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Action movie "Red Notice" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

Actionmovie"Red Notice"movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

Action movie "Red Notice" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

There are only three golden eggs in the world

Each one is worth a lot of money

Agent Django does something that leaves everyone dumbfounded

It turns out that the golden eggs have already been stolen and replaced

And the thief was hiding in the crowd at the moment

The female agent ordered to seal off the scene

The thief wanted to take advantage of the chaos to escape

But Keung saw it at once

The iron door fell at the last moment

The two men left the scene one after the other

But Keung was too strong

was caught in another doorway

Although the thief was exposed but did not panic at all

While running away while changing

Although he managed to avoid the supporting security guards

But did not escape the eyes of female agents

After turning around, he pulled out the props he had prepared

In the smoke, he and Keung passed each other again

The two of them played a game of cat and mouse in the museum

The thief was able to move freely because of his slender body

He soon managed to lose Keung

But and several security guards came to support the collision

But they were no match for the handsome thief

After a few rounds have lost the battle

The key moment still depends on Keung

The thief wanted to use his strongest point to convince his opponent with his mouth

But Keung did not buy it at all

The two sides are very different in size

Can't fight, can't escape

The thief had to hand over his backpack

But other agents appeared to interrupt the rhythm

He wanted to escape but got a hug from Keung

The two of them rolled off the roof together

Hanging on the edge of the roof

Finally the thief saw the opportunity to let go of hands

Then he tricked a motorcycle to continue to run away

Keung will not spoil him

directly got a car to run after him

But handsome but 2 seconds on the accident

The first fight the cat lost to the mouse

56 hours later

The thief appeared in the villa in Bali

He was carrying the golden egg in his bag

Before he had a chance to admire it, he heard a cry

What a nice place you have here.

I'm Special Agent John Hartley of the FBI.

Then he was surrounded by a team of agents.

The thief's nickname is Bitch.

He's a wanted man in 18 countries.

And the world's second-most notorious lone art thief.

He's been in and out of several international prisons.

The reason why Django was able to catch him this time

It was because Bishop, the world's number one art thief, had betrayed him

Just when everyone thought the job was done

something unexpected happened

Someone disguised as a police officer infiltrated the team

At the moment when everyone was at their most relaxed

They stole the golden egg by replacing it with a pillar.

Who was it that dared to do it right under Django's nose?

A mantis catching the cicada and the sparrow in the back of the game is quite clever ah

Only after 32 hours did Keung discover

The golden eggs had been swapped

What's worse is that his overseas account suddenly has $8 million more

He was suspected by a female agent of stealing from him

Now he couldn't even get out of the river

In the blink of an eye, the agent became a criminal

This transformation is a bit fast not to mention

He was also ridiculed by his cellmate Bitch

They're all very smart people.

They quickly figured out

With just one move, they can get rid of their rivals and the agents who are in the way

The one who got the golden egg worth a lot of money.

Who else could it be but the number one bishop?

Why did they all want to steal the golden egg?

The little bitch told the truth

It turns out that an Egyptian billionaire had a bounty on his head.

Whoever gets the three golden eggs before his daughter's wedding night

will get a prize of $300 million

These three golden eggs were once a gift from a Roman general to Cleopatra

But so far

Only two of the three golden eggs have been found so far

The third one is almost no one knows its whereabouts

And the second golden egg is in the hands of an international arms dealer

He will hold a masquerade party in a few days

He will invite some top buyers to his luxury villa

No surprises

In order to get the second golden egg, the bishop

He will definitely take the opportunity to infiltrate

Just when the two men were back in their cell

While thinking about how to get revenge

The soldier took them to the captain's office.

The moment the seat turned around, both men were stunned

She was the woman who was known as the world's greatest art thief: the Bishop.

The two men in front of her were fooled by her

One was the bald top agent Django

The other was the second best art thief in the world, Little Bitch

Some time ago

The Egyptian billionaire offered a reward

Whoever gets the three golden eggs before his daughter's wedding night

will get $300 million in prize money

The bishop already got the first one.

A few days later she will get the second one

But the whereabouts of the third one is known only to the little bitch

So she has to make a deal with two men

However, as the world's second most powerful art thief.

Pride would not allow him to do so

The bishop was not happy, and the problem was serious.

When he was leaving, he repeatedly instructed the captain of the guards

What the bishop did not expect was

Keung and the little bitch decided to form a temporary team

One is to capture the Bishop back to clear his name

The other is to defeat the Bishop

To get the name of the world's greatest thief

Scumbag's best skill is not theft

But prison escape

The best proof of this is that he has been in and out of international prisons for 6 years

The first step is to create chaos.

The prison is soon in chaos

This makeshift duo worked well together

They were able to take out the guards in a matter of minutes.

The little bitch even fished around during the fight

He took the opportunity to take the guard's key

The timing was right to escape to the periphery

And then through the hole left by yesterday's work to fix the fence

Given that outside is a cliff

The two of them bathed in the small narrow steps

Little by little towards the suspension bridge slowly move

After that, Keung grabbed the weapon to provide cover

Little bitch quickly through the suspension bridge to grab the helicopter

Just as Django was running towards the helicopter

The guards on the wall took out a rocket launcher

The drawbridge is destroyed

Django grabbed the wooden board in the nick of time

and leapt when the helicopter left

What they didn't expect was

The second rocket came right after them

The missiles are coming

News of the two men's escape soon reached the bishop's ears

She once again used her superior hacking skills

Borrowed someone else's computer

She told the police about their next destination.

