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Crime German drama "Dogs of Berlin 02" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

CrimeGerman drama "DogsofBerlin02" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

Crime German drama "Dogs of Berlin 02" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

Germany's World Cup qualifying match is about to start

But the team's leading player has an accident

Around this matter

A fight involving black and white is quietly staged

Following the previous episode

On the morning after the ball player was killed

The division chief rushed to the chief's house

This is a very shrewd and powerful woman

Also an open txl person

As a politician

The female commissioner knew that the murder of the ball player would bring serious racial problems

And the only way to ensure that the police department will not be affected

The only way to ensure that the police department will not be affected is to find a Turkish person in charge of the case

The commissioner was a bit embarrassed by this.

He had already agreed to let Agi handle it.

The division chief proposed a double captain.

The reason for this was that he valued Agi's ability to handle the case.

But the female director didn't think so.

In her opinion

It was more like Aoshi had something on the Branch Chief

But even so, she agreed.

On the other hand

Back home, Aoshi spent an early morning with his wife and children

In the process

The dog he picked up actually spit out a finger

Associated with the absence of the ball player's finger

This dog is probably the ball player's pet

Soon Ajay brought the dog back to the bureau

The members of the homicide team, including the two police officers, had also arrived

There are partners who have been working with Ah Qing for many years

There were also newly assigned officers from various teams

When they introduced each other

Ah Gee suddenly noticed a piece of news

The Football Association sent out a message

It said that the star had temporarily withdrawn from the match due to illness

But most of the media were not pessimistic about the outcome of the game

This made Aoshi, who doesn't watch much football, feel panic

Especially after learning from others that

Germany is much stronger than the Turkish team

Agi was worried about his big bet

Forced to stabilize his emotions

Agi informed about the murder of the footballer

He also gave a name to the investigation

It was called the Red Card Task Force.

After all this, Agi turned around and ran to the toilet.

He now had to find a way to make sure Germany lost.

To do so, he contacted the commissioner

He asked for a pass to the match.

At this moment, the commissioner was comforting the family of the player who had learned the sad news.

Without much thought, he agreed to the pass.


The male police officer met with the chief of the fifth team in private.

Regarding the case of Aoshi's robbery

Team leader five is very suspicious

It's possible that this is related to the Friendship Club.

From here, he learned that

Aoshi was also a member of the Friendship Club

And was involved in a murder case many years ago

And this time, the robbery.

The five team leaders naturally think that Aoshi has an ulterior motive

The male police officer was also curious about Aoshi's previous behavior.

So the two of them hit it off.

They were going to investigate him secretly.

On the other hand, Aoshi's first love had just finished her work.

This is a private job she found to chat with

It's a way to earn a little money.

After dropping off Yuan's son at school, she couldn't rest.

She went to the Social Welfare Bureau without stopping.

Today she had to have a meeting

to determine eligibility for welfare.

But unfortunately

The car ran out of gas in the middle of the drive

And she gave all her money to Aoshi.

It was impossible to get gas

She had no choice but to carry the child all the way there

Also unlucky with him is Aji's wife Paula

Paula opened a small decoration store

But business is not good

Even the rent has to be subsidized by Ajay

In her store there is a female clerk who is on parole

This person has a lot of problems with petty theft

Paula could not stand it and was ready to fire her.

But what she didn't expect was

As soon as she said this

The clerk went into a rage

Not only did she beat Paula up

And also a lot of damage

Paula was so bullied that she didn't dare to fight back

Afterwards, she had to drink to relieve her emotions

When she woke up from her drunken stupor, it was afternoon.

And she missed picking up her children from school.

But the school teacher said that the child was picked up

And the person who picked up the child was Ava, Aji's mother

Hearing this

Paula instantly sobered up

It was clear that she didn't like this mother-in-law

At that moment, Ava was playing in the park with her two children.

As one of the founding fathers of the Friendship Society.

Ava herself is strongly racist.

She saw a Turkish child playing on the slide.

She would immediately run to chase them away.

The two Aggie children were dumbfounded by this.

The eldest daughter had a look of contempt

And that's probably why Paula doesn't like Ava.

On the other hand

Iho of the narcotics unit was still following the student.

