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Plot "I want to be good with you" movie commentary copy

Drama "I want to be good with you" movie commentary copy

Plot "I want to be good with you" movie commentary copy

Hello everyone

This is XX

Today, I'd like to tell you about a small Northern drifting employee

From the hands of the rich second generation to steal a beautiful actress.

And he lives together with the dog's blood story of the movie.

I Want to Be Good with You

Beijing's rainy night, the light is slightly cold.

The young Northern drifter Liang Liang is bored parking his car.


A beautiful girl comes out of a luxury car.

Open the door down.

Open the car door and take a seat.

The whole process was done in one go.

However, he didn't know the girl.

The boys got out of the limousine

vehemently threatened Ryo to stop him from driving.

but aroused his winning temper.

The motor roared and the car sped past.

The boys and Liangliang, who were in relentless pursuit

Staged a chase through the streets of Beijing.

Liang Liang skillfully gets away from the car.

Even protects the girl when braking suddenly.

After helping the girl to get rid of the luxury car

Liangliang looks at this girl's pretty face.

However, the girl and Liangliang did not keep in touch.

Without getting any benefit Ryo's car was still smashed.

The boy driving the limousine arrogantly said.

We can smash each other's cars.

I can afford to pay you.

Can you afford to pay me?

Angry but helpless Liangliang

could only watch the rich boy leave in style

Back in the rented house

He was accompanied only by the dim light and messy environment

The poor financial situation speaks for itself

But the next day

Ryo accidentally met the beautiful girl

She was an actress.

Under the seemingly glamorous position

was a demanding job

There was no impatience on the girl's face

Behind her soft appearance was a tough and stubborn heart

On the way back, Ryo sent the girl home

The two of them finally introduced themselves for the first time

The girl's name is Meow Meow

The conversation between them was casual and spontaneous

They also outline the helplessness of two young people living in the north

Liang Liang tolerates Meow Meow infinitely

Even when Meow Meow asked him to sing on stage out of the blue

He would agree to do so

On stage, Liangliang sings a love song

The love in his eyes is so hot

Meow Meow's heart was touched

The two of them got together as a matter of course

But the harassment of Liang Liang's ex-girlfriend or

I'm not sure if I'm the only one.

All these make the serious meow jealous

Looking at meow with tears in her eyes

Ryo suggested that they live together.

Maybe this will give her a little security

A little less suspicion

The two of them are in love.

All the little things in life become sweet

One day Meow Meow met a suitor.

They met for dinner

But in the restaurant ran into the ex-girlfriend to send emergency before the Liang Liang

Although this incident did not bring much quarrel to their relationship

But Meow Meow burned the photo of his ex-girlfriend

The flushing of the toilet still seems to be a bit too aggressive

Ryo looks at the toilet and ponders

Meow Meow often asks for information about his ex-girlfriend in the cold

Even in the middle of the night, she asks Ryo to sleep face to face

Her love is getting heavier and heavier

However, Liang Liang is not perfect either

He can never change his habit of looking at pretty girls

He also used to accept the warmth of female colleagues

Once by chance

Meow Meow saw a lamp on Liangliang's desk

The lamp on his desk reflected the words "I love you

This lamp is a gift from a female colleague

Meow Meow, who was already insecure

began to look through Liangliang's phone

She also called her female colleague to find something fishy

Perhaps she did not know what she was looking for

But this search gives Meow Meow a sense of security

As if this man is held tightly in the palm of her hand

Never to go away

After learning what Meow Meow was doing

She couldn't stand this kind of supervision that didn't let her breathe.

So he ran away in anger

However, Meow Meow's method was very decisive

She just called Ryo downstairs and said

Believe it or not, I'll be right there in front of you

She stood on the high balcony

She threatened to jump off.

Ryo ran upstairs.

He couldn't even wait for the elevator

On the phone was the submissive man

Promising one request after another

Yet who knows how long the promises

In exchange for the promise can be kept for how long?

Meow Meow needed to go to Hengdian for three months to shoot a movie

With her reluctance to leave Liangliang

She left Beijing with a feeling of reluctance for Liangliang

However, just before she left

Liang Liang went to a nightclub to play all night

But Meow Meow suddenly called to ask where Liangliang was.

Lying about being at home, Liangliang

promised to take down the clothes from the balcony

When he got home, he found that there were no clothes on the balcony.

Meow Meow was just testing him

Liangliang, who exclaimed that his girlfriend was like Sherlock Holmes

came home the next night

but was surprised to find his girlfriend already home

Meow Meow is afraid that the distance will make her lose Liang Liang

So I simply quit the play

Liang Liang's direct admission of fault

The two make up again as before

But can such a reconciliation last?

In the early morning sunshine has not yet

When the first rays of the morning sun had not yet fallen

A phone call disturbed Liang Liang's beautiful dream

The news on the other end of the phone made him lose all sleep

It turned out that Meow Meow had checked his bank card.

