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Crime movie "6.5 million" commentary text Commentary

Crime Movie "6.5 Million" Comment ary Copy Commentary

Crime movie "6.5 million" commentary text Commentary

This is a scene from a raid by Iranian anti-drug police

Captain Sama and his officers enter through the front door and find no drug dealers.

Another officer, Hami, is outside to meet them when they suddenly spot the figure on the roof

Hammy followed quietly to the alley and the drug dealer jumped off the roof and ran away.

Hammy chased after him, the surrounding scenery and sounds seemed to freeze.

Only the sound of footsteps and panting could be heard on the way out.

The dealer tries to throw the drugs over a high wall, but the wall is too high and the drugs fall to the ground.

Hammy will naturally pick up this important evidence just as Hammy pick up the drugs

The drug dealer quickly climbed over a construction site fence and fell into a deep hole

Unfortunately, a large bulldozer on the site was about to bury the hole

This opening scene sets the breathing rhythm of the film's narrative

Today, we're talking about the top grossing film of the year

Iran's highest grossing blockbuster of the year "Narco

Before entering the main film to solve a question many people wonder.

Iran, a country with strict religious rules and economic recession

Why is the drug problem so serious? To be honest, it is related to the economy

Because of the long-standing international sanctions, the unemployment rate in Iran remains high.

In addition, Iran has a good neighbor with a long history - the world's largest opium producer.

Afghanistan, the world's largest opium producer.

While being a drug smuggling route, a large number of unemployed people are involved in drugs.

Iran has become a major drug-trafficking and drug-addiction area.

The drug captain, Samar, is passionate about his work, but he faces a problem.

Because Hami's son was killed by drug dealers

His wife did not accept his job and filed for divorce.

And Sama team has been put on the shortlist by the director for promotion to deputy director

An important requirement for promotion is that he is married and in a normal marriage.

The team and Hammy are partners and competitors for promotion to deputy director

Hammy's son was killed by a drug dealer and the murderer blamed it on Arthur's fingerprints from the drug spring.

Hammy is bent on revenge but no one knows who Arthur is and what he looks like

Because in a previous operation Hammy had drugs in hand but no trace of the drug dealer

There is a suspicion of corruption in this.

Did you accept a drug bribe and let the dealer get away?

He was asked to write a report on the matter and they got into an argument.

Almost all the relationships in the film are full of conflicts.

The dialogue is also almost always a heated argument.

This atmosphere is a set-up by the writer and director to express the main idea of the film

As to what the main idea is, we will explain it at the end of the program.

Because the source of drugs in Tehran almost all point to Arthur

So finding Arthur and capturing him became the common goal of the team and Hammy.

The film uses objective and realistic footage to reproduce

The sad and deplorable scene of drug addicts in Iran

Huge concrete pipes have become drug houses and trading centers.

Children play in the open spaces, some of the drug addicts have been dead for a long time.

It's a very grim picture of people in poverty.

Almost all of their lives are based on drugs.

The drug brigade conducted raids on drug dens and drug addicts fled in panic.

Drug brigade developed a raid on drug dens drug addicts fled in panic

A large number of drug addicts were taken away after the picture long time to review the scene of this dilapidated

The whistling wind seems to be asking: What's wrong with this society?

The police team gathered the male drug addicts together and asked them to strip naked for inspection

The four young men are hesitant to undress, and they awkwardly say to the team: "We can't take off our clothes.

We can't take off our clothes, we are girls.

The film uses this detail to show the embarrassment of Iranian women in poverty: because of the harsh religious rules

There are too many restrictions on women's work.

Many women have to dress up as men to seek work opportunities.

Many of the drug addicts confessed to buying their drugs from a man named "Lei Zi".

The police immediately came to Lei's house with a search warrant, but searched inside and out.

No trace of drugs was found, and Lei was screaming injustice.

Just as the drug detection dogs found nothing in the house, the team decided to call it a day.

The police dog jumped on Lei Zi's wife

It turned out that Lei Zi's wife had hidden all the drugs on herself

Lei Zi confessed that his handler's name was "Hassan the Cow"

But the cow is leading her men to Japan because the profits are higher there

The film uses Hassan the cow to suggest the function of the Iranian "drug tunnel"

The team, Hammy, immediately moved to block Heifer at the airport, where he was in the process of leaving the country.

X-rays showed that all four men were concealed in their bodies.

All four men had a large amount of drugs hidden in their bodies.

Hassan the cow did not know where Arthur was but gave up a

His niece was Arthur's fiancée.

Heifer Hassan's beautiful niece, Elle, said calmly under questioning

She had been separated from Arthur for over a year and had no knowledge of his drug trafficking

Until the team suddenly threw out: your father's entire fortune is only 500 million

Where did you get your $800 million car?

I can apply for your arrest on the grounds of "accomplice" right now.

Elle's psychological defenses finally collapsed

On the top floor of a super-luxurious apartment building in Tehran.

The police found six kilos of drugs hidden in Arthur's house.

The team found a large amount of sleeping pills in a private swimming pool.

Already unconscious Arthur Arthur after the arrest of the plot occupies 2/3 of the film time

So that is the main event of the film after that

After being revived in the hospital, Arthur is brought back to the police station

All the way Hammy are hated to stare at him alive Arthur is still arrogant

He thinks money can fix everything while the team alone to face him

whispered: account number you can pay any price to give me account number on it

At the police station to verify personal data Arthur heard that fingerprints will be taken

He was on his way to the fingerprinting room.

Arthur secretly force in the wall just rubbed finger to destroy the fingerprints

His trick was detected by Hammy, who was watching him closely.

After the fingerprints were taken, the file system immediately gave Arthur's true identity.

His real name is Ali, who was convicted of drug trafficking a few years ago.

