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Crime German drama "Dogs of Berlin 05" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

CrimeGerman drama "DogsofBerlin05" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

Crime German drama "Dogs of Berlin 05" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

The sudden murder of a top soccer star

The sudden murder of a top soccer star brings out the social conflicts of the Turks in Germany

This not only makes two gangsters in Berlin involved

but also behind the scenes are intertwined

Football Association and other departments of the small mind

Such a complex case

Two police detectives who do not share the same pot

How to cooperate to solve the case?

In the last episode

Aoshi's foreign debt problem broke out again

He was able to get a huge bet

But the accidental murder of the tattooed man turned out to be a disaster.

After using lies to make Iho

Iho to believe that the matter was related to the Tahs.

Aoshi covers up his gambling record.

The night is quiet.

Early the next morning

Aoshi went home for a rare moment.

The policewoman reported to him the latest development of the case

The police have now drawn the suspect

In addition to the suspect described by the witness.

They're also looking for the man who satisfied the ball player's needs.

And the ball player's hairdresser.

In response to this, Ajay planned to go and talk to the man first

In the process

In the process, his wife Paula, because of the violence of the shopkeeper

and the protection money.

She wanted to feel safe from Aoshi.

But just when they were about to get into a fight

The window of the house was suddenly broken.

Looking at the boulder on the ground

Aoshi was extremely upset

At that moment, the phone rang.

The caller was the debtor, Old To

No doubt about it.

Aoshi's debt and disappearance yesterday made the boss very angry

This stone is a greeting

Not only that

Old man also demanded that Aoshi must pay within one hour

The strong tone of voice made Aoshi unable to eat his meal.

He left home in a hurry and started to think about where to get the money.

However, as if the gods were joking

Various troubles came one after another

Before Aoshi could think of a solution

The school called

He said that his lover's child had gone to school without shoes.

Because he couldn't contact his lover

This emergency call to Aoshi

After listening to these Aoshi angry is straight cursing mother

But the child can not be left alone

He had no choice but to go to school first

On the other hand, Iho was ready to go to work

But on the way he ran into a Vietnamese boy

This is a newspaper reporter

The Vietnamese guy said.

The newspaper wanted to write an article about Aoshi and Ihor's private life.

But compared to Yiho.

The Vietnamese was more interested in Aoshi.

So if Iho could provide some gossip about Aoshi.

Then the article won't focus on Iho.

The Vietnamese guy's words made Ihor a bit helpless.

Although he didn't say anything directly.

But he left Vietnam's business card.

Meanwhile, the police held a press conference.

The murder of this football star has been arrested out

The police had to answer a small number of questions

to relieve the pressure of public opinion

See the news of the moustache is a little confused inside

The moustache had tried to contact the star

But I didn't expect to get in touch with him.

The star was killed

And just as the moustache and his men

To discuss how to deal with the newcomer when

The bearded man barged in in a rage

This meeting to the moustache on a hammering

Obviously the bearded man thought that the murder of the star

Is the moustache to make out

Although the bearded man is not afraid of trouble

But now he is about to get married to his girlfriend

This kind of thing may be accidental

He had to ask about it

After learning that it has nothing to do with the moustache

The bearded man then left

And for nothing, the moustache was beaten up

Although his heart is aggrieved

But there is nothing to do

Not long after that

Moustache with his men ready to go to talk to the newcomer

On the way

A few men know that the previous game can not hide the matter

So they

They went to the players' lounge that night and told the real situation

The moustache man was dumbfounded when he heard the whole thing

He thought that the newcomer had been bribed to concede the penalty kick

But he didn't think it was a coincidence

But now that it was over

The bearded man didn't blame his men anymore

Soon they met with the newcomer at the hotel

Moustache took out a picture of a girl

This girl should have had sex with the newcomer

And also a minor

Moustache used this to threaten the newcomer

Hope the newcomer will receive a red card in the next game

Faced with this threat and handle

The newcomer was nervous and didn't know what to do

On the other hand, Ajay returned to his lover's place with his child

Looking at the drunken and sleeping lover

Aoshi was very disappointed inside

He had enough troubles outside.

He didn't have the energy to let his lover go down the drain any longer.

So when his lover woke up

Aoshi asked his lover to change in a stern tone.

Aoshi asked his lover to change in a strict tone.

Whether it is for the sake of the child

or for his own sake

I can't live like this anymore!

After saying this, Aoshi left in anger.

And after the lover cried bitterly

Perhaps she also realized the truth of what Aoshi said.

