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Love "Wedding Counting Day" movie commentary copy

Love"Wedding Counting Day" movie comment ary copy

Love "Wedding Counting Day" movie commentary copy

How strange

Every time this person wakes up

A year has passed

Obviously just married yesterday

This morning I woke up

The wife's belly is already six months old

What's even more incredible is that

The baby was born the next day

The third day

The daughter could walk

Called his father

On the fifth day, his wife divorced him

In other words, a year is like a day

His life

was gone in a blink of an eye

Not long ago

Ah Shuai married his girlfriend of four years

They were very happy

Finally they got what they wanted

But Shuai woke up the next day

Feeling uncomfortable

The layout of the room had changed

Even the potted plant they bought yesterday

had grown taller overnight

Before he could get over it

His wife, with her big belly

appeared behind him

Shuai thought his wife was joking

Stop it, daughter-in-law

I've seen it all

But when he really saw it

immediately panicked

Pulled up his wife to ask the situation

And his wife saw his silly face

You didn't forget your wedding anniversary

A handsome face confused

Just one day of marriage

How come it's his wedding anniversary?

Where is his wife?

She took out her phone

This is a year's worth of photos of our life

Ah Shuai suddenly incoherent

Seems to be very frightened

His wife was there to comfort him

I don't blame you for forgetting your anniversary

But you have to make it up to me next year

At this point, Shuai could not listen to anything

He thought he was dreaming

When he wakes up, everything will be normal

So he lay back in bed

He was chanting that he was dreaming.

When Shuai woke up again

found that his clothes had changed

He rushed back to his room

Touching his wife's flat stomach

He laughed out loud with joy

Finally, he was back to normal

But he hadn't smiled for more than three seconds

His wife came to him with the baby in her arms

Shuai was frightened and hid away

A few moments later

At the request of his wife

Hold the child in his hands

Maybe it was a feeling in his blood

The child smiled when he saw him

Shuai was very frantic ah

Just squinted twice

The baby was born

This is not the way to continue

He dragged his wife to the living room

He told her that he had crossed over

She didn't believe him

She said to him

Why is it that whenever it's your wedding anniversary

You always pretend to be stupid

Shuai's heart was racing

How come it's his anniversary again?

Now he was completely confused

Is it possible that one year of sleep is a year

To prove this fact

He took out an orange and put it into the potted plant

This man's life

It was like a hangover

The child born yesterday

In the blink of an eye, he's walking and calling his father

And he still has no memory of it

Ah Shuai rushed to the potted plant

He took out the orange he put in yesterday

He found that it had rotted

Now he finally understood

His time had been accelerated

Shuai immediately thought

According to the previous pattern

Today is the third wedding anniversary

At this time his wife happened to be around

Before Shuai could say anything, she questioned him

Why every year on the anniversary of the wedding

Behaving so strangely every year

Shuai also did not know what to say

Now he still does not know what happened

He could only emphasize that he had crossed over

Obviously this is not

The wife wanted to answer

She said that this year she

She says she's been to a lot of professionals

Consulted on the marriage situation

but to no avail.

Then she took a wallet out of the closet

She took out a wallet and said

This is a gift for you this year

There's money in it that you like

But when I opened it, there was nothing

Before Ah Shuai could say anything

A quick glance

The wallet that was empty just now

Has been stuffed with money

He knew that another year had passed

He walked out of his room

And found the whole house empty

His wife was gone too.

Even all her clothes had disappeared

At that moment he panicked

Called his wife quickly

He said he hadn't forgotten his wedding anniversary

But his wife wasn't very happy

Now the wedding day is not so important to her

It was no longer that important to her

She was already disappointed in Shuai

The wife's indifference

Ah Shuai also helpless ah

This life is not what he wants

He opened the refrigerator to get something

But he found that time had sped up again

At that moment the doorbell rang

He opened the door and saw that it was his wife

He was overjoyed

He thought his wife was angry and had come to make up with him

But to his surprise, his wife

This time she wanted to divorce herself

No matter how Shuai tried to stop her

But his wife had already made up her mind

Today is their fifth anniversary

It was that day again

Fate played a joke on him again

He lost his wife

Now the fast forward of time

Shuai no longer cared so much

Life is not just one opening and one closing

This man's life

Faster than a gyroscope

Just see him on the beach remote dog

I never thought that in the blink of an eye

Just a moment ago, the little Erha

Instantly turned into a big dog

Shuai also became unkempt

It seems that in the blink of an eye

Another year had passed

Then he saw in the sand

There was a packet of chocolate

Some thoughts came to his mind

A life like this

He couldn't see the end

What is the meaning of living?

Maybe if he ended it, he could be normal again

And then a little girl

sat beside him

Ah Shuai put down the chocolate and asked

Why are you alone, kid?

Where are your adults?

But the little girl pointed to him

Shuai suddenly realized

The little girl in front of him is his daughter

I never thought she would grow up in a blink of an eye

Through chatting with his daughter, he learned that

After he and his wife divorced

Two people took turns to take care of her

When he parted with his daughter

Shuai asked her what she wanted as a gift

Who knew that the daughter said

She wanted him to spend more time with her

This made Ah Shuai frozen

He suddenly remembered

For so many years

He has been busy with work

He didn't give more time to his family

Soon time was lost once again

Now he had shaved his beard

And put on glasses

He came to the graves of his loved ones

To tell what happened to him

This is a terrible life

It's not what I want at all

No one in this world understands me

What the hell is going on here?

Just then

An old lady appeared in front of him

Shuai suddenly thought

On the day before the wedding

He happened to meet this woman

He questioned her

Is this all your fault?

But she told him

There was a reason for this

It turns out that when she first met Shuai

She found that Shuai was suffering from procrastination

He likes to delay everything again and again

Always think there is still a lot of time

So Big Mother accelerated

Handsome's life

Just to show him

Life is not as long as you think

Do not cherish now

May not have time later

After saying that, Big Mother disappeared

In a flash, another year has passed

Today was also Shuai's wedding anniversary

He ran quickly to his ex-wife's house

He took out their wedding ring

This time

He didn't mention his crossing again

Nor did he make excuses

Sincerely apologized to his ex-wife

Asked for her forgiveness

His ex-wife was touched and hugged him

At this point, time was lost again

This time there was no change

In Shuai's mind

The memories of these ten years were rewinding

When Shuai woke up again

Back to reality

Everything is back to normal

He held onto his wife tightly

He didn't dare to let go for fear of slipping away again

He took out the phone and called his boss

Took a few long days off

Then he and his wife booked a honeymoon ticket

The truth is, life is just a matter of opening and closing

A lifetime passes

Only cherish the present moment

No regrets

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