Arthur's true identity was revealed and he knew he was going to die soon.

Arthur was sent to the police detention room to await the judge's trial

The scene in the detention room is also a highlight of the film

Arthur pays off a small drug dealer who has hidden a cell phone

secretly calls his brother (through a middleman) to find the top drug lord

He finds a way to pay for a lawyer to bail him out

There was a big-headed rotten son in the detention room who had been coaching his son to help him take the blame

Arthur was furious when he heard that he was about to teach the big-headed bastard a lesson

Just in time for the arraignment, Arthur swears on his mother's life.

He denied that it was his men who killed Hammy's son.

When he spoke to his brother again, Arthur learned that his betrayer was his former fiancée, Elle.

When he put the phone down, he couldn't help but cry.

He cries on behalf of the boy who was accused of the betrayal of his fiancée.

The film uses a "de-demonizing" approach to Arthur's drug table.

The humanity he shows makes the viewer inclined to believe

that he had nothing to do with the murder of Hammy's son.

Many people are lying on the floor when Arthur first enters the holding cell

During his phone call and arraignment, drug addicts were being brought into the cell.

By the time Arthur cried out in pain there was no place to sit

The stifling heat combined with the unpleasant odor was suffocating

After Arthur led a protest to the police and was refused.

He opened the toilet hose to spray to the crowd as if he had become a great savior

This scene echoes the plot behind the picture, so to speak.

Outside the police station Arthur holds the drugs like the life of the junkies

Because the big drug spring did not bail out Arthur on time

And the team kept accusing him of killing Hammy's son.

Arthur swore on his family's lives that he would not harm the boy.

He even cried and said, "As long as you stop spreading rumors that I kill children.

I'd rather tell you the location of the drug factory in Lesa, the big drug spring.

The police officers who were guarding Arthur from the farm workers

They found out the exact location of the drug factory is underground.

The team watched as they escorted the workers through the haystacks and into the basement.

The drug factory was blown up and Arthur insisted that he didn't know the whereabouts of the drug lord Letsa.

Then came the moment to face the judge judge alone to try the case to decide the case

It should also be a feature of Iranian justice

When the judge mentioned the 6 kg of drugs found in Arthur's house

Arthur expressed surprise: the drugs are mine, but not 6 kilos, but 8 kilos

Then he turned to the team: you told me you could sell it, but you sold 2 kilos.

Execute me with the remaining 6 kilograms you are too toxic, right?

To be honest with you, Arthur's move was very poisonous.

I must now detain you until I have access to the surveillance video of your law enforcement

The team rushed to find Hami to testify on their behalf, but Hami said to the judge.

He was alone with Arthur many times and I did not see the whole process of drug seizure

And then Hammy volunteered to handcuff him in the stairwell.

directly in front of a large group of drug dealers awaiting trial

Of course, the surveillance video of the drug bust cleared the team.

At the retrial, the judge asked Arthur: You were already rich when you were arrested last time.

Why did you continue to harm so many people?

Arthur said with tears in his eyes: "You don't know what it's like to have a family of a dozen people

You don't know what it's like to have a family of a dozen people crammed into the dankest little house in the slums.

I let the whole family live in a good house, nephews and nieces to go to school in Canada

I felt it was worth dying for, but then the judge told him.

The house your family lives in and the children's study fees are all paid for with your ill-gotten gains

All their accounts were closed and they had to go back to their old house.

Arthur was devastated that the international students would be deported.

Arthur was still in a state of extreme sadness after learning of the High Court's decision

The lawyer asked him: Since you were so upset about the execution, why did you commit suicide before?

Arthur was very excited: when you bought a luxury home for your family

When you send your children to study abroad

Only to learn that they're just out on the town

When you love a woman with all your heart but she cheats money and then abandoned

Do you think there is any point for me to live?

The meeting with Arthur's family before the execution was full of tears.

But Arthur remained calm and comforted each family member and was very interested

He encouraged his young nephew, who was learning gymnastics, to perform for him until his brother asked for the drug lord's phone number.

Arthur suddenly loses his temper and screams at his brother to stay away from drugs.

This episode also shows that Arthur is well aware of the whereabouts of the drug table.

The film shows the execution of drug dealers by hanging in large segments

A large number of military police forced the drug dealer, who was crying and shouting, to walk to the hanging table by himself.

Arthur looks calm but tears and rapid breathing twitching facial muscles

The same can not hide the fear inside

The team eventually resigned from the drug brigade Hammy promoted to become deputy director

In the face of Hammy's questions, the team did not say it was for the family

Rather, he said: when we accepted the mission there were 1 million drug addicts

We've been fighting for years and now there are 6.5 million...the meaning is obvious

The drug problem in Iranian society can not be solved by catching more drug dealers

And "6.5 million" is the original title of the film

The film's intense atmosphere is as exciting as a Hollywood action movie

It is also extremely realistic in its presentation

It is also full of insights into the state of Iranian society

A society full of contradictions, where the poor are corrupted and the rich are unkind.

The law enforcement process is full of opportunities for corruption.

For example, the police are repeatedly alone with drug addicts and the judge is alone in the trial.

The metaphorical ending of the film criticizes the disorderly governance of Iranian society.

When the drug squad leaves the car and stops at an intersection, someone comes to wipe the windows of the car.

This is followed by a massive police operation to expel the car wiping party, which gradually pulls out a large panorama

The scene is chaotic as cars and people intertwine on the road

Every character in the film, including a large number of crowd actors

All gave a surprisingly immersive performance

Especially Naveed Mohammad as Arthur

portrays Arthur the poisonous fountain with flesh and blood and nuance

His outstanding performance overshadowed the role of police captain Sama

He also won the Best Actor award at the Tokyo Film Festival.


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