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Thriller "Monty Python" movie commentary copy

Thriller "Monstrous Python" movie commentary copy

Thriller "Monty Python" movie commentary copy

Man exploring in the wild.

Surprisingly, he was attacked by a python.

He was scared and did not know what to do

Just want to attack, he was bitten by the python.

The companions do not yet know what is going on here.

The purpose of their trip

were looking for a missing child.

A woman had just found her son's cloth shoes on the ground.

The python was close behind.

The man spots the danger.

Pushes his wife away.

Waited until everyone turned around.

Found such a huge python.

Scared everyone to run for their lives.

Between panic

They fled to a cave.

The boy, Xiao Shuai, happened to be trapped here.

The couple soon saved their son, the

while another group of people

instead began to search for treasure in the cave.

Suddenly hordes of snakes appeared.

They started to attack the intruders.

Soon Xiao Shuai's mother was bitten

Then Dazhong was captured.

What's even more frightening is that

The python from before followed.

Someone found a hole.

Told everyone to flee quickly.

Before leaving the cave

Xiao Shuai found a snake egg on the ground

He quietly picked it up and took it out


One of Da Zhuang's men was attacked by a giant python

Finally lost his life

After the people escaped from the cave

Da Zhuang revealed his true face

The purpose of his visit to the island

Wasn't to help find someone at all

But to find treasure

He threatened Xiaoshuai's parents with death

To transfer the family land to him

At that moment

Xiaoshuai's mother had an attack of snake venom

Da Zhuang also fell to the ground

The two were brought back to the village for treatment.

Dazhuang was less poisoned

He escaped for the time being

But Xiaoshuai's mother was too deeply poisoned

was beyond medical treatment

Someone came to report

The village was attacked by snakes.

The village chief began to scold the people

They should not have ventured onto the island

Before she died, her mother gave Shuai a pendant

She told her son to be a good person

One month later

Xiaoshuai found the snake egg

successfully hatched a baby snake

The boy found a snake egg

On this day

The egg hatched

A baby snake emerged

The newborn baby snake was very docile

The boy took it as a pet

He kept it at home

Unexpectedly, his father found it

The father ordered his son to give up the snake

The village has a clear rule against keeping snakes

Xiao Shuai did not want to

He escaped from the house

But the father's words had been heard by the neighbors

It didn't take long

The villagers came after him

Xiaoshuai was forced to the river

He let the snake out of the bag

He told it to hurry home

The villagers were coming after him.

But the snake refused to leave

At this time

A group of black snakes crawled out from the shore

For the safety of Shuai

Now they turned around and left

The black snakes also instantly followed the departure

Time passed

Ten years passed

Xiao Shuai became a researcher in a biological company

One day

The company discovered a plant

plant that can regenerate the genes of honeysuckle

According to the research

Honeysuckle is in Xiaoshuai's hometown

The boss arranged for Xiaomei and Xiaoshuai to work together

Early the next morning

The two of them led the team to follow the villagers to the island

Everyone wanted to find the gold and silver grass

Little did they know that danger was coming

A man-eating flower was attacked

began to fight back against the crowd

In a few moments

Two of the boys lost their lives

Xiao Shuai found a cave

Everyone retreats into the cave

Xiao Shuai chose to break the back

Just when he was about to be in danger

Fortunately, Xiao Mei came to his aid

Because he was left behind

The two were separated from the team

Entered another cave


A golden and silver python was approaching Xiaoshuai

Little Marshal recognized this python as the little snake back then

He greeted the little snake happily

And let Xiao Mei try to pet it

Just at that moment

The golden and silver python was frightened and left

Xiaoshuai rushed to meet up with the team

The lady boss thought she had found the gold and silver grass

She stretched out her greedy hand

Unexpectedly, it was the largest cannibal flower

The cannibal flower was alarmed

It attacked

Da Zhuang did not hesitate to shoot at it

Unexpectedly, it attracted a black python

This is a crazy python

She was attacked by humans

Ready to retaliate

Dazhong saw the situation was not good

He sent one of his men to block the attack

He took the opportunity to escape

All of them fled to the cave where Xiaoshuai was

Xiaomei told the lady boss

She saw the golden and silver python

Everyone agreed that

If we catch the gold and silver python, we can find the gold and silver grass

When Xiaodi found the gold and silver python

They found a big secret

It turned out that the gold and silver python was healing the black python's wounds

The wounds were instantly healed after the python licked them

Everyone aimed their weapons at the black python

With a gunshot

The two snakes were frightened and separated from each other

The black python quickly started to attack

It seems that its wound has been healed

Little Marshal found someone trying to hurt the golden and silver python

Immediately jumped to stop it

At that moment

The black python swung its tail and sent Marshal flying

And then it bit him on the neck

And dragged him away with him

Fortunately, his father arrived in time

Just when Little Marshal's lips turned purple

When his life was in danger

The golden silver python came to his side

It licked Shuai's wound

It helped him to heal his wounds

But the dreadful Da Zhuang took the opportunity to knock the golden and silver python out

As the black python blocked the entrance of the cave

Everyone decided to use the golden and silver python to lure the black python to kill him

Although Xiaoshuai was saved

But he could not stop it

The golden and silver pythons were hung up

Da Zhuang and his men were ambushed around

Waiting for the black python to enter the ambush circle

All of them attacked together

But the black python was not to be messed with

A tail swept away several people

Xiaoshuai woke up and tried to save the golden and silver python

Seeing Xiao Mei being attacked

He jumped on him

Then they escaped from the cave together

Xiaoshuai found two gold and silver grasses at the entrance of the cave

He picked them and put them in his bag

Wait until everyone escaped.

Bullion wrapped around Dajiang and bit him.

At this moment

Little teacher remembered his mother's last commission.

He decided to be a kind person.

He gave the gold and silver grass to Da Zhuang to eat.

He saved his life.

Unexpectedly, Dazhong will be revenge.

He wanted to kill Little Marshal.

At this time, the gold and silver python again pestered Dazhuang.

Crazy Da Zhuang

took a bite of the golden and silver python.

At this time

Black Python came to help.

It swallowed Dazhong alive

End of the movie

Little Marshal gave the last gold and silver grass to the gold and silver python.

The gold and silver python was also cured.

Go back to the jungle.

End of this issue

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