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Crime German drama "Dogs of Berlin 08" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

CrimeGerman drama "DogsofBerlin08" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

Crime German drama "Dogs of Berlin 08" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

Funeral of the murdered footballer

More than a thousand people attended

This also included several HSH groups

Such a tense scene

Will a new riot break out?

In the last episode

Aggie had a stroke of genius

In the last episode, Ajay had a bright idea and found the murdered star's supercar in the witness's garage

This also indirectly proves that the witness is the murderer

But in the face of this huge breakthrough

Ajay did not go directly to the witness

Apparently, he also wanted to use the case against the two gangs.

Early in the morning, Iho had breakfast and got ready for work.

But as soon as he left the house

But as soon as he left the house, he was confronted by a dogged reporter.

They were still asking questions about Aoshi's personal life.

Even mentioned the actions of the Friendship Club in the woods

Iho was so annoyed.

After barely shaking it off

Ihor noticed a car behind him

Stopped to observe

It turned out to be his ex-girlfriend Carmela

Meet again the two went to a cafe

And just like before

Ihor again persuaded Carmela

To recognize the true face of the bearded man

Such a sinful character

Once married

Sooner or later, he would be implicated.

But Carmela did not think so.

There is even a confession that she is in control of her own destiny

And this time she came to Ihor

She just wanted to remind him

It is better not to provoke the bearded man again

Otherwise, the consequences are certainly not Iho can bear

After all this, Carmilla got up and went to the funeral of the star

Tahs gang to attend the ceremony


Paula to the store again met the previous female clerk

This time

She had an attitude of admitting her fault

And even apologized in a sincere tone

But Paula understood

The reason for the clerk's behavior

Was to get her to say something nice to the parole officer

to save her from jail time.

So Paula didn't accept the clerk's false offer.

She scolded her through the door.

She saw the resentful look in the clerk's eyes as she left.

Paula was so scared that she tried to find a gangster to come and sit with her.

But unfortunately, the gangster in question

was following his gang's brothers

Showing off his strength at a football star's funeral.

Not getting a response, Paula

decided to recruit a part-time sales clerk

And speaking of the gang of the gangster

It's also a Turkish Muslim group.

The gang is called Deathstroke.

The style is exactly the same as the biker party.

As an up-and-coming gang.

Death Daggers wanted to use the ceremony to gain attention.

So they took over the security of the funeral for free.

Also coming to the funeral

The Tahs and the gambling gang of the old trust

This made the atmosphere a bit tense

In the middle of all this

Ajay arranged for members of the task force

To take pictures of everyone present

After the funeral started.

Carmilla and Iho appeared one after another

This made the bearded man a bit upset

Not long after that

Iho suddenly received a photo from the bearded man

On it were several guns pointed at the recuperating female captain

Seeing this, Iho

Immediately worried

He rushed to the hospital.

But when he arrived, he found that there was nothing unusual about the captain.

He looked at the photo carefully.

It turns out that this was taken a few days ago

Probably just want to scare No. Iho

It seems that the bearded man is still quite mischievous

And just when Iho a little peace of mind

A phone call again made him completely broken

In the room of the youth center

The police were dealing with the old man's body.

From the looks of the scene.

The old man had been tortured before he died.

It didn't take long for Iho to arrive.

Seeing the old man's father being killed.

Ihor was heartbroken.

Aoshi, who was also at the scene, comforted Ihor.

Although there is no investigation into the death of the old man

But Iho knew clearly

This is definitely the work of the bearded man

Because of Ihor's offense.

or the impact of the old man's youth center on the Tahs.

It was enough to make the bearded man kill him.

But as far as the Tahs' style is concerned.

There is no way there is evidence to point to the bearded man.

So the old man's death will basically not come to anything.

And in this regard

Aoshi reminded us

Iho can link the old man's death with the ballista's case.

This will have a chance to bring down the bearded man

Of course, such a small trick is not visible.

It was up to Ihor to decide whether to do it or not.

After all this, Aoshi asked for the student's address.

