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Thriller "Snakehead" movie commentary copy

Thriller "Snakehead" movie commentary copy

Thriller "Snakehead" movie commentary copy

Must women be unable to beat men?

Not necessarily.

Men beat women so badly they spit blood out of their mouths.

The woman doesn't compromise.

She seizes the opportunity.

Put the chain right around the man's neck.

In this small, dark room on the cargo ship

Jin did the simplest of washing up.

Her face was haggard.

Hadn't slept well for days.

When the cargo ship was about to dock.

Jin cautiously walked out of the room.

Under the leadership of a man

She and several others walked cautiously.

Sister Jin is an illegal immigrant from Taiwan.

She had recently made a deal with the snakehead Qiang.

Qiang helped her smuggle herself into New York

In return

she had to work for Keung in New York to pay off her debt.


the police made a raid on the cargo ship.

When Jin saw it, she ran.

In one leap she jumped into the river.

Swim desperately in the water for a while.

Jin gets on the boat that Keung meets.

After the boat docked

Qiang waved a stick

Put everyone on board quickly.

One of the stowaways tried to get away from Keung

The result

Early the next morning

While Kim was still sleeping

Kim was taken to a cramped room in New York's Chinatown


There were many frivolous women of her age

Many of them owed money to Django for smuggling

So they had to engage in the trade of purification and detoxification

Jin smuggled herself into America for one reason only

To find her daughter in America.

Keung's men urged Jin to get her makeup done

And then hurry to work

Jin's work speaks for itself

In Jin's heart

She instinctively resisted this industry

Faced with her first customer

She just stood by the side dumbfounded


She heard shouting and cursing coming from the next room

A fellow stowaway sister had bitten the guest

The guest was about to beat up the woman

She picked up the cup and threw it directly at the man's head

Keung's men immediately became furious

Sister Jin was beaten and spit blood from her mouth

Sister Jin was very stubborn

When the other party tried to persuade her

Jin spat directly into the other man's face

Keung's men were furious

As a result

He slowly poured a bucket of water on Jin's face

Jin seized the opportunity

She strangled him with a chain

Keung's mother, Dai's mother, came over

The conflict was also temporarily calmed down

Dai's mother was ruthless and ruthless

Those who disobeyed and betrayed her

will be put in the refrigerator

Dai's mother handed Jin a pistol

She wanted to see if she had the guts to kill the people in the refrigerator

Jin didn't hesitate too much

She fired directly

There was no bullet in the gun

Dai's mother realized that

Jin is really a tough guy

This woman works in a fish store

The female shopkeeper deliberately kicked over the fish feed

She also kicked the woman with her feet

But the woman has been suffering in silence

Many years ago

Kim and her daughter both smuggled into the US

After the police caught her

She did eight years in jail

And her daughter was nowhere to be found

In order to find her daughter

After she was repatriated to Taiwan

She insisted on smuggling herself to the United States again

Dai's mother no longer forced Jin to work

First, she arranged for her to work in a restaurant


She asked Sister Jin to collect money for her

Seeing that she was eager to gamble in her casino

So she gave her a few dollars as a tip

Kim bet on a few games

The result was that she won all these games

This is not because of her good luck

Rather, she found out that the dealer had been cheating

Before she left

She said to Dai's mother

You should use copper-plated color

Jin accidentally saw her daughter in the street


She has been secretly following each other to the church

Sister Jin's purpose of coming to America was achieved

But she needed to pay back the $50,000 she owed Dai's mother and Keung

before she could regain her freedom

Then she could be reunited with her daughter

Dai's mother arranged for Jin to work in her son's fish store

But this caused jealousy and resentment from her son's girlfriend, Xiao Ya

Jin is very good at her job

So Dai's mother also likes her more and more

Dai's mother's love for Jin

caused Qiang's intense jealousy

You're just my mother's errand boy, understand?

When Sister Jin was working in the fish store

Ya kicked the fish feed straight down

Sister Jin didn't have any complaints

She calmly put the fish feed back into the bottle

Sia got aggressive

She even used her foot to kick Jin directly

Jin got angry

She then stood up

But she didn't get angry in the end

Sister Jin still kept her inner integrity

When she heard that Dai's mom's men wanted two girls


This also made Qiang look at Sister Jin more and more disagreeable

On the surface, Qiang runs a fish store

But behind his back, he was selling drugs

Keung wants Jin to deliver drugs for him

Jin didn't want to get involved in drugs

So she decisively refused

This caused Keung even more resentment

Jin was serving food to the stowaways

Suddenly someone came in with a gun

Xiao Ya wanted to get money

She started to betray Dai's mother

Xiao Ya pointed the gun at Jin's head

She wanted to take away the huge amount of money she was keeping for Dai's mother

Sister Jin was angry again

After she pushed her opponent down hard

Kim beat Xiao Ya severely

This scared everyone else

Dai's mom threw a knife to Keung

She wanted Keung to kill Xiao Ya

Keung walked up to Xiao Ya in a panic

But he just couldn't do it.