But not long after that

A few people suddenly brought him back to the station

Immediately after

The members of the narcotics unit, including him, were questioned one by one

Even the female captain lying on the hospital bed is no exception

And the questioning was about the previous operation

Obviously the bearded man knew about the operation in advance

This means that there may be undercover agents in the group

From the questioning

A man with glasses is very suspicious

This person has always wanted to be promoted

And in the process of questioning

Iho supported the legalization of DM

and the identity of TXL

Although these two things do not affect Ihor's police work

But such a cheap behavior is really disgusting

In the meantime

The chief of the division approached Ihor about becoming the captain of the homicide unit.

But Ihor knew it very well.

He was just a front man for Homicide.

It's not the same as the value he could show in Narcotics.

There's a huge difference in the value he can show in Narcotics.

And as someone who came out of Caesar's Tower.

Iho had a strong obsession with destroying the Tower Gang.

So he refused the chief's offer.

But the chief didn't give up.

Before tonight

Ihor could change his decision at any time

At this time, Aoshi was driving to the race site

But just as he arrived at the parking lot, he ran into his debtor.

The big brother who controls the gambling industry in Berlin.

Tor is a Kilvian.

The gang is as powerful as the Tahs.

The two gangs are involved in drugs and gambling.

With no interference from each other, there is no friction

Then again...

Once Ajay saw that he was unlucky

Without hesitation, he ran away

Judging from this reaction

He has done this a lot

But even though he was more skillful in his body technique

But the other side can not stand the number of people

The result was naturally caught in the act

Of course, after being caught, it was no big deal

Nothing more than a beating

But these men also have nothing to do

They are not eager to fight

Instead, they planned to have a good time

But Aoshi couldn't afford it.

The game was about to start.

He had business to attend to.

So he didn't say anything.

He hit his head on the spot and bleeding

The men were dumbfounded by this scene

Ah Qing couldn't care less

He ran back to the competition with a bloody face

Surrounded by a few students and a good bullying

At that moment, the bearded man's cousin appeared

He came to see the students to study music

Maybe he knew about the Tahs

Seeing his cousin talking to the students

The other students were a bit surprised

Not long after that

The student took his cousin home

This scene was caught by the sister

It was obvious that the sister also knew the identity of the cousin

So the attitude is not friendly

And the cousin, right?

Although he is a member of the Tahs gang

But he doesn't have the problem of bullying others

On the contrary, he is very polite

It so happened that the Tahs had a VIP table for the evening game

So my cousin wanted to invite his sister and brother to go with him

But unfortunately

Sister Kai did not accept this kind offer

After the cousin left.

Sister told Ihor about it.

When he heard the news, Izumi immediately had an idea.

He asked for some tickets from his boyfriend.

When he was done, he took the two siblings to the stadium.

On the other hand

Ava took the two kids back to the Friendship Club grounds

In the meantime

The members of the club held a group meeting

And the matter under discussion was the money that Ajay had taken

A bald man of high status

was very unhappy with the way Aoshi's brother had acted

He even proposed to expel him from the club

In response, the brother defended himself

He said that the money would be returned immediately

And by borrowing the money

He also got a message from Aoshi

That a Turkish man had been killed.

For this murderer

Youai will be considered a hero

And in this way

Friendship Club can use Aoshi's connection

To find him before the police.

Brother's words were approved by the other members of the Yau Oi Club

Therefore, Baldy's proposed expulsion did not succeed

But this depends on whether Aoshi can pay back the money

Not long after that

Paula arrived in a rage.

She was very upset that Ava had taken the children.

Ava, on the other hand, laughed at her for drinking in the middle of the day.

After an argument between them

Paula left with the child


The lover finally met the head of the welfare office

But to her surprise

They refused the lover's eligibility for social welfare

The reason was that the lover had concealed her job as a chaperone

This made the lover very upset

Her job did not earn much money at all

The family's expenses are still basically dependent on the welfare agency

If she loses her eligibility

Then the family would have to drink the wind.

The lover was ready to discuss this with the manager.

But the other party is loyal to the rules and will not give up

In desperation

The lover actually stopped in front of the steward's car

The result was directly knocked unconscious

On the other hand

Aoshi arrived at the stadium in a hurry

With the pass given by the branch chief

He sprinted all the way into the German team's locker room

The German team had just finished refueling and boosting their energy

They were confident of winning

But Aggie, with a gasp, told him about the murder of the star.

After that, he pretended to be serious

The players were told to stay in the hotel after the match and prepare for the questioning

After all this

Aoshi left satisfied

He knew that the psychological impact of this shock

Germany's form will certainly decline

And that would give him a slight advantage in his bet.

So will the game be as good as Agi had expected?

Ihor, who also does not want to be in the murder group

What will he choose?


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