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Plot "G-Type Detective" movie commentary copy

Plot"G-Type Detective" movie comment ary copy

Plot "G-Type Detective" movie commentary copy

This young man has been transformed into a robot by scientists

All over his body are all kinds of gadgets

An American version of "The Hundred Star King

Handsome is a local guard

He always wanted to be a real police officer

He wanted to be a real police officer, to fight evil and be respected.

He's surrounded by beautiful fans

But all of this

It all happens in your own dreams

Our heroine, May, is a scientist.

And her own professor father

Invented intelligent robot feet

You can not only control the movement of the foot with your mind

You can also use your emotions to power your feet

This invention just came out

They're being targeted by the bad guys.

These guys are no slouches.

They sent out a couple of remote-controlled chariots.

Not only did they steal the experimental equipment.

They also killed the professor

This May is the goddess that Handsome has always admired

How dare you do this to your beloved May?

That handsome is certainly can not tolerate

Turn around and go after the bad guys

It was hard to follow them

The other side of the car and sprayed a lot of oil

This is good

A skid Shuai Shuai side directly over the car

The other side saw this

He intended to kill him while he was sick

Before leaving also added a bomb

Luckily, Shuai Shuai is lucky to be alive

Saved his life

But looking at him, he was tied up like a mummy

I guess the rest of his life

Can only lie in bed

The government attaches great importance to the professor and Ami's invention

So the first time

The mayor rushed to the hospital to ask Ami what to do

Because handsome is to help himself so seriously injured

So Ami told the mayor that

Shuai is the best candidate for the clinical experiment

The experiment will be completed soon


Handsome's transformation plan began right away

There were wrenches and hammers

A group of people surrounded Shuai Shuai to make a mess

The mayor and the police looked confused

Not long after the handsome handsome woke up back to normal

Although he looked the same as before

But now Shuaihua has become a robot

A toothbrush, scissors and lighter suddenly appeared in his hands

Toes also shot a strengthened version of the fireworks

The panic-stricken Shuaihua was wrapped in wires

In the hospital jumping up and down

Ah Mei saw Shuaihua and told him that

In order to save you

We have to transform your body

After you have adapted to a period of time

You are the new generation of RoboCop

The villain's side is working on the doctor's equipment

Although the creation of a robot out

But it can not even move

It didn't take long for Shuai Shuai to get used to his body

Ami side also prepared a suit for him

And an intelligent combat vehicle

With his current ability

Handsome not only succeeded in becoming a police officer

He also became a popular figure in the city

The front page of the newspaper was all about him

But after a few days, he found that

His supervisor always asked him to do some odd jobs

This made Shuai Shuai very distressed

So he went to his boss

He said he wanted to investigate the murder of the doctor

But his boss said he was like a big toy

He couldn't be involved in these important cases

Handsome is now furious

He decided to go to investigate by himself secretly

He looked for the file documents

He found that one of the evidence on the scene

The letters SI were printed on it

After investigation, he found that

The letter SI

The letters stand for the Shih Industrial Group

And the leader of the villain is the boss of the group Dr. Bad

At this time, Dr. Bad has completely developed a successful robot

The final version of the robot looks exactly the same as handsome

In order to test the robot's ability

Dr. Bad sent him out to wreak havoc

Bad Handsome hurt people and set fire on the street

But when the news reported

but said that all this handsome handsome do

And the real Handsome infiltrated the enemy's lair

He just got the intelligent mechanical leg and was about to leave

But he accidentally triggered the alarm

So he was caught by the bad doctor

After catching the young master

Dr. Bad first came to the wave of mockery

He also said that the robots he developed were the strongest

Then he pulled out Shuaihua's energy chip

There was no sign of Shuai Shuai

Ami relied on positioning to look around

Finally found in the junkyard turned into scrap iron handsome

Desperate, she wanted to kiss handsome goodbye

But the kiss saved Shuaihua

It turns out

Handsome can also rely on emotions to provide energy

The kiss provided him with a steady stream of power

The resurrected handsome immediately went to find his own fake goods

Originally wanted to clean up this fake

But the other party is a big killer

Handsome compared to him

Really like a big toy like

Fortunately, the handsome finally found the weakness of the fake

Once the power on his neck was turned off

This fake handsome handsome is completely finished

But then

Dr. Bad kidnapped Ami and planned to escape first

As long as May is here

I'm not afraid of not being able to build a stronger robot

Chasing handsome still hanging on the helicopter

Together with the sky

Handsome had a bright idea

A ballpoint pen shot out of his hand

The left and right bullets hit the doctor

Ah Mei took the opportunity to jump on Shuaihua

Handsome put the umbrella on his head

The two of them floated down from the air together

The bad doctor who was chased by the parachute

Handsome's intelligent chariot caught him

The mechanical device in the car trapped the bad doctor

The police also came at this time

The arrest was successfully carried out

Xiao Mei and Shuai Shuai are together because of this thrilling experience

Finally came together

The kind-hearted Shuai Shuai can be considered a double success in career and love

This 21-year-old movie is now in theaters

It still makes people feel that their brains are wide open

I wonder when a robot like Shuai Shuai

When will it be developed

But we can imagine

If you want to become a robot

What ability would you like to have

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