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Action "One Strike" movie commentary copy

Action "One Strike" movie commentary copy

Action "One Strike" movie commentary copy

Hello everyone

This is XX

Today, we're here with a cool gunfight drama starring Scott Akins

One Strike

The Navy SEALs have been given a new mission.

To escort Ann to a secret prison.

To safely bring back Sol, who is being held there.

Afterwards, Ann coordinates the matter of taking Sol away.

Harry waits outside for a leisurely chat

Sudden danger arrives.

An armored vehicle carrying terrorists broke through the lines

It breaks in.

Harry and the others are forced to join the fight.

After Anh brings Sol out

The team opened heavy fire to cover their approach to the plane.

But just then.

Terrorist shelling hits the plane.

Danny was knocked to the ground by the impact.

Luckily, he was okay.

The plane was destroyed.

They had to find a safe place first.

Get out of the wind and then find a way to leave.

The tall guy was unfortunately hit during the evacuation.

The team picked him up.

Harry drove forward.

The family ran to a room.

Phoenix, the head of the prison, is here.

After cleaning up the hidden danger

The crowd helped the big tall man dress his wounds

But his lung had been punctured

He passed away within minutes

Although Sol was a serious medical transport businessman.

But a small group of people in Europe were using the radioactive medical equipment he exported to make nuclear bombs.

This group of terrorists was supposed to be after him.

Sol said he had no knowledge of any of this.

But Ann and the U.S. government didn't think so.

The terrorists soon learned of their location.

A large group of people came here.

Danny was unfortunately shot in the head

Harry drugged him.

He was out of men to keep him up and fighting.

But the drugs were not enough and the men were in a very bad position

Phoenix saw this scene also wimpy egg on the body

In order to survive, he planned to hand over Azusa

Just when the people were fighting among themselves

Sol told the truth

It turns out that he really helped the terrorists

But he didn't know the whereabouts of the missiles.

In that case

All the more reason not to let him go

They had to find another way

That's when a message came from the prison's chief officer, York.

The satellite communication was interrupted

They had to go to another location to find the RA and recalibrate it.

That's the only way to restore communications and get help from the outside world.

Harry escaped from the ventilation duct alone.

As soon as he got out of the room.

As soon as he came out, he was confronted by a terrorist.

The smart Harry attacked from behind but his luck was not good.

He ran into the leader of the terrorists.

He came here with some arrested people.

Ask them where Sol is.

The wrong answer is a bullet in the head.

A woman is scared and tells them everything she knows.

But dealing with terrorists doesn't end well.

After taking care of the arrestees.

The crowd scattered to find Sol.

Harry also took the opportunity to slip out.

The big man is a big man.

The silent assassinations were very good.

One by one, the terrorists died by his knife

Continue to go inside

Two prisoners blocked his way

Harry's action was as fierce as a tiger

The two were soon both offline

Moving on.

Finally they arrived at the room where RA was

Harry followed the instructions

But it still didn't work

At that moment, the terrorists outside heard the sound and came over.

The two met and immediately began a fight to the death

Just when the knife was within a centimeter of Harry

Luckily, York came to the rescue in time

It turned out that Harry's proofreading method was wrong.

York finally managed to contact the outside with some fiddling.

An air ambulance will be here in a few minutes.

But for now, it's up to them.

It's taken so long to find Azur.

The terrorists don't want to wait any longer.

The leader arranged for a dead man.

He was dressed in a suit with a bomb on it.

Swallowed the pills

They took him to the room where Azur was.

Hoping to kill them all.

Harry and York came back.

They were running low on ammunition.

Tension can easily drive a man crazy.

York thought Sol had brought all this on.

He wanted to shoot him in the head.

Just then

The attack outside intensified.

The crowd stopped caring about Azusa.

They joined the war.

The terrorists came in with a large piece of tin

The crowd could only aim at the unblocked legs

The bullets were not long in coming

Danny was hit in the throat

Old Black went to comfort him

That's when Black was also hit by a bullet

The SEALs were now down to Harry alone.

But the terrorists' firepower was still fierce.

The deadly soldier comes to the front.

He broke through the line and pushed the button.

The bomb burst.

Harry was pinned down by the slab. Aso saw that something was wrong.

He broke the ropes that tied his hands.

Defying Harry's advice, he ran out.

A dying Ann told Harry

Sol's wife was now 16 weeks pregnant in Washington

He had to be brought back.

Otherwise he wouldn't believe it and wouldn't tell us the truth.

After saying this

Ann died.

Knowing this, Harry went after Azur.

When the terrorists arrived, they were furious to see no sign of Azur.

He ordered the others to keep looking.

The terrorists were informed that support was just a few minutes away.

They had to find Azur before the support arrived.

Sol escaped the first round of screening by hiding in a pile of dead people

And saw the right moment to hide in a room

Sol was smart.

He puts on the clothes of a dead terrorist to disguise himself

Then he walked out calmly

But unfortunately

He was discovered anyway

The terrorists locked him in a cage

and made him tell them everything he knew.

That's when

Harry appeared

The two engaged in a fierce fight

Harry was injured in the explosion

He was temporarily defeated

Harry was knocked to the ground

The terrorist grabbed the handcuffs by the cage and strangled Harry around the neck

Harry is the leader of the Navy SEALs

At this moment, he was still calm and collected.

He picked up the pistol on the ground and shot the terrorist in the foot.

The terrorist let go of his hands in pain.

Harry took the opportunity to turn around and shoot him.

Harry took Aso and ran outside.

A large group of terrorists opened fire in their direction

While Harry and his opponent were engaged in a fierce gun battle

Sol took the opportunity to escape.

One fist is no match for four hands

Not to mention that there were so many of them.

Harry was hit by a bullet in his left arm in a close fight

But he still gritted his teeth

After finishing the trouble around him

He got up and continued to search for Sol

At that moment, a terrorist came out

Harry hid in a nearby house to avoid it

The terrorist opened a grenade and threw it inside

In the nick of time, Harry jumped out of the window.

Harry jumped out of the window and continued to run away when he saw Aso

asked him to come to his side

But Aso ignored him.

He continues to run but is caught by the leader of the terrorists.

Sol tried to convince the leader not to kill him.

But the leader didn't believe him at that moment

He shot him.

Harry appears from the back and after finishing the others, he and the leader are left.

Under the aura of the protagonist

Harry fought with the leader for several rounds

Finally, he stabbed his opponent in the neck with a knife

After finishing the leader, Harry was victorious.

He went to find Sol thanks to Ann's bulletproof vest.

Sol was shot and was not seriously hurt

Sol thought Harry was going to hurt him.

Harry threw away his weapon to gain Sol's trust.

He threw away the weapon in his hand

And told him

His wife was pregnant

They are now in the blast zone in Washington

They don't have time to do a little

The search is now up to you.

Just as Azur was waking up, York suddenly appeared.

He felt that the reason for all this was because of Azur.

He wouldn't let Azusa get out alive.

The moment he saw York.

Azur felt that Harry had lied to him.

As the three men confront each other.

Support arrived.

All misunderstandings were resolved.

Harry took Sol to Washington, D.C.

The film's lead actor, Scott

Scott Akins has been in many action movies.

He also appeared in "The Wolf".

In the movie "One Shot", he also sweats a lot.

The battle scenes are very smooth.

The variety of shots is a pleasure to watch.

Although the story setting is simple

A random background is given to save people.

But fans who like gun battle movies

I worry that too much of the civilian drama will pull down.

Great fight scenes

The plot is barely passable

See the original would be better.

Well the above is this issue

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