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Crime German drama "Dogs of Berlin 03" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

CrimeGerman drama "DogsofBerlin03" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

Crime German drama "Dogs of Berlin 03" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

Betting has always been the most profitable business

The soccer game occupies a very large proportion of this

The annual trillions of dollars

It is inevitable that some unscrupulous elements will take the risk

Black whistle black ball is more endless

The current match between Germany and Turkey

seems to be involved in the shadow of gambling

Following the previous episode

The two teams have entered

When the national anthem was played

Germany's team members were all in tears

In the eyes of the fans

Naturally, it was regarded as a result of high national emotion

But in fact

They heard about the death of their star

It was hard to accept and a little sad

The whistle is blown

The game began.

Just as Aggie expected

The German team with a psychological burden

There was a problem in the beginning

Not only was the pass broken

And also nearly scored by a shot on goal

Seeing this scene, Aggie's heart was mixed with nervousness and hope

It is no wonder that the gambling dogs are happy to

Because it was really exciting

In the Friendship Club

My brother was also secretly cheering for Turkey

Although racism is deep in the marrow

But everything is false in front of money

At that moment, Aoshi received a call from the branch chief

The two of them met in the VIP room

Regarding the murder of the football player

Agi put his suspicion on the gambling mob's old TO

I do not know if this is a personal vendetta

Anyway, Aggie guessed

Ball Star may not have accepted the bribes of the boss

So he was killed

This reason is also agreed by the branch chief

And besides that

The division chief said about the double captain

Once he heard that

Aoshi was more or less panicked

He was worried that he had taken advantage of the gambling opportunity to be discovered

But the matter had been decided

Even if Aoshi wanted to oppose it, he couldn't possibly

On the other hand

The Tahs were celebrating in the box while watching the game.

It was the birthday of the bearded man's girlfriend, Camilla

Not long after that

Old TO and his group appeared in front of the box

And the one who invited them was the second in command, Moustache

Judging from the bearded man's calm face

He did not know about the moustache practice

This point aroused the interest of the old trust

You know

Although these two gangs do not cross each other's water

But after all, they are in the same city

Each other is also dislike each other

And the behavior of the moustache shows that he has plans to rise to the top

As it turns out

After a few words, the moustache guy

He expressed his desire to cooperate with the old TO

There is a simple rule in the Tower Gang

Whoever makes the most money is the boss

Compared to the current stereotypical D products business

The gambling market is full of huge profits

is the capital that the moustache can be the master of the house

Moustache's words are relatively straightforward

This fully proves that he is not a deep psychology

Lao Tor did not directly agree

Instead, he took the initiative to say hello to the bearded man

And also gave Camilla a gift

The reason for this is simple.

At the moment the Tahs are still in charge of the bearded man.

And in his eyes

The possibility of the moustache's ascension to the top is really a bit low

After the normal rituals.

Old TO and moustache talked again

About cooperation

Moustache proposed the idea of match-fixing

It doesn't matter if it's soccer or any other game

They can control the players or the referee

Moustache's words

Heard the old TO is a burst of shame

This match-fixing is not that easy

As a professional gambling gang

Old TO doesn't even have the ability to manipulate the top games

Especially this kind of national team level tournament

Which of the participating athletes are rich and wealthy

How could they be bribed?

With this thought

Lao Tor reinforced the idea that it was impossible for Moustache to rise to the top

Maybe he was stimulated by the attitude of Lao Tor

Moustache not only bragged that the star's absence from the game was his own arrangement

But he also intended to use this game as a bet

He guaranteed that Germany would lose

Upon hearing this

Old TO is full of ridicule

The strength of the German team is not determined by the absence of players.

The two men argued and made a bet

If the German team loses

Lao Tor will agree to cooperate and give the moustache 10,000

And if they didn't lose

Then the moustache will have to lose his middle finger

The moustache is more or less nervous to set a bet

To be honest

He didn't have any idea about the game

Just a hot head

In addition to the need to cooperate with the old TO

That's why he was so impulsive

It didn't take long.

The bearded man approached the moustache

About the gambling matter

The bearded man wanted to know the inner workings of this

This moustache did not tell the truth

At the same time

Iho used the excuse of buying snacks

Take the students around the stadium

When he was done, he made a point of stopping in front of the Tahs gang for a moment

This will be suspected of the practice of the students very annoyed

In response, Iho said he could tell the public

that the students had not been bribed by the police

In this way

The student would gain the trust of the Tahs.

But the student would have to secretly gather information for Ihor.

