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Animated movie "The Hurt Locker" commentary text Commentary

Animatedmovie "The Godfather" comment ary text commentary

Animated movie "The Hurt Locker" commentary text Commentary

Hello everyone, today I'd like to tell you about a

A stupid thief leads a group of little yellow men

He goes to the bank to get a loan and wants to steal the moon from the sky

Finally, he becomes the most powerful thief on earth.

At the beginning of the story

A kid on a trip accidentally falls on a pyramid

The travelers tragically discover that the pyramid is actually a fake

And the real pyramid was lost at some point

So the countries to prevent the loss of cultural relics

The Eiffel Tower was closed to visitors

Under the Great Wall of China, many tanks were placed to guard it

Until now, the police do not know

Who actually stole the pyramid

Our hero, Uncle Badass

is a super bad guy

He never stands in line when he goes to buy breakfast

He also froze all the other customers in line

And his family dog is also a vicious dog

Uncle Badass saw that someone was even worse than him

He even stole the pyramids, so he got a bit restless

He went to the basement of his house

He took out the Eiffel Tower that he had stolen

And the Statue of Liberty

decided to gather the little yellow man to start a new grand plan

This time, but the little bad guys are excited little yellow people

One by one, they are ready to take out weapons and bad uncle to start

And Uncle Badass's plan this time is

To steal the moon from the sky

To prove that he is the most powerful thief on earth

To follow the world's biggest bad guy

The little yellow people were very happy

The next day, Uncle Badass came to the Badass Bank

Here specializing in providing loans to bad guys

To help them get the money they want

Here Uncle Badass met another thief bad boy

This is the one who stole the pyramid

The boss is not optimistic about Uncle Badass's strange plan

Of course, the loan is also not to get the

In this case

Uncle Badass with the little yellow man

decided to steal the world's most sophisticated weapons

Invincible Shrinking Gun

This thing can shrink anything into the pocket

It can be called the thief's magic weapon

But just as the stuff arrived

When the bad boy met the road robbery

After the end

Uncle bad guy's small plane was also shrunk by the bad guy

Follow the little yellow man ended up with a

Stealing chicken but not the rice

Now the little yellow man can not swallow this grievance

The next day, Uncle Badass went to raid Bad Boy's castle

It was never expected

Bad Boy's security measures are more ruthless than anyone else

A variety of shark bodyguards

And missile deployment

Uncle Bad Guy was finally defeated

And he saw a group of little girls selling candy who could enter at will

Uncle Badass thought of using these children to break in

So Uncle Badass came to the orphanage dressed as a doctor

He wanted to get acquainted with these children

and pretend to adopt them

The children came to Uncle Badass's house

They played with all kinds of equipment of Uncle Badass

Even the vicious dogs are afraid of the cute little kids

The little yellow man saw his master's failure

Only feel that they are also unlovable

So began their own death

All kinds of experiments with potions

Want to invent a more powerful weapon

Uncle Badass is busy taking care of children

While secretly building thieving robots

When the children went to the bad boy's house to sell cookies

In fact, the cookie robot made by Uncle Badass

Already started to steal the shrinking gun

Finally, with the help of the little yellow man

Uncle bad guy successfully stole the shrinking gun

Then with the shrinking gun

One step closer to picking the moon

Uncle Badass thought of throwing the children to the playground and run away

But the result is

He was taken on a roller coaster ride by the kids

He was so scared that he began to doubt his life

He realized that playing with kids in an amusement park

It was much more fun than being a thief

Then the bank owner called.

Tell Uncle Badass that his account has no more money

This also means that a lot of die-hard fans of the little yellow man

Will lose the boss again

Think about the owner of the pit

The little yellow man that reluctantly ah

At the critical moment, the children took out their own money

Little yellow man also took out their own oil to save their private money

Help Uncle Badass to overcome the difficulties

Bad Uncle that a touching ah

This group of small yellow people really did not raise for nothing

Feel the world immediately beautiful

And do not want to steal things

Just want to play well with the children at home

The doctor sees that Uncle Badass is becoming less and less badass

This is not good

Little yellow man also have nothing to do all day

There was no motivation at home

Before long, the children were picked up by the orphanage

Uncle Badass was missing the kids

He decided to restart his plan to steal the moon

This time not to become a big bad guy

But to fulfill his wish of picking the moon for his daughter

He wanted to take a moon to his daughter on her birthday

Take a moon to her

To show that he really wants to be their father

This side of the bad boy after losing the shrinking gun

Found the bad guy boss

Ready to take revenge on Uncle Badass

Just as Uncle Badass was launching the rocket

Bad Boy also wanted to take a ride

Uncle Badass rode the rocket all the way to space

Little yellow man saw the boss success on the moon

That is so excited to be overwhelmed

Thinking of becoming the world's baddest bad guy's little brother

It's just a matter of time before he reaches the top of his life

Just when Uncle Badass is ready for everything

After the moon was shrunk and in his hands

Suddenly the earth had no more tide

Even the werewolf couldn't transform.

The doctor also tragically discovered

This shrinking gun has a time limit

After a day, the shrunken object will be enlarged

And Uncle Badass only wants to give the moon to his daughter as soon as possible

But when he arrived at the orphanage, he realized

The daughters have been kidnapped by the bad boy

For the sake of his daughters, Uncle Badass does not want the moon

And do not want to become the most powerful bad guy

And also to suffer the bad boy's 10,000 points of damage

Doctor with the little yellow man rushed to save Uncle Badass

The bad boy was driven out of the base

And the bad boy did not expect that

The moon has begun to grow bigger and bigger

If it continues like this, everything around will be crushed by the moon

Uncle Bad Guy rushed to save his baby girl

Luckily, before the moon became bigger

The family was saved unharmed

Only that miserable bad boy

Before the moon became bigger, he didn't get out in time

He was sucked on the moon

From then on, he could only stay alone in space, and could never return to Earth

The end of the story

Uncle Bad Guy accidentally became the most powerful thief on Earth

And, the most important thing is

He found a more fulfilling goal

That is to take good care of his three baby girls

Raise them up

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