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Science Fiction "Mars Rescue" movie commentary copy

Science fiction"Mars rescue" movie comment ary copy

Science Fiction "Mars Rescue" movie commentary copy

Astronauts pick up a bag of Ollie to

A twinkle in the eye

Don't think too much

He's not trying to eat.

He's trying to figure out how to grow a farm.

This is his only hope for survival on Mars.

His only hope for survival on Mars

A few days ago.

Mark was on a mission.

He was caught in a sandstorm.

He was blown away.

His teammates thought he was dead.

So they launched the ship and returned

However, no one expected

He survived the storm

Only a small iron bar was added to his stomach

He just took a few deep breaths

When the iron bar wasn't looking

Pulled it out

And then took off his coat

In front of the mirror

Painfully stitching up the wound

Now Mark had to accept the reality

He was the only one left on Mars.

Food was the biggest problem at hand.

He had to find a way to survive.

To survive until four years later.

NASA started the Mars program again.

He looked through the food in his cupboard.

Calculated with a pen

This food

Could last him 400 days.

But luckily there was a packet of potatoes in the cupboard.

Then he took out the packet of Ollie's

He had a bold idea.

To grow potatoes on Mars.

He first built a greenhouse with plastic sheeting

Then he went to the surface of Mars and shoveled the soil

Truckloads of it were brought back to the shed

He started plowing the ground with a shovel.

And then he mixed the soil with water

Mix it with water.

A bucket of natural farm fertilizer

And it's done.

He adds a spoonful of Ollie to each little pit

With a spoonful of oregano

And then puts a small potato block on top

Bury them in the soil.

And finally, a little water.

But this was clearly not enough water.

Still in Mark's good chemistry.

He immediately thought of

Hydrogen and oxygen burn to make water.

Whoever does it, does it.

First he built a device

Put the fire source into the device

Everything went smoothly

Saw water coming out of the test tube

But did not have time to be happy

And that's when the device exploded

Mark counted his own breath missed

The second time.

He learned from his failure

This time with a head thief

Ignited the device again

Mark circled the roc

Wiped his hand on the film

Finally it was wet

And the potatoes got plenty of water

On the 58th Martian day

The potatoes in the shed sprouted

He touched the leaves lightly with his hand

And saw hope

Now there's food.

Sitting on the sidelines is just chronic death.

There had to be a way to contact Earth.

He looked at the map.

Suddenly, he thought of NASA's launch of

Unmanned spacecraft Pathfinder.

Fortunately for him.

The ship was not far from him.

So he drove his car

And found the ship.

A quick check revealed

This machine signal transmitter is not broken

But unfortunately

The machine was a little old

Only the camera works

And its transmission information delay

Up to half an hour

Mark could not care less

Directly around the camera

Set up a few signs

Waiting quietly

Half an hour later

The camera turned to yes

He finally made contact with the Earth

It was Mark's 100th day trapped

100th day on Mars

The day he finally received

A letter from the Earth

Translated in hexadecimal, it read

How are you?

Before he had time to rejoice

There was a change in the ship.

He rushed to check it out.

There was a loss of air pressure in the cabin

There was a violent explosion in the cabin.

Mark was blown away

His helmet was also cracked

The oxygen level decreased rapidly

Fortunately, he used the tape to fill in time

Only then was there no danger

But the potatoes in the shed were in trouble

Potato seedlings were all blown outside

All of them were frozen

At this moment

Mark was in despair again

He could only vent in his seat

And the rest of the food

was not enough for him to eat

Now can only reduce the amount of food

And on Earth

Space agency also emergency planning rescue

Because they launched supplies early

No time to check the device

Causing the launch of the rocket

Seriously deviated from the orbit

It exploded just before it reached mid-air

Months of hard work were wasted.

Just when everyone was at their wits' end

China Space Administration

Got wind of the news.

Decided to lend a hand

Start the Helios program

to help them deliver supplies


A physics whiz

Proposed to NASA

A daring rescue plan strategy

Now that Mark's crew is returning.

Let them circle the edge of the Earth.

Use the sun gods to send up fuel supplies.

Turn around and fly to mars.

And Mark needs to find a way

Into mars orbit.

Dock with the team that's going to meet his ship.

And then return with the ship.

But that would put the team at high risk.

The space director directly denied this option

That's when the team spoke up.

The team insisted on the plan.

And so the team in space

The team in space succeeded in getting supplies from the Sun God.

And then began to head to Mars at full speed


Mark was modifying the rover.

He drilled a big hole in the roof of the vehicle

Gathered all the supplies he needed

He built a simple space vehicle.

He's going to use it

To travel thousands of kilometers to

The vehicle's landing site

Finally, on the 538th day

He reached his destination

But to get to Mars orbit

You have to take the rocket in front of you

This is Mark's 500th day on Mars

On the 500th day of his life

Now the vehicle in front of him

Is the only way to fly back to Earth

Because of its limited power.

He had to lighten the load.

He removed everything that was unnecessary.

And then on top of the craft

Covered with a piece of cloth

And so the artificial parachute was completed

Everything was ready.

Ignition and departure

With the aircraft in the air

Mark was both excited and nervous

The cloth that covered the top

Was blown away in a flash

It wasn't long before

He made it into space.

The team tried to contact Mark.

But the speed was too fast.

Mark couldn't handle it.

Fractured his chest and passed out

Luckily, the vehicle was intact.

The team ship locked on to his position

And at that moment

The relative speed between the craft and the ship

reached 42 meters per second

Docking at that speed

is almost impossible

Just when everyone was torn.

The captain proposed a solution

If we blow the airlock of the ship

Then the back thrust of the explosion

Could drive the ship towards Mark.

But the result was not very satisfactory

That's when the team decided to go into space.

Hanging on to the cable outside the capsule.

And then fly to Mark.

Ready to pull Mark back like that.

But we were almost there.

But the cable was not enough

Seeing this situation

Wake up Mark decided to take a chance

Otherwise, he was going to drift away.

He decided to cut through the space suit

Then tumbled towards the team

When they reached out to grab each other

Because the speed is too fast

The two men brushed past each other

Fortunately, Mark caught the cable just in time

Players also tried to pull him back

After a lot of tugging

The two finally held hands

Then the cable held them together

He was finally saved

The rescue from Mars

And that was the end of it.

Years later

Mark in his chair

Look at the potato seedlings under your feet.

(Hello, little potatoes)

There is no despair in the film

Only a lot of practical techniques

Constant problem solving

People who give up on themselves

Will never save themselves

It's not personality that changes fate

Not quality

but wisdom

This is the end of the story

Mars Rescue was released in 2015

8.5 out of 10 on Douban

This movie gives a textbook model of hard science fiction

There is no profound truth

Only basic scientific principles

and the human instinct to survive

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