Ihor's words left the student with no choice.

Not long after that.

The bearded man heard about the incident from his men.

Considering that the student was in contact with his cousin.

The job of testing loyalty was assigned to the cousin

At that moment there was also a change on the pitch

Germany's sluggishness allowed Turkey to take a corner kick

The score became one to zero

The goal was a joyous occasion for several families

Agi and Moustache were both relieved

In the meantime

Branch Chief called Ihor

Although Iho did not agree to join the group

But it is good to meet with Aoshi in advance

But Aoshi did not think so

He would like to lead the team by himself.

So this first meeting.

Aoshi behaved very unfriendly

He even made a joke about TXL

Not a single surprise

Iho left in anger

Back to the pitch

The German team replaced a black player

This is a young man who is playing his first national team match

The eagerness to perform

The young man was full of energy

The result was a miraculous equalizer within two minutes of playing

This goal made the crowd on the field a different mood

Moustache vaguely felt

His middle finger had a tendency to leave

Looking at the newcomer who exudes vitality

Moustache was a bit furious

He called some of his men

He ordered them to take advantage of the interval to talk to the newcomer

No matter whether it is threatening or luring

Anyway, the water must be released

Soon some of his men came to the players' lounge

But this is a national team game after all

They are equipped with security guards outside

And is heavily armed with guns

A few hands can not barge in

But do not dare to let the moustache know that things are not done

So they had to lie

On the other hand

Aoshi was also surprised by the performance of the newcomers

And when he was upset

A friend who had worked with him for many years came to him

Didn't the lover stop the car with his body before?

As a mutual friend

In the end, the friend sent her home.

Considering the state of his lover

It must be better for Aoshi to stay with him

Not long after that

Aoshi arrived at his lover's house

Speaking of their relationship

It wasn't just because of their bodies

The lover was having a hard time raising a child

And also has a drinking problem

Aoshi, out of old friendship

Naturally want to help out

But judging from the performance of the past two days

Aji's role does not seem to be much

This old king on also can

That said

Ashi comforted his lover

With this energy, the two of them have been agitated again

He wanted to continue to follow the game

But the TV at his lover's house was stopped

Aoshi received a phone call from his wife after exercising

After briefly muddling through

He then said goodbye to his lover and went to the bar alone

In the process

The Turkish team scored another goal

But towards the end of the game

The newcomer got a penalty shot through his efforts

At such a time

should have been taken by the team's designated player

But the newcomer played very well throughout the game

Considering the possibility of making a name for himself

The rookie asked the head coach to take the penalty

Seeing this

The crowd on the field held their breath

Launching a shot

The ball flashed over the goal

There were two reactions inside and outside the stadium

The Turkish supporters cheered

The German team was ashen

And as for the newcomers

From the hero of the world to the sinner of the game

This psychological gap is really huge

With the whistle of the end of the match

Some extreme fans even pretended to be gorillas

They were discriminating against the newcomers

In the bar, Agi was dancing with excitement

He then contacted his friends


Moustache was also very excited

This not only saved his finger

And more importantly, he had a chance to work with Lao Thao

Willing to lose the bet, Lao Tor left 10,000 yuan

When they left, they also set the intention of cooperation

And this scene just by the scene of Iho to see clearly

Originally, Ihor was thinking of refusing to join the homicide team.

But the current situation made Ihor realize

He could use Homicide to investigate the Tower Gang.

This might be an opportunity.

Thinking of this, Ihor immediately agreed to the sub chief's proposal

Outside the stadium, his cousin brought in the students.

For the matter of being with the police

The student followed Iho's teachings

Firm attitude that did not give in to the police

And perhaps because of the musical resonance

Cousin believed the student's words

On the other hand

Friendship Club, who also watched the game

were clamoring to go after the Turkish fans

Although the brother acted like he was in the same boat

But in his heart, he was happy

Because the money will definitely be paid back

Speaking of fans

A large number of Turks are celebrating in the streets

Ihor and his boyfriend went home to get some rest

But in a trance he saw his father appear downstairs

Family reasons made him chase out

But he didn't find his father.

Just as he was about to go back

Some men suddenly covered his head

Then he was dragged aside and beaten up.

Afterwards, he was warned not to touch the case of the murdered ball player.

Iho was beaten in a daze

And we can see by the moonlight

The person who beat him was Aji

So after being warned about the vicious beating

Ihor will make what choice?

And will the moustache guy who is trying to rise to the top

And can he achieve what he wants?


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