Ryo confronted Meow Meow

However, she just said with a straight face

Checking the spending records is to help you manage your money

He felt that his life was being monitored

With the intervention, he lost his freedom.

Blaze left the house once again.

Meow Meow didn't know how to keep the man she loved so much

So she raised the bottle and said

If you want to leave, I will die for you.

But this time Ryo's response was only

Raise the bottle and smash it against his head

This method can no longer work

Meow Meow was the only one in the house to clean up the mess

Clean up the broken bottles

Clean up the floor

Cleaning the toilet

But there was no way to calm the mind

The girl wandered aimlessly in the street

She may be looking for Liang Liang

Maybe she didn't even know what she was looking for.

Ryo returned home.

The atmosphere became more and more depressing and the meowing was more and more subdued.

The girl had changed her usual willfulness

When she saw Liangliang come home, she hurriedly put a pair of slippers in front of her

Even the table was set up with a fruit plate

Meow thought it was an excuse for the boy to avoid her

When she found out that a female colleague had gone with her

The girl broke out into questioning

Unhappy with the situation, Ryo left the depressing place in quick steps

Unlike the previous two arguments

This time Meow Meow chased her out

The road was full of accusations between the two, who were not in love with each other in the past

After Liangliang said you are a psycho

Meow Meow ignored the traffic.

immediately went to the middle of the road

Ryo turned around once again

He hugged Meow Meow

The two embraced each other in the brightly lit street

Two people who love each other but hurt each other the most

The reconciled pair lay opposite each other

Meow Meow looked at Liang Liang

Asking if you will leave me

Ryo didn't know how to satisfy

The girl's endless demand for security

Thought maybe having a baby would be better

But Meow rejected the idea

And said I'll serve you when I'm old

If I die before you do

I will poison you first

After saying these words

A drop of tears flowed down

There was only determination in her eyes

The girl was not joking

Day by day

But the two were no longer in love at the beginning

Both of them were tired of being in a relationship

Meow was constantly worried about the beautiful women around Ryo.

Ryo was always careful to smoke and answer the phone.

One rainy night

His ex-girlfriend asks him to deliver a document.

He went out after the girl went to bed, fearing that Meow Meow would be distracted.

However, he didn't expect

When he returned home

Meow Meow woke up long ago

Angry and angry, Meow Meow woke up in the middle of the night and slapped the boy

Asking him if you love me

The growing tension

Both Liang Liang and Meow Meow could not breathe

However, they pretended to be fine

By chance

Ryo found a monitor in the house

Needless to say

Blaze understood in a flash who had installed it

Depressed, he ate and drank in a hot pot restaurant

Even his friends' explanations did not help.

After the strange, strong man came looking for trouble

Blaze finally found an outlet

He frantically threw a storm of punches at the strong man

Meow Meow, who understands that the surveillance cameras have been discovered, acts submissive.

But Ryo was no longer ready to put up with it.

Meow Meow said it was all because I love you

In the face of such an argument

Ryo says, "Then don't love me.

Ryo feels more and more like a puppet in this relationship

I'm a puppet.

Looking at Ryo who was running out of the door

Meow Meow had no other choice but to say over and over again not to leave me

But the boy was determined to leave

Meow Meow tried everything she could to make Liang Liang

Meow Meow did not get Ryo to turn back even after taking off his clothes

Meow Meow went crazy and searched everywhere for Ryo.

She opened door after door in her friend's house without any courtesy

When she saw a human-shaped bulge on the bed

Thought she had finally found Ryo

Lifting the covers only to find a girl

The devastated Meow feels that she may not be able

I'll never get back the man I love so much

She went back to her house.

Outside the window is Liangliang smoking a cigarette in silence

Meow Meow didn't expect that Liangliang was really at her friend's house

But he was trying to escape from the hysterical Meow Meow

He stood outside the high-rise despite the danger

A depressed Liang Liang replied to his ex-girlfriend's text message

He even agreed to let his ex-girlfriend come to the hotel to spend the night together

He finished washing up in the bathroom

I never thought it would be Meow Meow who came

Meow Meow calmly said she would move out

Ryo looked at the situation in front of him and was a bit overwhelmed

When he called his ex-girlfriend

Meow Meow answered the phone

It turned out that Meow Meow had changed his ex-girlfriend's number to his own

It was with Meow Meow that Blaze sent the text message

Blaze's philandering finally killed Meow Meow's heart

There is no greater sorrow than the death of the heart

The two break up for good

Early one morning

Meow Meow with a short haircut suddenly appeared at home

She asks Liangliang to take her to a car race again

This is very similar to the first time they met

The difference is that after the passionate love and endless arguments

They will never be the same again

In the darkness of the night

They have no words

The love that was once there is only silence

Perhaps we do not lack the sincerity to love

But we don't have the ability to love well

I want to be good with you

But I don't know how to be good with you

Love is sometimes like the sand between our fingers

The harder I try to push

The more it is lost, the faster it is lost

Maybe how to love is a lifelong lesson to learn

This is XX

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