education

She was a perfect match for David

The two of them were just like that, under the watchful eye of their mother

awkwardly making a scene

After the meal, the girl confided in David

that she was also forced to participate in a blind date

She already had a fiancée

She went to the United States to get engaged despite her family's opposition

David envied her

The girl's courage to pursue freedom

But the girl said to David

("Life is our own)

("What it looks like)

("We should be responsible for it ourselves)

("Blame it on others)

("It's too cowardly)

David was struck.

These words made his long-dead heart

rekindled the fire of a star

David thought of his first love, Xiao Lan

How is she living now?

Has she succeeded in pursuing her dream?

With these questions in mind

On social networking sites

Typed in Xiaolan's full name

Shaking, he pressed the search button

Arashi traveled around the world

A picture came to my eyes

She really became an artist

She was living the way she wanted to be

David had mixed feelings

Leaving tears of regret

The fire of a star

began to start a prairie fire

He took the opportunity to enroll his mother in a European tour

He watched her get into a cab and leave

Then he sneaked back to his mother's house

He tried to open the safe where the remote control was kept

Mom's birthday.


Dad's birthday.

It's not right either

David began to cry bitterly

Then with a last ray of hope

He entered his birthday ......

David finally got his mother's remote control

He looked at this

The thing that had controlled his whole life

The sweetness and sourness of it all came to his mind

However, at that moment

Mom turned back because she forgot her passport

and David with the remote control

and ran into each other

But this time

no matter what, David

He wanted to take control of his own life

(This is not your remote control)

(It's mine!)

But his mother's answer

made him fall into the abyss once again

(You think I only have one remote control?)

David was completely furious

He crossed the road and rushed towards his mother

A car crashed directly into David

I don't know if it was a hallucination

Or did David press the remote control

Turning back the clock

He went back to the day he first met Arashi

The day he first met her

That day in the library

The sun was shining and the breeze was not dry

David and Arashi met again

It was like a lifetime ago

With tears in his eyes

Looking at Arashi

This is the end of the story

Needless to say

I believe that many people will have deep resonance after reading

and the trembling behind the resonance

Mom's Remote Control" is from the 2018 Taiwanese drama

Your child is not your child

A story with strange colors

Yes, the parent-child relationship in China

There's relentless analysis and reflection

Your child is not your child

The title of this tongue-twisting play

From the poetry of Kahlil Gibran

Some of them say this

Your children are not your children

They are the children of "life"

They are the desires of life itself

They are born to you

But not from you

Although they are with you

It really doesn't belong to you

You can give them love

But don't give them your thoughts too

Because they have a mind of their own

That's the end of today's story

I'm XXX. See you next time.

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