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Family "Clifford the Big Red Dog" movie commentary copy

Family "Cleaver the Big Red Dog" Movie Commentary Copy

Family "Clifford the Big Red Dog" movie commentary copy

This man is fixing a satellite pot.

Take a big wrench and screw a small screw.

Just hear a beep.

See the life is at stake

The people eating the melon came to the sound.

On the verge of falling off the building

Suddenly a big red dog rushed out from the crowd.

A jump

catching that person.

Let the crowd of eaters present cheer and applaud.

Go up and pet the head

Who is this dog?

The original

Stray dog having fun in his den.

Red hair a burst of scurrying

Playing hide-and-seek

Being then

in the dimly lit garage.

The roll-up door was suddenly opened.

Into a group of dog lovers

As it burst out again

Watching the dog's mother and brother being taken away.

It rushed to the roll-up door.

Still a step too late.

Very helpless.

Sakura in place Sakura wanted to cry.

With its efforts

Through the gap of the roll-up door

Came to the outside world

But in the face of the oncoming traffic

Can't cross the road yet the red hair

Several times nearly killed

At this time

A group of roasted pigeons flew by

This made the red hair hungry

He began to eat like a pigeon

The dog pecked the cookies on the ground

The pigeon was no match for the pigeon

He snatched the cookie with one beak

The red hair was angry

If I can't eat it, you can't get it either

At that moment, an old man

Picked up Redhead gently

And gave him a mouthful

He took him back to his pet store

From then on, it changed its fate

That day

Xiao Mei wanted to have a pet

Came to this magical pet store

The cute red hair

Instantly melted Xiao Mei's heart

But the uncle felt strange so refused

When she got home

Suddenly found her school bag was moving

She carefully pulled it open

The red hair appeared inexplicably

Xiao Mei was surprised and happy

She named him Redhead

After naming him

The dog and the man started to sleep

After dawn

Mei opened her eyes

Oh my God!

What a big dog face

Take a closer look

The red hair had grown several dozen times

Xiao Mei tried to wake herself up

But she found that she was not dreaming

Such a big dog

Simply feel safe

He was holding the pillow

Trying to interact with Xiaomei

The next moment

But the huge red hair

But unaware of the danger is quietly coming

This big red dog feels a little thirsty

He went to the toilet and drank it all

And washed the man's face.

He was sent to the hospital for a physical examination

The doctor told him to be weighed

And the next moment

Such a big dog

The efficiency of home demolition increased exponentially

Tearing up Xiaomei's house with hair flying all over the place

Tail wagging

Almost sent the uncle away

And because of its special

Danger is also approaching

This day

Xiao Mei took the red hair to the hospital

Bolt the rope to load the truck


A balloon in the distance

attracted the attention of the red hair

He was so excited for a moment

Instantly 100 meters sprint

The balloon as a toy top fly into the sky

Until the end

It chewed through the balloon

The people inside rushed to climb out


Red hair want to find a tree to facilitate a

The amount of water is comparable to a fountain

The crowd saw such a big dog

All rushed to watch

Immediately take pictures and send friends


Red hair became an Internet sensation

With the spread of the Internet

He was targeted by Blackheart who was engaged in biological research

Blackheart likes to modify biological genes

He also bred a double-headed goat with his own hands

He vowed to get the red hair

Otherwise, he would be single for the rest of his life.

And here

Redhead was also sent to the veterinary hospital

Everyone and the dog were stunned

When he saw such a big one

Everyone could not help but sigh

This one red-haired dog

It can be as big as ten demolition teams

The doctor listened to the heartbeat

But found that the red hair is very healthy

There was no problem at all

Xiao Mei had to take him home

At this moment

Blackheart, who had been planning this for a long time, suddenly appeared

He took out his mane

He told Xiao Mei that he wanted to buy Red Hair

But the relationship with the dog is priceless

Xiao Mei refused Blackheart on the spot

He was so angry that he asked Karami to shoot him directly

A needle was stuck on

But this is the only anesthetic

To a ton of weight of the hairy child

No feeling at all

Even a little bit want to laugh

At that moment

Xiao Mei's Chinese classmate, Gao Zi, arrived in time

With a truck to help the red hair escape

He also temporarily settled it in his own mansion

His dog in front of the red hair

like a teething stick

He was so enthusiastic

He was eager to sniff Redhead's farts

Facing the enthusiastic dog

Only to see it stick out its tongue

Gadget's beloved dog was gone

Scared a few people do not know what to do

Fortunately, not long after

Spit out again to the puppy

And Blackheart's side

Because the red hair was not caught

decided to do whatever it takes

The situation of the red hair is also more and more dangerous

This dog was running wildly on the highway

With a light jump, he flew hundreds of meters

It carries Xiao Mei through the city

The reporter can only use the helicopter to broadcast live on the whole network

Facing the police car chase

He leapt up and down

Stepped on the car and took off

Before that

Blackheart wanted to get the red hair

Found FBL

saying that Xiao Mei stole their company's dog


Red Hair was wanted all over the city

Ga Zi's father heard Red Hair's story

Immediately used his contacts

Arranged a cruise ship for him

He was ready to send Red Hair to China first

When we parted

Red hair misses his master

And Xiao Mei was also full of tears

Knowing that he would cause trouble if he stayed behind

He could only leave in pain

Xiao Mei, who thought the red hair was safe

Not long after

She was found by a neighbor

He said that Blackheart had chased her to the sea

The red hair caught back

The neighbors wanted to help

To save Redhead together

Outside the research room

First use the big shears to break the iron net

Take the second kick to eat a bang

Blow open the door of the laboratory

Release all the big fat sheep

At this time

A fat sheep with a bull gene

blocked the way of everyone

The old lady immediately thought of a solution

She poured out milk

The fat sheep licked it and forgot about it

The crowd finally found the red hair

Little Calamy picked up the hand and took the electric baton to do

Did not expect

He had rubber gloves on

The crowd worked together

Xiao Mei gently touched the red hair

He struggled to wake up from the anesthesia


Xiao Mei got on her mount and rode away

And Blackheart's institute

Also met with the revenge of the fat sheep

The scene was chaotic

The red hair humped Xiao Mei and ran wildly

Brother Blackheart's heart is still alive

He swung a car to block the red hair

He turned around and ran away

Rushing across the bridge to shake off FBL

Then stopped at the river

By this time

The old man has been waiting for it for a long time

And here

FBL arrived again

Surrounded the scene

Crowds of people gathered here

Blackheart squeezed out the crowd

Bring out the high technology

Saying that with this, we can tell

Who is the owner of the red hair?

Saw FBL scanning the instrument.

Old man did something with magic.

In full view of everyone

Blackheart a confident face

But FBL announced on the spot.

The dog belonged to Xiao Mei.

Only Blackheart was left with a confused face.

The clown was himself.

He fled the scene in panic

And the red hair was accepted by the public.

They have come forward to embrace the big dog.

In the future

He and Xiao Mei live a happy life

Becoming a favorite among internet celebrities.

Going to the top of the dog's life

End of this issue

Don't forget to pay attention to those who like it!

Thanks for watching.

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