After that, he took the photos taken at the funeral.

Ready to go to the student to identify

At the funeral

The Tahs and the gambling gang left separately

And Ball Star's brother heard a rumor

that Ball Star's death was related to the Yau Yee Club

Due to the difference in power

Ball Star's brother was very angry but could not do anything about it


This scene was seen by the boss of the death dagger

He wanted to make his name known

Immediately proposed the idea of free help

And so

A battle between the Muslims and the Fraternity was about to take place.

On the other hand, it didn't take long for Paula to put up the job ad.

Someone came to apply for the job.

Who was it? It was Aji's lover.

What's going on with this girl lately?

She's been going to Aoshi's house and trying to kill herself.

This mood is really not normal

And she came to apply for a job probably want to understand the explanation Paula

After all, although they have a relationship with the same man

But they don't know each other

After a brief introduction

Paula did not care much about her lover's work experience

She mainly wanted to find a chatterbox.

And a lover who has been a chatterbox

Naturally, she could meet Paula's needs

So the lover became Paula's employee

Back to Aoshi's side

He found the student and took out a bunch of photos.

Didn't the students see the three murderers of the tattooed man before?

This time he came to ask the students to testify.

But judging from the students' expressions

Before the police obviously lied

Aoshi did not expose it

Instead, he guided the students.

Several of Toru's men were named as suspects.

Not long after that.

Toro was watching the game with his men in a stronghold.

When Aoshi called.

And he said in an urgent tone

The police were going to come in and arrest him.

The reason was the murder of the tattooed man

And Aoshi called ahead.

He wanted the old man to run away alone.

As for his men, they should be sold.

When he heard this, his mind was blank.

He could not think about the relationship

After all, it's not easy for Aoshi to take the initiative to remind him once.

He couldn't waste his good intentions.

That's all.

When the police rushed in and held some of his men.

Toru had already escaped through the back door.

Aoshi and his men were soon interrogated.

There is a very interesting theory used here

Flash mob dilemma

In other words

Both prisoners do not confess

The sentence will generally be very light

And once one of them confesses

Then the one who confesses is fine

The other will be sentenced to a very heavy sentence

This human choice

Old TO's men chose to confess after some hesitation.

They confessed to the gambling problems that the two gangs had been associated with.

From this, they learned that

The star agreed to play for Moustache.

And the tattooed man also joined the moustache

And although the moustache wants to cooperate with the old TO on the surface

But the real purpose is to dominate the gambling business

These testimonies basically confirm

The illegal gambling crimes of the Tahs and the gambling gang

Only in the case of the murder of the tattooed man

Several men did not admit

And with the escape of Lao Thao

Moustache took a large amount of cash

He approached the managers of each betting place

Under the bribe of money

The gambling network that belonged to the old trust completely changed owners

On the other hand, Iho met with members of the narcotics squad.

The evidence against the Tahs was mounting.

Ihor wanted to bring the narcotics unit into the task force.

This will give them more power to deal with the Tahs.

Of course, there is another purpose.

To test the man with glasses who might be the mole.


My cousin found the student.

The two coaxed the sister to return to the original residence

The reason why they did this

Because the bearded man wants revenge on Iho

And the cousin as the implementer of the plan

He could earn 10,000 dollars from it.

This is an important step in releasing records for students

Because I heard that it was just to beat up Iho.

So the student agreed to the plan

In the middle of all this

Aoshi went to the witness alone

He also took out some photos and asked the witnesses to identify him.

In response, the eyewitnesses tried to figure out how to get away with it.

In the Friendship Club

One of the members was beaten by Death Dagger

And also brought back a letter of war

When Baldy heard about it, he immediately gathered members

Preparing for a fight with each other

After a fistfight and a rally

Both sides appeared at a station

From the scene, both sides are nearly 100 people team

The strength should be comparable

The conflict between the races and the selfish desire to make the gang famous

Let the two sides in the sound of hissing clashed together

So what will be the result of this battle of 100 people listen

And what is the purpose of Aoshi's search for eyewitnesses to identify the photos?


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