Another trick to kill with a knife

The owner of the second golden egg was a Colombian arms dealer.

His warehouse is guarded 24 hours a day.

It's surrounded by 87 motion detection cameras.

The door of the warehouse is military grade

There's no way to break it with external force.

To sneak into the warehouse

Must pass four tests

The first is fingerprints

The second is a password phone that changes once every few minutes

The third is the owner's face scan

The fourth is the owner's voice

Of course, this is not difficult for the little bitch

Because he has a deep fake technology such as high-tech

The plan to steal the golden eggs officially begins

Scumbag poses as a waiter to collect fingerprints

Keung pretended to be a customer to steal the businessman's cell phone

But then he turned around and saw the beautiful Bishop

In order to keep her out of his sight

To keep her out of his sight, he forced himself to take advantage of the fierce man

He danced with the beautiful woman on the dance floor

A red dress of the bishop soon attracted the attention of the businessman

Just as he was putting down his glass

The little bitch quickly stepped forward to get the fingerprints

The businessman went up to the bishop

Keung pretended to be jealous on the surface

And then take the opportunity to vent his frustration

is also smoothly get the phone

However, what they do not know is

Female agents also arrived

and watched every move of the two

The little bitch used the door of the room as a cover

Successfully changed the content of the surveillance

And took advantage of the security shift to sneak into the study

He used his fingerprints and the random password on his phone to open the interface

After that, he used deep-fake technology to imitate the businessman's face and voice

The moment the door opened

Security personnel also found something wrong

The boss was still outside.

But the door of the warehouse was opened.

Can we not be suspicious?

Then the female agent also showed up

Keung was caught red-handed this time

No matter how to explain it is useless

We have to do it to the end

But there was a big surprise waiting for them inside

The beautiful bishop has been waiting for a long time

The enemies met with each other

At the first sign of disagreement, they immediately started to fight

As an art thief

The bishop's skills are not too good, right?

One against two is not a disadvantage at all

But the fish and the clam are fighting for the profit

The merchant led the men into the room

And that's when the plot was reversed

Beautiful women are really the smartest

If we can cooperate, why do we have to fight and kill?

Once again, the two men became a subordinate

In order to get the whereabouts of the third golden egg

The bishop himself took action

Little Bitch couldn't bear to see Keung suffer

Finally told the secret

It turns out that the third golden egg is in the secret room of the Great Pyramid of Egypt

300 million dollars seems to be right around the corner

The bishop and the businessman drink to celebrate

But the next moment

After awakening, the businessman took out his anger on the two of them

As the effects of the ecstasy had not yet worn off

Vision was blurred and could not see clearly

One accidentally broke the hand cast

Little Bitch told Keung

What he just said was a lie

The third golden egg is not in Egypt at all

While running away, Scumbag found a ladder

He thought that if he could blend in with the crowd

He thought he could escape without any problem

But then he opened the exit and realized

This is actually a bullfighting ring

The bull in the distance was watching them

The little bitch has a way to deal with it

But the bull didn't seem to agree with him

A wild check ram directly over Django

Little Bitch changed his tune again

Just then the merchant popped up

On the train, the two men once again united in their goal

Django gets the Bishop off the hook

Scumbag gets the notoriety of being the best in the world

So where is the third golden egg?

A few days later the two appeared in the depths of the forest in South America

After three days of leading Django around the same place

Django started to complain

The bunker where the golden egg was hidden

was right under their feet.

It's a warehouse converted from an old copper mine.

It contains various treasures from different centuries.

The Nazi officers collected them from various places

The car is the little bitch's favorite

The two of them just got the golden egg

The familiar voice came again

The bishop thought he could fool these two men twice

She thought she could fool these two men twice

However, this time she became the mantis

She was followed by the female agent

The bishop followed the little bitch and the female agent followed her

The two sides engaged in a fierce gun battle in a cramped warehouse

At this point the female agent became their common enemy

Want to leave can only work together

The trio decided to escape in a 1931 bulletproof antique car

The bishop is the driver and Keung is the rearguard with a machine gun

Little Bitch used a grenade to blow up the blocked tunnel

The two sides played a speed and passion in the tunnel

In order to compete for the golden egg, both cars are running side by side

When the two sides were at a standstill

The golden egg bounced from the backpack into the air

The little bitch successfully took it by a dive

After that, they jumped down from the waterfall exit

Just when Scumbag thought he had finally beaten Bishop for once

The plot turns around once again

It turns out that the bishop was referring to the two of them

From the beginning to the end, Scumbag was the one who was fooled

And the ultimate purpose of this plan

is to get the whereabouts of the third golden egg

In the end, Scumbag was chained to the tree right

This pair of thieves won the victory

A few days later, the rich Egyptian got the golden egg

Keung and the two were paid handsomely

Just as the party reached its climax

Female agents led people to storm the venue

The billionaire was caught

The golden egg was lost and recovered

The female agent was the final victor

A few months later

The little bitch found the two on vacation

As the saying goes, you can't be a gentleman without revenge.

He told the female agent about their secure accounts in the Cayman Islands

The result was

They were all seized.

The ultimate goal of the little bitch is not to arrest them

Rather, he wanted the three to cooperate in a big job

The result, of course, was that

They were all on the Red Notice

Boulder Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds

The three heavyweight actors appear in the same frame

The film is set in many locations around the world

With an investment of $200 million

It is one of the most expensive films of Neflix


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