She threw out all the wine in the house.

She was ready to change her life.

Back to Aoshi.

He got a call from Iho.

He asked him what he had been doing this morning.

Aoshi was afraid to tell the truth.

He hung up in a hurry.

Then he contacted the old trust again

For the gambling debt Aoshi wanted to postpone it until the evening

He agreed.

But he wanted an extra 5,000.

With that taken care of.

Aoshi went to find the man who was related to the ball player

And at this moment

The female lawyer who was handling the newcomer's problems

had arrived at the man's office.

Despite the man's objection

Installed the computer

And warned the man

In case of police questioning

The man only needs to be silent

She would work out the rest with the man's lawyer

The man was still a little confused about the sudden appearance of the situation

But as we speak, Aoshi is already at his door.

Once he heard that the police were really coming.

The man ignored the lawyer's warning.

He turned around and ran out the back door

The lawyer was furious!

And when Aoshi saw the situation, he was in vain.

He had to return to the police station

But when he left

The female lawyer from afar took some pictures of him

At the police station, Iho was still arranging the direction of the investigation

At that moment, the student came to us

And said that he had witnessed the murder of the tattooed man

Hearing this news Ihor was a bit surprised

After learning more about it, he learned that

That night

Moustache had asked the student to go outside the bar to keep an eye on the tattooed man

The result was that when the tattooed man locked the door

Three people suddenly appeared

The end came the sound of gunshots

After listening to the crime

Iho then asked someone to make a portrait according to the students' description

At this time, Aoshi also returned to the police station

The two of them had a conflict again because of the morning's incident

And when Aoshi saw the three finished portraits

He immediately said that they were Tug's men.

After that, despite Iho's suspicion

Immediately applied for action orders against the gambling gang

In the process

A Ji even brought the five groups that had always been hostile to him

Pulled over to help

And so...

The police conducted a sweep of several betting points of the gambling gang

As the commander, Aoshi was there in person

And Iho took his students to his cousin's house


Iho was a bit suspicious of the student's report

He felt that this was a deliberate arrangement by the Tahs.

After all, it doesn't make sense for the student to spy on the tattooed man

But that was the case.

The student's report on the gambling gang was bound to be dangerous.

And Iho didn't want the student to get too involved with the Tower Gang.

So he found a place for the student to hide first


The student's sister agreed to go on a date with her cousin.

The two of them watch a movie and go shopping

After a brief encounter

Cousin is not as vicious as a gang member

To put it bluntly, he is a lost youth who can't help himself

This made a huge change in the sister's original antipathy

She agreed to let the student and her cousin continue to have contact

Naturally, the student was very happy about this

That night

The two sneaked out to play again

On the other hand, Ji received a phone call from the branch chief

said that the vice president of the Football Association wanted to talk to him

As for the content of the conversation is also very simple

The murder of this football star has made public opinion focus on the topic of gambling

There was a lot of pressure on the side of the football association

Determine the subsequent impact of German soccer

The meeting with the vice-president of the football association

Agi knew the attitude of the FA

The two made some private deals

In the process

A friend who was still sweeping the betting points called Agi

And at this moment

Aji's wife met the gangster who collected protection money again

I think this guy is also a talent

Knowing that he was married, but still so active

This time also brought a bouquet of flowers

Aoshi's wife refused once again

At night Iho returned to the scene of police action

But what I didn't expect was

He just arrived at the place

But he found Aoshi and his friend loading up something.

This aroused Iho's curiosity

And after following him.

Iho found out that Aoshi had gone to meet with the old trustee

It turns out that the student's report

Aoshi came up with an idea to pay off his debt.

He threw the dirty water on the gambling gang.

Then he used the opportunity of a raid

To hide some of the gang's dirty money.

Because the money was supposed to be the bet he won

So in a sense

So in a sense, it's not like he's taking money from the old trust to pay off the old trust's debt.

Of course, how the old trustees interpreted it

That's a different story.

After taking out the money, Ji received a call from his wife

What's going on?

His brother was in front of his house with members of the Friendship Club.

He was blocking his door.

When he heard that.

Aoshi couldn't be bothered to talk to the old man.

He rushed back in a hurry.

Iho, who saw this scene from a distance.

He dialed the number of the Vietnamese boy.

Apparently Aoshi's behavior made Iho a little angry

So what would Iho say to the reporters about Aoshi's outlandish behavior?

How will Iho gossip with the reporter?

And the Friendship Club who suddenly came to the door

And what will he do?


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