Dai's mother went over to her

She ended Xiao Ya's life directly

Xiao Ya is dead

She wanted to become a snakehead in Taiwan

The risk of being caught as a snakehead is very high

The condition Jin offered was

Dai's mother had to reduce her debt by half

Dai's mother thought about it

She finally agreed

Jin went back to Taiwan

She was met by Brother Beard

They came to the dark underground wine shop

The stowaways were scared

They didn't want to go to America.

Brother Beard naturally refused to give up the business

He directly slapped the smuggler

This woman is not easy

She was spotted by a police helicopter while organizing the smuggling.

She hired a truck and tried to escape

The police came after her

After opening the car door

But there was only a child in the car

The woman then even knocked out the police

Kim kindly comforted the stowaway

The typhoon is coming

It's dangerous to go to sea now

But Sister Jin insisted on taking away all the stowaways

This time she opened up a new route directly

Bypass the typhoon and go to Mexico

And then enter the United States by land

Everything went smoothly

Everyone soon arrived in Mexico

Between breaks.

A police drone flew over

Everyone saw it and ran.

But ran into the drug lord's house

Sister Jin did not panic

She decisively gave the other party a bag of money

Then she told him to take everyone out of here

The drug lords saw money in their eyes

They drove the van as fast as they could.

A police officer still caught up with them

But when they opened the door

But there was only one child in the car

Just when the police were surprised

This scene

The drug lords lying on the ground were stunned

It was all Jin's plan

She led the others to successfully smuggle them into the United States through the underground passage

Sister Jin's ability convinced everyone

Even Dai's mother was impressed by her

Old Ma of Chinatown owed Dai a lot of money

Recently his daughter got sick

So he couldn't pay back the money as scheduled

Old Ma begged Sister Jin to give him a few days' grace

Sister Jin readily agreed

Jin accidentally ran into her daughter again

She wanted to be reunited with her daughter more and more urgently

The money she owed Dai's mother was still difficult to pay off

Sister Jin's reputation in Chinatown was getting bigger and bigger

Brother Glasses also wanted to smuggle his wife and daughter to the United States

But he didn't want to do it through Dai's mother

Because Dai's mother didn't treat the smugglers as human beings

He wanted to deal with Sister Kim directly

Sister Jin wanted to earn more money

In order to reunite with her daughter as soon as possible

She agreed with Brother Glasses

Keung's men beat up a female stowaway

Jin broke in

With a gun, she warned the woman not to do it again

Keung was so angry that he went to Dai's mother to complain

You think you're the boss here?

Dai's mother calmed them down once again

Dai's mother wanted Jin to help her son to smuggle him across the border

The target of this smuggling is refugees

Jin doesn't want to cooperate with Keung

And she doesn't want to help the refugees

Dai's mother said

If Jin agrees to do it

She would waive all the debts of the other party

Sister Jin thought about it

So she agreed to do it

Keung was confident that

There would not be any problems with the container smuggling

But when Jin opened the door

She found that the refugees were all dead inside

At this point, Jin also discovered Keung's plot

Keung used the refugee smuggling as a cover

He hid the drugs on the refugees

His real purpose

He wanted to transport the drugs to America

Sister Jin completed the mission

She wanted to leave Dai's mother's gang completely

Dai's mother didn't want to let Jin leave her

She offered more lucrative conditions

She wanted to pay Jin a good salary

She also wanted to give her hotel to Jin

Sister Jin wanted to give her daughter a comfortable living environment

She agreed to do so

The new boy doesn't know how to work

He led the stowaways to the street openly and honestly

The police soon appeared

Sister Jin was then also arrested

The policewoman threatened to arrest Kim's daughter

They asked her to tell them all about Dai's mother's crimes.

She didn't say anything

Dai's mother got her out on bail through her connections

Sister Jin secretly organized the smuggling of people

But Dai's mother knew


Dai's mother asked Qiang to go and get Jin's daughter Xiao Mei back

Xiao Mei was walking on the street

She also realized that someone was following him

So she started to run away quickly


Jin saved Mei in time

Dai's other son, Wei, was very angry about this

He found Sister Jin

To teach each other a lesson

Sister Jin has helped many people

They were all furious with her

They united together and beat up Wei severely

Wei then died

Sister Jin and Dai's mother had a falling out

She had her men smash up Sister Jin's restaurant

She also killed the waitress Blackie

Jin took a gun and found Dai's mother

Dai's mother was not afraid

She threatened to hurt Jin's daughter again

She asked Jin not to act rashly

She also invited Jin to her son Keung's wedding

Jin found Keung

Keung said that although he killed the waiter

But he would not hurt Jin's daughter

What Keung said

was recorded by Kim

Then she sent the recording to the FBI

The police arrested Dai's mother.

Keung resisted arrest at the fish store

The police killed him on the spot.

Kim said goodbye to the Chinatown mob for good.

From then on, she lived a normal life.

After finding out that her daughter was happy

she suddenly found no need to disturb her daughter's stable life.

She chose not to identify with her daughter.

Kim, because of her affinity

had to sneak into America.

She used her ruthlessness.

kindness and vigilance

earned prestige and respect in Chinatown.

Well the above is the content of this issue

Thank you for watching!

We'll see you next time!

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