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Thriller drama "Hell's Ambassadors" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

Thriller drama "Hell's Ambassadors" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

Thriller drama "Hell's Ambassadors" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

Three monsters suddenly appear in a coffee shop in Seoul.

They were covered with black fur

Their bodies are constantly emitting a murderous aura

They punch the man in front of them.

The humans around them were scared out of their wits

They let out a heartbreaking scream

But the monsters seemed to have a clear target

They didn't hurt anyone else but the man

The man wanted to live

began to run away desperately

What did he do?

Why was he being chased by three monsters?

Everywhere they passed, they destroyed everything.

The man thought he would be safe if he crawled under the car

But he was wrong.

Not only was he pulled out from under the car by the monsters

He was also thrown around like a sandbag

And then, in full view of the monsters.

The heat turned him into charcoal

After the target was eliminated

The monsters seemed to have traveled

disappeared from the world

Today, we bring you

Yoo Ah In starring in a comic book thriller Korean drama

"Hell's Ambassadors

A few days ago there was a video circulating on the internet

The video of the new truth cross Speaker Jung Jin-moo

The time the man received it was

November 10 at 1:20

Originally, all people thought it was a rumor

I never thought that just now

They actually witnessed it with their own eyes

Soon some strange and confusing stories

In the crowd quietly spread

In order not to cause unnecessary panic

Seoul Economic Investigation Bureau quickly set up a task force

Since the case happened in a crowded area during the day

So now there are a lot of witnesses and video evidence

People were also stunned after watching the video

The monster left no traces.

They can not start from this aspect

But according to the investigation found

Before the crime

New Truth Cross had sent a similar video

So the team leader gave the order

Since New Truth is now gathering near the crime scene

Lao Chen and Xiao watch were sent to investigate the information

At this moment, the chairman of New Truth was showing the video.

They were all about the hellraisers that happened in foreign countries.

Korea is only one of them.

All the people who were burned by the Hellraiser

They all have one thing in common

They all deserve to die.

Because it was found out afterwards

They all committed murders in their private lives

Or they had done something illegal and evil

But they were not punished by the law

That's why the people of Truth believe

God is now showing you in a most direct way

He's showing you what hell looks like.

He is telling us that we should live more righteously.

Or so it seems.

Fear is the only thing that makes humans repent.

After the assembly was dismissed

Old Chen and Little Watch found Zheng Jinshou

They wanted to find out some useful information

But Zheng Jinshou said

I didn't expect you to investigate the works of God

Lao Chen originally did not take his words seriously

But the next words of Zheng Jinshou

hit the most vulnerable part of Chen's heart

A few years ago her wife was murdered.

The murderer was hallucinating due to an overdose of D.

His judgment was affected

So the sentence was reduced to 10 years

Of course, Chen was dissatisfied with this result

He also wanted to die with the murderer

But for the sake of his daughter

He has survived until now

Now the murderer has been released from prison for 6 years

He and his wife are separated from each other

It would be strange if he could let go of his heart

Today is Shizuko's birthday.

While her children were celebrating her birthday.

A blurry avatar appeared behind her.

The son caught it on film.

This is the angel that Truth is talking about.

Park Shizuko had been pronounced dead.

She approached Jung Jin-moo of Truthfulness for help.

But they wanted to broadcast Park's death

But they wanted to broadcast the image of Park's journey to hell to the public.

She had no choice

She had no choice but to seek the help of the film's other main character

Lawyer Hye Jin

If the King of Hell wants you to die on the third night, he won't leave you until the fifth night

Is the strange death a sign from God?

Or is it a human conspiracy?

See you next time!


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